School’s back in session, Fall decorations are out, and Halloween is just around the corner. If you’re looking for fun DIY Halloween projects, estate sales are where it’s at. First of all, what’s creepier than walking around a dead person’s old house looking at a dead person’s old things? Not much!

But estate sales are also great places to score crazy deals on vintage props you can incorporate into some snap-worthy Halloween decorations. We scoured Pinterest for our favorite DIY decor ideas — using only items you can find at your nearest estate sale. If you do end up trying some of these crafts, show it off and post a pic in the comments below!

Happy (spooky) estate-sale-ing!

1. Glass Bottles

There is such a glut of glass that estate sale companies can hardly give it away. Turn ordinary glass into spooky apothecary bottles to set the Halloween scene.

2. Old Books

Old books live on as art objects in this mood-setting fall wreath.

3. Vintage Halloween Masks

Bring back the 1980s with this vintage Halloween mask wreath.

4. Decorative Mirrors

Estate sales are great places to find mirrors. Find a cheap one you can transform into a haunted hallway vignette.

5. Candlesticks

Run-of-the-mill household candle sticks to some, but to others with more spirit, these make excellent crystal ball holders.

6. Glass Cloches

You may not have a bunch of cloches lying around, but estate sales usually do. Cloches are great for creating all sorts of ghoulish dioramic scenes.

7. Vases

This is a neat DIY trick to use with cheap vases you can find all over estate sales.

8. Wine Glasses

For parties or decor, these festive wine glasses are easy to transform.

9. Creepy Dolls

In case you didn’t know, creepy dolls are everywhere at estate sales. Use them as props or chop their tiny heads off and stick them in jars to frighten trick-or-treaters.

10. Barbies

These pretty much win the Internet! But instead of raiding your kid’s toy box and scarring them for life, pick up vintage Barbies at estate sales.

11. Hobnail Boots for Witchy Table Legs

You wouldn’t want to use your own boots for this fun Halloween decor idea, but you can pick up some vintage lace-up boots at an estate sale to recreate this witchy table.

12. Baby Buggy

Ghouls on wheels! Buy a baby buggy from an estate sale to stage this creepy scene.

13. Ouija Board

What’s Halloween without an old fashioned seance? Find an old school Ouija board at an estate sale to conjure up your favorite dead celebrity.

Estate Sale Halloween Decorations

What Halloween DIY projects are you most proud of? Let us know in the comments below!