The Top 20 Things That Estate Sale Shoppers Are Looking For in 2021

Estate Sale shoppers are always on the search for the next great find, with certain types of items shifting in popularity each year.  At, we decided to dig into our website logs to see what types of items buyers are searching for the most, and here’s what we uncovered. The Top 20 Search Terms…Read More

What Is a Picker Sale? Estate Sales Vs. Picker Sales

Estate sales, tag sales, picker sales, digger sales, and downsizing sales all serve the same purpose. They are sales that occur over a period of time to liquidate the personal assets inside a home. What Is a Picker Sale? Estate sale companies organize picker sales. The quantity of items, type of items, location of the items or…Read More

Estate Vintage Fashion Tips – Identify & Sell Vintage Clothing Labels

Have you heard? Vintage fashion is in! There’s a nostalgia about vintage clothing with people throughout the country and for various reasons. Vintage clothing from estate sales and accessories are gaining in popularity, creating a sense of style that recycles past styles to create today’s new aesthetics. Vintage Fashion Styles If you’ve been, you know…Read More

A Guide to Managing Estate Sale Company Reviews

As online reviews increase in popularity, your estate sale company’s reviews have a ripple effect that can determines your company’s reputation and continuity in the industry. It’s easy to find online negative reviews for estate sale companies.  While we all try to focus on the positive side of things, it’s important to address why this…Read More

Dealing With Problem Estate Sale Customers

In the business world, the customer may always be right, however, there’s never a shortage of problem customers in estate sales. Even when you want to kick difficult customers to the curb, you want to maintain a good reputation, and stay in business. We hope these techniques to help you along the way. Who Are…Read More

A Guide to Ethnographic Tribal Art and Collectibles at Estate Sales

Ethnographic art objects and collectibles are often found at estate sales across the country.  Identifying and pricing tribal art items aren’t as simple as looking for similar items recently sold online. Use this guide to help you identify, research, price and sell ethnographic art and collectibles. Ethnographic Art Origin Identifying the region an ethnographic art…Read More

In-Person vs Online Estate Sales

In estate sales, it’s never a simple answer.  Online estate sale shopping continues to grow, but onsite traditional estate sales are still the preferred method of liquidating an estate. Estate sale shoppers still prefer the in-home estate sale experience where they can see the items before committing to purchase, but are traditional on-site estate sale…Read More

Your Guide to An Estate Sale Business Plan and Requirements

Like any business, proper planning leads to success.  An estate sale business plan is a good idea whether you’ve been in the business for a while or just starting out. Here are some things you should know about putting together an estate sale business plan and what estate sale business requirements must be maintained. Why…Read More

Guide to Estate Sale Jobs and Employment

Liquidators have a daunting task filling estate sale jobs.  Employment in the estate sale industry differs from other retail or service industries for many reasons. Across the country, there are hundreds of estate sale companies.  They are generally family-owned and operated by the owners themselves. Many owners would rather handle the various estate sale jobs…Read More

Your Estate Sale Guide to Valuable Old Books

There are thousands of estate sales held on a weekly basis.  Almost every home will have books.  Identifying valuable, old books from the common books can be tricky. We’ve gathered some information and tips to help you properly identify and sell estate sale books at the highest value possible. Can You Judge Valuable Old Books…Read More