Classic Cars Here and Abroad

Classic cars are like moving art pieces — beautiful to look at and built to last, but not very practical when it comes to function, especially with today’s gas prices. Modern cars are designed for efficiency and aerodynamics, run via a sophisticated computer system, and go through comprehensive safety and environmental tests. Classic cars, on…Read More

The Beanie Babies Bubble

For those who were there for the 90s, who can forget the Beanie Babies craze?  Of course it blended in with all the other strange goings-on at the time: Pokemon. Prozac. The Spice Girls. Y2K, the great conspiracy theory that got debunked as soon as the decade ended. . .  and the world didn’t. Beanie…Read More

Vintage Cast Iron Guide

We see a lot of vintage cast iron at estate sales, and it’s always one of the first things to go. The cast iron trend has been heating up for well over a decade. But what’s the big draw? To learn more about cast iron cookware and why vintage cast iron is worth collecting, we…Read More

Jadeite, Jadite, or Jade-ite?

Jadeite, Jadite, or Jade-ite? No matter how you spell it, jadeite is that gorgeous green milk glass found in old homes, estate sales, flea markets and antique malls all over the U.S. and Canada. First created in the 1930s, jadeite is used for all types of things, but most commonly dishware and kitchenware. It first became…Read More

Vintage Engagement Rings Guide

Choosing between vintage engagement rings is almost as important as finding the right partner. Because let’s be real: having the perfect ring proves you and your love are truly unique (just like everyone else). The current engagement ring trends tend toward anything vintage. Estate sales have also made a huge comeback when it comes to finding…Read More

Want to Sell Vintage? Shop Estate Sales

So you want to sell vintage? Reselling vintage has always been popular, whether to pay bills or as a side hustle. And just like everything that gets resold has a story behind it, every person who gets into flipping gets there by a different path. Some sellers are just really into “stuff.” Others started as…Read More

Vintage Christmas Decorations

‘Tis the season for vintage Christmas decorations. The kitschier, the better. After all, the holiday season only comes once a year, and when else do you get to see all those ornaments and decorations from Christmas past? Whether you like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving, or you wait until December, the best part of…Read More

18 Vintage Halloween Photos

We love Halloween almost as much as we love estate sales! To get into the spirit, we trawled Instagram for the best vintage Halloween photos we could find. Check out these haunting photos from Halloweens past! 1. Batman & Robin Costumed Barbie Dolls A photo posted by ?dollier? (@dollier) on Oct 16, 2016 at 4:20pm…Read More