Your Company Guide to Online Estate Sale Video Advertising

By Pascale Saliba

Every estate sale company will map out an advertising strategy to increase brand awareness and shoppers.  This comprehensive guide to estate sale video advertising will help you boost the foot traffic to on-site estate sales and help you get noticed in your local community.

Value of Estate Sale Video Advertising?

Whether you follow an organic marketing or paid advertising strategy, experts agree that video advertising plays a big roll in boosting your online marketing strategy for many reasons.

Video Advertising Facts

  • On a daily basis, 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook alone
  • Paid ads using videos get 3x the interaction when compared to images
  • 65% of consumers say they watched a video first before deciding to make a purchase
  • Year after year online video views increase

It’s a fact that a photo is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand photos.  If you’re not already using estate sale video advertising, it’s time to get started.

How to Create an Estate Sale Video

The estate sale industry is quite unique.  Luckily, each home is different, the contents inside each home are also different.  When creating videos for the estate sales, you have to first define the audience you’re trying to capture. These are:

  • Estate Sale Clients
  • Estate Sale Shoppers

The videos you create will vary depending on the target audience you’re trying to reach.

Online Videos to Capture Estate Sale Clients

These videos can be short and informative, whether you choose to discuss the estate sale process, answer questions specific to categories such as silver, estate jewelry, Lladro figurines, or anything in between.  The videos should be short, to the point, highlight your company and expertise.

You can also take quick short videos of each home when you first enter, prior to staging and pricing for an estate sale.  Once you hold the sale, take one after to show the professional work done and how clean you left the home.

Estate Sale Video Advertising Shoppers

There’s nothing like telling a story in a video

Estate sale shoppers love seeing what’s inside the house prior to an estate sale.  All estate sale companies take photographs, but that doesn’t capture the live feel of the home, the items’ locations, and what it looks like inside.

After staging the estate sale, creating a short video where you walk inside the home from one room to the other and talking to the viewer by explaining what’s in each room will definitely be a hit with the viewer and get you the attention you need.

Estate Sale Video Advertising Platforms

The goal is to get as many views as possible, once you have a video made, it’s a good idea to know which platform you’d like to use it on in order to properly optimize the video for the platform.

YouTube Video Advertising

Uploading your video to your company’s YouTube Channel is always a great idea, this will allow you to share it on various other platforms including your email list, and website.

When you upload your video to YouTube, make sure you have a catchy title, a good description and link back to your website.  YouTube is owned by Google, and Google loves videos.  A well-optimized video on YouTube can easily rank on the first page of Google search results if titled and described properly.

Facebook Video Uploads

Your Facebook Business Page is another platform you can use to upload your video to directly or you may also share the link from YouTube.

Manually uploading a video to Facebook is simple and quick, it also is a great way to build a library of estate sales you’ve held, thus highlighting your company’s experience in estate sales.

Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram is another social media platform you can use to upload a video to for your followers, however, they do limit their video posts to 60 seconds maximum.  You may want to capture a separate video specifically for Instagram if it’s a platform you’d like to use.

Video Advertising on

If you’ve taken a video and uploaded it to YouTube, raise awareness and increase views by pasting the YouTube video URL in the dedicated field on the bottom of Step 1 of the Add/Edit listing process.

Add the URL to your YouTube video when listing your sale to automatically embed the video player into your estate sale ad.

Shoppers looking at your sale can watch the video you’ve added and get a sneak peek at what’s waiting for them at your estate sale.  This will boost your views, and increase your following on social media channels and on-location at the sales.

Google Business for Estate Sale Videos

Almost every estate sale company has a local business listing on Google maps.  They have recently released the ability to upload a video ad into your post instead of just a photo.

Google allows you to upload videos about your business within your profile for FREE.  When a consumer or a potential client finds your business listing, they can get to meet you through a video or see prior work you’ve done.   A powerful marketing tool that increases your local brand awareness.

All the platforms mentioned above allow you to post a video for FREE.  If you choose to reach beyond your current audience, you can pay for advertising services on all the platforms and choose various targeting criteria to help you reach a bigger audience, increase foot-traffic to your estate sales, or get noticed by potential clients or referring agents that need your liquidation services.

You may still have your doubts about estate sale video marketing but here are some more statistics by top marketing research firms to help you add estate sale video marketing to your online toolbox.

Videos Sell

Studies have shown that 74% of users who watched a video explanation about a product or service, were sold on the items or service soon after.

These statistics and studies aren’t surprising if you think about it, vision is the most dominant sense, visual information is transmitted to our brain much quicker.  If pictures can boost engagement over the rest, imagine what a moving picture like videos can do.

Investment in Marketing Videos

To get you even more excited about implementing estate sale video marketing to your online strategy, know that 83% of businesses agree videos great ROI.  It pays off for itself.

The only cost you incur if you choose to add estate sale videos is your time, unless you choose to run paid ads.

All social media platforms and Google PPC allows you to run paid targeted ads using videos.

Tips For Creating Estate Sale Videos

To create online estate sale videos and engage your audience is quite easy, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Capture Your Audience

Try not to be promotional and oversell.  The video is meant to serve a purpose for your viewer, make the introduction stick.  “I can’t wait to show you what’s inside this beautiful home, let’s take a peek inside, and we’ll talk about it when we see you Friday….”

Focus on the viewer, not the estate

When taking the video of the estate sale, communicate with the viewer by discussing each room you walk into, what you see, what they can expect, and why they will enjoy shopping this estate sale with you.

Be Fun

There’s nothing worse than a boring video, smile as you speak, and have a good time doing it as if you’re walking a friend with you throughout the house.  If you come across a mirror, video yourself waiving at the viewer.  A video doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to get the message across.

Call to Action in Videos

Give your viewer a call to action.  Generally, when you’re taking the video, the address has not been released yet.

  • Visit our website at (mention your website URL) to see individual photos and the address
  • Do you love estate sales? Visit our website and sign up to get notified of our latest sales
  • Want to be the first to know? “Follow us at us on Facebook, our fans always know about our estate sales first, etc…”
  • Ask them to share and bring a friend along to shop with. “This sale is so amazing, it’s no fun shopping alone.  Bring a friend along and make a shopping day out of it, I promise it will be worth it!”
  • Get more engagement by asking your viewers a question at the end of the video and direct them to leave a comment below.

Engagement, communication, likes, and follows on any Social media platform will simply skyrocket your views.

Make Videos Stand Out With Search Engines

When your video is ready to upload to a platform like YouTube, always keep Search Engine Optimization “SEO” in mind.  Create a stimulating video title, it must be eye-catching and uses relevant keywords that search engines love to see.

Google loves video content, to ensure you get maximum visibility, besides the title, include a well-written description that’s also tagged with relevant keywords relating to the estate sale itself.  This will help boost the ranking and views of your video.

Video Editing Tools

You can simply use your smartphone to take videos of any length and further edit them using free tools that will help you combine multiple videos, add music to your video or cut parts out that you don’t want to include.

It’s ideal to try and take a video from start to finish and keep it short.  This will eliminate the need for you to spend the time editing.  However, these tools are great for you to add a company name or a website as an intro to the video.

  1. Using your smartphone, always take the video in a horizontal position, this will eliminate the two black vertical dead space areas when used online.
  2. If you don’t want to add music after the fact, why not play music in the background as you’re making the video, this will minimize the editing you have to do after the fact.

If you want to get fancy, and further edit the video by adding slides or photos before or after the video, here is a list of common free tools to use when editing videos.

Video Editing on a Computer

There are many video editing software options to choose from, here are a few we found that allows you to crop, edit, resize and publish a great video for Free.  They all have a premium version with added features, but it will all depend on how much editing you choose to do.

Using Mobile Apps to Edit Videos

Many estate sale companies find it easier to take a video using their mobile phone or Ipad if you’d like to use a few mobile apps to quickly edit the videos.

Here are some great video editing tools you can use right on your mobile device and publish directly to YouTube or social media channels.

Again, you can find many more apps to use on your own but these are very user-friendly and will be quite efficient if you take the video with your mobile phone and edit it on the spot.

We hope you found this article useful to boost brand awareness, increase foot traffic to your upcoming estate sales and get the word out to the public. is your resource for all things estate sales.

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