We love Halloween almost as much as we love estate sales! To get into the spirit, we trawled Instagram for the best vintage Halloween photos we could find.

Check out these haunting photos from Halloweens past!

1. Batman & Robin Costumed Barbie Dolls

A photo posted by ?dollier? (@dollier) on

2.Theda Bara “The Vamp” with Skeleton

3. Vintage Trick or Treaters

4. 1930s Halloween Party

A photo posted by The Rectory (@rectoryfilm) on

5. 1913: Oh Pumpkins! Comic

A photo posted by Kristina Gaddy (@kgadz) on

6. 1958: Page from Georgie’s Halloween

A photo posted by ?Susurrus Din? (@susurrusdin) on

7. Vintage Halloween-themed Tarot Cards

A photo posted by @madslucky13 on

8. Vintage Liquor Bottle Costumes

9. Vintage Halloween Board Games

10. Vintage Halloween Noisemaker

11. 1960s Costume Box Art

A photo posted by Junk Fed (@junkfed) on

12. Vintage Candlestick Costumes

A photo posted by poodleparty (@poodleparty) on

13. 1980s Vintage Brach’s bag

A photo posted by Michael (@1stopretroshop) on

14. Vintage Hide and Seek

15. Vintage Party Jamas with Treat bag

A photo posted by Magpie Ethel (@magpieethel) on

16. Antique Halloween Postcard

17. Vintage Sad Faces

18. Vintage Cyclops

Vintage Halloween Photos