Women Auctioneers: Making Waves in the Auction Industry

The History of Auctions While women auctioneers may be more ubiquitous these days, auctions have long been an important part of American culture, ever since the Pilgrims brought the practice back from Britain. The first recorded American auction took place in 1662, as the early settlers found they could sell everything from livestock, to tools,…Read More

Should the Estate Sale Industry be Regulated?

Estate sale industry regulations are a complex issue. The matters of personal property have always been…personal. When it comes to people’s things, the old cliche is often true: one person’s trash is another one’s treasure. But can just anyone determine what “treasures” are truly worth? On one hand, it’s a mid-century Kroehler sofa; on the…Read More

Guide to Problem Estate Sale Shoppers

Part of the beauty of being an estate sale company is getting to work for yourself.  How you run your business is a reflection of you and your values—and that includes how you’re going to deal with your estate sale customers and all the little things they do to keep us on our toes! Whether they’re regulars, or just…Read More

How to Handle Difficult Estate Sale Clients

Estate sale clients. They’re our bread and butter. But as much as we love them, they can do things that make running your estate sale difficult (and sometimes downright scary)! Unfortunately, these nightmares don’t just happen to newbies. Whether you’re a fledgling estate sale company trying to build your business, or you’re a veteran pro who’s…Read More

Guide to Selling Taxidermy at Estate Sales & Auctions

Selling taxidermy is part of being an estate sale professional or auctioneer, and no doubt, you will have to deal with it at some point if you stay in the business long enough. Depending on which state you live in, you may find selling taxidermy can be a pretty complex process, especially when it comes to more heavily regulated items, like ivory. It…Read More

Estate Sale Company Guide to Building an Online Presence

You’ve got the estate sale business part down. You’ve observed and attended several estate sales in your area to see how they work. You’ve taken appraisal courses. You’ve brushed up on your customer service skills. You’ve joined an estate sale company networking group. You’ve even established a client list. But it’s 2016. And that means you need to…Read More

Guide to Estate Sale Appraisal and Pricing

A lot of work goes into being an estate sale professional, and appraisal and pricing is a pretty big part of the job. While learning hands-on can never be replaced with anything online, there’s no denying the Internet has been a boon to the estate sale industry. Aside from the big guns like WorthPoint, Kovel’s, and…Read More

Guide to Estate Sale Organizations

Whether you need to hire an estate sale company, or you’re a new estate sale company just starting out, it can be tough to navigate the murky waters of licensing and accreditation and estate sale organizations. If you’re in the position of needing to liquidate an estate, you probably feel an overwhelming amount of responsibility…Read More