Estate Sale Accounting & Merchant Services for Liquidators

If you offer professional liquidation services, estate sale accounting is not only important for your business, but is also essential for your consignors or estate sale clients. There are many liquidation accounting methods being used and various merchant services implemented at estate sales throughout the country. Let’s discover them together and see what works best … Continue reading “Estate Sale Accounting & Merchant Services for Liquidators”

Best Online Auction Selling Tips

More estate sale companies and auctioneers are meeting customers where they already are: online. Online auctions are smart ways to move more product and can be easier and more convenient than setting up an in-person estate sale or live auction. Check out these ten tips for selling in online auctions. Follow the law. While most states don’t … Continue reading “Best Online Auction Selling Tips”

Tech Tools of the Trade

Whether you’re a late adopter or a creature of habit, conducting business the same way just because that’s how you’ve always done it comes with a price. While doing-it-yourself may work well up to a point, not adopting certain digital tools can end up costing your business money by making you appear behind the times. This is especially true … Continue reading “Tech Tools of the Trade”

13 Benefits of Online Auctions

These days more estate sale companies are reaping the benefits of online auctions. Like everything else in the industry that has gone digital, including advertising on the web or accepting payment by credit card, buyers are doing their shopping online. So if your estate sale company doesn’t keep up with the times, but the company … Continue reading “13 Benefits of Online Auctions”

Auction License Laws by State

Before conducting any kind of auction, it’s important to make sure you’re compliant with your state’s auction license laws. Here’s a caveat: laws can be tricky to interpret with plenty of “grey” areas. Between auctioneer licenses, business licenses, and online auctions, it can be difficult for an auctioneer or estate sale company to know what their state’s regulations … Continue reading “Auction License Laws by State”