Vintage weddings can get pretty expensive, but they don’t have to be. In fact, if you know how to shop estate sales, you can throw a budget-friendly celebration worthy of posting all over social media. All it takes is a little DIY + TLC. Speaking of social media, we looked on Pinterest for our favorite DIY Vintage Wedding ideas. The one rule? Everything on our list had to be found at estate sales.

Check out the fun ideas we found!

1. Vintage Engagement Ring

While it’s not part of the wedding celebration, the right ring is probably one of the most important aspects. Go green and go vintage. Estate sales are great places to find unique vintage engagement rings, and often at a good price. And wouldn’t you want to sport something like the ring below rather than something everyone else has?


2. DIY Wedding Guestbook

Your wedding will be such a blur you’ll be wondering if So and So made it to the most important day of your life. So if you’re thinking of skipping the guestbook in order to save some cash, think again! (You’ll thank us later). This is a cute, cheap way to make a guestbook out of an old picture frame – that your guests will actually want to step out of the drink line to sign.


3. Vintage Typewriter Guestbook

You don’t have to be a hipster to have a vintage typewriter somewhere in your wedding reception. But especially if you are the literary type, estate sales are great places to find brands like Underwoods and Royals to add some gravitas to the event.


4. Vintage Mirrors for Signage

Sure you could write your cutesy messages on parchment or slate. Or you could really class it up and use a mirror. Mirrors are too expensive you say? Not if you hit up an estate sale where mirrors are a dime a dozen (hint: go on a Sunday). We love this wedding seating chart!


5. Picture Frames for Chalkboards

You can find a lot of cheap art at estate sales. Even if they’re not something you’d want to hang on your wall, think outside the box – and use the frame. Frames can be spray-painted for a customized look. Stick a chalkboard inside for seating charts, vintage cocktail menus, and more.


6. Doily Table Runners

While doilies by themselves have a tendency to look hokey, when they’re sewn together, they make gorgeous table runners. Find vintage doilies at estate sales. Then enlist a few of your best seamstress friends to create runners for your dinner tables. A cheap DIY way to add instant vintage style!


7. Contemporary or Vintage Jadeite

Milk glass is all over estate sales and can be incorporated into your vintage wedding. Green milk glass called jadeite would look gorgeous in a spring wedding against white and pastel colors. There’s a glut of glass at estate sales, so you can find it at a fair price. However, jadeite can be more expensive depending on the piece. Generic jadeite saucers and dishes don’t usually run too high.


8. Vintage Teacup Candles

Teacups are easy to find at estate sales and can be used as part of your vintage decor. We loved this easy tutorial on how to make candles out of estate sale teacups – adding instant romance!


9. Teacup Flower Centerpieces

Vintage teacups are cute year-round, but especially during springtime. Simply fill some china teacups with fresh flowers for a sweet look.


10. Teacup Candelabra

This is yet another darling way to incorporate vintage teacups into your wedding decor. You can also find antique candelabras at estate sales.


11. DIY Candlestick Centerpieces

Hunt for old candlesticks at estate sales for this creative way to make a centerpiece!


12. Mason Jar Floating Candles

Mason jars are played out? No way. They’re still versatile and budget friendly. Here’s one way to transform mason jars that’s far from overdone.


13. Painted Mason Jar Vases

When you paint mason jars, they take on a whole new look. Fill them with flowers and they rival any centerpiece you’d find in a store – for a fraction of the cost.


14. Mason Jar Lanterns

All you need for these easy DIY centerpieces is some twine and votive lights – and of course, mason jars which are abundant at estate sales, garage sales, and yard sales.


15. Vintage Postcard Garlands

We love this idea of using estate sale ephemera as decor for a vintage wedding! String together a bunch of vintage postcards for a look that unique’s and cheap to create! Plus, they make fascinating conversation pieces, as well as take-home favors.


16. Mismatched Vintage Dishes

Let’s face it. Matchy-matchy is boring, and ordering dishware for your wedding can get pricey-pricey. Go for the vintage look instead and buy mismatched china at estate sales. People will love the eclectic look – the bride and groom can keep their favorites.


17. DIY Vintage Cake Stands

For a creative way to use vintage dish ware, make your own cake stands using teacups or candlesticks between the plates. They’re easy to make and get great compliments!


18. Vintage Suitcases

There are several things you can do with vintage suitcases and estate sales are great places to find them! They add instant flair to your shabby chic wedding, whether they’re updated or kept original.


19. Vintage Furniture from Estate Sales

Use vintage furniture from estate sales as cute pieces throughout your wedding, like dessert tables or sign in tables. Things like antique hutches and desks can really make a statement – and are easy to find at estate sales to refurnish for a shabby chic look.


20. Vintage Handkerchiefs

Every big event needs a dramatic send-off! It’s easy to find vintage handkerchiefs at estate sales. Keep them as is in all their eclectic glory, or modify to fit your wedding’s unique look. We thought this idea was really cute for a fond farewell to the night of your dreams.

Now it’s your turn! What DIY wedding magic have you created out of estate sale finds? Share in the comments below!