Estate sales are the world’s best kept secret when it comes to gift shopping – and we’ll tell you why. First off, estate sales are different from garage sales or yard sales because the things on sale aren’t someone’s old and worn-out cast-offs. The items on sale at estate sales are often things people just couldn’t keep, due to circumstances or downsizing.

Go Green!

Estate sales provide opportunities to breathe new life into old items – which cuts down on waste and makes the world a better place! Some estate sale finds need to be fixed up or refurbished,  so if you’re into DIY, getting your hands dirty is half the fun! (Not into DIY? That’s okay, too! Many items at estate sales have rarely or never been used, or else they’ve been treated with love). Either way you’re helping to reuse and recycle!

You Want It? You’ll Find It

Another reason to shop estate sales is that you can find just about anything if you look hard enough: power tools, decorative glass, books, Pyrex, every kind of collectible, vintage fashion, retro appliances, toys, post cards, photographs, video games, perfume bottles, lamps, furniture, fine art – you name it, the list goes on. Just about everything can be sold at an estate sale – including planes, cars, farm equipment, and even land!

The Price is Right

Of course a huge reason to shop estate sales is for the bargains alone. Since you’re not getting items brand new, you’re often able to find pretty good deals (Pro-tip: hit up the estate sales on a Sunday when prices are likely to be lowered).  This way, you’ll have more money to spend on more people. If you’re from a big family or have lots of friends, this is important!

Something for Everyone

Probably what we love most about shopping estate sales is being able to find something special and personalized for every single person on your list – as opposed to something that’s mass manufactured at a big box store (although you can find that stuff at estate sales, too!)

We’ve put together this list of estate sales gift ideas for every special someone in your life. All photos are from actual previous estate sales on! Happy gifting!

For Mom

  • Jewelry
  • Porcelain
  • Fenton glass
  Estate Sale Gifts for Mom

For Dad

  • Antique appliances
  • Power tools
  • Vintage beer taps

Vintage Beer Taps

For your hard-to-read father-in-law

 World War II Posters

For your hard-to please mother in law:

  • Designer purse
  • Vintage perfume

Vintage Perfumes

For Grandma:

Vintage Quilt

For Grandpa:

Bald Eagle Figurine 

For your nerdy brother:

  • Coins for his coin collection
  • Baseball cards for his baseball card collection
  • Trekkibilia for his Trekkie collection

Star Trek Collectibles

For your stylish sister:

Chanel Scarf

For the black sheep:

  • Ouija board

Ouija Board

For your quirky aunt:

  • A statement hat
  • Pet carrier
  • Spiritual garden statue

Garden Buddha Statue

For your even quirkier aunt:

Healing Crystals


For your uncle’s man cave:

  • Neon beer ad
  • Taxidermy
  • 2 life-sized cardboard cutouts of John Wayne


For the cousin who’s a little too excited about The Force Awakens:

Vintage Star Wars Dolls

For the career college student:

  • Artsy coffee table book
  • Vintage Parisian poster
  • Olympia typewriter

Vintage Olympia Typewriter

For the hipster:

  • Nothing (Explain the gift’s ironic)
  • Warhol’s Mao

Warhol's Mao

For the corporate climber:

  • How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • The Art of War
  • Vintage Monopoly board game

Vintage Monopoly Board Games

For your kids:

  • Bicycle
  • Video game console and/or video games
  • Retro Barbie bus

Vintage Barbie Bus

For their kids:

  • Musical instrument (better theirs than yours!)


For the jet-setter:

  • Framable vintage maps
  • Anything French
Vintage Maps


For the musician:

  • Crosley turntable
  • Something classic on vinyl
Crosley Record Player

For the foodie:

  • Vintage cookbooks
  • Wooden dough bowl
  • Antique pie safe

Primitive Pie Safe

For the entertainer:

  • Vintage tea set
  • Pyrex
  • Chinaware
Pink Porcelain Dishes with Green Flowers 

For the arts & crafter:

Vintage Greeting Cards


For the conspiracy theorist:

  • Stealth cam
Stealth Cam

For the teacher:

  • Decorative globe
  • Vintage signs for classroom decor
  • Early book edition

Classic Books


Estate Sale Gift Guide

What estate sale finds will you be gifting people? Share with us your best estate sale gift ideas – past or present – in the comments below!