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January Auction (Sale #262)

Dates & Times (US/Central)

Sun, Jan 26, 2020 9:00 am -

Sale Address

330 W Interstate Rd
Addison, IL 60101

Sale Description

January Auction
Sunday, January 26, 2020
Coin & Currency Session: 10:00 am CST
Antique & Estate Session: 11:00 am CST

330 W. Interstate Rd.
Addison, Illinois 60101
p. 630.495.0229

Friday, January 24 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
Saturday, January 25 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Sunday, January 26 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST

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Coin & Currency Listing:
1: 1909-S and 1931-S 1c Assortment
1.1: Military Payment Certificate Series 541 5c Replacement Note CU-64 EPQ PMG
2: 1c and 2c Assortment
3: Jefferson Silver War 5c Assortment
4: Jefferson "War" 5c Assortment
5: Jefferson Silver War 5c Assortment
6: 1965-1969 Kennedy 50c Silver-clad Assortment
7: Morgan $1 Assortment
8: Morgan $1 Assortment
9: Morgan $1 Assortment
10: Morgan $1 Assortment
11: Morgan $1 Assortment
12: Morgan $1 Assortment
13: Morgan $1 Assortment
14: Morgan $1 Assortment
15: Morgan $1 Graded Assortment
16: 1915 $5 Gold Unc.
17: 1954 and 1955 US Proof Sets
18: 1956-1964 US Proof Set Assortment
19: 1959-1964 Mint Set Assortment
20: Mint and Proof Set Assortment
21: Proof and Mint Set Assortment
22: US Coin Assortment
23: Coin Assortment
24: US and World Coin Assortment
25: US Coin and Currency Assortment
26: US Coin Assortment
27: US Coin Assortment
28: US Coin Assortment
29: Franklin 50c Partial Set
30: US and World Silver Coin Assortment
31: US Silver Coin Assortment
32: US Silver Coin Assortment
33: England: 1911 Gold Sovereign
34: England: 1911 Gold Sovereign
35: England: 1912 Gold Sovereign
36: England: 1915 Gold Sovereign
37: England: 1915 Gold Sovereign
38: England: 1919 Gold Sovereign
39: Mexico: 1918 20 Pesos Gold
40: Mexico: 1918 20 Pesos Gold
41: Mexico: 2 Pesos Gold
42: Panama: Franklin Mint 1975 100 Balboa Gold Coin
43: South Africa: 1980 2 Rand Gold
44: South Africa: 1982 1/2 Krugerrand Gold
45: Charlotte Columbia and Augusta Rail Road Fare Ticket

Antique & Estate Listing:
46: Primitive Wood Chest and Case
47: Wood Seating Assortment
48: Country French Style Pine China Cabinet and Bookcase
49: Italian Renaissance Style High Back Armchair
49.1: Heritage Asian Style Console Table
50: MCM Leather and Teak Chair
51: Aldo Tura Milano Italian Table
52: Baker English Regency Sofa Table
53: Baker McMillen Collection Bench
54: Black High Gloss Sideboard
55: Calligaris (Italy) "Odyssey" Glass Dining Table
56: Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables with Lamp
57: S Kirk Sterling Silver Candle Holders
58: Franklin Mint "Twelve Days of Christmas" Sterling Silver Spoons
59: Gorham "English Gadroon" and "Chantilly" Flatware Assortment
60: Gorham "Strasbourg" Sterling Silver Flatware Assortment
61: International "Royal Danish" Sterling Silver Flatware
62: Wallace "Grande Baroque" Sterling Silver Flatware Service
63: Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Assortment
64: Sterling Silver Serving Assortment
65: Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon and Butter Knife Assortment
66: Gorham "Japanese" Fruit Knives
67: Repousse Brass Covered Box and Mechanical Bird Cage
68: 1818 Schoolgirl Sampler
69: 1852 Coverlet and Islamic Shawl
70: Crewel Embroidery Panel
71: Native American Rug Assortment
72: Southwestern Rug, Blanket and Textile Assortment
73: Silk Embroidered "Setter" Tapestry
74: Patriotic Eagle Silk Embroidery Displays
75: Persian Kirman Rug
76: Persian Rug
77: Persian Rug Assortment
78: Persian Rugs
79: Persian Wool Trunk Cover
80: Henri Farre (American / French, 1871-1934) Etching
81: Henri Farre (American / French, 1871-1934) Etching
82: Henri Farre (American / French, 1871-1934) Etching
83: Henri Farre (American / French, 1871-1934) Etching
84: Henri Farre (American / French, 1871-1934) Etching
85: Henri Farre (American / French, 1871-1934) Etching
86: Stark Davis (American, 1885-1950) "Hot Cha Girl" Copper Etching
87: WITHDRAWN: Cast Statue Assortment
88: Eddie Lee (Lynd) (American, 20th Century) Carving
89: Automobile Clock, Ship Clock and Compass Assortment
90: Brass Ship Chronometer Assortment
91: Eastlake Style Black Slate Mantel Clock
92: Le Ore Italian Clock and Table
93: Sessions Advertising Regulator Wall Clock
94: Walnut Cased Wall Clock
95: Asian Cachepot
96: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Scenic Panel
97: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Scenic Panel
98: Asian Carved Wood Goddess
99: Asian Carved Wood Screens
100: Chinese Carved Wood Vase On Stand
101: Asian Cast Metal Buddha Statue
102: Asian Cinnabar Style Elephant Stool
103: Asian Cloisonne Bowl
104: Asian Cloisonne Brazier
105: Asian Cloisonne Floor Vase
106: Asian Cloisonne Ram
107: Asian Earthenware Vase
108: Asian Goddess Porcelain Statue
109: Asian Jadeite Jade Carved Statue Assortment
110: Asian Porcelain and Metal Center Bowl
111: Asian Vase on Wood Stand
112: Asian Vessel Assortment
113: Asian Wood Carved Sceptre
114: Asian Wood Carvings
115: Chinese (Canton School, 20th Century) Watercolors
116: Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Intricate Sculpture
117: Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Mountain Statue
118: Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Sculpture
119: Chinese Victorian Carved Wood Bench
120: Chinese Carved Wood Ruyi Scepter
121: Chinese Carved Wood Vessel
122: Chinese Cloisonne Figures
123: Chinese Cloisonne Figurines
124: Chinese Jadeite Jade Nesting Bowl Assortment
125: Chinese Monumental Cloisonne Tank
126: Chinese Reverse Paintings on Glass
127: Japanese Style Floor Vase
128: Kaoru Kawano (Japanese, 1916-1965) Woodblock Prints
129: Korean Cup Mouth Carved Bottle Vase
130: Tin, Cinnabar and Lacquered Wood Box Assortment
131: Canadian Carved Soapstone Walrus
132: Mission Basket and Indian Pottery Assortment
133: Olmec Masquette
134: South American Huari Pottery Pitcher
135: Platinum and Diamond Ring
136: Platinum and Diamond Ring
137: Platinum and Diamond Ring
138: Platinum and Diamond Ring
139: 18k Gold Mesh Necklace and Bracelet
140: 18k White Gold and Cubic Zirconia Rings
141: Anne Kline 14k Gold Bracelet
142: 14k Gold Link Bracelet
143: 14k Multi-Color Gold Bracelet
144: 14k Gold and Diamond Double Band Ring
145: 14k White Gold and Diamond Calla Lily Ring
146: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
147: 14k Gold and Jadeite Jade Rings
148: 14k Gold and Sapphire Ring
149: 14k Gold Band Ring
150: 14k Gold Rings
151: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklace
152: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklaces
153: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklace
154: 14k Gold Necklace and Pendant Assortment
155: 14k Gold and Garnet Eggplant Pin / Pendant
156: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
157: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
158: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
159: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
160: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
161: 14k Gold and Gemstone Jewelry Assortment
162: 14k White Gold and Diamond Jewelry Assortment
163: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
164: 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
165: 14k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
166: 14k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
167: 14k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
168: 14k Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
169: 14k White Gold, 10K White Gold and Gemstone Rings
170: Platinum, Gold, Pearl and Diamond Jewelry Assortment
171: Charles Fazzino (American, b.1955) Acrylic on Paper
172: Emil Ahlberg (American / Swedish, 1865-1903) Oil on Canvas
173: Harold von Schmidt (American, 1893-1982) "Lincoln Licks Armstrong" Oil on Canvas
174: Jim Hutt (American, 20th Century) Brittany Spaniel Oil on Canvas
175: Joan Swanson (American, b.1966) Acrylic on Paper
176: Jorge Tarallo Braun (Uruguayan / American, b.1951) Oil on Canvas
177: Jorge Tarallo Braun (Uruguayan / American, b.1951) Oil on Canvas
178: Leonardo Nierman (Mexican, b.1932) "Bird of Paradise" Oil on Masonite
179: Michael Loew (American, 1907-1985) Abstract Watercolor
180: Paul Wesley (American, 19th / 20th century) Oil on Canvas
181: Rita Rapaport (American, 1918-2003) Mixed Media on Canvas
182: Todd Stilson (American, b.1962) "Bananas and Pomegranates" Oil on Mounted Canvas
183: Tom Wilder (American, 1876-1978) "October Bluff" Oil on Canvas
184: Unknown Artist (American, 20th Century) Oil on Board
185: William J. Hyett (American, 1876-1952) "Herder with Sheep" Oil on Canvas
186: William O Ewing III (American, 20th Century) "Tavern Table" Oil on Canvas
187: Salvatore Grippi (American, b.1921) Oil on Masonite
188: Andre Lanskoy (French / Russian, 1902-1976) Oil on Burlap
189: Antoine Blanchard (French, 1910-1988) Oil on Canvas
190: (Attributed to) Boris Fyodorovitch Fayenkov (Russian, 20th Century) "River Landscape" Oil on Canvas
191: Bussan (German, 20th Century) "The Seine" Oil on Canvas
192: E J Cygne (France, b.1929) Oil on Canvas
193: Evert Jan Ligtelijn (Dutch, 1893-1975) "Seated Woman near Fire" Oil on Board
194: Guido Odierna (Italian, 1913-1991) "Capri" Oil on Canvas
195: Ludwig Sohler (German, 1907-1998) Oil on Canvas
196: Terence Alexander (British, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
197: Theo Tobiasse (Israeli, 1927-2012) Oil on Canvas
198: Thomas Stanley Barber (British, fl.1891-1899) Oil on Canvas
199: Unknown Artist (Dutch, 19th Century) Oil on Board
200: Unknown Artist (European, 19th Century) Oil on Board
201: Willem Van Nieuwenhoven (Dutch, 1879-1973) Oil on Canvas
202: Yaacov Agam (Israeli, b.1928) "Agamograph" Kinetic Art
203: Lu Hong (Chinese, b.1952) Serigraphs
204: Yoshida Hiroshi (Japanese, 1876-1950) "Scooping Gold Fishes" Woodblock Print
205: (After) Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) "Faun Playing Flute" Print
206: (After) Pierre Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919) Etchings
207: (Attributed to) Joan Miro (Spanish, 1893-1983) "Composition" Lithograph
208: Christian Riese Lassen (American, b.1956) "Free Spirit" Print on Canvas
209: David Leverett (British, b.1938) Lithographs
210: Grant Wood (American, 1891-1942) "In the Spring" Lithograph
211: Isabel Bishop (American, 1902-1988) Etching Assortment
212: WITHDRAWN: James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903) "Thames Police" Etching
213: Joan Miro (Spanish, 1893-1983) "Le Courtesan Grotesque" Aquatint
214: Karel Appel (American, 1921-2006) Lithograph
215: Marc Chagall (French, 1887-1985) "Apparition at the Circus" Lithograph
216: Raphael Soyer (Russian / American, 1899-1987) Etchings
217: Seymour Haden (English, 1818-1910) Etching Assortment
218: Theo Tobiasse (Israeli, 1927-2012) Lithograph
219: (Attributed To) George Tudzarov "Zaro" (Italian / American, 1944-2000) Figural Sculpture
220: Arlene Eichengreen and Nancy Gensburg (American, 20th Century) Bronze Sculpture
221: Austin Productions Acoma Series Mother and Child Sculpture
222: Buckminster Fuller (American 1895-1983) Sculpture
223: Leonardo Art Works Figural Sculpture
224: Leonardo Nierman (Mexican, b.1932) "Incomplete Capriccio" Bronze Sculpture
225: Matei Negreanu (Romania, 20th Century) "Oeuf Verre Souffle Plomb et Bois" Glass and Metal
226: Robert Wyland (American, B.1956) Lucite Sculpture
227: Romain de Tirtoff (Erte) (Russian, 1892-1990) "Joie de Vivre" Sculpture
228: Sultan (American, 20th Century) Abstract Sculpture
229: Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) Face Plate
230: WITHDRAWN: Various Artists (American, 20th Century) Painting and Print Assortment
231: Art Glass Assortment
232: Dutch Schulze for Bandon Glass Art Glass Vase
233: Waterford Crystal "Lismore" Stemware Assortment
234: Waterford Crystal Assortment
235: Waterford, Tiffany and Gorham Crystal Assortment
236: Waterford Crystal Collection
237: Waterford Crystal Decanter Collection
238: Waterford Crystal Assortment
238.1: Orrefors Crystal Assortment
239: Swedish Crystal Paperweight Assortment
240: Torquay Motto Ware and Weller Pottery Assortment
241: I. Godinger & Co. "Jardin" Porcelain China
242: Limoges France Spring Collection Peint Main Porcelain Trinket Box
243: Royal Doulton and Royal Crown Derby Bunny Assortment
244: Stephen Joseph Polchert (American, 1920-2008) Pottery Vessel
245: Torquay Pottery Vase
246: Black Powder Pistol Assortment
247: Black Powder Pistols
248: Black Powder Pistols
249: Black Powder Revolver and Powder Flask Assortment
250: Connecticut Valley Arms 45 Cal Black Powder Rifle
251: Holster, Gun Stock and Magazine Assortment
252: Leather Belt and Holster Assortment
253: World War I German Prussian Pickelhaube Spiked Helmets
254: World War II US and German Military Assortment
255: World War II US Army Assortment
256: World War II German Military Assortment
257: Knife Assortment
258: Pocket Knife and Cigarette Lighter Assortment
259: Map Assortment
260: Miguel Covarrubias (Mexican, 1904-1957) Pageant of the Pacific Maps
261: Cross Platinum Plate "Peerless 125" Ball Point Pen
262: Fountain Pen and Part Assortment
263: Parker Sterling Silver and Cross Pen Assortment
264: WITHDRAWN: Beswick, Royal Albert and Hummel Figurine Assortment
265: Boehm Bird Figurine Assortment
266: Hummel #141 / X "Apple Tree Girl" Jumbo Figurine
267: Hummel #142 / X "Apple Tree Boy" Jumbo Figurine
268: Hummel / Goebel Figurine Assortment
269: Lladro #2058 "Thailandia" Gres Figurine
270: Lladro and Borsato Porcelain Figure Assortment
271: Lladro and Zaphir Figurine Assortment
272: Lladro Figurine Assortment
272.1: Ralph Auf der Heide (American, 21st Century) Oil on Acrylic
272.2: Achille Gamba Pewter Frog Platter and Frog Decor Assortment
273: James Bond US Movie Lobby Card Assortment
274: 1964 James Bond Movie "Goldfinger" Lobby Card Assortment
275: 1967 James Bond Movie "You Only Live Twice" Lobby Card Assortment
276: James Bond Movie "From Russia With Love" Theater Poster
277: James Bond Movie Theater Posters
278: James Bond Movie Theater Posters
279: Jabo Joker Marble and Marble Assortment
280: Brown Glazed Crock Assortment
281: WITHDRAWN: Butter Press and Treen Assortment
282: Cast Iron Animal Form Assortment
283: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Jug
284: Earthenware Crock Assortment
285: Hand Carved Duck and Goose Decoy Assortment
286: Piano Stool, Christmas Tree Stand and Cast Iron Pot Assortment
287: Primitive Pottery Assortment
288: Redware Assortment
289: Redware Crock and Bowl Assortment
290: Ship Lantern Assortment
290.1: Apothecary Assortment
291: 1951 Bowman Baseball Trading Card Assortment
292: Sports Trading Card Assortment
293: Bjarne Nielsen Smoking Pipe
294: Briar Pipe Assortment
295: Caminetto Business 114 KS Cucciago Pipe
296: Cigarette Lighter Assortment
297: Meerschaum Carved Pipes
298: Meerschaum Cigarette Holder
299: Smoking Pipe Assortment
300: Corgi and Dinkey Toy Car and Truck Assortment
301: Matchbox "Redline" and Slot Car Assortment
302: Matchbox Toy Car Assortment
303: Matchbox Toy Car Assortment
304: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Car and Die Cast Car Assortment
305: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Toy Car Assortment
306: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Toy Car Assortment
307: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Toy Car Assortment
308: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Toy Car Assortment
309: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Toy Car Assortment
310: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Toy Car Assortment
311: Mattel "Hot Wheels" Toy Car Assortment
312: Mattel "Redline" Hot Wheels Toy Car Assortment
313: Nascar Toy Car Assortment
314: Nascar Toy Car Assortment
315: Schuco Wind-up Car and Model Airplane Assortment
316: Toy Car Assortment
317: Toy Vehicle Assortment
318: Digital, 35mm and Movie Camera Assortment
319: Large Format Camera Assortment
320: Thrane and Thrane Capsat Satellite Telephone
321: Selsi Telescope and Lenses
322: Spencer Lens Co Microscope
323: String Instrument and Accessory Assortment
324: Stringed Instrument Assortment
325: Wood Cased Music Box and Slingerland Banjo
326: Chanel Ski Jacket
327: Hermes Women's Shoes
328: Designer Purse Assortment
329: Escama Studio Pop Tab Purse Assortment
330: Fendi Purse and Accessory Assortment
331: Elgin Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
332: English Sterling Silver Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
333: H Laval St Imier 14k Gold Hunter Case Pocket Watch
334: Pocket Watch Assortment
335: Cartier Santos 100 Automatic Men's Wrist Watch
336: Girard Perregaux 18k Gold Case Chronometer Wrist Watch
337: International Watch Schaffhausen "Beyer" Wrist Watch
338: Lester Lampert 14k Gold Case Wrist Watch
339: Movado 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
340: Tag Heuer Ladies Wrist Watch
341: Longines 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
342: Wrist Watch and Jewelry Assortment
343: Wrist Watch Assortment
344: Wrist Watch Assortment
345: Albert Konder Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
346: Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver "Somerset" Mesh Necklace and Bracelet
347: Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Sterling Silver Groove Ring
348: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
349: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
350: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
351: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
352: Sterling Silver and European Silver (800) Jewelry Assortment
353: Sterling Silver Jewelry and Watch Assortment
354: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
355: Sterling Silver Ring Assortment
356: Designer, Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
357: Clear and Colored Rhinestone Jewelry Assortment
358: Semi-Precious Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry Assortment
359: Costume Jewelry Assortment
360: Costume Jewelry Assortment
361: Costume Jewelry Assortment
362: Costume Jewelry Assortment
363: Costume Jewelry Assortment
364: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
365: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
366: Sterling Silver, Costume Jewelry and Wrist Watch Assortment
367: Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet and Nephrite Jade Carved Figurine Assort

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