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August Auction (Sale #233)

Dates & Times (US/Central)

Sun, Aug 20, 2017 10:00 am - not stated

Sale Address

Sale Description

August Auction
Sunday, August 20, 2017
Coin & Currency Session: 10:00 am CST
Antique & Estate Session: 11:00 am CST

1765 Cortland Ct., Ste. D
Addison, Illinois 60101
p. 630.495.0229

Friday, August 18 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
Saturday, August 19 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Sunday, August 20 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST

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Coin & Currency Listing:
1: 1934-A $10 "North African" VF
2: Silver Certificate Assortment
3: 1922 $10 Gold Certificate VF
4: Laminated Currency Assortment
5: 1917 $2 Legal Tender
6: 1929 $10 National #5126 F
7: 4th Issue "Lincoln" 50c Fractional Currency
8: 1804, 1805 1/2c VF / VG Details
9: 1828 1/2c and 1865 3c
10: 1793 1c VG Details
11: 1795, 1796, 1800 (80/79) 1c AG / F Details
12: Draped Bust 1c Assortment
13: Large 1c Assortment
14: 1891 1c PR-60 ANACS
15: Indian Head 1c Partial Set and Assortment
16: 1909-S, 1931-S 1c F
17: 1914-D 1c F/VG
18: 1922 "Plain", 1924-D 1c F/VF
19: Lincoln 1c Wheat Assortment
20: Liberty 5c Complete Set
21: Liberty 5c Partial Set and Assortment
22: 1913-D Type II 5c XF Details
23: Buffalo 5c Partial Set
24: 1913-1938 Buffalo 5c Partial Set and Assortment
25: Jefferson 5c and Kennedy 50c Partial Sets and Assortment
26: Liberty Seated 10c Assortment
27: Barber 10c Partial Set
28: 1916-D 10c G
29: Mercury 10c Partial Set
30: Mercury 10c Partial Sets G-BU
31: Mercury 10c Assortment
32: Mercury and Roosevelt 10c Assortment
33: Roosevelt 10c Silver Assortment
34: Roosevelt 10c Silver Assortment
35: Roosevelt 10c Silver Assortment
36: Roosevelt 10c Silver Assortment
37: Roosevelt 10c Silver Assortment
38: Roosevelt 10c Silver Assortment
39: Barber and Standing Liberty 25c Assortment
40: 1917 25c and 1932-D 25c VF / VG
41: Washington 25c Complete Set
42: Washington 25c Complete Set
43: Washington 25c Partial Set
44: Washington 25c Assortment
45: Washington 25c Assortment
46: Washington 25c Assortment
47: Washington 25c Assortment
48: Washington 25c Silver Assortment
49: Washington 25c Silver Assortment
50: Washington 25c Silver Assortment
51: Washington 25c Silver Assortment
52: Washington 25c Silver Assortment
53: Washington 25c Silver Assortment
54: Bust 50c Assortment
55: 1864 50c VF
56: Seated Liberty 50c Assortment
57: Barber 50c Assortment
58: Walking Liberty 50c Complete Set
59: Walking Liberty 50c Assortment XF-BU
60: Franklin 50c Complete Set
61: Franklin 50c Complete Set Unc.
62: 1860-O, 1870, 1871 and 1872 $1 F-AU Details
63: Trade $1 Assortment
64: 1878-S, 1921 Morgan MS-63 NGC, 1923 $1 MS-63 ICG
65: 1880-CC $1 GSA MS-63
66: 1881-CC $1 GSA MS-63
67: 1882-CC, 1883-CC, 1884-CC $1 GSA MS-64
68: 1885-CC $1 GSA MS-63
69: 1890-CC $1 XF Details
70: 1890-CC, 1891-CC, 1892-CC $1 F / VF / AU Details
71: 1893, 1893-CC, 1893-O $1 XF Details / VG / G Details
72: 1895-O, 1895-S $1 F
73: Morgan $1 Assortment VG-AU
74: Morgan $1 Assortment
75: Morgan $1 Assortment F-Unc. Details
76: Morgan $1 Assortment VF-BU
77: Morgan and Peace $1 Assortment
78: Peace $1 Complete Set
79: 1851, 1854, 1857 $1 Gold Assortment VF Details
80: 1853, 1856 $1 Gold XF / AU Details
81: 1854 $1 Gold XF
82: 1851 $2 1/2 Gold AU Details
83: 1899-S $10 Gold Unc. Details
84: 1878 $3 Gold Unc. Details
85: 1878 $3 Gold XF Details
86: 1863-S $5 Gold VF-20 PCGS
87: 1885-S $5 Gold Unc.
88: 1900 $1 Lafayette Unc.
89: 1915-S 50c Pan Pacific AU
90: 1926, 1926-S 50c Oregon Trail BU
91: 1935 50c Spanish Trail Unc.
92: 1936 50c Delaware BU
93: 1937 50c Antietam MS-65 PCGS
94: Silver Commemorative Assortment
95: Silver Commemorative Assortment VF-BU Details
96: Silver Commemorative Assortment XF-AU Details
97: Silver Commemorative Assortment
98: 1992-W $5 Olympic Gold PR-69 DCAM PCGS
99: Proof $1 Silver Eagle Assortment
100: 1955 Proof Sets
101: Proof Set Assortment
102: US Proof and Mint Set Assortment
103: US Proof and Mint Set Assortment
104: 1c, 5c, Franklin 50c paperweight and Commemorative 50c
105: US Type Coin Assortment
106: US Coin Assortment
107: US Silver Coin Assortment
108: US Silver Coin Assortment
109: US Silver Coin Assortment
110: US Stamp Assortment
111: US and World Stamp Assortment
112: US and World Stamp Assortment
113: World Stamp Assortment
114: China: 1982 Gold Panda BU
115: Great Britain: 1912 Gold Sovereign Unc. Details
116: Iraq: Coin Assortment
117: Poland: 1996 2-Zlote Hedgehog, 1976 100-Zlotych
118: Spain: 8 Reale Atocha Shipwreck Coin
119: Venezuela: 1911 20 Bolivares Gold AU
120: World: Coin and Currency Assortment
121: World: Coin and Currency Assortment

Antique & Estate Listing:
122: Oak Bachelor Dresser and Chair
123: Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet
124: Oak Mission Shelving Unit by Stickley
125: Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet
126: Burled Walnut Sideboard by Thomasville
127: Eastlake Style Mahogany Desk With Carved Lion's Head Chair
128: Mahogany Curved Glass Vitrine
129: Mahogany Display Cases
130: Oak and Glass Bookcase
131: Oak and Glass Display Cabinets by Henredon
132: Oak Room Divider / Screen
133: Oak Round Table and Six Chairs
134: Small Table Assortment
135: Small Table and Wall Hanging Cabinet Assortment
136: Victorian Walnut Marble Top Dresser with Mirror
137: French Marquetry Heart Shaped Tables
138: English Mahogany Cylinder Desk
139: MCM Chrome and Glass Coffee and End Tables
140: MCM Sweden Chairs and Chrome Bench / Luggage Rack
141: Kagan Style "Cloud" Sofa
142: Kagan Style Chair and Ottoman
143: Metal and Glass Coffee Table
144: Asian Cabinet and Stand Assortment
145: Asian Rosewood and Marble Carved Arm Chair
146: Asian Rosewood and Marble Carved Arm Chair
147: Asian Rosewood Style Buffet
148: Asian Rosewood Style Cabinet
149: Asian Rosewood Style Table and Chairs
150: Norman Rockwell Sterling Silver Plate and Scouting Tokens
151: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
152: Sterling Silver Julep Cups
153: Black, Starr & Frost Sterling Silver Repousse Vase
154: Wallace "Poppy" Sterling Silver Plate
155: Wallace "Romance of The Sea" Sterling Silver Flatware
156: Gorham "Strasbourg" Sterling Silver Flatware Service
157: Marshall Field & Co Sterling Silver Flatware Assortment
158: Tiffany & Co. "Persian" Sterling Silver Serving Pieces
159: Federico Buccellati Fine (.999) Silver Plated Conch Shell
160: Sterling Silver Knight Suit of Armor Figurines
161: Sterling and European Silver Flatware Assortment
162: Sterling Silver and Silverplate Assortment
163: Horace Woodward Silverplate Pen Holder
164: 18th and 19th Century Pewter Assortment
165: 18th and 19th Century Pewter Assortment
166: 19th Century Pewter Assortment
167: Wood Figural Floor Lamp
168: Floor Lamp Assortment
169: Stained Glass Floral Petal Lamp Shade Assortment
170: Handel Bronze Table Lamp Base
171: Art Nouveau Slag Glass Shade and Base Table Lamp
172: Art Nouveau Slag Glass Table Lamp
173: Arts and Crafts Oak and Slag Glass Table Lamp
174: Classique Lamps Reverse Painted Glass Shade on Table Lamp
175: Stained Glass Table Lamp
176: Folk Art Wood Lighthouse Table Lamp
177: Arts and Crafts Stained Glass Window
178: Prairie Style Window
179: Stained Glass Window
180: Stained Glass Window Assortment
181: Stained Glass Window Assortment
182: (Attributed to) Sergio Bustamante (Mexican, b.1949) Brass and Copper Peacock
183: Decorative Object Assortment
184: Decorative Object Assortment
185: European Miniature Portrait Assortment
186: Hand Painted and Printed Framed Fan Assortment
187: (After) Vincente De Garcia Paredes (Spanish, 1845-1903) Hand Tinted Print
188: Art Deco Folies Bergere Poster by Picard Fico
189: North Shore Line Poster Reprints
190: North Shore Line Poster Reprints
191: North Shore Line Poster Reprints
192: Travel Poster Reprints
193: TWA Greece Travel and Taittinger Posters
194: World War I "War Exposition" Poster
195: Alabaster and Spelter "Lady and the Elk" Statue
196: Decorative Metal Object Assortment
197: Plaster, Porcelain and Plastic Statues
198: Ansonia Griffin Mantel Clock
199: F. Marti Art Deco Marble Mantel Clock
200: Fusee Skeleton Mantel Clock
201: Japy Freres Brass and Crystal Regulator Mantel Clock
202: Lardot and Boyon Marble Clock and Garniture Set
203: Wall Clock Assortment
204: Mantel Clock Assortment
205: Asian Carved Stone and Jadeite Jade Object Assortment
206: Asian Carved Stone Figurine Assortment
207: Asian Carved Wood and Stone Figurine Assortment
208: Asian Cast Iron Teapot, Incense Burner and Dresser Box Assortment
209: Asian Ceramic Hakata Doll and Figurine Assortment
210: Asian Cloisonne Assortment
211: Asian Landscape Scroll Assortment
212: Asian Screen and Four Wall Hangings
213: Asian Screen and Wall Hanging
214: Ohara Koson (Japanese, 1877-1945) Framed Prints
215: Adrian Woodall (American, 1888-1969) Black Americana Carved Wood Figurines
216: Ethnographic Object Assortment
217: Mexican Huichol Beaded and Embroidered Decorative Object Assortment
218: Native American Cotton Wood Kachina Doll Assortment
219: Platinum (.900) and Diamond Ring
220: 18k White Gold Bracelet
221: 18k White and Yellow Gold Clip Earrings
222: 18k Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Cubic Zirconia Ring
223: Tiffany & Co 18k Gold "Tear Drop" Ring by Elsa Peretti
224: 18k White and Yellow Gold Rings
225: David Yurman 18k Gold, Sapphire and Diamond "Cable Spira" Necklace
226: Cellino 18k Gold Brooch / Pendant
227: 14k Gold Hinged Bangle Bracelet
228: 14k Gold Bracelet
229: Aurafin 14k Gold Bracelet
230: 14k Gold, Jadeite Jade and Onyx Bracelet
231: 14k Gold Earring Assortment
232: 14k White Gold and Diamond Earrings
233: 14k Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring
234: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
235: Marraccini 14k Gold and Gemstone Rings
236: 14k Gold and Diamond Rings
237: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
238: 14k Gold and Blue Topaz Ring
239: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
240: 14k Gold and Diamond Ring
241: 14k White Gold and Diamond Ring
242: 14k White Gold Rings
243: 14k Gold, Black Onyx and Diamond Necklace
244: 14k Gold Necklace
245: 14k Gold Necklace and Pocket Watch Assortment
246: 14k White Gold and Diamond Wedding Set
247: 14k White Gold and Diamond Wedding Set
248: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
249: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
250: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
251: 14k Gold, Carved Coral and Shell Cameo Jewelry Assortment
252: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
253: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
254: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
255: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
256: 14k Gold and Stone Jewelry Assortment
257: 14k Gold, Pearl and Persian Turquoise Brooch Pin
258: 14k Gold, Moonstone and Sapphire Pin
259: 10k Gold Necklaces and Earrings
260: 10k Gold Ring Assortment
261: 10k Gold Rings
262: 10k Gold Ring and Lady Elgin 10k Gold Case Wrist Watch
263: 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
264: 10k and 8k Gold Jewelry Assortment
265: 14k and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
266: 14k and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
267: 18k and 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
268: 18k Gold and 14k Gold Earrings
269: 18k Gold Cameo and 14k Gold and Pearl Ring
270: 18k White Gold Ring and 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet
271: Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
272: 14k Gold, 9k Gold, Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
273: 14k Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
274: Gold, Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
275: American School (Late 19th / Early 20th Century) "Thanksgiving" Oil on Board
276: Alfred Kappes (American, 1850-1894) Oil on Canvas
277: Charlotte Buell Coman (American, 1833-1924) Oil on Canvas
278: Harold Harrington Betts (American, 1881-1951) Oil on Canvas Board
279: Joseph (Joe) Knowles (American, 1869-1942) Oil on Board
280: Louis Jurgensen (American / German, b.1863) Oil on Canvas
281: Shirley Kravitt (American, 1920-2009) Oil on Canvas
282: Edmund Johann Niemann (English, 1813-1876) Oil on Canvas
283: Franz Van Genesen (Dutch, 1887-1945) Oil on Canvas
284: Giuseppe Marino (Italian, 1916-1975) Oil on Canvas
285: Hans Pinggera (Austrian, b.1900) "The Recital" Oil on Board
286: Jadvyga Paukstiene (Lithuania, 20th Century) "Spring Flowers" Oil on Board
287: Jan Willem Van Borselen (Dutch, 1825-1892) Oil on Canvas
288: John Horace Hooper (English, 1851-1906) "Caversham Church" Oil on Canvas
289: Bernard Buffet (French, 1928-1999) "Cirque de L'Etoile" Lithograph
290: Ed Paschke (American, 1939-2004) "Bad" Lithograph
291: Louis Icart (French, 1880-1950) Lithograph and Print Assortment
292: R C Gorman (American, 1930-2005) Print
293: Richard Anuszkiewics (American, b.1930) Lithograph
294: Richard Anuszkiewics (American, b.1930) Lithographs
295: Richard Anuszkiewicz (American, b.1930) Lithograph
296: Richard Anuszkiewicz (American, b.1930) Lithograph
297: Robert Kipniss (American, b.1931) Lithograph Assortment
298: Rolling Stones Lithograph
299: Victor Vasarely (French, 1906-1997) Serigraph
300: Victor Vasarely (French, 1906-1997) Serigraph
301: Alabaster Carved Female Bust
302: Bill Mack (American, b.1949) "Rhapsody" Bonded Sand Sculpture
303: Bill Mack (American, b.1949) "Solitude Maquette" Sculpture
304: Indra Johnson (American, 20th Century) Sculpture
305: Mike Toledo (Native American (Navajo), 20th Century) Carved Stone Sculpture
306: Serge Zelikson (France, c.1890-1966) "Walking Jaguar" Bronze Sculpture
307: Zani Jacobsen (American, 20th Century) "Water Tower" Plaster Relief
308: Art Glass Bell Pull Handles
309: Muller Freres, Art and Cameo Glass Assortment
310: Louis Comfort Tiffany #2929 Favrile Vase
311: Silver Overlay and Carnival Glass Assortment
312: Halama Glass Cherub and Grapes Vase
313: Lalique Crystal "Antinea" Bowl
314: Lalique Crystal "Clematites" Vase
315: Lalique Crystal "Sparrow" Compote and "Dampierre" Vase
316: Lalique Crystal Assortment
317: Lalique Crystal Assortment
318: Lalique Crystal Assortment
319: Steuben and Orrefors Glass Assortment
320: Fenton "Lotus Mist" Burmese and Carnival Glass Assortment
321: Fenton "Persimmon Passion" Cased Glass Vase
322: Fenton Amethyst and Green Carnival Glass Assortment
323: Fenton Burmese Glass "Cypress Tree" Vase
324: Fenton Colored Crest Glass Basket and Vase Assortment
325: Fenton Favrene and Carnival Glass Assortment
326: Fenton Glass Animal Figurine Assortment
327: Fenton Glass Bell and Egg Assortment
328: Fenton Glass Favrene Vase
329: Fenton Glass Vase and Basket Assortment
330: Fenton Glass Vase, Votive and Box Assortment
331: Fenton Hand Painted Amethyst, Lilac and Mulberry Glass Assortment
332: Fenton Hand Painted Blue, Green and Gold Glass Assortment
333: Fenton Hand Painted Burmese and Satin Glass Assortment
334: Fenton Hand Painted Burmese and Satin Glass Assortment
335: Fenton Hand Painted Burmese Glass Assortment
336: Fenton Hand Painted Burmese Glass Assortment
337: Fenton Hand Painted Mulberry and Carnival Glass Assortment
338: Fenton Hand Painted White and Pink Glass Assortment
339: Fenton Stretch, Hobnail and Coin Dot Glass Assortment
340: Fenton Style Coin Dot and Carnival Glass Assortment
341: Fenton Style Hobnail Glass Assortment
342: Fenton Vasa Murrhina Glass Assortment
343: Daum and Steuben Crystal Figurine Assortment
344: Steuben, Art, Carnival and Depression Glass Assortment
345: Swarovski Crystal Assortment
346: Waterford Crystal "Blarney (Older)" Assortment
347: Crystal Perfume Bottle with Case
348: Cut to Clear Glass Stem Assortment
349: Spanish Pottery Double Handled Bowl
350: Asian Ceramic Assortment
351: Asian Ceramic Ginger Jar Assortment
352: Asian Satsuma Ceramic Assortment
353: French and Meissen Plate and Platter Assortment
354: Limoges Hand Painted Vases
355: Limoges Hand Painted Vases by Jean Pouyat
356: MacKenzie Child, Tiffany & Co, English Teapot, Cup and Saucer Assortment
357: Madeline Kaczmarczyk (American, 21st Century) Ceramic Perfume Bottles
358: Black Powder and Percussion Pistol Assortment
359: Civil War Era Powder Flasks
360: Post Civil War Powder Flask and Cartridge Box
361: Victorian through World War II Military, Police and Special Orders Button Assortment
362: French Gras Bayonet and Scabbard
363: World War I Bavarian Pickelhaube Helmet
364: Signed "Little Boy Atomic Bomb" Model
365: World War II German and Japan Medals and Badges
366: World War II German Collar Tabs and Luftwaffe Eagles
367: World War II Japanese Bayonet and Scabbard
368: World War II US and German Object Assortment
369: World War II US Leather Rifle Scabbard
370: US Navy Dress Sword and Sheath
371: Coca-Cola Advertising Assortment
372: Coca-Cola Advertising Sign
373: Hires and Clabber Girl Tin Advertising Signs
374: German Ceramic Stein Assortment
375: Large German Ceramic Steins
376: Conklin Crescent Filler Fountain Pen #30
377: Ceramic Figurine Assortment
378: Franklin Mint "Colonial People" Pewter Figurine Set with Storage Box
379: Framed "Gunga Din" and "Four Feathers" Movie Posters
380: Victorian Photograph and Atkinson Print Assortment
381: Abraham Lincoln Portrait Print
382: Religious Object Assortment
383: Vanduzen & Tift Brass Sanctus Bell
384: English Style Leather Saddle and Chaps
385: Baseball Trading Card Assortment
386: Britains American Civil War Confederate Metal Toy Soldier Assortment
387: Britains American Civil War Confederate Metal Toy Soldier Assortment
388: Britains American Civil War Leader Figurine and Ground Accessory Assortment
389: Britains American Civil War Union Metal Toy Soldier Assortment
390: Britains American Civil War Union Metal Toy Soldier Assortment
391: Matchbox and Racing Champions Car and Truck Assortment
392: Tonka No.5 Pressed Steel Fire Truck
393: Mills High-Top 5-Cent Slot Machine
394: Lionel Standard Gauge Model Toy Train Set
395: Brass and Wood Ship Wheel by Brown Bros. & Co.
396: Motor Oil Bottle Assortment
397: Ship "Port" Copper Lantern
398: Jay Strongwater Enamel Frame and Pill Box Assortment
399: Tamron SP AF 200-500mm Lens
400: Ampex Reel to Reel Recorder Console
401: Ampex Reel to Reel Recorder Console
402: Bose AV35 Control Console
403: Klipsch KG 4.2 Oak Floor Speakers
404: Mark Levinson Stereo Equipment Assortment
405: Mitchell A Cotter Stereo Equipment and Accessory
406: Spendor BC1 Speakers
407: Singer "Featherweight" Sewing Machine
408: Gibson "Les Paul 2010" Electric Guitar
409: Cremona Cello and Bow
410: Romain de Tirtoff (Erte) (Russian, 1892-1990) "Beauty and the Beast" Scarf
411: Romain de Tirtoff (Erte) (Russian, 1892-1990) "Dream Voyage" Scarf
412: Romain de Tirtoff (Erte) (Russian, 1892-1990) "Wings of Victory" Scarf
413: Designer Purse Assortment
414: Elgin and American Waltham Gold Filled Pocket Watches
415: Pocket Watch and Watch Chain Assortment
416: Waltham and Elgin Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
417: Hublot "MDM" 5ATM Quartz Wrist Watch
418: Movado "Series 800" Wrist Watch
419: Movado Museum Dial 84 G1 1896 Wrist Watch
420: Poljot and Seiko Wrist Watches
421: 14k Gold Case Wrist Watches
422: Baume & Mercier 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
423: Baume & Mercier 14k White Gold and Diamond Case and Band Wrist Watch
424: Lemania 18k Gold Case Wrist Watch
425: LTD 18k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
426: Lucien Piccard 14k Gold Case "LP50" Wrist Watch
427: Michael Anthony 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
428: Movado and Rado Wrist Watches
429: Pocket, Travel and Wrist Watch Assortment
430: Jay King Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Assortment
431: Sterling Silver and Stone Jewelry Assortment
432: Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
433: Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Assortment
434: Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
435: Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
436: Los Ballesteros Sterling Silver Bracelet
437: Sterling Silver "Chair" Pin Assortment
438: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
439: Sterling Silver Bracelet and Necklace Assortment
440: Sterling Silver Hollowware Assortment
441: Sterling Silver Jewelry and Mont Blanc Pen Assortment
442: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
443: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
444: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
445: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
446: Sterling Silver Ring and Earring Assortment
447: Sterling Silver Ring Assortment
448: Clear Rhinestone Brooch Pin Assortment
449: Colored Rhinestone Brooch Pin Assortment
450: Colored Rhinestone Brooch Pin Assortment
451: Costume Jewelry Brooch Assortment
452: Rhinestone and Austrian Crystal Jewelry Assortment
453: Shoe Clip, Button and Purse Assortment
454: Signed Costume Jewelry Assortment
455: Costume Jewelry Assortment
456: Costume Jewelry Earring Assortment
457: Costume Jewelry Necklace Assortment
458: Rhinestone Costume Jewelry, Watch, Spoon, Coin and Stamp Assortment
459: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
460: Armand Marseille "Queen Louise" and George Borgfeldt German Bisque Dolls
461: Armand Marseille #210 German Bisque Googly Doll
462: Armand Marseille Character and China Doll Assortment
463: Armand Marseille German Bisque Baby Dolls
464: Armand Marseille German Bisque Doll Assortment
465: Black Doll Assortment
466: Composition Doll Assortment
467: DEP 12 Bisque Doll
468: Doll Furniture, Clothes and Toy Animal Assortment
469: Dollhouse, Miniatures, Dollhouse Dolls and Tea Service Assortment
470: Effanbee Vinyl Doll, Doll Carriage and Book Assortment
471: Francois Gaultier French Bisque Fashion Doll
472: French Bisque Fashion Doll
473: French Bisque Fashion Doll
474: Gebruder Heubach 1907 Jumeau Bisque Doll
475: Gebruder Heubach 37602 and #7603 German Bisque Character Baby Dolls
476: German All Bisque Doll and Figurine Assortment
477: German All Bisque Glass Eye Dollhouse Dolls
478: German All Bisque Glass Eye Dollhouse Dolls
479: German All Bisque Painted Eye Doll Assortment
480: German Bisque and China Dollhouse Doll Assortment
481: German Bisque and Wax Doll Assortment
482: German Bisque Baby and Toddler Doll Assortment
483: German Bisque Baby Doll Assortment
484: German Bisque Baby Doll Assortment
485: German Bisque Character Baby and Toddler Doll Assortment
486: German Bisque Character Baby Doll Assortment
487: German Bisque Character Baby Doll Assortment
488: German Bisque Doll Assortment
489: German Bisque Doll Assortment
490: German Bisque Doll Assortment
491: German Bisque Doll Assortment
492: German Bisque Doll Assortment
493: German Bisque Doll Assortment
494: German Bisque Doll Part Assortment
495: German Bisque Sleep Eye Doll Assortment
496: German Bisque Solid Dome Baby Doll Assortment
497: German Bisque, Composition and Plastic Doll Assortment
498: German Half Doll Assortment
499: Grace Storey Putnam "Bye-Lo" German Bisque Baby Doll
500: Hard Plastic, Vinyl and Reproduction Doll Assortment
501: Hummel Doll and Figurine Assortment
502: Incised Jumeau Depose Bebe French Bisque Doll
503: Kammer & Reinhardt #121 German Character Baby Dolls
504: Kammer & Reinhardt Simon Halbig 118A German Bisque Character Baby Doll
505: Kestner "Hilda" German Bisque Character Baby Doll
506: Kestner #143 German Bisque Character Child Doll
507: Kestner and Bye-Lo German Bisque Baby Doll Assortment
508: Kewpie Doll Assortment
509: Kley & Hahn "Walkure" Bisque Doll
510: Kley & Hahn German Bisque "Walkure" Doll
511: Kley and Hahn #166 German Bisque Character Doll
512: Konig and Wernicke Bisque Character Toddler Doll
513: Lenci, Cloth and Regional Costume Doll Assortment
514: Mattel Ash Blonde American Girl Barbie Doll #1070
515: Metal, Celluloid and Japanese Bisque Doll Assortment
516: Rabery & Delphieu French Bisque Bebe Doll
517: Reproduction Bruno Schmidt #529 German Bisque Head Character Doll
518: Schoenhut Wood Doll Assortment
519: SFBJ and UNIS French Bisque Doll Assortment
520: SFBJ Flirty Eye French Bisque Doll
521: Simon and Halbig German Bisque Dolls
522: Tete Jumeau Bebe French Bisque Doll
523: Asian Furniture Assortment
524: MCM Waterfall Style Glass and Chrome Tables (attributed to) Pace Collection
525: Asian Room Divider Screen
526: N. Pomeroy Cast Metal Mantel Clock
527: Asian Ceramic Raised Dragon Bowl
528: Asian Wood Temple Figure
529: Asian Decorative Masks
530: Ethnographic Object Assortment
531: (Attributed to) Francesco Spicuzza (American, 1883-1962) Pastel on Canvas
532: (After) Joan Miro (French, 1893-1983) "Star Scene" Lithograph
533: Limoges Double Handled Ceramic Vase
534: English Transferware and German Dresser Box Assortment
535: Hand Painted Porcelain Lamp and Plate Assortment
536: American Thread Company "Star Mercerized" Spool Cabinet
537: Budweiser and Stroh's Beer Assortment
538: Oak Machinist Tool Chest
539: L.L. Rittgers Trio of Baseball Figures
540: Audio Equipment Assortment
541: Road and Flight Case Assortment


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