A Guide to American Vintage Cookbooks

Cookbooks provide a unique peek inside kitchens of the past. Kitchens and cooking have always been a central part of life and culture, so the historical information that can be gleaned from cookbooks is insightful and invaluable. Beyond that, they tend to be incredibly stimulating from a graphic design perspective.  Jennifer Krausnick of Vintage Cookbook…Read More

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Vintage Valentine

Another Valentine’s Day is upon us. This romantic holiday has a complex and fascinating history, replete with beautiful artistry. Valentines went through many transformations to become the ones we know today. Read on to learn why this year’s Valentine’s Day – which lands on a leap year – has special signficance! The Origins of Valentine’s…Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Postcards

Postcards have a serious and dedicated following of collectors. They’re small, lightweight and plentiful, which makes them a perfect item for amassing a large collection. Vintage postcards, in particular, offer a unique glimpse of the past. The hobby of collecting postcards is so popular that it even has its own word: deltiology, the study and…Read More

A Guide to the Most Rare Vintage Pyrex

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Pyrex has a cult following. Estate sales are often swarming with hardcore Pyrex collectors seeking their next big find. Some are just looking for a beautiful, functional retro piece for their kitchen use or for display, while others are on the hunt for extremely rare Pyrex patterns and…Read More

The Complete Guide to Fiesta Ceramics

When it comes to dinnerware, Fiesta is a household name amongst the likes of Pyrex and Fire King. The company’s tagline says it all: “An American Icon.” Fiesta dinnerware, sometimes called Fiestware, is made by the Homer Laughlin China Company. The solid-colored, heavy-duty pottery has been manufactured in a wide array of colors and styles.…Read More

Mid Century Interior Design with Estate Sale Finds

So much of design aesthetic is timeless. While some things you find at an estate sale will invoke nostalgia, others will look like they could’ve been made yesterday. Wendy Hammond of CapeCodModern says this contemporary quality is what makes mid century modern interior design particularly easy in almost any home. “Pieces designed sixty plus years…Read More

Outfitting Your Retro Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home and have been for a long time. This is good news for those who love the retro design aesthetic. Kitchen items from past eras-retro appliances, retro dishware, retro decorations-were made much differently than modern ones. Most of these items were heavy duty and substantial, which makes it relatively…Read More