Estate Sale Customer Service and Management Tips for the Business

Proper business management and customer service are a given in any industry. For the liquidation professionals, estate sale customer service and estate sale management are essential because they have a direct effect on their reputation and longevity in the industry. Any typical business organization may consist of different departments or functions.  While sales, marketing, production, … Continue reading “Estate Sale Customer Service and Management Tips for the Business”

Tech Tools of the Trade

Whether you’re a late adopter or a creature of habit, conducting business the same way just because that’s how you’ve always done it comes with a price. While doing-it-yourself may work well up to a point, not adopting certain digital tools can end up costing your business money by making you appear behind the times. This is especially true … Continue reading “Tech Tools of the Trade”

Estate Sale Company Guide to Building an Online Presence

You’ve got the estate sale business part down. You’ve observed and attended several estate sales in your area to see how they work. You’ve taken appraisal courses. You’ve brushed up on your customer service skills. You’ve joined an estate sale company networking group. You’ve even established a client list. But it’s 2016. And that means you need to … Continue reading “Estate Sale Company Guide to Building an Online Presence”