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October Auction (Sale #235)

Dates & Times (US/Central)

Bidding ends:
Sun, October 15, 2017 10:00AM
Sun, Oct 15, 2017 10:00 am - not stated

Sale Address

Shipping available on select items.

Sale Description

October Auction
Sunday, October 15, 2017
Coin & Currency Session: 10:00 am CST
Antique & Estate Session: 11:00 am CST

1765 Cortland Ct., Ste. D
Addison, Illinois 60101
p. 630.495.0229

Friday, October 13 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
Saturday, October 14 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Sunday, October 15 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST

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Coin & Currency Listing:
1: 1928 $20 Gold Certificate PCGS 63PPQ
2: 1943-D 10c MS-65FB PCGS
3: 1955 10c MS-66FB PCGS
4: Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy 50c Silver Assortment
5: 1883-O $1 MS-64PL PCGS
6: 1885 $1 MS-63 DMPL PCGS
7: Morgan $1 Assortment
8: Peace $1 Assortment
9: 1908 $2 1/2 Gold
10: 1911 $2 1/2 Gold
11: 1925 $2 1/2 Gold
12: 1901-S $5 Gold
13: 1908 $5 Gold
14: 1907-S $20 Gold
15: 1912 $20 Gold
16: 1926-S 50c Oregon Trail MS-63 PCGS
17: 1926-S 50c Oregon Trail MS-64 PCGS
18: 1926 50c Oregon Trail MS-65 PCGS
19: 1935 50c Spanish Trail Unc.
20: 1900 $1 Lafayette Unc.
21: 1984 $10 Gold Olympic Commemorative
22: 1984-D $10 Gold Olympic Commemorative
23: 1984-S $10 Gold Olympic Commemorative
24: 1984-W $10 Gold Olympic Commemorative
25: US Coin and Currency Assortment
26: US Coin Assortment
27: US Silver Coin Assortment
28: US Silver Coin Assortment
29: US Silver Coin Assortment
30: US and World Stamp Assortment
31: Austria: 1915 20 Corona Gold
32: World Coin Assortment

Antique & Estate Listing:
33: Barrel Roll Secretary Desk by Colby
34: Burled Mahogany Chest of Drawers and Nightstand by Orinoco
35: Burled Mahogany Demi Lune Dresser by Orinoco
36: Burled Mahogany Twin Beds by Orinoco
37: Drum Table and Demi Lune Hall Cabinet
38: Mahogany Book Cases by Colonial Mfg Co
39: Mahogany Library Secretary
40: Victorian Oak Sideboard
41: Arts and Crafts Oak Sideboard
42: Primitive Pine Pie Safe
43: Small Wood Furniture Assortment
44: Table Assortment
45: Inlay Cabinet
46: Ornate Brass and Alabaster Plant Stand
47: MCM Drexel Heritage "Counterpoint" China Cabinet by John Van Koert
48: MCM Olive and Ash China Cabinet by Milo Baughman for Lane
49: MCM Olive and Ash Wood Table and Chairs by Milo Baughman for Lane
50: Chrome and Glass Bar Cart
51: Display Table and Jewelry Chest
52: Contemporary White Bedroom Suite
53: White Chair, Stand and Lamp Assortment from
54: Upholstery and Chrome Stool and Ottoman Assortment from
55: Wicker Furniture Assortment by Lexington
56: Asian Carved Camphor Trunk
57: Asian Carved Front Liquor Cabinet
58: Asian Style Cabinet by Henredon
59: International Sterling Silver Tea Set
60: Sterling Silver Hollowware
61: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
62: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
63: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
64: Heirloom "Stanton Hall" Sterling Silver Flatware
65: Reed & Barton "Grande Renaissance" Sterling Silver Flatware
66: Franklin Mint "Mothers Day" Sterling Silver Plate
67: George Unite Sterling Silver Creamer
68: Sterling Silver Object Assortment
69: Sterling Silver Vanity Object Assortment
70: Reed and Barton #745 Silverplate Candelabra Set
71: Wrought Iron Cafe Table and Chairs
72: Figural Table Lamp by Marbo Lamp Co.
73: Lily Shade Table Lamp
74: MCM Chrome Bubble Table Lamp by George Nelson for Modernica
75: MCM Chrome Table Lamp
76: Metal Floor Lamp by Crest Lamp Co
77: Tiffany Style "Dragonfly" Hanging Lamp
78: French Style Green and Gold Mirror by FB of New York
79: Alison Fox (American, 20th Century) Stained Glass
80: Capodimonte Figural Group and French Porcelain Assortment
81: German Singing Bird Automaton by Karl Griesbaum
82: Chinese Wool Rug
83: Persian Wool Rugs
84: Persian Tabriz Wool Rug
85: Navajo Style Woven Wool Rug
86: 18th Century Tinted Folio Prints
87: 18th Century Tinted Folio Prints
88: Luigi Kasimir (Austrian, 1881-1962) Color Tinted Etchings
89: Architecture and Pet Etching Assortment
90: (After) Cyrus Dallin (American, 1861-1944) "Massasoit" Cast Bronze Statue
91: Enrico Castellucci (Italian, 20th Century) Carved Alabaster Statue
92: Girl with Bird and Tiger Statues
93: William Bowie (American, 1926-1994) Brutalist Wall Hanging
94: Electric Neon Wall Clock by Electric Neon Clock Sales Co.
95: Asian Carved Nephrite Jade Shou Statue
96: Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Dragon
97: Chinese Enhanced Print "Tiger" and "Horses" Scrolls
98: Chinese Hand Painted "Gold Fish" Watercolor Scroll
99: Chinese Hand Painted "Landscape" Scroll
100: Chinese Hand Painted Scrolls
101: Japanese Bronze Figure from the Meiji Period
102: African Spear and Shield Assortment
103: African Zulu Wood Club and Axe
104: Inuit Carved Soap Stone Figurine Assortment
105: Inuit Carved Soap Stone Figurine Assortment
106: Inuit Ethnographic Object Assortment
107: Louise Bigmeat Maney (Native American, d.2001) Pottery Assortment
108: Native American Pow Wow Accessory Assortment
109: Hand Colored "Belgium, The Netherlands, Limburg" Map
110: Hand Colored "Edenburg, Scotland" Map
111: Hand Colored "Edo (Tokyo)" Map
112: Hand Colored "Gouvernement de l'Isle de France" Map
113: Hand Colored "Gulf of Bengal" Map
114: Hand Colored "Hemisphaerium Coeli Boreale" Map
115: Hand Colored "Leodiensis Dioecesis Typus" Map
116: Hand Colored "Regni Neapolitani" Map
117: Hand Colored "Spain and Portugal" Map
118: John Cary (British, 1754-1835) Framed Map Assortment
119: Platinum and Diamond Ring
120: Platinum and Diamond Ring
121: Platinum and Diamond Ring
122: 18k Gold Mesh Bracelet
123: 18k White Gold and Diamond Pierced Earrings
124: 18k Gold Blackamoor Ring and Earrings
125: 18k Gold, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond Stacking Rings
126: 18k Gold and Grey Sapphire Ring
127: 18k Gold, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond Leopard Ring
128: 18k Gold and Turquoise Ring
129: 18k White Gold and Star Sapphire Ring
130: 18k White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring
131: 18k Gold and Smokey Quartz Pendant
132: 14k Multi-color Gold and Diamond Bangle Bracelet
133: 14k Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
134: 14k Gold Braided Bracelet
135: 14k Gold, Opal and Diamond Bracelet
136: 14k Gold Bracelets
137: 14k Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
138: 14k Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
139: 14k Gold, Amethyst, Topaz and Crystal Bangle Bracelet
140: 14k Gold Bracelet and Pin
141: 14k Gold Charm Bracelet
142: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
143: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
144: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
145: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
146: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
147: 14k Gold and Green Quartz Ring
148: 14k Gold and Green Quartz Ring
149: 14k Gold and Onyx Eagle Ring
150: 14k Gold Rings
151: 14k Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring
152: 14k White Gold and Diamond Ring
153: 14k White Gold and Diamond Ring
154: 14k White Gold, Emerald and Diamond Rings
155: 14k Gold and Opal Ring
156: 14k Gold Rings
157: 14k Gold, Emerald and Diamond Ring
158: 14k Gold, Onyx, Pearl, Blue Topaz and Diamond Rings
159: 14k White Gold and Diamond Ring
160: 14k White Gold and Diamond Ring Enhancer
161: 14k Gold and Opal Ring
162: 14k Gold and Sapphire Ring
163: 14k Gold, Pearl and Diamond Ring
164: 14k White Gold and Diamond Necklace
165: 14k Gold Pendant and Necklace Assortment
166: 14k Multi-Color Gold Necklace and Pendant Assortment
167: 14k Gold Necklaces
168: 14k Gold, Spinel and Diamond Pendant on Necklace
169: 14k Gold and Jadeite Jade Necklaces
170: 14k Gold and Diamond Pendant
171: 14k Gold and Shark Tooth Pendant
172: 14k Gold Settings
173: 14k Gold and Amethyst Jewelry Assortment
174: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
175: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
176: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
177: 14k Multi-Color Gold and Sapphire Brooch Pin
178: 14k Gold and Pearl Brooch Pin
179: 14k Gold and Pearl Brooch Pins
180: 14k Gold Topped Hat Pins
181: 10k Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
182: 10k Gold Bracelets
183: 10k Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstone Bracelet
184: 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
185: 10k Gold, Opal and Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry Assortment
186: 10k Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
187: 14k and 10k Gold Bracelets
188: 14k and 10k Gold Earring Assortment
189: 14k and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
190: 14k and 10k Gold Sears Roebuck Service Pins
191: 18k and 14k Gold Rings
192: Solid Gold Ring and Gold Dental Caps
193: Emil D W Hauser (American, d.1982) "View to the Ocean, Florida" Watercolor on Paper
194: Adam Emory Albright (American, 1862-1957) Oil on Canvas
195: Benson Bond Moore (American, 1882-1974) Etchings and Lithograph
196: Bill Olendorf (American, 20th Century) Oil on Board
197: Denny Dent (American, 1948-2004) "Sinatra" Acrylic on Paper
198: Gene Boyce Guest (American, 20th Century) "Camino Del Monte Sol" Oil on Canvas
199: Henry Hulsmann (American / German, 1849-1930) Oil on Canvas
200: Howard Atkinson (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
201: James Jeffrey Grant (American, 1883-1960) Watercolor and Graphite on Paper
202: Martin Giese (American, 20th Century) "Hero" Arylic Painting
203: Michel Vu (American, b.1941) "Le Bassin" Oil on Board
204: Miles Maryott (American, 1871-1939) Oil on Canvas
205: Scott Addis (American, b.1963) Oil on Board
206: Unknown Artist (American, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
207: (Attributed to) Robert Colborne (European, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
208: (In the Style of) Szewczenko (Poland, 20th Century) Rabbi Oil on Canvas
209: De Kooning (European, 20th Century) Gouache on Paper
210: Johannes Gijsbertus Vogel (Dutch, 1829-1915) Oil on Canvas Board
211: Max Parsons (British, 1915-1998) Oil on Board
212: Valentine Prax (German / French, 1899-1981) "Mountain Farms, Algiers" Oil on Paper
213: Asian Diptych Woodblock Prints
214: Asian Diptych Woodblock Prints
215: Asian Landscape Woodblock Prints
216: Asian Mountain Woodblock Prints
217: Asian Woodblock Print
218: Asian Woodblock Print
219: Asian Woodblock Print Assortment
220: Asian Woodblock Prints
221: Asian Woodblock Prints
222: Asian Woodblock Prints
223: Asian Woodblock Prints
224: Asian Woodblock Prints
225: Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese, 1798-1861) "A Priest in Snow Storm" Woodblock Print
226: Japanese "Samurai" Triptych Woodblock Prints
227: Juka Sekijo Woodblock Print
228: Keiko Minami (Japan, 1911-2004) Lithograph
229: Sadanobu (Japanese, 1881-1963) Woodblock Print
230: Toyokuni III (Japanese, 1786-1864) Woodblock Print
231: Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese, 1797-1858) Woodblock Prints
232: Aston Greathead (New Zealand, b.1921) Oil on Board
233: Phil Interlandi (American, 1924-2002) "Crow Bar" Print
234: (Attributed to) Carl Moll (Austrian, 1861-1945) "Highway in Vienna" Woodcut Print
235: Claire Prussian (20th Century) "Sutured Self" Mixed Media
236: Salvador Dali (Spain, 1904-1989) "Pegasus" Print
237: Leroy Neiman (American, 1921-2012) "Archie" Serigraph
238: (After) Krishna A. Reddy (East Indian, b.1925) "The Vision" Resin Sculpture
239: (After) Nikolai Ivanovich Lieberich (Russian, 1828-1883) "Lisinsky Standing Bear" Bronze Sculpture
240: Bill Kurtis (American, b.1940) "Pals" Photograph
241: Dawoud Bey (American, b.1953) Portrait Photograph Series
242: Dawoud Bey (American, b.1953) Portrait Photograph
243: Dawoud Bey (American, b.1953) Portrait Photograph
244: Dawoud Bey (American, b.1953) Portrait Photograph
245: Dawoud Bey (American, b.1953) "Mexico" Photograph Series
246: Fanning (20th Century) Oil on Canvas
247: Jess (20th Century) Oil on Board
248: Juan Rosell (20th Century) "Sail Boats" Oil on Canvas
249: Oil on Board Landscape Painting Assortment
250: Oil on Canvas Landscape Paintings
251: Unknown Artist (20th Century) Oil on Board
252: Watercolor and Pastel Painting Assortment
253: K. Vetilla (21st Century) Oil on Canvas
254: Michael Schunke Blown Art Glass Vase
255: R. Lalique Style Crystal "Druide" Vase
256: R Lalique Crystal "Houppes" Powder Box
257: Steuben Gold Aurene Glass Shade
258: Swarovski and Baccarat Crystal Figurine Assortment
259: Crystal Figurine and Ornament Assortment
260: Swarovski Crystal Figurine Assortment
261: Waterford Crystal Assortment
262: Waterford Crystal Assortment
263: Waterford Crystal Assortment
264: Waterford Crystal Vase and Decanter Assortment
265: Waterford, Baccarat and Swarovski Crystal Assortment
266: Perfume Bottle Assortment
267: Lenox "Laurent" Glass Assortment
268: Painted Glass Cordial Decanter Server Set
269: Ceramica Da Lena "Ravello" China Service
270: Lenox "Castle Garden" China Service
271: Minton "Marlow Gold" Partial China Service
272: Minton "Sussex" Partial China Service for Tatman of Chicago
273: Rosenthal, Spode and Cauldon Partial China Services
274: Royal Doulton "BB2415Q" China Service
275: Asian Ceramic Dragon Floor Vase
276: Royal Worcester #2577 Sabrina Ware Bowl
277: Sevres Turquoise and Jewel-tone Urns
278: World War I German Butcher Bayonets and Scabbards
279: World War I Submarine Chaser #354 Ship Model
280: World War I German Butcher Bayonets and Scabbards
281: World War I US Model 1911 Swivel Holster
282: World War II Axe and Knife Assortment
283: World War II German Army Artillery Peaked Cap
284: World War II German Belt Buckle, Patch and Medal Assortment
285: World War II Japanese Navy Cap and Hat
286: Post World War II to Vietnam Era US Patch and Medal Assortment
287: World War II German Medal and Badge Assortment
288: Knife Assortment
289: Pocket Knife, Lighter, US Military Medal and Fishing Reel Assortment
290: Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) Framed Autograph PSA
291: Mettlach Stein and Coaster Assortment
292: Antique Bisque, China and Wax Doll Assortment
293: Bisque, Cloth, Composition and Plastic Doll Assortment
294: Bru Crescent Circle Dot Bebe Shoulder Head Doll
295: Chad Valley Prince Edward Cloth Doll
296: Chad Valley Princess Elizabeth Cloth Doll
297: Chad Valley Princess Margaret Rose Cloth Doll
298: Cloth Doll Assortment
299: Composition Girl Doll Assortment
300: Doll, Doll Clothes and Doll Trunk Assortment
301: Effanbee Composition and Cloth Baby Doll Assortment
302: English Felt Cloth Doll Assortment
303: German Bisque Doll Assortment
304: Kathe Kruse "Veronica" Cloth Doll
305: Hard Plastic and China Doll Assortment
306: Hallmark Ornaments, Doll Clothes and Miniature Assortment
307: Chicago Family Letter, Legal Document and Ephemera Collection
308: World War I Era Scrapbooks
309: Postcard, Map and Travel Brochure Assortment
310: Betty Boop Figurine Assortment
311: Lladro "The Apollo Landing" Figurine #6158
312: Lladro and Ceramic Figurine Assortment
313: Lladro Asian Figurine Assortment
314: Lladro Bell, Ornament, Egg and Clock Assortment
315: Lladro Caribbean and Hawaiian Figurine Assortment
316: Lladro Child Figurine Assortment
317: Lladro Clown Figurine Assortment
318: Lladro Figurine Assortment
319: Lladro Figurine Assortment
320: Lladro Figurine Assortment
321: Lladro Figurine Assortment
322: Lladro Figurine Assortment
323: Lladro Figurine Assortment
324: Lladro Millenium #6696 "Father Time" Figurine
325: Ben Cooper and Collegeville Halloween Costume Assortment
326: Byers Choice and Annalee Figurine Assortment
327: Christmas Ornament and Cookie Jar Assortment
328: Christopher Radko Blown Glass Ornament Assortment
329: Christopher Radko Blown Glass Ornament Assortment
330: Christopher Radko Blown Glass Ornament Assortment
331: Christopher Radko Blown Glass Ornament Assortment
332: Crystal Christmas Ornament Assortment
333: Department 56 "Dickens' Village" Building Assortment
334: Department 56 "Heritage Village" Building Assortment
335: Department 56 "Snow Village" Building and Accessory Assortment
336: Department 56 Ornament and Porcelain Nativity Figurine Assortment
337: Department 56 "Christmas in the City" Heritage Village Series
338: Wood Nutcracker Assortment
339: Goebel Hummel, Lenox and Fitz and Floyd Ceramic Christmas China Assortment
340: Photograph and Postcard Album Assortment
341: Photograph and Stereo View Card Assortment
342: Union (Gutta Percha) Daguerreotype Half-Plate Case
343: Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) Cut Autograph Signature PSA
344: Cast Metal Door Stop Assortment
345: Jug and Crock Assortment
346: Upper Deck Walton Payton Football Heroes Sport Cards
347: Buffalo Taxidermy Head Mount
348: Brown Bear Taxidermy "Walking" Half-body Mount
349: Smoking Pipe Assortment
350: Ertl John Deere Toy Tractors
351: Murray Pedal Fire Truck and AMF Tricycle
352: American Flyer Standard Gauge Model Toy Train Assortment
353: Lionel and American Flyer Model Toy Train Assortment
354: Lionel Type VW Transformer
355: Danbury Mint Die Cast Limited Edition Vehicles
356: Danbury Mint Die Cast Limited Edition Vehicles
357: Danbury Mint Die Cast Limited Edition Vehicles
358: Danbury Mint Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
359: Danbury Mint Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
360: Danbury Mint Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
361: Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
362: Die Cast Vehicle Display Shelf and Accessory Assortment
363: Franklin Mint Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
364: Franklin Mint Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
365: Franklin Mint Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
366: Franklin Mint Die Cast Vehicle Assortment
367: Asahi Pentax Digital Spotmeter
368: Camera Lens Assortment
369: Carl Zeiss for Hasselblad Sonnar 250mm Superachromat Lens
370: Carl Zeiss Jena Apo-Tessar f=45cm Lens
371: Ernst Leitz Hektor f=12.5cm Lens
372: Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Elmar f=9cm Lens
373: Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summicron f=5cm Lens
374: Graflex "Speed Graphic" Medium Format Camera
375: Graflex Crown Graphic Large Format Camera
376: Hasselblad 500C/M Medium Format Camera
377: Hasselblad 500C/M Medium Format Camera
378: Hasselblad Camera Accessory Assortment
379: Leica DBP M3 Rangefinder Camera
380: Nikon FTD Camera and Accessories
381: Rodenstock Cameras Lenses
382: Wood Seroco View Large Format Camera
383: Klipsch "Chorus" Walnut Floor Speakers
384: Klipsch K-400 Horns with K-55-V Midrange Compression Drivers
385: Kingsley Hot Foil M-60 Machine
386: Soprani Accordion
387: Gibson LGO Acoustic Guitar
388: Martin "Indiana" Alto Saxophone
389: Organ Grinder Music Box Push Cart
390: Trinket and Dresser Box Assortment
391: Men's Leather and Women's Beaver Coats
392: Willsonite Sunglasses with Display Boards
393: American Waltham "Wm Ellery" Hunt Case Pocket Watch
394: Casio Wrist Watch Assortment
395: Elgin 14k White Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
396: Jules Jurgensen and Hamilton 14k Gold Case Wrist Watches
397: Michael Anthony 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
398: Omega and Longines 14k Gold Case Wrist Watches
399: Casio Wrist Watch Assortment
400: Ladies Pocket, Pendant and Wrist Watch Assortment
401: Movado "Museum" Wrist Watches
402: Pocket and Pendant Watch Assortment
403: Pocket and Wrist Watch Assortment
404: Wrist Watch Assortment
405: Wrist Watch Assortment
406: Frontier Buckles Sterling Silver Belt Buckles
407: Margot de Taxco Sterling Silver and Copper Jewelry
408: Native American Silver and Turquoise Bolo Ties
409: Native American Silver and Turquoise Bracelet and Bolo Tie
410: Taxco GRO EDP Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Jewelry Set
411: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
412: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
413: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
414: Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Assortment
415: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
416: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
417: Sterling Silver Ring Assortment
418: Sterling Silver Ring Assortment
419: Costume Jewelry Assortment
420: Rhinestone and Austrian Crystal Costume Jewelry Assortment
421: Rhinestone and Austrian Crystal Jewelry Assortment
422: Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Assortment
423: Trifari Jewelry Assortment
424: Watch, Token and Desk Accessory Assortment
425: Costume Jewelry and Wrist Watch Assortment
426: Costume Jewelry Assortment
427: Costume Jewelry Assortment
428: Costume Jewelry Assortment
429: Costume Jewelry Assortment
430: Costume Jewelry Assortment
431: Costume Jewelry Assortment
432: Gold, Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
433: Pine Chest / Trunk
434: MCM Leather and Chrome Chair (attributed to) Mies Van der Rohe
435: Asian Cabinet with Mirror
436: Painted Room Divider
437: Emilia Castillo Pottery Mug Assortment
438: Table Top and Wall Display Case Assortment
439: Marc Chagall (Russian / French, 1887-1985) "Four Seasons" Poster
440: Cloisonne Dragon Turtle
441: A. Borowski (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
442: Kenneth Frazier (American, 1867-1949) "Seated Girl" Charcoal on Paper
443: Antonino Sartini (Italian, 1889-1954) "Street Scene" Oil on Canvas
444: Christo Charpides (Greek, 1902-1992) Oil on Canvas
445: Clarke (20th Century) Mixed Media on Board
446: Frank Hill (20th Century) Acrylic on Canvas
447: Cut Glass Stemware, Bowl and Plate Assortment
448: Style House "Dynasty Blue" China Service
449: Asian Satsuma and Famille Rose Serving Dish Assortment
450: Asian and American Ceramic Assortment
451: World War II US Cartridge Belt and Suspenders
452: World War II, Vietnam and Gulf War Medal and Ribbon Assortment
453: German Ceramic Stein Assortment
454: Bisque, Composition and Cloth Doll Assortment
455: Mattel Barbie, Ken and Clothing Assortment
456: Napoleonic War Document Signed by Pierre du Pont de l'Etang
457: N-Gauge Toy Model Train Assortment


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