Identify, Value, and Sell Antique Dolls at Estate Sales

Porcelain dolls can be found at hundreds of estate sales nationwide each week.  Antique porcelain doll collecting isn’t as popular as it used to be with today’s generation, but there are plenty of collectors worldwide that will browse estate sales and online estate auctions just to find their prized piece. Antique Doll Collecting The obsession … Continue reading “Identify, Value, and Sell Antique Dolls at Estate Sales”

Boost Your Estate Sale Email List and Generate Leads

Estate sale email marketing is a great strategy that will help you get more buyers to the sale, it’s also an affordable strategy to generate estate sale leads. A successful email campaign begins with a great subject line and a targeted audience.  Let’s discover some tools and strategies that will boost your email marketing campaigns … Continue reading “Boost Your Estate Sale Email List and Generate Leads”

The Ultimate Estate Sale Pricing Guide

Experienced estate sale professionals and auctioneers across the country have estate sale pricing perfected. Unfortunately, there’s no single guide to pricing an estate sale, but getting the liquidation value and pricing right has a big impact on the success of an estate sale, company reputation, and the bottom line. The Art of Estate Sale Pricing … Continue reading “The Ultimate Estate Sale Pricing Guide”

Is It Legal To Sell Ivory at Estate Sales or Auctions?

There are thousands of estate sales held across the U.S. every week, and just as many estate auctions.  Finding decorative estate ivory carvings is very common during the staging process, but can it be sold?  This is a question that’s often asked by new liquidators to the industry, and an important question to answer because … Continue reading “Is It Legal To Sell Ivory at Estate Sales or Auctions?”

Estate Sale Accounting & Merchant Services for Liquidators

If you offer professional liquidation services, estate sale accounting is not only important for your business, but is also essential for your consignors or estate sale clients. There are many liquidation accounting methods being used and various merchant services implemented at estate sales throughout the country. Let’s discover them together and see what works best … Continue reading “Estate Sale Accounting & Merchant Services for Liquidators”

Estate Sale Company Fees and Commission, What’s the Cost?

When starting an estate sale business, one always wonders how much to charge in estate sale fees or establish a standard estate sale commission to follow.  How much do estate sale companies charge? It’s not as simple as setting a number, there are a few factors to consider. Experience Quality and level of service provided Geographical … Continue reading “Estate Sale Company Fees and Commission, What’s the Cost?”

How to Create Eye-Catching Estate Sale Signs and Company Signage.

Estate sale signs are an important part of the liquidation process, it gets the buyers there! but there’s much more than directing buyers to an estate sale. Marketing and branding play a big part in creating catchy estate sale signage. In today’s fast pace, high tech world, there’s a lot of conversation about social media, … Continue reading “How to Create Eye-Catching Estate Sale Signs and Company Signage.”

The Cost and Road to Becoming an Estate Sale Organizer

A new year always brings with it new beginnings. If you’re starting an estate sale company and becoming a professional estate sale organizer or liquidator you’re in the right place! We at are home to thousands of estate sale professionals who advertise their companies and upcoming estate sales with us. They also use our online … Continue reading “The Cost and Road to Becoming an Estate Sale Organizer”

Social Media for Marketing Estate Sales and Advertising Companies

When it comes to the estate sale industry, social media plays a big part in marketing estate sales and advertising for estate sale companies. A successful marketing plan should be varied and robust.  Having a solid social media plan for your estate sale business only adds to your marketing efforts and makes them more successful. … Continue reading “Social Media for Marketing Estate Sales and Advertising Companies”

Estate Sale Customer Service and Management Tips for the Business

Proper business management and customer service are a given in any industry. For the liquidation professionals, estate sale customer service and estate sale management are essential because they have a direct effect on their reputation and longevity in the industry. Any typical business organization may consist of different departments or functions.  While sales, marketing, production, … Continue reading “Estate Sale Customer Service and Management Tips for the Business”

Estate Sale Company Success Story: Best Rate Cleanouts & Estate Sales

A lot goes into being a successful estate sale company. Knowing how to properly appraise and price items takes time and research, and acquiring that breadth of knowledge comes from many years on the job. In other words, there aren’t any short-cuts in this business. Successful estate sale companies have also mastered soft skills like … Continue reading “Estate Sale Company Success Story: Best Rate Cleanouts & Estate Sales”

Estate Sale Company Success Story: Attics to Basements

We hear a lot of success stories from the estate sale companies that list on our website. Whether they’ve been in business for decades, have special expertise, are particularly good with clients, or they’ve found the “special sauce,” successful estate sale companies have a lot to teach us about standing out in a sometimes over-saturated industry. What … Continue reading “Estate Sale Company Success Story: Attics to Basements”

Estate Sale Contracts Guide

Estate sale contracts vary from company to company, but no matter how many sales you conduct, your contract is your most important document. In fact, your entire business—and reputation—depends on it. And while your contract should always evolve, when you’re starting an estate sale company, you just need to start somewhere. Here at we recommend hiring an attorney … Continue reading “Estate Sale Contracts Guide”

Estate Sale Employee Tips

Whether you’re a smaller mom and pop estate sale company or you run a bigger outfit with sales that generate thousands of dollars, you probably have some employees helping out. Since many estate sale companies don’t have experience managing employees, we rounded up a few of our frequently asked questions from the Estate Sale Company … Continue reading “Estate Sale Employee Tips”

Auction License Laws by State

Before conducting any kind of auction, it’s important to make sure you’re compliant with your state’s auction license laws. Here’s a caveat: laws can be tricky to interpret with plenty of “grey” areas. Between auctioneer licenses, business licenses, and online auctions, it can be difficult for an auctioneer or estate sale company to know what their state’s regulations … Continue reading “Auction License Laws by State”

Guide to Selling Taxidermy at Estate Sales & Auctions

Selling taxidermy is part of being an estate sale professional or auctioneer, and no doubt, you will have to deal with it at some point if you stay in the business long enough. Depending on which state you live in, you may find selling taxidermy can be a pretty complex process, especially when it comes to more heavily regulated items, like ivory. It … Continue reading “Guide to Selling Taxidermy at Estate Sales & Auctions”

Estate Sale Company Guide to Building an Online Presence

You’ve got the estate sale business part down. You’ve observed and attended several estate sales in your area to see how they work. You’ve taken appraisal courses. You’ve brushed up on your customer service skills. You’ve joined an estate sale company networking group. You’ve even established a client list. But it’s 2016. And that means you need to … Continue reading “Estate Sale Company Guide to Building an Online Presence”