The ABC’s of Early American Pattern Glass

A cursory look at the auction items offered in the section of ebay at Pottery & Glass > Glass > Glassware > Early American Pattern Glass, could leave a person slightly bewildered. You have to wonder why some choose that section which is designated specifically for 19th century American pressed glass to list their item,…Read More

A Guide To All-Things-Disney Collectibles

Since the first appearance of Mickey Mouse in the 1928 classic “Steamboat Willie,” Disney has become one of the world’s most beloved brands. There are also few brands with as much merchandising power as Disney; from the early days, the company has released a new batch of Disney collectibles just about every year, with devoted…Read More

How to Strike it Rich at Estate Sales

I first heard about Mr. X, the guy who made a million dollars at an estate sale, the way people tend to hear about these things: from a friend of a friend. Mr. X was an art collector and artist in his 40s who specialized in picking and knew everything there was to know about…Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Antique Appliances

One might be surprised to learn that the internet is home to a passionate, large group of vintage appliance enthusiasts. Stoves and refrigerators might not be the first thing that comes to mind for many antique hunters and estate sale frequenters, but large antique kitchen appliances-mainly stoves-have a dedicated following. A Short History of America’s…Read More

Fashion Trends Throughout The Ages

It goes without saying that what’s “in” in the world of fashion has changed drastically throughout the years. Fashion trends come and fashion trends go… and then vintage fashion trends come back in again. For people with a passion for fashion, taking a look back at the fashion trends of years past can be fun…Read More