True Pyrex lovers know there’s only one thing better than vintage Pyrex – and that’s vintage Pyrex in action! We have to admit – we’re a little obsessed with vintage Pyrex patterns. So we searched Instagram to find our favorite photos of Pyrex doing what Pyrex does best: acting as a super cute vessel to delicious food!  We couldn’t decide which was more fun – the mouth-watering bites to eat or the fancy Pyrex dishware.

Which is your favorite dish and pattern?

1. Cupcakes in Balloons

A photo posted by Jenn (@theaquaowl) on


2. Organic Tomatoes in Friendship

3. Personal Pot Pies in Snowflake Blue, Spring Blossom Green, Butterfly Gold & Butterprint


4. Acai Breakfast Bowl in Pink Gooseberry

Nothing like a little acai in the morning! ??? #acaibowl #pyrex #pyrexinaction

A photo posted by xkarax (@xkarax) on

5. Fresh Peppers in Black Gooseberry

A photo posted by Jenn (@urban_farmer_jenn) on


6. Apple Brussels Kimchi in Snowflake Blue

A photo posted by Ashleywheels (@ashleywheels) on

7. Mac & Cheese in Brown Hex

A photo posted by Vampyrex Lives (@vampyrex) on


8. Chocolate Cookies in Turquoise Butterprint

A photo posted by Kellybelly (@kelllywelly) on

9. Chocolate Brownies in Pink Scroll


10. Cinnamon Rolls in Golden Pine

A photo posted by Jacinta (@ispypyrex) on

11. Agedashi Tofu on Copper Filigree

A photo posted by Jacinta (@ispypyrex) on


12. Couscous Salad in Mod

A photo posted by Stephanie (@whimsicalstew) on

13. Croissant Bread Pudding in Woodland

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14. Kamut Salad with Walnuts & Pomegranate in Autumn Harvest

A photo posted by Shannon Foster (@swordfern) on

15. Gluten-free Mac n Cheese with Seville Lid


16. Potato Soup in Early American

17. Roasted Root Veggies in Town & Country

A photo posted by Jessica (@jj_pyrex_love) on


18. Watermelon in Moon Deco

A photo posted by Stephanie (@whimsicalstew) on

19. Bowl of Red in Forest Fancies


20. No-Bake Cheesecake in Horizon Blue

21. Fresh Fruit in Turquoise Starburst

A photo posted by Chelsi G (@gobeil_soleil) on


22. German Potato Dumplings in Pink Daisy

23. Garden Tomatoes in New Dot


24. Watermelon-Basil-Feta Bites on Revel

25. Seasonal Oranges in Turquoise Scroll

A photo posted by Shannon (@putyourpawsup86) on



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Got any photos of Pyrex in action of your own? Share them in the comments below!