19 Estate Sale Finds Millennials Don’t Know

Part of the fun of estate sales is taking that trip down memory lane with all those old estate sale finds! We love estate sales almost as much as we love picking on Millennials. (Just kidding…kind of).  Check out this list we compiled of nostalgic estate sale finds you probably haven’t thought of in years. 1. Solidex…Read More

10 Reasons to Buy Cast Iron at Estate Sales

Here’s a little secret: Estate sales are the best places to pick up cast iron, and you can find some pretty good deals on cast iron dutch ovens, skillets, griddles, and more. How good are the deals? It’s not unusual to find brand name vintage cast iron for just dollars. If you haven’t tried cooking…Read More

28 of the Best Estate Sale Flips

Part of the thrill of the hunt when shopping estate sales is finding the best estate sale flips – items you can buy, and then turn around and sell for a quick profit. Fact: this is why many people shop estate sales in the first place. You don’t have to be a big-time dealer to spot valuable items…Read More

20 Vintage Wedding DIY Ideas

Vintage weddings can get pretty expensive, but they don’t have to be. In fact, if you know how to shop estate sales, you can throw a budget-friendly celebration worthy of posting all over social media. All it takes is a little DIY + TLC. Speaking of social media, we looked on Pinterest for our favorite…Read More

17 Photos of All Things Lucite

There’s a lot of Lucite love going around lately, and we’ve been seeing it everywhere: from fashion runways to home decor magazines, and of course, at estate sales. Lucite is a special plastic, sometimes called “acrylic glass” or “Plexiglas” that’s similar in look and feel to glass, but much more durable and lightweight. It’s also water and…Read More

13 Iconic Midcentury Modern Chairs

If you’re into midcentury modern (and these days who isn’t?), you know that MCM chairs are more than just places to sit – they’re centerpieces of style. Most reproductions of the midcentury chairs we found can go for thousands of dollars at modern design stores. However, you might be able to find a better deal on the originals at estate sales –…Read More

16 Photos of Vintage Bakelite

Like all things retro, Bakelite is making a comeback in a big way, and we’ve been seeing a lot of it at estate sales lately. Bakelite is the world’s first synthetic plastic and was invented by Leo Baekeland in 1907, who called it “a non-melting, non-dissolving solid like nothing found in nature.” The scientific name…Read More

Pyrex in Action!

True Pyrex lovers know there’s only one thing better than vintage Pyrex – and that’s vintage Pyrex in action! We have to admit – we’re a little obsessed with vintage Pyrex patterns. So we searched Instagram to find our favorite photos of Pyrex doing what Pyrex does best: acting as a super cute vessel to delicious food! …Read More

The Ultimate Estate Sale Gift Guide

Estate sales are the world’s best kept secret when it comes to gift shopping – and we’ll tell you why. First off, estate sales are different from garage sales or yard sales because the things on sale aren’t someone’s old and worn-out cast-offs. The items on sale at estate sales are often things people just couldn’t keep, due to circumstances or downsizing. Go Green! Estate…Read More