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April Auction (Sale #241)

Dates & Times (US/Central)

Bidding ends:
Sun, April 22, 2018 10:00AM
Sun, Apr 22, 2018 10:00 am - not stated

Sale Address

Shipping available on select items.

Sale Description

April Auction
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Coin & Currency Session: 10:00 am CST
Antique & Estate Session: 11:00 am CST

330 W. Interstate Rd.
Addison, Illinois 60101
p. 630.495.0229

Friday, April 20 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
Saturday, April 21 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Sunday, April 22 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST

Catalog & Online Bidding:
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Coin & Currency Listing:
1: 1899 $1 "Black Eagle" and 1917 $2
2: 1/2c and Large 1c Assortment
3: Large 1c Assortment
4: Flying Eagle and Indian Head 1c Partial Set
5: Lincoln 1c and Liberty, Buffalo and Jefferson 5c Assortment
6: Lincoln Wheat 1c Assortment
7: Mercury 10c Assortment
8: Barber 25c Assortment
9: Washington 25c Assortment
10: Washington 25c Assortment
11: Washington 25c Assortment
12: Washington 25c Assortment
13: Bust, Seated Liberty and Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
14: Barber 50c Assortment
15: Barber and Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
16: Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
17: Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
18: Walking Liberty 50c Assortment
19: Franklin 50c Assortment
20: Franklin 50c Assortment
21: Morgan $1 Assortment
22: Morgan $1 Assortment
23: Morgan $1 Assortment
24: Morgan $1 Assortment
25: Morgan $1 Assortment
26: Peace $1 Partial Set
27: Peace $1 Assortment
28: Peace $1 Assortment
29: Peace $1 Assortment
30: Peace $1 Assortment
31: Peace $1 Assortment
32: 1855 $1 Gold AU-55 Details SEGS
33: 1862 $2 1/2 Gold AU Details
34: 1911 $2 1/2 Gold AU
35: 1929 $2 1/2 Gold Unc.
36: 1929 $2 1/2 Gold AU Details
37: 1886-S $5 Gold VF
38: 1900 $5 Gold Unc.
39: 1908 $5 Gold Unc.
40: $1 Silver Eagle Assortment MS-69 NGC
41: $1 Silver Eagle Assortment MS-69 NGC
42: 1899 Year Set and $1 Assortment
43: 1862 $1 and 1929 $10 National Milwaukee
44: Miscellaneous US Coin Assortment
45: Proof and Mint Set and Stamp Assortment
46: US Coin Assortment
47: US Silver Coin Assortment
48: Coin Holder Assortment
49: US and World Stamps Assortment
50: World: Coin Assortment

Antique & Estate Listing:
51: Pine Corner Cabinets
52: Oak Bookcase by Library Bureau Sole Makers
53: Pine Hoosier Cabinet
54: Victorian Furniture Assortment
55: Asian Painted Wood Cabinet
56: English Arts and Crafts Single Bed and Blanket Rack
57: English Oak Flatware Storage Cabinet by Elkington & Co.
58: Barcelona Coffee Table by Mies van der Rohe for Knoll
59: Mahogany Chairs by Edward Wormley for Dunbar
60: MCM "Wassily" Style Chrome and Leather Chairs (After) Marcel Breuer
61: MCM Danish Teak Coffee Table by Vejle Stole Mobelfabrik
62: MCM Lounge Chairs (Attributed to) Kofod Larsen
63: MCM Side Tables (Attributed to) John Keal for Brown Saltman
64: MCM Teak China Cabinet
65: MCM Teak Credenza
66: MCM Teak Dinning Room Set
67: Pine Branch Glider Rocker
68: Asian Drop Front Desk
69: Heirloom "Damask Rose" Sterling Silver Flatware
70: Towle "Rose Solitaire" Sterling Silver Flatware
71: Wallace "Rose Point" Sterling Silver Flatware
72: Carl Sorenson Metalware Assortment
73: Carl Sorenson Metalware Assortment
74: Carl Sorenson Metalware Assortment
75: Carl Sorenson Metalware Assortment
76: Copper and Bronze Plate Assortment
77: Cast Iron Garden Furniture
78: Blue Upholstered Lawn Furniture
79: Concrete Four Season Cherub Garden Statues
80: Art Nouveau Slag Glass panel Table Lamp
81: Dragonfly Stained Glass Style Table Lamp
82: Hot Air Balloon Hanging Lamp
83: MCM Chrome Arch Floor Lamp
84: MCM Table Lamp and Shade by Majestic Lamp Co.
85: Rembrandt Shade on Carved Wood Floor Lamp
86: Chicago Mosaic Tree Lamp Base
87: Reverse Painted Shade Table Lamp
88: Mahogany Cheval Floor Mirror
89: A C R Emberger Art Deco Center Piece
90: Decorative Box and Glass Holder Assortment
91: Jennings Brothers Cast Metal Dog
92: Lion Decorative Object Assortment
93: Loet Vanderveen (American, 1921-2015) Bronze Statue Assortment
94: Metal Bookend and Ceramic Figurine Assortment
95: Opera, Lorgnette and Eyeglass Case Assortment
96: Stone, Wood and Glass Animal Figurine Assortment
97: Azerbaijan Wool Rug
98: Chinese and Persian Rug Assortment
99: Chinese Floral Wool Rug
100: Persian Heriz Wool Rug
101: Persian Karaja Wool Runner
102: Karastan Wool Rugs
103: Persian Wool Rugs
104: Persian Wool Runner
105: Persian and Chinese Rugs
106: Persian Wool Rug
107: Persian Wool Rug
108: Persian Wool Rug
109: Needlework on Linen Assortment
110: Maxfield Frederick Parrish (American, 1870-1966) "Rubaiyat" Lithograph
111: (After) Joan Miro (Spanish / French, 1893-1983) "Cartoon II" Print
112: (After) Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973) "La Petite Corrida" Print
113: David Hockney (American, b.1937) Opera Poster
114: French Artist Exhibition Poster Assortment
115: Keith Haring and Andy Warhol "Jazz Festival" Poster
116: Marc Chagall and Joan Miro Posters
117: (After) Dimitri Haralamb Chiparus (Romanian, 1886-1947) Figurine
118: Carlo del Conde (21st Century) Painted Plaster Toucan Sculpture
119: Clemencin (European, 20th Century) "Couple" Carved Marble Statue
120: Irene Rochard (French, 1906-1984) "Lady Feeding Fawn" Statue
121: Max Turner (20th Century) "Giraffe" Cast Bronze Statue
122: Milo Martin (Swiss, 1893-1970) "Lion" Bronze Statue
123: Statues on Stone Bases
124: Ansonia Walnut and Glass Cased Wall Clock
125: Carriage Clock and Clock Part Assortment
126: Carriage Clock Assortment
127: Fischer Budapest Porcelain Canteen Clock
128: French Brass Carriage Clock by JC & Co.
129: French Comtoise Wall Clock
130: German Wall Clocks
131: Hanging Wall Clocks
132: Latreille Fils French Comtoise Wall Clock
133: Louis Gaillard French Comtoise Clock
134: Mantel and Wall Clock Assortment
135: Mantel Clock Assortment
136: New Haven Clock Co. 8-Day Gong Banjo Clock
137: Asian and Russian Decorative Object Assortment
138: Asian and Southwest Object Assortment
139: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Animal Assortment
140: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Boats
141: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Dragon Figurines
142: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Figure Assortment
143: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Figure Assortment
144: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Figurine Assortment
145: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Statues
146: Asian Carved Jadeite Jade Swords
147: Asian Carved Soapstone Horse Statue
148: Asian Carved Statue Assortment
149: Asian Carved Stone Amulet and Plaque Assortment
150: Asian Carved Stone Animal Assortment
151: Asian Carved Stone Animal Assortment
152: Asian Carved Stone Animal Assortment
153: Asian Carved Stone Chop Stamp and Deity Object Assortment
154: Asian Carved Stone Deity Assortment
155: Asian Carved Stone Deity Assortment
156: Asian Carved Stone Deity Figures
157: Asian Carved Stone Figurine Assortment
158: Asian Carved Stone Figurine Assortment
159: Asian Carved Stone Jar, Candy Dish and Vase Assortment
160: Asian Carved Stone Object Assortment
161: Asian Carved Stone Object Assortment
162: Asian Carved Stone Teapot Assortment
163: Asian Carved Stone Vase Assortment
164: Asian Carved Stone Vase Assortment
165: Asian Figurine Assortment
166: Asian Statue Assortment
167: Asian Stone Urn and Animal Assortment
168: Asian Wood Stand Assortment
169: Buddhist Thangka Painting on Silk
170: Carved Cinnabar Style Vases
171: Chinese Carved Wood Figurine
172: Chinese Guangxu Famille Rose Ceramic Bowl
173: Chinese People's Republic Era Jars
174: Chinese Republic Era Ceramic Vases
175: Chinese Scroll
176: Chinese Scroll
177: Chinese Scroll
178: Chinese Scroll
179: Japanese Bronze Hand Mirror
180: Carved Wood Object Assortment
181: Namibia Carved Wood Lion Figures
182: Platinum, Jadeite Jade and Diamond Ring
183: Cartier 18k Tri-Color Gold "Trinity" Bangle Bracelet
184: 18k Gold and Amethyst Ring
185: 18k Gold Ring Setting
186: Tiffany & Co 18k Rose Gold and Diamond Dove Pendant on Necklace
187: Tiffany & Co 18k White Gold and Ruby Heart Pendant on Necklace
188: 14k White Gold and Diamond Bracelet
189: 14k Gold Woven Bracelet
190: 14k Gold Bracelet
191: 14k Gold Round Link Bracelet
192: 14k Gold Link Bracelet
193: 14k Gold Twisted Link Bracelet
194: 14k White Gold and Diamond Bracelet
195: 14k Gold, Opal and Emerald Ring
196: 14k Gold, Green Quartz and Sapphire Ring
197: 14k Gold and Semi-Precious Gemstone Rings
198: 14k Gold Ring
199: 14k Gold Rings
200: 14k White Gold, Blue Spinel and Star Sapphire Ring
201: Rhodium Plated 14k Gold, Purple and Clear CZ Ring
202: 14k Gold and Pink Topaz Rings
203: 14k White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring
204: Rhodium Plated 14k Gold and Clear CZ Ring
205: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklace
206: 14k Gold Twisted Rope Necklace
207: 14k Gold Pendant Assortment
208: 14k Gold Pendants
209: 14k Gold and Diamond Star Pendant
210: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
211: 14k Gold Jewelry Assortment
212: 14k Gold, Garnet and Ruby Jewelry Assortment
213: 14k Gold and Amethyst Jewelry Assortment
214: 14k Gold Brooches
215: 14k Gold and Crystal Squirrel Brooch
216: 10k Gold and White Topaz Stud Pierced Earrings
217: 10k Gold Ring Assortment
218: 10k Gold Semi-Precious Gemstone and Cameo Rings
219: 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
220: 10k Gold and Diamond Necklace and Loose Gemstone Assortment
221: 10k Gold, Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
222: 14k and 10k Gold Jewelry Assortment
223: 14k and 10k White Gold Jewelry Assortment
224: 14k Gold and Jadeite Jade Jewelry Assortment
225: R Lalique "Fioret Chose Promise" Glass in Sterling Silver Cufflinks
226: Andrew Severin Gunderson (American, 1898-1964) Pastels on Board
227: Bob Timberlake (American, b.1937) "Nay's Turkeys" Watercolor
228: Juliette Hamelecourt (American, b.1912) "The Fuddy Duddy Lion" Acrylic on Paper Bag
229: Leonardo Nierman (Mexican, b.1932) "Fire Bird" Oil on Masonite
230: Robert Kipniss (American, b.1931) Oil on Canvas
231: Rose Edin (American, 20th Century) "North Woods" Watercolor on Paper
232: Victorian Watercolor Silhouettes on Paper
233: William Lowry (American, late 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
234: (After) Manuel Robbe (French, 1872-1936) "Femme Masquee" Charcoal Drawing
235: (Attributed to) Henry Bond (European, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
236: (Style of) Francois Boucher (French, 1703-1770) "Les Sciences" Oil on Canvas
237: Guido Odierna (Italian, 1913-1991) "Floral" Oil on Canvas
238: Ilio Giannaccini (Italian, 1897-1968) Oil on Canvas
239: Israel Kantor (Iskantor) (American / Russian, 1906-1986) Oil on Canvas
240: Joseph Thors (United Kingdom, c.1835-1900) Oil on Canvas
241: Patrick Hennessy (English, 1915-1980) "Roses in a Bedroom" Oil on Canvas
242: Unknown Artist (European School, late 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
243: Unknown Artist (European, 20th Century) "Portrait" Oil on Board
244: Willem Van Den Berg (American / Dutch, 1886-1970) Oil on Board
245: Zhang Li (Chinese, 20th Century) Oil on Canvas
246: Alma Goetsch (American, 1901-1968) "Still Life Composition" Lithograph
247: James Whistler (American, 1831-1903) "Billingsgate" Drypoint Etching
248: Johnny Gothard Friedlaender (Polish, 1912-1992) "Paris Composition III" Print
249: Leonardo Nierman (Mexican, b.1932) "Ghost Ship" Serigraph
250: Leonardo Nierman (Mexican, b.1932) "Mystic Moon" Print
251: Manuel Robbe (French, 1872-1936) "Cote de Azur" Aquatint
252: Victor Vasarely (French, 1906-1997) "Sinkoes" Serigraph
253: Outsider Art (20th Century) Mixed Media
254: Outsider Art (20th Century) Portrait Mixed Media
255: Art Deco Spatter Glass Vase with Metal Mounts
256: Hadeland Glass Pale Blue Platter
257: WITHDRAWN: L.C. Tiffany Favrile Bowl
258: Sandro Frattin for Murano Art Glass Birds
259: Crystal Assortment
260: Lalique "Sertella" Vase with Original Box
261: Lalique Crystal "Deux Danseuses" Figurine
262: Swarovski Crystal Bear Assortment
263: Swarovski Crystal Bird Figurine Assortment
264: Swarovski Crystal Chinese Zodiac Golden Tiger Figurine
265: Swarovski Crystal Figurine Assortment
266: Swarovski Crystal Figurine Assortment
267: Swarovski Crystal Gorilla and Elephant Figurines
268: Swarovski Crystal Lovlots Assortment
269: Swarovski Crystal Tiger and Elephant Figurines
270: Waterford Crystal and Marquis by Waterford Assortment
271: Celtic Crystal and Glass Platter and Vase Assortment
272: George Jones & Sons "Rhapsody" China Service
273: Haviland Limoges China Service
274: Royal Worcester "Evesham" China Service
275: Spode "Fleur de Lys - Blue" China Service
276: Chinese Celadon Mallet Vase
277: Chinese Ceramic Tea Bowl Assortment
278: Chinese Famille Rose "Tobacco Leaf" Ceramic Plate
279: Chinese Hand Painted Ceramic Jar
280: Chinese Jian Ware "Hare's Fur" Bowl and Celadon Tray
281: Chinese Jian Ware "Hare's Fur" Ceramic Bowl
282: Chinese Jian Ware "Hare's Fur" Ceramic Bowl
283: Chinese Peach Bloom Ceramic Vase
284: Chinese Sancai Style Dragon and Phoenix Plate
285: Alcock "Scinde" Flow Blue Casserole
286: English Hand Painted Porcelain Dishes
287: Moorcroft "Pansy" Vase
288: Wedgwood Flow Blue Platter
289: Gilt Enameled Porcelain Bowl
290: Moorcroft and Amphora Vases
291: World War II Era Assortment
292: World War II German Medal, Banner and Pin Assortment
293: World War II German and Vietnam War US Helmets
294: US and German Medal and Patch Assortment
295: Knife and Dagger Assortment
296: Bristol Cigarette Porcelain Enamel Advertising Sign
297: Mont Blanc and Waterman Fountain Pens
298: Parker #51 Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil Set
299: Playboy Magazine Assortment
300: New Amsterdam Gin Advertising Display
301: EJ Bebe Jumeau French Bisque Doll
302: French Bisque FG Child Doll
303: French Steiner Series "C" Bebe Bisque Doll
304: German Kammer & Reinhardt #115A Bisque Character Baby Doll
305: Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Doll Assortment
306: Rosie O'Neill Bisque Kewpie Doll
307: Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen Figurines
308: Hummel / Goebel Figurine Assortment
309: Hummel Figurine Assortment
310: Hummel Figurine Assortment
311: Hummel Figurine, Music Box and Building Assortment
312: Royal Copenhagen Polar Bear Figurines
313: Royal Dux Couple Figurine #380
314: World War I Photograph Album
315: Rococo Style Brass Fireplace Andirons
316: 1986 Fleer Sticker Michael Jordan Trading Card NM-MT 8 PSA
317: Chicago Bears Signed Football Memorabilia
318: Football, Baseball and Basketball Trading Card Assortment
319: Football, Baseball and Basketball Trading Card Assortment
320: Football, Baseball and Basketball Trading Card Assortment
321: Football, Baseball and Basketball Trading Card Assortment
322: Football, Baseball and Basketball Trading Card Assortment
323: Michael Jordan 1988 and 1989 All Star Fleer Graded Trading Card Assortment
324: Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman PSA Graded Trading Card Assortment
325: Michael Jordan Collegiate Graded Trading Card Assortment
326: Michael Jordan Collegiate Trading Card Assortment
327: Sports Memorabilia Assortment
328: Topps Baseball Trading Card Assortment
329: Topps Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks Baseball Trading Cards
330: Stained Glass Style Coca-Cola Advertising Sign and Desk Lamp
331: Die Cast Scale Model Vehicles
332: Franklin Mint Precision Model Car Assortment
333: Model Car and Motorcycle Kit
334: AC Gilbert Train Car, Track and Building Assortment
335: Lionel #2046 Locomotive and 2046W Whistling Tender
336: Lionel Model Toy Train Accessory Assortment
337: Lionel Model Toy Train Car Assortment
338: Lionel O Gauge Model Toy Train Assortment
339: Lionel O-Gauge Model Toy Train Engine, Car and Transformer Assortment
340: 21st Century "Samantha Payton" P-38 Lightening Model Airplane
341: BBI Elite Force F-18 1:18 Scale USS Kitty Hawk Model Airplane
342: Converted Railroad Lanterns
343: JSI F-14A Tomcat 1:18 Model Airplane
344: United Airlines "The Memehune of Hawaii" Advertising Statue
345: United Airlines "The Menehune of Hawaii" Advertising Statue
346: Speedotron Brown Line Lighting System
347: Tele-Star Five-string Banjo
348: Nikolaus Amati Copy Violin
349: Musical Instrument Assortment
350: Thorens Music Box and Disc Assortment
351: Louis Vuitton "Stratos 50" Suitcase, Fur and Leather Coat Assortment
352: Cow Hide Satchel
353: AT&SF "Train Dispatcher" Gold Filled Open Face Pocket Watch
354: Brevet Juvenia 18k Gold Open Face Pocket Watch
355: Coin and (800) Silver Hunter Case Pocket Watch Assortment
356: Coin and (800) Silver Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
357: Coin Silver Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
358: Coin Silver Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
359: Collins Sterling Silver Pair Case Pocket Watch
360: Elgin 14k Gold Hunter Case Pocket Watch
361: Elgin Gold Filled Hunter Case Pocket Watch
362: Elgin Gold Filled Open Face Pocket Watch
363: Elgin Gold Filled Pocket Watches
364: Elgin Gold Filled Pocket Watches
365: Geneve 18k Gold Open Face Pocket Watch
366: Gold Filled Open Face Pocket Watches
367: Hunter Case Key Wind and Set Pocket Watch
368: Hunter Case Pocket Watch Assortment
369: Illinois Gold Filled Pocket Watches
370: MJ Tobias Railroad Time Keeper Fancy Case Pocket Watch
371: Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
372: Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
373: Pocket Watch and Works Assortment
374: Pocket Watch Case Part Assortment
375: Silver Pocket Watch Assortment
376: Sterling Silver Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
377: Sterling Silver Open Face Pocket Watch Assortment
378: Sterling Silver Pair Case Pocket Watches
379: Waltham "Crescent Street" Open Face Pocket Watch
380: Waltham Gold Filled Pocket Watches
381: Bulova Sea King Chronograph Wrist Watch
382: Cartier "Cougar 187904" Wrist Watch
383: Jaguer 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
384: Longines 14k Gold Case "LXW 22LS" Wrist Watch
385: Longines 14k Gold Case "LXW 22LS" Wrist Watch
386: Seiko 5 Automatic 7009 Wrist Watch
387: Bifora 14k Gold Case and Band Wrist Watch
388: Men's and Women's Wrist Watch Assortment
389: Mixed Wrist Watch Assortment
390: Mixed Wrist Watch Assortment
391: Pocket Watch, Car and Alarm Clock Assortment
392: Swatch "Artist" Wrist Watch Collections
393: Swatch "Centennial Olympic Legends" Wrist Watch Collection
394: Swatch "Historical Olympic Games" Wrist Watch Collection
395: Swatch Automatic Wrist Watch Assortment
396: Swatch Chronograph Wrist Watch Assortment
397: Swatch Musical and Stop Watch Wrist Watch Assortment
398: Swatch Scuba 200 Wrist Watch Assortment
399: Swatch Wrist Watch Assortment
400: Swatch Wrist Watch Collection
401: Swatch Wrist Watch Collection
402: Swatch Wrist Watch Collection
403: Swatch Wrist Watch Collection
404: Swatch Wrist Watch Collection
405: Swatch Wrist Watch Collection
406: Swatch Wrist Watch Collection
407: Waltham and Argentan Travel Clocks
408: 10k Gold, Sterling Silver and Rhinestone Jewelry Assortment
409: Gold Accent Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
410: Sterling Silver and Carved Bone Jewelry Assortment
411: Sterling Silver Jewelry Assortment
412: Clear Rhinestone and Austrian Crystal Jewelry Assortment
413: Colored Rhinestone and Austrian Crystal Jewelry Assortment
414: Costume Jewelry Assortment
415: Costume Jewelry Assortment
416: Costume Jewelry Assortment
417: Costume Jewelry Assortment
418: Costume Jewelry Assortment
419: Costume Jewelry Assortment
420: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
421: Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry Assortment
422: Sterling Silver, Gold-tone and Silver-tone Costume Jewelry Assortment
423: Coral Bead and Branch Jewelry Assortment
424: Mahogany Frame Upholstered Sofa
425: Modular Upholstered Pit Group Sectional Sofa
426: Upholstered Chaise Lounge
427: Cast Metal Lamp Base
428: Royal Copenhagen Table Lamps
429: Stained Glass Window
430: Decorative Object Assortment
431: Wood, Ceramic and Tin Box Assortment
432: French Victorian "Emile Zola" Prints
433: Kipniss and Echternach Posters
434: Kuner German Wood Cuckoo Clock
435: Asian Ceramic Vases
436: Asian Decorative Assortment
437: Chinese Ceramic Figural Roof Tiles
438: Painting Assortment
439: David Katz (American, 20th Century) Mixed Media on Board
440: John F. Mitchell (American, 1891-1981) Mixed Media
441: Norman Badgley Wilson (American, b.1906) Oil on Canvas
442: Patricia Saad (American, 20th Century) Watercolor Assortment
443: Stephen L Winer (American, 20th Century) Mounted Paper Sculpture
444: Walter Wilcox Burridge (American, 1857-1913) "Jesuits Church, Havana" Oil on Canvas
445: Watercolor and Print Assortment
446: Breyel (Spanish, b.1950) Oil on Board
447: F Rossette (20th Century) Oil on Canvas
448: Guszich (20th Century) "Rabbi" Oil on Canvas
449: Max Parsons (British, 1915-1998) Oil on Board
450: P. Schmidt (European School, early 20th Century) "Portrait" Oil on Canvas
451: Unknown Artist (European, 19th Century) Oil on Canvas
452: Adriaen van Ostade (Dutch, 1610-1685) Print
453: Framed Fabric Art Assortment
454: Pencil Drawing Assortment
455: Etched Glass Vase Assortment
456: WITHDRAWN: Stevens and Williams Style Art Glass Vase
457: Waterford "Blarney" Champagne and Water Glasses
458: Waterford Crystal Assortment
459: Waterford Crystal Assortment
460: Ansley "Cambridge" China Service
461: Asian Ceramic Object Assortment
462: RS Prussia "Melon Eaters" Ceramic Relish Tray
463: Ceramic Figural Flower Demitasse Cup
464: Nippon Dog Ceramic Plate
465: Ceramic Assortment
466: Cold War Era Russian Caps and Bugle
467: Asian Martial Arts Dagger and Fan Assortment
468: Ephemera Assortment
469: Lladro #4511 "Desnudo" Ceramic Figurine
470: Fire Chief Helmet
471: American Flyer S-Gauge Model Toy Train Car, Track and Transformer Assortment
472: HO Model Toy Train and Toy Vehicle Assortment
473: Camera and Lens Assortment
474: Pratesi King Size Bed Coverlets


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