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February Auction (Sale #227)

Dates & Times (US/Central)

Bidding ends:
Sun, February 19, 2017 10:00AM
Sun, Feb 19, 2017 10:00 am - not stated

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February Auction
Sunday, February 19, 2017
Coin & Currency Session: 10:00 am CST
Antique & Estate Session: 11:00 am CST

1765 Cortland Ct., Ste. D
Addison, Illinois 60101
p. 630.495.0229

Friday, February 17 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
Saturday, February 18 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Sunday, February 19 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST

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Coin & Currency Listing:
1: 1893 Columbian Exposition Admission Tickets
2: Indian Head 1c Partial Set

3: 1937-D 5c "3 Leg" AU Details ANACS
4: 1937-D 5c "3 Leg" VF-25 ANACS
5: Washington 25c Partial Set
6: Washington 25c Silver Assortment
7: Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
8: Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
9: Franklin 50c Partial Set
10: Franklin 50c Assortment
11: 1964 Kennedy 50c Assortment
12: 1964 Kennedy 50c Assortment
13: Kennedy 50c Assortment
14: Kennedy 50c Assortment
15: 1880-CC $1 8/Low 7 VAM-6 Unc.
16: 1904-O Morgan $1
17: Bullion and Exchange Bank Morgan $1 Roll
18: Morgan and Peace $1 Assortment
19: Eisenhower $1 Assortment
20: US Silver Commemorative Assortment
21: US Commemorative Set Assortment
22: US Commemorative Set Assortment
23: 2001 $1 Silver Eagles
24: 1959 US Proof Sets
25: Prestige Proof Set Assortment
26: 1958 US Double Mint Set
27: Coin, Token and Stock Certificate Assortment
28: Mercury 10c Assortment

29: US Coin and Currency Assortment
30: US Coin Assortment
31: US Silver Coin Assortment
32: US Silver Coin Assortment
33: US Silver Coin Assortment
34: US Silver Coin Assortment
35: World Stamp Assortment
36: Stamp and First Day Cover Assortment
37: Austria: 1915 Franc Imperator 4 Ducat Gold Re-strike
38: Canada: Coin and Currency Assortment
39: Russia: Imperial Double Eagle 22k Gold Token
40: World: Coin Assortment
41: World: Coin and Currency Assortment
42: Ancient: Judea Coin Assortment

Antique & Estate Listing:
43: Arts and Crafts Oak Built-in Cabinet
44: Arts and Crafts Oak Built-in Cabinet
45: Book / Library Form End Table Cabinets
46: Book / Library Form Table with Chairs
47: Book / Library Form Nightstands
48: Classical Revival Mahogany Cabinet
49: Classical Revival Mahogany Dining Set
50: Classical Revival Mahogany Sideboard
51: Eastlake Carved Walnut Dog Arm Chair
52: Eastlake Walnut Marble Top Commode
53: Hickory Wash Stand and Birdseye Maple Dresser and Mirror
54: Jacobean Style Mahogany Dining Table and Chairs
55: Mahogany Barrister Bookcase by Macey
56: Mahogany Dresser and Chest
57: Mahogany Game Tables
58: Mahogany Smoking Stand
59: Oak Spool Cabinet by J&P Coats

60: Primitive Pine Pie Safe
61: Provincial Dressers and Nightstand
62: Walnut Library Desk / Book Case
63: Chest, Coffee Table and Stand Assortment
64: Acrylic and Wood Chair Assortment
65: Aluminum Group Dining Table by Eames for Herman Miller
66: Batista Bar Cart by Antonio Cittero for Kartel
67: Brushed Aluminum Bar Stools by Emeco
68: Brutalist Oak Cabinet by Lane
69: Brutalist Oak Wardrobe Cabinet by Lane
70: Brutalist Oak Nightstand by Lane
71: Butterfly Lounge Chair
72: Mid-Century Modern Dining Table by Burke
73: Mid-Century Modern Teak Table and Book Stand
74: Modern Aluminum Swivel Stool by Paolo Rizzato
75: Modern Metal and Wood Shelving Unit
76: Modern Porcelain Enamel Steel Fireplace
77: Rolling Table by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia
78: Stitz Bar Stool by Wilkhahn
79: Upholstered Ottoman by Baleri
80: Wood and Metal Bistro Set
81: Mahogany Counter Top Display Cabinet by Van Dyke Productions
82: Painted Wood "Pease Clothestree" by H G Wood Mfg
83: Fina Sterling Silver Bowl
84: Gorham Sterling Silver Shell Dish
85: National Silver Company Sterling Silver Cordials
86: Reed & Barton "Francis I" Sterling Silver Hollowware
87: Sterling Silver Basket and Tray
88: Sterling Silver Hollowware
89: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
90: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
91: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
92: C.G. Haliberg Sterling Silver Spoons
93: Gorham "Versailles" Sterling Silver Dinner Forks
94: International "Joan of Arc" Sterling Silver Flatware
95: International "Royal Danish" Sterling Silver Flatware Service
96: International Silver Co. "Deerfield-Beacon Hill" Sterling Silver Soup Spoons
97: Reed & Barton "Francis I" Sterling Silver Flatware
98: Reed & Barton "Francis I" Sterling Silver Handled Serving Utensils
99: Wallace Sterling Silver Dog Show Award Spoons
100: Sterling Silver Spoon Assortment
101: Wallace "Rose Point" Sterling Silver Teaspoons
102: Sterling Silver Candleholder Assortment
103: Sterling Silver Object Assortment
104: European Silver (.800) Seafood Picks
105: Sterling Silver Flatware Assortment
106: Sterling Silver and Enamel Dresser Set
107: Sterling Silver and Silverplate Object Assortment
108: Sterling Silver Object Assortment
109: Wilmot Manufacturing Co. Sterling Silver Salt Cellars and Shakers
110: Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon Assortment
111: Art Nouveau Silverplate Hollowware Assortment
112: Classical Style Silverplate Candelabra Assortment
113: Silverplate Hollowware Assortment
114: Silverplate Hollowware Assortment
115: Silverplate Hollowware Assortment
116: Silverplate Hollowware Assortment
117: Silverplate Tea Service
118: Silverplate Tea Service and Hollwware Assortment
119: Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik (WMF) Silverplate Bowl
120: Arne Jacobsen for Stelton Stainless Steel Table Articles
121: Lawn Statue Assortment
122: Achille Castiglioni for Flos Noce Lamp
123: Arteriors Modern Metal Table Lamps
124: Banquet Lamp and Slag Glass Ceiling Fixture
125: Brass Hanging Chandeliers
126: Carved Italian Marble Table Lamp
127: Dale Tiffany "Dragonfly" Metal Table Lamp
128: Electric Chandelier and Ceiling Fixture
129: Electric Gilt Brass Wall Sconces
130: Meda & Rizzatto for Luceplan Aluminum Ceiling Light Fixture
131: Mid-Century Modern Lamp Assortment
132: Quezal Glass Lampshade Desk Lamp
133: Acrylic Peacock Window
134: Leaded Glass Window and Stained Acrylic Fireplace Screen
135: Stained Glass Tulip Windows
136: Brass and Marble Candelabras
137: Alabaster Fruit, Egg and Vase Assortment
138: Brass and Cast Metal Object Assortment
139: Bronze Female Form Candelabrum
140: Cast Metal Cherub Candleholders
141: Cathedral Amethyst Geode
142: Ceramic Transferware and Asian Decorative Assortment
143: Curtis Jere (American, d.2008) "Covered Bridge" Metal Sculptural Wall Hanging
144: English Arts and Crafts Copper Fire Screen
145: Fluted Wood Column and Pillar Parts Assortment
146: Gaetano Pesce (Italian, b.1939) #282 Millennium Plate
147: Horse Brutalist Wall Hanging by Jacqui
148: Leather Bar Stools, Bags and Suitcase Assortment
149: Painted Wood Tramp Art Shrine Cabinet
150: Stoat and Chickadee Taxidermy Diorama

151: Tiffany Studios Bronze "Zodiac" Match Safe
152: Persian Style Wool Rug Assortment
153: Ukrainian Wool Navajo Style Rug
154: Cotton Quilt Assortment
155: Framed Victorian Print Assortment
156: Print Assortment
157: Print Assortment
158: Peter Max (American, b.1937) "Life is So Beautiful - Stay Alive - Don't Smoke Cigarettes" Poster
159: Poster Assortment
160: Fiberglass Panther Statue
161: F. Marti French Marble Mantel Clock
162: Japy Freres & Co. Spelter Wall Clock
163: Jefferson "500" Chrome Desk Clock
164: Le Coultre & Cie Atmos Perpetual Mantel Clock
165: Wall and Mantel Clocks
166: Wm Gilbert Clock Co. Oak Mantel Clock
167: Asian Bronze Buddha Figure
168: Asian Ceramic Statue and Porcelain Vase
169: Asian Decorative Object Assortment
170: Asian Painted Silk Scroll
171: Asian Sino-Tibetan Bronze Buddha Figure
172: Carved Jadeite Jade Assortment
173: Carved Jadeite Jade Urn with Chain on Stand
174: Korean Silver and Cloisonne Vase
175: Primitive Sculptures
176: Thailand Dancer Headdresses
177: Wood Box Assortment
178: Norbert Muerrle 18k Gold and Diamond "Recrolie" Ring
179: 18k Gold and Diamond Rings
180: 18k Gold and White Topaz Rings
181: 18k Gold, Onyx and Diamond Pendant
182: 18k Gold, Onyx and Carved Opal Cameo Pendant
183: 18k White Gold Jewelry Assortment
184: 18k Gold, Pearl and Diamond Brooch
185: 18k Gold, Persian Turquoise, Pearl and Diamond Brooch
186: 14k Gold and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
187: 14k Gold Link Bracelet
188: 14k Gold Nugget Link Bracelet
189: 14k Gold Link Bracelet
190: 14k White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
191: Bloomingdale 14k White Gold Quadrafoil Necklace and Earring Set
192: 14k Gold Earring and Ring Assortment
193: 14k Gold, Semi-Precious Gemstone and Diamond Ring
194: 14k and 10k Gold Ring Assortment
195: 14k Gold and Diamond Guard Ring
196: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
197: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
198: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
199: 14k Gold, Green Gemstone and Diamond Rings
200: 14k White Gold, Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring
201: 14k Gold and Amethyst Ring
202: 14k Gold and Cubic Zirconia Ring
203: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
204: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
205: 14k Gold and Diamond Rings
206: 14k Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstone Rings
207: 14k Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstones Rings
208: 14k Gold and Spinning Star Ring
209: 14k Gold, Opal and Diamond Ring
210: 14k Gold, Ruby and Diamond Ring
211: 14k White Gold and Diamond Ring
212: 14k White Gold and Sapphire Ring
213: 14k Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstone Rings
214: 14k Gold, Ruby and Diamond Necklace
215: 14k Gold Eastern Star Pendant on Necklace
216: 14k Gold and Diamond Pendant on Necklace
217: 14k Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Clasp Pearl Necklace
218: 14k Gold and Carved Blue Agate Cameo Brooch / Pendant
219: 14k Gold Frame and Carved Shell Cameo Pin / Pendant
220: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
221: 14k Gold, Spinel and Diamond Jewelry Assortment
222: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
223: 14k Gold Fraternal Medal and Pin
224: 14k Gold Service Medal and Pin
225: 14k Gold and Enamel Fraternal Medal and Pin on Ribbon
226: 14k Gold Fraternal Medal and Pin on Ribbon
227: 14k Gold and Diamond Dachshund Brooch
228: 10k Gold Bracelet Assortment
229: 10k Gold and Crystal Rings
230: 10k Gold Rings
231: 10k Gold Rings
232: 10k White Gold and Diamond Rings
233: 10k White Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstone Rings
234: 10k White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring
235: 10k Gold Cufflinks
236: 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
237: 10k Gold and Sterling Silver Ring Assortment
238: 10k Gold, 8k Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
239: 12k Gold and 9k Pink Gold Rings
240: 14k and 10k Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstone Rings
241: 14k and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
242: 14k and 10k Gold Pierced Earring Assortment
243: 14k and 10k Gold Rings
244: Mixed Gold Jewelry Assortment
245: 18k and 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
246: Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
247: 14k Gold Charm and Clasp
248: Toni Bordignon (America, b.1927) Oil on Canvas
249: Unknown Artist (19th Century) "Cats" Oil on Canvas Board
250: Virginia Lynn (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
251: Virginia Lynn (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
252: Virginia Lynn (American, 20th Century) Oil Paintings
253: (After) Bartolome Esteban Murillo (Spanish, 1618-1682) "Children of the Shell" Oil on Canvas
254: (In the manner of) Pavel Kuznetsov (Russian, 1878-1968) Woodblock Print
255: Gunther Seekatz (German, b.1928) Oil on Canvas
256: H J Kinnaird (European, 1861-1929) "A Backwater Wargrave on Thames" Oil on Canvas
257: Karl Vikas (Austrian, 1875-1934) Oil on Canvas
258: Pieter Cornelis Steenhouwer (Dutch, 1896-1972) Oil on Canvas
259: Unknown Artist (20th Century) Oil on Canvas
260: Victor Mazur (Russian, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
261: Victor Mazur (Russian, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
262: Victor Mazur (Russian, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
263: Victor Mazur (Russian, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
264: Asian Painting, Print and Scroll Assortment
265: Asian Prints
266: (After) Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) "La Ronde" Print
267: Amedeo Modigliani (Italian / French, 1884-1920) Lithograph
268: Bruno Stern Zupan (French, b.1939) "Ulysses" and "Trojan War" Etchings
269: Erte (Russian, 1892-1990) "The Bird Cage" Serigraph

270: Leroy Nieman (American, 1921-2012) "Show Jumper" Serigraph
271: Marc Chagall (Russian / French, 1887-1985) "The Burning Bush" Colored Etching
272: Marcel Mouly (French, 1918-2008) Lithograph
273: Pierre Alechinsky (French, b.1927) "Magic Mirror" Lithograph
274: Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989) "Rhinoceros" Print
275: Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989) "Samson and Delilah" Print
276: (In the manner of) Frederick Hart (American, 1943-1999) Acrylic Female Sculpture
277: Richard Johnson (American, 20th Century) Brutalist Metal Sculpture
278: Glass Fruit Assortment
279: Baccarat Crystal "Narcisse" Glassware
280: Bohemian Cut-to-Clear Cordial Glasses
281: Bohemian Cut-to-Clear Hock Glasses
282: Cranberry Cut to Clear Decanter Set
283: Royal Leerdam "Netherlands" Crystal Stemware Assortment
284: Enameled Glass Trinket Box Assortment
285: Moser Blue Trinket Box Assortment
286: Moser Glass Trinket Box
287: Signed Glass Assortment
288: Designer Crystal and Glass Assortment
289: Steuben "7826" Liquor Cocktail Glasses
290: Waterford and Baccarat Crystal Assortment
291: Waterford Crystal "Lismore" Champagne / Tall Sherbet Glasses
292: Waterford Crystal "Lismore" Water Goblets
293: Waterford Crystal Assortment
294: Waterford Crystal Assortment
295: Waterford Crystal Assortment
296: Waterford Crystal Bowl Assortment
297: Murano Style Fish Aquarium Paperweight
298: Crystal and Glass Assortment
299: Roseville Vase Assortment
300: Pewabic Pottery Handled Candlestick
301: Hutschenreuther "Madeline" China Service
302: Japanese "Aldine" China Service
303: Johann Haviland "Moss Rose" China Service
304: Raynaud Limoges "Marie Antoinette" China Service
305: Royal USA "The Old Curiosity Shop" China Service
306: Royal Worcester "Golden Anniversary" China Service
307: Syracuse "Sherwood" China Service Set
308: Asian Ceramic Vase Assortment
309: Ceramic Figurine, Doll and Dollhouse Furniture Assortment
310: Heinrich & Co. Dinner Plates
311: John Rogers Transferware Sectional Server
312: Herend "Antique Rothschild" China Serving Dish Assortment
313: Herend "Chinese Bouquet - Raspberry" Dishes
314: Osiris Art Nouveau Ceramic and Pewter Tea Set
315: Ithaca 16 Ga. Shotgun (Serial #620342-4)
316: Winchester Model 1300 12ga Shotgun (Serial #L2068377)
317: World War II Japanese Arisaka Type 99 7.7x58mm Rifle (Serial #41099)
318: Browning Medalist .22 Cal. LR Semi-Automatic Pistol (Serial #3954T71)
319: Colt "Army Special" .38 Cal. Revolver (Serial #380144)
320: Jennings J-22 .22 LR Semi-automatic Pistol (Serial #641794)
321: Smith & Wesson .38 S&W Cal. Hammerless Revolver (Serial # 208911)
322: Smith & Wesson .38 S&W Cal. Hammerless Revolver (Serial #176182)
323: Smith & Wesson M&P .22 LR Cal. Semi-automatic pistol (Serial #MP005450)
324: Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2 .32 Cal. Revolver (Serial #41002)
325: Smith and Wesson .22 LR Cal. Kit Gun Revolver (Serial #533514)
326: Smith and Wesson .32 Cal. Revolver (Serial #147256)
327: Smith and Wesson .38 Special Cal. Revolver (Serial #C168756)
328: Smith and Wesson .38 Special Cal. Revolver (Serial #C185601)
329: Smith and Wesson Model 10 .38 Special Cal. Revolver (Serial #D13269)
330: Smith and Wesson Model 17 .22 LR Cal. Revolver (Serial #K181763)
331: Smith and Wesson Model 25-2 .45 Cal. Revolver (Serial #N900328)
332: Smith and Wesson Model 37 .38 Special Cal. Revolver (Serial #325858)
333: Smith and Wesson Model 60-15 .357 Magnum Cal. Revolver (Serial #CNF6300)
334: Arizmendi Double Barrel Percussion Pistol
335: Ammunition Assortment
336: Beeman Feinwerkbau Sport 124 .177 Cal. Pellet Rifle (Serial #25609)
337: Beeman Mod. R10 .177 Cal. Pellet Rifle
338: RWS Diana Mod. 52 .177 Cal. Pellet Rifle (Serial #02121247)
339: Webley and Scott "Omega" .177 Cal. Pellet Rifle (Serial #794053)
340: Webley and Scott "Patriot" .25 Cal. Pellet Rifle (Serial #922812)
341: Civil War Era US Leather Shako Cap
342: Embroidery and Glass Bead-work Royal British Coat of Arms
343: Indian Wars Era NCO Sword and Scabbard
344: World War II German Insignia and Regalia Assortment
345: World War II German Medal, Pin and Armband Assortment
346: French Chassepot Bayonet and Scabbard
347: Hunting and Assault Knife Assortment
348: Fountain Pen Assortment
349: Harvard Classic and Yale Shakespeare Book Sets
350: International Collectors Library Book Set
351: Miller High Life Metal Cooler
352: Tasha Tudor (American, 1915-2008) Card Assortment
353: Borsato Figurine Assortment
354: Crown Staffordshire Bird Figurine Assortment
355: G Armani "Mother and Child" Figurine
356: Giuseppe Armani "Matrimonio" Figurine
357: Lladro Figurine Assortment
358: Swirl Marble Assortment
359: Tribal Mask, Rock and Fossil Assortment
360: Silver Esther Scroll Case
361: 1951 Bowman Ed Ford #1 and 1952 Yogi Berra #1 Baseball Cards
362: 1951 Bowman Baseball Trading Card Assortment
363: 1952 Bowman Mickey Mantle #101 Baseball Card
364: 1952 Bowman Baseball Trading Card Assortment
365: 1952 Topps and 1953 Bowman Baseball Trading Card Assortment
366: 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle #82 Baseball Card
367: Baseball Trading Card Assortment
368: Baseball Trading Card Assortment
369: Baseball Trading Card Assortment
370: Dennis Rodman Signed Chicago Bulls Jersey by Champion
371: Football Trading Card Assortment
372: Walter Payton Autographed Photograph
373: Coca-Cola Electric Advertising Clock by Pam Clock Co.
374: Smoking Pipe and Tobacco Tin Assortment
375: Aurora "Real Racing" Slot Car Assortment
376: Irish Mail Ride-On Cart
377: Mobo Metal Horse and Sulky Ride-on Toy
378: Toy Car and Truck Assortment
379: Lionel O-Gauge Erie 2032 Engines in Box
380: Airplane Trading Card, Signed Ephemera and Bear Assortment
381: Art Deco Sparton Floor Model 867 Radio
382: Wood Cased Radios
383: Altec Lansing Speakers and Equipment
384: Burlington Telephones Oak Wall Phone
385: Gwen Stefani Autographed Electric Guitar
386: Monarch by Baldwin Baby Grand Piano and Bench
387: Antonius Stradivarius Replica Violin
388: Nicolaus Amatus Copy Violin
389: Violins in Cases
390: French Crackle Glass and Brass Jewelry Box
391: Beaded Purse Assortment
392: Elgin Gold Filled Hunter Case Pocket Watch
393: Howard Gold Filled Open Face Pocket Watch with Chain
394: Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Open Face Pocket Watches
395: Windsor Gold Filled Open Face Pocket Watch
396: Automatic Wrist Watch Assortment
397: Jean d'Eve Wrist Watch
398: Movado "Esperanza" Wrist Watch
399: Movado "La Nouvelle" Wrist Watch
400: Movado "Vizio" Wrist Watch
401: Titan "Edge" Wrist Watch
402: 14k Gold and Gold Filled Wrist Watches
403: Citizen "Eco-Drive" Wrist Watch
404: Gold Filled Wrist Watches
405: Gucci "Interchangeable" Wrist Watch
406: Modavo "Museum" Two-tone Wrist Watch
407: Raymond Platinum and Diamond Case Wrist Watch
408: Pocket and Pendant Watch Assortment
409: Pocket and Wrist Watch Assortment
410: Pocket and Wrist Watch Assortment
411: Pocket Watch Chain Assortment
412: Wrist Watch Assortment
413: Wrist Watch, Jewelry and Pocket Knife Assortment
414: Native American Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace
415: Ralph Lauren Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
416: Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver "1837" Cuff Bracelet
417: Native American Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace and Pendant
418: Silver, Enamel and Quartz Jewelry Assortment
419: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
420: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
421: Sterling Silver Bracelet Assortment
422: Sterling Silver Brooch, Pendant and Charm Assortment
423: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
424: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
425: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
426: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
427: Sterling Silver Necklace and Bracelet Assortment
428: Sterling Silver Necklace Assortment
429: Sterling Silver Necklace Assortment
430: Sterling Silver Ring and Earring Assortment
431: Sterling Silver Scrap Jewelry Assortment
432: Micro-Mosaic Jewelry and Frame Assortment
433: Signed Costume Jewelry Assortment
434: Signed Costume Jewelry Assortment
435: Sterling Silver, Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry Assortment
436: Victorian Etruscan Seed Pearl Slide Bracelets
437: Victorian Style Jewelry and Applique Assortment
438: 14k and 10k Gold, Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
439: Color Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry Assortment
440: Costume Jewelry Assortment
441: Costume Jewelry Assortment
442: Costume Jewelry Assortment
443: Costume Jewelry Assortment
444: Costume Jewelry Assortment
445: Costume Jewelry Bracelet Assortment
446: Costume Jewelry Earring Assortment
447: Costume Jewelry Necklace Assortment
448: Costume Jewelry Ring Assortment
449: Metal-tone Jewelry Assortment
450: Pearl, Coral, Mother of Pearl and Shell Jewelry Assortment
451: Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry Assortment
452: Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry Assortment
453: Loose Gemstone Assortment
454: Opal Gemstone Assortment
455: Opal Gemstone Assortment
456: Opal Gemstone Assortment
457: Peridot Gemstone Assortment
458: Daguerreotype and Ambrotype in Gutta Percha Case Assortment
459: World War I Era Photograph Album
460: American and European Series Stereoview Card Assortment
461: American Stereoview Card Assortment
462: Asian, Pacific, North and South American Stereoview Card Assortment
463: Beige Underwood & Underwood Stereoview Card Assortment
464: Color Tinted Stereoview Card Assortment
465: Comic and Allegorical Series Stereoview Card Assortment
466: E.& H.T. Anthony & Co. Stereoview Card Assortment
467: Educational and Sears Stereoview Card Assortment
468: Educational Stereoview Card Assortment
469: European Stereoview Card Assortment
470: Exhibition and Disaster Stereoview Card Assortment
471: Griffith & Griffith Stereoview Card Assortment
472: H. C. White Co. Stereoview Card Assortment
473: J. F. Jarvis Stereoview Card Assortment
474: Keystone Grey Stereoview Card Assortment
475: Keystone View Company Beige Stereoview Card Assortment
476: Keystone View Grey Stereoview Card Assortment
477: Kilburn Brothers Stereoview Card Assortment
478: Kilburn Brothers Stereoview Card Assortment
479: Military Stereoview Card Assortment
480: Niagara Falls Stereoview Card Assortment
481: Religious, Architecture and Animal Stereoview Card Assortment
482: Small Company Stereoview Card Assortment
483: Small Company Stereoview Card Assortment
484: T. W. Ingersoll Stereoview Card Assortment
485: Tissue Paper Stereoview Card Assortment
486: Underwood & Underwood Grey Stereoview Card Assortment
487: Universal Photo Art Co. Stereoview Card Assortment
488: H. C. White Stereoscope Viewer Assortment
489: Hand Held Stereoscope Viewer Assortment
490: Oak Table Top Stereoscope Viewer
491: Stereoscope Viewer Assortment
492: Eastlake Walnut Dresser
493: Jacobean Style Mahogany Drop Front Desk
494: Library Table, Victrola and Mirror
495: Mahogany Stained Corner Chair by Thomasville
496: Burled Walnut Marble Top Dresser
497: Chair Assortment
498: Eastlake Oak Commode with Mahogany Framed Mirror
499: Fruitwood Display Cabinet
500: Industrial Stool Assortment
501: Mahogany Display Cabinet
502: Classical Revival Mahogany Server
503: Oak Commodes
504: Oak Mirrored Wardrobe
505: Queen Anne Style Silverware Chest
506: Upholstered Corner Chairs
507: Walnut Beverage / Bar Cart
508: Danish Laminate Wood Chair by Magnus Olesen
509: Kartell Storage Unit by Anna Castelli for Beylerian, Ltd
510: Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Table and Chairs
511: Modern Style Vanity Chair and Commode
512: Sterling Silver Flatware Assortment
513: Sterling Silver, Frosted Glass and Amber Style Tableware Assortment
514: W.J. Moon Coin Silver Spoon Assortment
515: Roden Bros. Sheffield Silverplate "Canada Bread Company" Presentation Tray
516: Silverplate Flatware Assortment
517: Marble Pillar Stand / Pedestal
518: Marble Top Garden Table
519: Metal and Glass Patio Table with Chairs
520: Wicker Elephant Form Patio Table
521: Electric Chandeliers
522: Electric Floor and Table Lamp Assortment
523: Electric Table Lamp Assortment
524: Electric Wall Sconces and Table Lamp Assortment
525: Large Norm 69 Artichoke Pendant Lamp
526: Mid-Century Modern Lamps
527: Modern White Table Lamp
528: Rococo Style Bridge Lamp
529: Rococo Style Gilt Framed Mirror
530: Wall Mirror Assortment
531: Wall Mirrors
532: Brutalist Metal Wall Hanging
533: Cast Aluminum Rocking Horse
534: Ceramic, Glass and Metal Animal Figure Assortment
535: Curtis Jere (American, d.2008) "Flower" Painted Metal Sculpture

536: Decorative Object Assortment
537: Decorative Vase Assortment
538: George Kennedy (American, 20th Century) "Standing on the Corner" Terra Cotta Sculpture
539: Hendryx Brass Bird Cage
540: Inlaid Gemstone World Globe
541: Menorah Assortment
542: Mid-Century Modern Sculpture and Hanging Lamp
543: Painted Wood Platform Rocking Horse
544: Spelter "Dante" and "Beatrice" Bookends by Jennings Brothers
545: Chinese Wool Rugs
546: Egyptian "Old Masters Collection" Synthetic Rug
547: Tapestry Assortment
548: Caricature Print Assortment
549: (After) Marc Chagall (French, 1887-1985) Print and Poster
550: Art Dreams Female Metal Statue
551: Avla Museum "Head of An Athlete" Ceramic Reproduction Bust
552: Carved Driftwood Bust
553: Concrete and Ceramic Animal Statues
554: Classical Style Resin Statue Assortment
555: Acrylic Female Form Statues
556: Oak Arts and Crafts Grandfather Clock
557: Octagon Cased Wall Clock Assortment
558: Schatz Clock and Barometer
559: Wall Clocks
560: Waterbury Metal Mantel Clock
561: Asian Ceramic Assortment
562: Asian Ceramic Vase Assortment
563: Carved Stone Sculpture
564: A. Huertas (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
565: Graston (20th Century) Oil on Canvas
566: Nude Artwork Assortment
567: Unknown Artists (20th Century) Oil Paintings
568: Watercolor Painting Assortment
569: Meeker (20th Century) Watercolor on Paper
570: Landscape Oil Painting Assortment
571: Unknown Artist (European, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
572: Pang Zengying (Chinese, 1916-1997) "Lime Tree, In The Mist" Print
573: Architectural Print Assortment
574: Coat of Arms Tinted Print Assortment
575: Dean Meeker (American, 1920-2002) "Mardi Gras Authority Figure" Silkscreen
576: Lithograph Assortment
577: Painting and Print Assortment
578: Print Assortment
579: Unknown Artist (20th Century) "Figura #3" Etching
580: Werner Pfeiffer (German / American, b.1937) "Tired Rainbow" Lithograph
581: Art Glass Assortment
582: Bristol and Waverly Style Glass Assortment
583: Crystal and Glassware Assortment
584: Tiffany and Waterford Crystal Assortment
585: Waterford Crystal "Lismore" Claret Wine Glasses
586: Crystal and Art Glass Assortment
587: Crystal and Glass Decanter Assortment
588: Glassware Assortment
589: Mitterteich "Fragrance" China Service
590: Shelley "11612-6" Partial China Service
591: Theodore Haviland Limoges "Essex" China Service
592: Asian Figural Bowl
593: Cloisonne on Porcelain Vase
594: Bavarian Hand Painted Ceramic Dessert Set
595: Czechoslovakia 24k Gold "Victoria" Cordial Set
596: Flow Blue China Assortment
597: Booths "Mayfair" China Service
598: Porcelain Object Assortment
599: Porcelain Object Assortment
600: Pottery Vase Assortment
601: Teacup, Saucer and Dessert Plate Assortment
602: Adams "Red Barn" Ceramic Month Plates
603: Case XX Pocket Knifes

604: Clock, Tray, Pen and Desk Accessory Assortment
605: AMC VII Ladies Bicycle
606: Choice Literature and Victorian Edition Book Sets
607: International Library of Famous Literature Book Set
608: Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women Book Set
609: Lladro and Nao Figurines
610: Leather Bellows Pump
611: Oak Chamber Pot Commode
612: Steiff Wild Boar "Dalle" and Mouse "Pieps" Stuffed Toys
613: Toy Car and Train Parts Assortment
614: Marx O-Gauge Toy Model Train Set
615: Ford Automotive Painted Tin Luggage Trunk
616: Mahogany Victrola Model #LU-37
617: Strait Jacket by Humane Restraint
618: Mink Stole
619: Belt Buckle, Shoe Clip and Hair Comb Assortment
620: Button and Hat Pin Assortment


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