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December Auction (Sale #261)

Dates & Times (US/Central)

Sun, Dec 8, 2019 9:00 am -

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December Auction
Sunday, December 8, 2019
Coin & Currency Session: 10:00 am CST
Antique & Estate Session: 11:00 am CST

330 W. Interstate Rd.
Addison, Illinois 60101
p. 630.495.0229

Friday, December 6 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
Saturday, December 7 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Sunday, December 8 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST

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Coin & Currency Listing:
1: 1914 $1 National, Richmond, VA
2: US Currency Assortment
3: 1909-S 1c Indian Head VF-30 NGC
4: 1909 VDB 1c MS-64 RB NGC and Coin Assortment
5: 1909 VDB, 1909-S, 1914-D and 1931-S 1c
6: 1909-S and 1931-S 1c Assortment
7: 1931-S 1c Assortment
8: Mercury 10c Partial Set
9: Washington 25c Silver Complete Set
10: Half Dollar Assortment
11: Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
12: Franklin 50c Graded Assortment
13: Franklin 50c Complete Set
14: Franklin 50c Assortment
15: 1890-CC and 1899 $1 Unc./VF
16: Morgan $1 Assortment
17: Eisenhower and Bicentennial Sets
18: 1851 $1 Gold VF
19: 1915 $2 1/2 Gold XF
20: 1888-S $5 Gold XF
21: 1901-S $5 Gold XF Details
22: 1882 $10 Gold XF Details
23: 1889-S $10 Gold MS-62 PCGS
24: 1898 $10 Gold XF
25: 1899 $10 Gold AU
26: 1907-D $10 Gold Unc. Details NGC
27: Silver Eagle $1 Proof Collection
28: Silver Eagle Proof Collection
29: 1999 $10 Gold Eagle
30: 2006 $5 Gem Unc NGC
31: State 25c Silver Proof Set Assortment
32: US Premiere and Silver Proof Set Assortment
33: US Proof Set Assortment
34: US Silver Proof Set Assortment
35: 1952-PDS and 1954-PDS Mint Sets
36: US Mint Set and Prestige Set Assortment
37: US Proof and Mint Set Assortment
38: US Silver and Silverclad Proof and Mint Set Assortment
39: 1914-S 25c G-4 ICG
40: US Coin Assortment
41: US Coin Assortment
42: US Coin Assortment
43: US Graded Coin Assortment
44: US and World Coin Assortment
45: Franklin Mint and Medallic Arts Bronze Items
46: US and World Stamp Assortment
47: England: 1912 Gold Sovereign
48: England: 1914 Gold Sovereign
49: England: 1914 Gold Sovereign
50: Russia: 1990 Palladium Ballerina 25 Roubles

Antique & Estate Listing:
51: J&P Coats Spool Cabinet
52: J&P Coats Spool Cotton Cabinet
53: Country Sheraton Chest and Desk
54: Farmhouse Pine Tables
55: Country French Style Pine China Cabinet and Bookcase
56: Oak Hoosier Cabinet
57: Pine Schoolhouse Bench
58: Pine Storage Chest and Coffee Table
59: Primitive Kitchen Cupboard
60: Primitive Pine Mule Chests
61: Primitive Wood Dining Table
62: Table and Stand Assortment
63: Windsor and Hitchcock Chair Assortment
64: Wood Seating Assortment
65: Mahogany Corner Display Shelf
66: Wood Chest Assortment
67: Wedding Trunk
68: Painted Blanket Chest Assortment
69: Carved Panel Cedar Chest
70: Wood Chest Assortment
71: Norwegian Marriage Trunk
72: Scandinavian Pine Hall Bench
73: Adrian Pearsall Style Glass-top Side Table
74: Black High Gloss Sideboard
75: Calligaris (Italy) "Connubia" Chair Assortment
76: Calligaris (Italy) "MAG" Sideboard
77: Calligaris (Italy) "Odyssey" Glass Dining Table
78: Calligaris (Italy) Display Cabinets
79: Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables with Lamp
80: Contemporary Red Glass Shelf Unit
81: Gamma Italian Leather Love Seat
82: Gamma Italian Leather Sofa
83: Heritage Asian Style Console Table
84: Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
85: Alvin "Prince Eugene" Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service
86: International "Richelieu" Sterling Silver Flatware Assortment
87: Oneida "King Cedric" Sterling Silver Flatware Service
88: Sterling Silver Flatware Assortment
89: Sterling Silver Serving Spoon Assortment
90: Towle "Old Colonial" Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Service
91: Wallace "Grande Baroque" Sterling Silver Flatware Service
92: Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Ingot Assortment
93: Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Ingot Collection
94: Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Presidential Plate Assortment
95: Lincoln Mint "American Weapons Hall of Fame" Sterling Silver Ingot Set
96: Silver Ingot Assortment
97: Sterling Silver Sailboat in Case
98: Thomas Richards Coin Silver Beverage Service
99: Thomas Whipham George III Sterling Silver Teapot
100: Silver Hanoverian Spoons
101: European Silver (800) Assortment
102: Jay Strongwater Frames and Sterling Silver Kiddush Cups
103: Sterling Silver and European Silver (800) Flatware Assortment
104: Sterling Silver and European Silver (830, 800) Assortment
105: Sterling Silver Assortment
106: Sterling Silver Hollowware and Flatware Assortment
107: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
108: Sterling Silver Object and Jewelry Assortment
109: Silverplate Object Assortment
110: Silverplate Hollowware and Flatware Assortment
111: Achille Gamba Pewter Frog Platter Assortment
112: Garden Statue Assortment
113: Painted Cement Garden Columns
114: Oil Lamp Assortment
115: Mike Bliss Pop Art Daffodil Flower Lamps
116: Modernist Floor Lamp
117: Gerdago for J B Hirsch Pixie Lamp with Millefiori Shade
118: Floor Lamps
119: Handel Slag Glass Shade Table Lamp
120: Chicago Mosaic Style Slag Glass Table Lamp
121: Reverse Painted Shade and Body Lamp
122: Bradley and Hubbard Slag Glass Table Lamp
123: Pairpoint Mushroom Lamp
124: Wilkinson Carmel Slag Glass Shade Bronze Table Lamp
125: Wilkinson Slag Glass Table Lamp
126: Mirror Assortment
127: Mirrored Plateau Assortment
128: (Attributed to) Charles Foote Redbreasted Merganser Hen Decoy
129: Bluebill Drake by Robert Elliston Hand Carved Decoy
130: Canadian Goose Hand Carved Decoy
131: Carved Duck Decoy Assortment
132: Hand Carved Canadian Geese Decoys
133: Hand Carved Canadian Goose Decoys
134: Hand Carved Duck and Goose Decoy Assortment
135: Hand Carved Duck Decoy Assortment
136: Hand Carved Duck Decoy Assortment
137: Hand Carved Duck Decoys
138: Mason Duck Decoys
139: Loon Decoy Assortment
140: Merganser Hand Carved Duck Decoys
141: Primitive Hand Carved Decoy Assortment
142: Bob Guge Bird Carving Assortment
143: Bob Guge Bird Carving Assortment
144: Carved Shore Bird Assortment
145: Hand Carved Shore Bird Assortment
146: Hummer Cast Iron Rooster on Wood Base
147: Romao & Company Brass Butcher Scale
148: Scale Assortment
149: Obelisk Collection
150: Italian Grand Tour Model of the Colonna di Foca
151: Italian Ceramic Tiger Stool
152: Miniature Portrait Assortment
153: Hallen (American, 20th Century) Painted Board
154: George III Rolled Paper Tea Caddy
155: George III Rolled Paper Tea Caddy
156: Black Americana and Cast Iron Assortment
157: Black Cast Iron Lion
158: Cast Iron Animal Assortment
159: Cast Iron and Brass Assortment
160: Cast Iron Animal Assortment
161: Cast Iron Cat Assortment
162: Cast Iron Turtles
163: Desk Object Assortment
164: Decorative Object Assortment
165: Copper Samovar
166: Cast Iron Stands
167: Hessian Cast Iron Andirons
168: Horse Drawn Sleigh
169: Buckboard Bench and Sled Assortment
170: Brass Carriage Lanterns
171: Brass Telescope, Microscope and Kaleidoscope Assortment
172: Apothecary Assortment
173: Cross-Stitch and Hand-Stitched Quilt Assortment
174: Hand Stitched Quilt Assortment
175: Hand-Stitched Ohio Eight Point Star Quilt
176: Hand-Stitched Quilt Assortment
177: Hudson Bay Wool Blankets
178: Peacock and Floral Chenille Bedspreads
179: School Girl Sampler
180: Textile Assortment
181: Oriental Rugs Assortment
182: Persian Kashan Style Rug
183: Tufenkian Tibetan Wool and Silk Rug
184: Unknown Artist (Mexican, 20th Century) Fabric Collage
185: Theorem Painting and Art Assortment
186: (Attributed to) Karl Hagenauer (Austria, 1898-1956) Bronze Lamp Statue
187: Curtis Jere (American, 1910-2008) Metal Sculpture
188: Fritz Olsen (American, Late 20th Century) Brass Statue
189: George Tudzarov (American, 1944-2000) Ceramic Abstract Sculpture
190: Joseph Burlini (American, b.1937) Wire Sculpture
191: Robert Lipnick (American, b.1951) Ceramic Menorah
192: Shlomi Haziza (21st Century) Lucite Sculpture
193: Tim Cotterill (English, b.1950) "Show Off" Bronze Sculpture
194: Statue Assortment
195: Bulova Quartz World Time Desk Clock
196: International Time Recording Co., NY Time Clock
197: Limoine Morel Wall Clock
198: Mantel Clock Assortment
199: R. Birkett Clock
200: Silas Hoadley Tallcase Clock
201: Wall and Mantel Clock Assortment
202: Asian Ceramic Assortment
203: Asian Decorative Assortment
204: Asian Decorative Object Assortment
205: Asian Decorative Object Assortment
206: Asian Garden Elephant Stands
207: Asian Jadeite Jade Carving Assortment
208: Asian Porcelain Charger
209: Asian Snuff Bottle Assortment
210: Chinese Martaban Pot
211: Japanese Bizen Pottery Assortment
212: Japanese Ceramic Assortment
213: Japanese Studio Pottery Assortment
214: Kato Shunto (Japanese, 1916-2005) Oribe Pottery Slab Platter
215: Asian Art Pottery Assortment
216: Native American (Apache) Pictorial Basket Bowl
217: Native American (Hopi) Kachina Doll Assortment
218: Native American (Hopi) Pottery Assortment
219: Native American (Hupa) Basket Bowl
220: Native American (Pima) Basket Bowl
221: Native American (Pima) Basket Bowl
222: Native American (Plains) War Club
223: Native American Basket Assortment
224: Native American Basket Assortment
225: Jay Strongwater Assortment
226: Platinum and Diamond Bracelet
227: Platinum and Diamond Eternity Ring
228: 18k Gold, Gemstone and Diamond Rings
229: 18k Gold and Gemstone Rings
230: 18k Gold and Diamond Ring
231: 18k Gold Necklace
232: 18k Gold Jewelry Assortment
233: 18k Gold Jewelry Assortment
234: 14k Gold Bracelet
235: 14k Gold Charm Bracelet
236: 14k Gold Link Bracelets
237: 14k Gold Necklace and Bracelet Assortment
238: 14k Gold and Opal Hinged Bangle Bracelet
239: 14k Gold Bracelets
240: 14k Gold Openwork Earring Assortment
241: 14k Gold Clip Earrings
242: 14k Gold Pierced Earring Assortment
243: 14k Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstone Brooch and Clip Earrings
244: 14k Gold Earring Assortment
245: 14k Gold and Gemstone Ring Assortment
246: 14k Gold and Gemstone Rings
247: 14k Gold Pearl Ring Assortment
248: 14k Gold Ring Assortment
249: 14k Gold Ring Assortment
250: 14k Rose Gold and 14k Yellow Gold Ring Assortment
251: 14k White Gold Ring Assortment
252: Masonic 14k White Gold and Diamond Ring
253: 14k Gold and Gemstone Ring Assortment
254: 14k Gold, Onyx, Iolite and Diamond Ring
255: Mikimoto 14k Gold and Pearl Ring
256: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
257: 14k Gold Ring Assortment
258: 14k Gold and Gemstone Ring Assortment
259: 14k White Gold Rings
260: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklace Assortment
261: 14k Gold Necklace Assortment
262: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklace
263: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklaces
264: 14k Gold Necklaces
265: 14k White Gold and Yellow Gold Necklace
266: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklaces
267: 14k Gold Necklace and Pendant Assortment
268: 14k Gold Necklace Assortment
269: 14k Gold and Gemstone Pendant Assortment
270: 14k Gold, Pearl, Diamond and Amethyst Pendant
271: 14k Gold Pendant Assortment
272: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
273: 14k Gold and Diamond Jewelry Assortment
274: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
275: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
276: 14k White Gold and 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
277: 14k Gold Link Jewelry Assortment
278: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
279: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
280: 14k Gold and Silver Jewelry Assortment
281: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
282: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
283: 14k Gold Pin Assortment
284: 14k White Gold and Diamond Jewelry Assortment
285: 14k Gold, Jadeite Jade, Pearl and Diamond Pin Assortment
286: 14k Gold Jewelry Assoertment
287: 14k Gold and Citrine Brooch
288: 10k Gold Ring Assortment
289: 10k Gold and Gemstone Rings
290: 10k Gold and Ruby College Ring
291: 10k White Gold and 10k Yellow Gold Jewelry Assortment
292: 14k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
293: 14k Gold and 10k Gold Ring Assortment
294: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
295: 14k Gold, 10k Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
296: 18k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
297: 18k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
298: 18k Gold and 14k Gold Cameo and Jadeite Jade Assortment
299: 18k Gold, 14k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
300: 18k Gold, 14k Gold and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
301: Dental Gold Assortment
302: Gold, Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
303: Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry Assortment
304: Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry Assortment
305: Mixed Gold and Silver Charm Bracelet
306: Mixed Gold Charm Bracelet
307: Mixed Gold Charm Bracelets
308: Alfred Montgomery (American, 1857-1922) Oil on Canvas
309: Alfred Montgomery (American, 1857-1922) Oil on Canvas
310: Archie Blackowl (Native American (Cheyenne), 1911-1992) Watercolors
311: Artist Unknown (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
312: Emil Marschall (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
313: F. Meeker (American, 19th/20th Century) Mixed Media on Paper
314: George Brainerd Burr (American, 1876-1939) Oil on Canvas
315: Italo Botti (American, 1923-2003) Oil on Canvas
316: John Anthony Conner (American, 1892-1971) Oil on Board
317: John Anton Mallin (Czechoslovakian / American, 1883-1973) Oil on Canvas
318: John R. Page (American, 19th Century) "Earl of Clifton" Oil on Canvas
319: Mario Agostinelli (American, 1915-2000) Mixed Media Oil on Board
320: Norman Hudon (Canadian, 1929-1997) "La Rentree" Acrylic on Board
321: Norman Hudon (Canadian, 1929-1997) "The Return of Laura" Acrylic on Board
322: Norman Hudon (Canadian, 1929-1997) Acrylic on Board
323: P Vickery (American, 20th Century) "My Valley" Oil on Canvas
324: P. W. Steiner (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
325: Prof. H. Fleischer (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
326: Ralph Auf der Heide (American, 21st Century) Oil on Acrylic
327: Rick Stevens (American, b.1958) "Fragile Balance" Oil on Canvas
328: Robert Amick (American, 1879-1969) Oil on Board
329: Sherry Gallagher (American, 20th Century) "Zuni Storage Jar" Mixed Media
330: Thomas Herbert Smith (American, b.1877) "Pohe's Pond" Oil on Canvas
331: Unknown Artist (American, 19th century) "The Blind Weaver" Oil on Board
332: Unknown Artist (American, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
333: Unknown Artist (American, 20th Century) Oil on Board
334: Unknown Artist (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
335: Unknown Artist (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
336: Unknown Artist (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
337: Unknown Artist (American, 20th century) Oil on Canvas
338: Unknown Artist (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
339: Unknown Artists (American, 19th / 20th, Century) Oil on Canvas Paintings
340: Unknown Artists (American, 20th Century) Oil Canvas / Board
341: Unknown Artists (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
342: Unknown Artists (American, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas Paintings
343: W. Van Osdel (American, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
344: (After) Caravaggio (Italian, 1571-1610) "The Young Musician" Reproduction Oil on Canvas
345: (Attributed to) Eugene von Blaas (Italian, 1843-1932) Oil on Panel
346: (Attributed to) F H Philpot (British, Late 19th / Early 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
347: WITHDRAWN: (Attributed to) Ivan Pavlovitch Pochitonov (Russian / Ukrainian, 1850/51-1923/24) Oil on Wood
348: A. Maresca (Italian, 20th Century) Oil on Tile
349: Ahmet Sari (Turkey, b.1980) Mixed Media on Canvas
350: Albert Gleizes (French, 1881-1953) "Analogie Z" Tempura / Gauche on Paper
351: Antoine Blanchard (European, 1910-1988) "Theatre du Vaudeville" Oil on Canvas
352: (Style of) Antoine Blanchard (European, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
353: Armand Alexis Larroque (French, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
354: Augustin Marie Paul Marcotte de Quivieres (French, 1854 - 1907) Oil on Canvas
355: Christian Jereczek (German, b.1935) Oil on Canvas
356: Francois Gerome (French, b.1895) "L'Opera" and "Notre Dam" Oil on Canvas
357: Franz Martinek (Austrian, 1920-2007) Oil on Canvas
358: Fritz Muller (German, 1913-1972) Oil on Masonite
359: Guido Odierna (Italian, 1913-1991) "Capri" Oil on Canvas
360: Silvestras Dziaukstas (Lithuanina, b.1928) Oil on Board
361: Swain (European, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
362: Terziano (Italian, 20th Century) Oil on Board
363: Unknown Artist (British, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
364: Unknown Artist (British, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
365: Unknown Artist (Dutch School, 19th/20th Century) Oil on Canvas
366: Unknown Artist (European School, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
367: Unknown Artist (European School, Late 19th / Early 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
368: Unknown Artist (European, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
369: Willy Tiedjen (German, 1881-1950) Oil on Canvas
370: Z Czygan (Polish, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
371: A. Kikuchi (Japanese / American, 20th Century) Watercolor on Paper
372: Azechi Umetaro (Japanese, 1902-1999) "Goatherd" Woodblock Print
373: Azechi Umetaro (Japanese, 1902-1999) "Man with Pipe" Woodblock Print
374: Azechi Umetaro (Japanese, 1902-1999) "Mountain Man" Woodblock Print
375: Azechi Umetaro (Japanese, 1902-1999) "Mountaineer with Bird" Woodblock Print
376: Azechi Umetaro (Japanese, 1902-1999) "Mountaineer with Cup and Bird" Woodblock Print
377: Kaoru Kawano (Japanese, Mid-century) Print Assortment
378: Keiko Minami (Japanese, 1911-2004) Color Etching
379: Keiko Minami (Japanese, 1911-2004) Color Etching
380: Keiko Minami (Japanese, 1911-2004) Color Etching
381: Shiko Munakata (Japanese, 1903-1975) Woodblock Print
382: Shiko Munakata (Japanese, 1903-1975) Woodblock Print
383: Zhang Li (Chinese, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
384: (After) Jean-Michel Basquiat (American, 1960-1988) Prints
385: Frank Gallo (American, b.1933) "Still Life" Cast Paper
386: Jim Dine (American, b.1935) "Eight Hearts" Lithograph
387: Ronnie Wood (British, b.1947) "Charlie & Keith Exercising" Etching
388: Ronnie Wood (British, b.1947) "Charlie & Mick Relaxing" Etching
389: Ronnie Wood (British, b.1947) "Charlie & Ronnie at Sandymount" Etching
390: Ronnie Wood (British, b.1947) "Keith in Kildare" Etching
391: Ronnie Wood (British, b.1947) "Keith in Voodoo Lounge" Etching
392: Ronnie Wood (British, b.1947) "Mick with Guitar" Etching
393: Stanislaw Raczynski (Polish, 20th Century) Woodcut Prints
394: Ed Larson (American, 20th Century) "Adam & Eve" Carved Sculpture
395: Samuel Akainyah (African, b.1953) Impasto Oil on Canvas
396: Yvon (Haitian, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
397: Art Glass Assortment
398: Blown Art Glass Frog Figurine Assortment
399: Blown Art Glass Frog Vase
400: Charles Schneider (French, 1881-1953) Cameo Glass Vase
401: Eho Roffoch Art Glass Sculpture
402: Emile Galle (French, 1846-1904) Fire Polished Cameo Glass Vase
403: George Bucquet (American, b.1954) Art Glass Frog Bowl
404: Baccarat Crystal Animal Assortment
405: Baccarat Crystal Bird Assortment
406: Baccarat Crystal Frog Figurine Collection
407: Kralik Glass Vase and Crackle Glass Center Bowl
408: Daum Art Glass "Cochon Rose" Pig Figurine
409: Daum Art Glass Frog
410: Daum Pate de Verre Frog Design Covered Compote
411: Daum Art Glass Frog Figurines
412: Daum Pate de Verre Art Glass Frog Figurines
413: Daum Pate de Verre Art Glass Frog Figurines
414: Archimede Seguso Glass Frog Figurine Collection
415: Kjell Engman for Kosta Boda Art Glass Pitchers
416: Lalique Crystal and Swarovski Crystal Assortment
417: Lalique Crystal Assortment
418: Lalique Crystal Assortment
419: Lalique Crystal Assortment
420: Lalique Crystal Figurine Assortment
421: Lalique Crystal Frog Figurines
422: Lalique Crystal Frog Figurines
423: Lalique Crystal Perfume Bottles
424: Lalique Crystal Sitting Cat Figurine
425: Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile Salt Dish
426: Orrefors Crystal Assortment
427: Crystal and Glass Frog Figurine Assortment
428: St. Louis Crystal and and Continental Glass “Thistle” Burgundy Wine Glasses
429: St. Louis Crystal and Continental Glass Gold “Thistle” Water Goblet Collection
430: St. Louis Crystal and Continental Glass “Thistle” Champagne Flute Collection
431: St. Louis Crystal Assortment
432: St. Louis Crystal “Thistle” American Sherbet and Champagne Glasses
433: St. Louis Crystal “Thistle” Claret Wine Glasses
434: St. Louis Crystal “Thistle” Goblets and Continental Glass Wine Glasses
435: St. Louis Crystal “Thistle” Gold Decanter and Cordial Assortment
436: St. Louis Crystal “Thistle” Red / Green Wine Hock Glass Assortment
437: Steuben Glass and Art Glass Assortment
438: Steuben Glass Assortment
439: Steuben Glass Frog Prince Figurine
440: Swarovski Crystal Holiday Ornament Assortment
441: Waterford Crystal "Kylemore" Assortment
442: Waterford Crystal and Marquis by Waterford Assortment
443: Waterford Crystal Assortment
444: Waterford Crystal Assortment
445: Waterford Crystal Assortment
446: Waterford Crystal Assortment
447: Waterford Crystal Lamp and Crystal Assortment
448: Waterford Crystal Vases
449: Bottle Assortment
450: Cranberry Glass Assortment
451: Crystal Frog Figurine Assortment
452: Erte Champagne Flute
453: Hand Painted Glass Jar and Opaque Glass Egg Assortment
454: Lacy Glass Cup Plate and Signed Book Assortment
455: Victorian Glass Assortment
456: Roseville Pottery Assortment
457: Frog Themed Pottery Assortment
458: Fulper Pottery Footed Compote
459: Pottery Assortment
460: Torquay Motto Ware and Weller Pottery Assortment
461: William Moorcroft "Eventide" Vase
462: Blue and White China Service
463: Hutschenreuther Silver Trimmed Cabinet Plates
464: Powell, Bishop & Stonier "Hon Fleur" China Service
465: Royal Crown Derby and Beruardaud & Co Porcelain Assortment
466: European Pottery Assortment
467: Limoges Trinket Box Assortment
468: Meissen Porcelain Lidded Soup Tureen
469: Belleek, Spode and Lenox Porcelain Assortment
470: Wedgewood Tea Set and Porcelain Assortment
471: Frog Decor Assortment
472: Torquay Pottery Vase
473: Porcelain and Ceramic Assortment
474: Porcelain Assortment
475: A. Pratt Flint Lock Rifle
476: Civil War Colt Special Contract Rifled Muscat
477: Long Gun
478: St. Etienn Percussion Pistol
479: Black Powder Pistols
480: Black Powder Pistols
481: Black Powder Pistols
482: Black Powder Rifle with Case
483: Civil War Tintypes and Gutta Percha Cases
484: World War I British Calvary Trooper Sword with Scabbard
485: World War II German Book Assortment
486: Knife and Dagger Assortment
487: Painted Wood "Gardeners" Advertising Sign
488: Schwinn Stingray Bicycle
489: Book Assortment
490: Charles Dickens Book Assortment
491: Franklin Library Signed Book Assortment
492: Franklin Library Signed Book Assortment
493: Leather Bound Book Assortment
494: Miniature and Leather Book Assortment
495: Roulette Wheel
496: Comic Book Assortment
497: Toy and Brush Assortment
498: Toy Doll Assortment
499: World War II Era Photographic Identification Badge Assortment
500: 1933 Century Of Progress Expo Collectible Assortment
501: Boehm Animal and Floral Figurine Assortment
502: Christofle and Israel Frog Figurine Assortment
503: Frank Meisler (Israeli, b.1928) Frog and Clam Figurine
504: Frog Figurine Assortment
505: Frog Themed Object Assortment
506: Hummel Figurine and Royal Doulton Toby Mug Assortment
507: Lladro #1274 "Lovers In The Park" Figurine
508: Lladro #2058 "Thailandia" Gres Figurine
509: Lladro #6885 "Hopes and Dreams" Figurine
510: Lladro and Figurine Assortment
511: Lladro and Nao by Lladro Figurine Assortment
512: Lladro and Nao by Lladro Figurine Assortment
513: Lladro Figurine Assortment
514: Lladro Figurine Assortment
515: Oscar Garcia Segui and Carved Wood Frog Figurines
516: Porcelain and Cermic Animal Assortment
517: Royal Copenhagen, Royal Doulton and Boehm Figurine Assortment
518: Royal Doulton and Lenox Frog Assortment
519: Royal Doulton Figurine Assortment
520: Fishing Tackle Assortment
521: Medal, Badge, Pen and Razor Assortment
522: Christmas Decorative Object Assortment
523: Halloween Assortment
524: New England Leather Fire Buckets
525: Cathedral Amethyst Geode
526: Pipe and Smoking Assortment
527: Cast Iron Toy Assortment
528: Marble and Die Assortment
529: Mohair Toy Assortment
530: Pez Dispenser Assortment
531: Wood and Tin Toy Assortment
532: Lionel and K-Line Model Train Assortment
533: Lantern Assortment
534: Nikon and Canon Camera Lens Assortment
535: Rolleicord DRP DRGM and Yaschica-Mat Cameras
536: Janis Sub Woofer and Amplifier
537: Klipsch KG-3.5 Floor Standing Speakers
538: Optical Instruments Assortment
539: West African Floor Drum Assortment
540: Cane and Umbrella Assortment
541: Asian Style Women's Silk Assortment
542: Victorian Lace Dress and Mourning Dress
543: Compact and Dresser Object Assortment
544: Judith Leiber Frog Pillbox
545: Fur Coat Assortment
546: Fur Jacket and Accessory Assortment
547: Hermes Scarf
548: Childrens Shoe Assortment
549: Beaded and Mesh Evening Purse and Wallet Assortment
550: Beaded and Mesh Purse Assortment
551: Beaded and Mesh Purse Assortment
552: Beaded and Mesh Purse Assortment
553: Chanel Handbag
554: Coach Duffel Bag
555: Coach Handbag and Wallet Assortment
556: Coach Leather Handbags
557: Coach Leather Purses
558: Designer and Leather Assortment
559: Designer Purse Assortment
560: Designer Wallet and Portfolio Assortment
561: Escama Studio Pop Tab Purse Assortment
562: Fendi and Kate Spade Purse Assortment
563: 14k Gold Hat, Hair and Lapel Pin Assortment
564: Designer Sunglasses Assortment
565: Gold Filled Umbrella Handle Assortment
566: Gucci Briefcase
567: 14k Gold and Sterling Silver (935) Pocket Watches
568: Centenaire 14k Gold Case EternaMatic Wrist Watch
569: Movado 14k Gold Case Kingmatic Wrist Watch
570: Omega 14k Gold Filled Automatic Wrist Watch
571: Omega 14k Gold Filled Seamaster Automatic Wrist Watch
572: Omega 18k Gold Case Wrist Watch
573: Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer Wrist Watch
574: Rolex 14k Gold and Stainless Steel Wrist Watch
575: Ulysse Nardin 14k Gold Case Wrist Watch
576: Wittnauer Chronograph Wrist Watch
577: 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watches
578: 14k White Gold Case Wrist Watch Assortment
579: Character Wrist Watch Assortment
580: Girard-Perregaux 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
581: Heyworth 14k White Gold and Diamond Case and Band Wrist Watch
582: Le Mond 14k White Gold and Diamond Case and Band Wrist Watch
583: Rolex 14k Gold and Diamond Case and Band Wrist Watch
584: Rolex 14k Gold Case Wrist Watch
585: Tag Heuer Aquapacer Wrist Watch
586: 14k White Gold Wrist Watch and Wrist Watch Assortment
587: Girard Perregaux 14k Gold Case Wrist Watch
588: Pocket Watch and Pendant Watch Assortment
589: Pocket Watch Chain and Part Assortment
590: Watch and Watch Holder Assortment
591: Wrist Watch and Jewelry Assortment
592: Wrist Watch Assortment
593: Tiffany & Co and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
594: Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver and Onyx Lariat Necklace
595: Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
596: Silver Charm Bracelet Assortment
597: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
598: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
599: Sterling Silver and Semi-Precious Necklace Assortment
600: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
601: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
602: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
603: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
604: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
605: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
606: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
607: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
608: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
609: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
610: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
611: Sterling Silver Object and Flatware Assortment
612: Sterling Silver, Amber and Faux Amber Jewelry Assortment
613: Sterling Silver, Signed and Costume Jewelry Assortment
614: Color Rhinestone Jewelry Assortment
615: Eisenberg Jewelry Set Assortment
616: Eisenberg Rhinestone Jewelry Assortment
617: Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Assortment
618: Rhinestone Jewelry Assortment
619: Signed Designer Costume Jewelry
620: Tateossian of London Compass, Watch and Thermometer Cuff Links Assortment
621: Weiss Rhinestone Jewelry Assortment
622: Costume Jewelry Assortment
623: Costume Jewelry Assortment
624: Costume Jewelry Assortment
625: Costume Jewelry Assortment
626: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
627: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry, Fraternal Pins and Compact Assortment
628: Sterling Silver, Rhinestone and Costume Jewelry Assortment
629: Watch, Cuff Link and Tie Tack Assortment
630: Gemstone Assortment
631: A. Conrad Stoneware Crock
632: A. O. Whittemore Stoneware Crock
633: Ballard & Brothers and P. Herrmann Stoneware Jug and Pitcher
634: Brady & Ryan and Bullard & Scott Stoneware Crocks
635: Brown Glazed Crock Assortment
636: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Assortment
637: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Assortment
638: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Assortment
639: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Assortment
640: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Assortment
641: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Assortment
642: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Assortment
643: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Bowls
644: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Butter Crock Assortment
645: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Crock
646: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Crocks
647: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Handled Crock Assortment
648: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Jug and Pitcher
649: Cobalt Blue Stoneware Jugs
650: E. & L. P. Norton and J. Norton & Co. Stoneware Crocks
651: E. & L.P. Norton and E.B. Norton & Co. Stoneware Crocks
652: E. W. Farrington & Co. and N. Clark Jr. Stoneware Crocks
653: Earthenware Crock Assortment
654: F. B. Norton & Co. and Lyons Stoneware Jars
655: F.H. Cowden Stoneware Jug
656: Galena and Redware Pottery Assortment
657: Glazed Stoneware Assortment
658: Haxstun, Ottman & Co. Jug and Crock
659: J. A. & C. W. Underwood Stoneware Jug
660: John Coyne Advertising Jug by N.A. White & Son
661: Lyons Stoneware Jug and Lidded Crock
662: New York Stoneware Cobalt Blue Assortment
663: Norton & Fenton and J. & E. Fenton Stoneware Jugs
664: Primitive Stoneware Assortment
665: R.W. Russell and Weaver Stoneware Crocks
666: S. L. Pewtress & Co. and N. Clark Jr Stoneware Jugs
667: Stoneware Assortment
668: Stoneware Assortment
669: Stoneware Batter Pail, Bed Warmer and Jug
670: Stoneware Crock and Bottle Assortment
671: Stoneware Crock Assortment
672: Stoneware Crock Assortment
673: Stoneware Crock Assortment
674: Stoneware Crock Assortment
675: Stoneware Jug and Bottle Assortment
676: Stoneware Jug Assortment
677: Stoneware Spittoon and Lidded Crock
678: T.G. Daub Stoneware Batter Pail
679: Thomas Commeraws Stoneware Jug
680: William & Reppert Stoneware Jug and Jar
681: Woodworth Stoneware Butter Churn
682: Yellow Ware Assortment
683: Clark Voorhees (American, 1911-1980) Carved Wood Whale
684: Eagle Form Weathervane
685: Folk Art Bull Form Weathervane Topper
686: Folk Art Codfish Form Weathervane Topper
687: Folk Art Cow Form Weathervane Topper
688: Folk Art Fox Form Weathervane Topper
689: Folk Art Horse Form Weathervane Topper
690: Folk Art Horse Form Weathervane Topper
691: Folk Art Horse Form Weathervane Topper
692: Folk Art Horse Form Weathervane Topper
693: Folk Art Horse Form Weathervane Topper
694: Folk Art Piglet Form Weathervane Topper
695: Folk Art Ram Form Weathervane Topper
696: Folk Art Sailboat and Rooster Form Weathervane Toppers
697: Folk Art Sheep Form Weathervane Topper
698: Folk Art Stag Form Weathervane Topper
699: Horse Form Weathervane
700: Metal Horse Assortment
701: Pennsylvania Redware Slip Charger
702: Redware Assortment
703: Redware Butter Churn
704: Redware Crock and Bowl Assortment
705: Redware Jug Assortment
706: Redware Pitcher and Mug Assortment
707: Redware Pottery Assortment
708: Redware Slip Decorated Bowl Assortment
709: Redware Slip Decorated Plate and Bowl Assortment
710: Redware Slip Decorated Plate and Bowl Assortment
711: Redware Slip Decorated Plate and Bowl Assortment
712: Shaker and Firkin Box Assortment
713: Shaker Box Assortment
714: Shaker Box Assortment
715: Shaker Style Box Assortment
716: Shaker Style Box Assortment
717: Shaker Style Box Assortment
718: Shaker Style Box Assortment
719: Shaker Style Box Assortment
720: Shaker Style Box Assortment
721: Shaker Style Box Assortment
722: Shaker Style Box Assortment
723: Shaker Style Box Assortment
724: Spoonrack and Box Assortment
725: Treen Ware Storage Jar Assortment
726: Turned Wood Treen Assortment
727: Wood Bowl Assortment
728: Wood Bowl Assortment
729: Wood Butter Stamp and Press Assortment
730: Wood Grain Scoop Assortment
731: Wood Ladle and Scoop Assortment
732: Wood Oblong Bowl Assortment
733: Wood Plate and Bowl Assortment
734: Wood Plate Assortment
735: Wood Serving Bowl Assortment
736: Ash Handle Burl Bowl
737: Bentwood Box Assortment
738: Bentwood Box Assortment
739: Burl Wood Bowl Assortment
740: Burl Wood Bowl Assortment
741: Burl Wood Bowl Assortment
742: Burl Wood Effigy Bowl and Ladle Assortment
743: Burl Wood Mortar and Cup Assortment
744: Burl Wood Vessel Assortment
745: Carved Pine Bible Box
746: Folk Art Painted Box Assortment
747: Hollowed-out Tree Trunk Storage Vessel Assortment
748: Painted Bowl Assortment
749: Painted Folk Art Boxes
750: Painted Turned Treen Assortment
751: Painted Wood Bowl Assortment
752: Primitive Box Assortment
753: Primitive Painted Container Assortment
754: Primitive Painted Wood Bucket Assortment
755: Primitive Small Box Assortment
756: Primitive Treen Ladle Assortment
757: Primitive Wood Bucket Assortment
758: Advertising and Apothecary Assortment
759: Animal Figurine Assortment
760: Basket Assortment
761: Basket Assortment
762: Bell and Tack Brass Assortment
763: Cast Iron Dog Boot Scraper
764: Chalkware Figurine Assortment
765: Copper Cookware Assortment
766: Copper Cookware Assortment
767: Copper Cookware Assortment
768: Folk Art Decorative Assortment
769: Hunting Carved Wood Wall Plaque
770: Metal Mold Assortment
771: Metalwork Assortment
772: Painted Stool Assortment
773: Pewter Assortment
774: Pewter Assortment
775: Powder Flask Assortment
776: Primitive Bench Assortment
777: Primitive Butter Churn Assortment
778: Primitive Candle Mold and Holder Assortment
779: Primitive Candle Molds
780: Primitive Cast Iron Assortment
781: Primitive Cast Iron Object Assortment
782: Primitive Game and Stereoview Assortment
783: Primitive Grinder and Kitchen Item Assortment
784: Primitive Hearth and Baking Item Assortment
785: Primitive Kitchen Item Assortment
786: Primitive Lantern Assortment
787: Primitive Object Assortment
788: Primitive Object Assortment
789: Primitive Object Assortment
790: Primitive Object Assortment
791: Primitive Pottery Assortment
792: Primitive Tool Assortment
793: Primitive Wood Object Assortment
794: Primitive Wood Object Assortment
795: Primitives Object Assortment
796: Punched Tin Assortment
797: Sled and Snowshoe Assortment
798: Sleigh Bell Assortment
799: Stone Fruit Assortment
800: Toleware Assortment
801: Tree Trunk Stool Assortment
802: Wood Birdhouse Assortment
803: Wood Box Assortment


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