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  • Lot 001. Fantastic early console/writing desk with mounted candle stops. This is an excellent old handmade piece much prettier has peeled off, but this console combination writing desk is a wonderful decorative and functional antique. For drawers gallery top is missing and two very nicely made candle stops on top of the gallery drawer box. This piece is obviously old, features hand dovetails and obvious signs of age and careful construction. Veneer is in rough condition in some places as is consistent with a piece of greater age. This table is 48 inches wide, 20 inches writing surface and 21 inches deep.
  • Lot 002. To Ruhlman style lamp tables. These tables are obviously inspired by French 20s Art Deco as in JJ Ruhlmann. These tables are in a fashionable fluted design each has a hidden drawer and they are in a dark espresso finish. 31 inches high and 13 in. Square. Good used condition these are modern tables.
  • Lot 003. Contemporary writing desk in Bamboo. 44 inches wide 16 inches deep and 30 inches high. This writing desk is in beautiful condition hardware would in all portions are very good and clean. A very nicely detailed piece with three fully functional drawers all in Pressed bamboo.
  • Lot 004. A fantastic old rebuilt clock. This clock has suffered some slight damage but it is very old and has been rebuilt, meaning this is a fantastic opportunity to get a wonderful old wall clock at a good price. Clocks like this usually go for about $1000 but this one having suffered some slight damages and been rebuilt will go at a good price. This clock regardless of its condition is still a fine old timepiece and is worth in excess of $500.
  • Lot 005. An exquisite stately manor mirror. This mirror has a depth of over 4 inches, exceptional high relief acanthus leaves, egg and dart molding and other themes. This mirror is complete with beveled glass and is in fantastic condition. Pictures cannot convey the great depth and feel of this mirror it must be seen in person to be truly appreciated, this is a high value item. 35 inches high, 48 inches wide and nearly 5 inches deep.
  • Lot 006. Mom's Vineyard tea cart. A lovely utilitarian tea cart measuring 32 inches long 17 inches wide and 30 inches high. This car is in fantastic condition features a wrought iron type frame with two nicely decorated rustic shelves. Cart has casters with stops and features a boat shaped appearance. Condition of this piece is good used condition. No noteworthy scratches or defects have been seen.
  • Lot 007. Contemporary version of a waterfall style bed frame in king size. In a simplified waterfall style this king size bed frame is complete with wooden side rails and footboard and a large headboard. In good used condition this is a great bedframe featuring a dark espresso finish and very nicely done veneers.  This is a contemporary piece not an antique and is in very good used condition.
  • Lot 008. A fine fancy florescent modern folding outdoor chair. You will never lose track of this chair due to its florescent yellow color it will always be easy to find. This chair is crafted in a very ingenious fashion easily foldable yet very well upholstered. Chair is in very good used condition.
  • Lot 009. Nerf guns and wall E toys. Two wall eToys in great condition and a broad selection of Nerf guns Star Wars light sabers and plastic combat knives. All appear to be in great used condition without original packaging.
  • Lot 010. A wide selection of a small toys featuring SpongeBob, wall E, some metal cars and small action figures. This is a great complete kit of toys for the small child with airplanes automobiles a fuzzy bunny and numerous action figures.
  • Lot 012. A good old-fashioned extra-large toybox. This toybox measures 36 inches wide 20 inches deep and 17 inches high. This is a lockable trunk or box with heavy hardware and could be suitable for a child's toybox, and adults Footlocker, or could've the bed trunk although it is not cedar. There is noticeable damage lots of scuffs and scrapes and one considerable piece of molding missing from the front please see photos.
  • Lot 013. Mixed group of containers, picture frames and backpack notebook. Featuring one extra large unused 20 x 20" shadowbox to three drawer plastic containers each with its own casters. This lot also includes a pair of unused picture frames and a small tool tray.
  • Lot 014. Two fantastical art prints. Featuring one print of an Arctic landscape and one original painting. The original piece is by the original artist. This painting is quite comical and a wondrous bizarre original piece the only thing I can compare this painting to is my  reflection in my mirror early in the morning. Very unusual signed piece this will be quite nice for the appreciator of bizarre humor.
  • Lot 015. A very enchanting Oriental style bench. A small bench with a deep burgundy tufted cushion, finger joints which are quite obvious and an unusual six piece round dowel attachment to the legs. This is a very gracefully shaped small bench or stool used but in good used condition, there are some finish ruboffs, please see photos, these rudoffs do actually not detract from the look of the piece and in fact add to the charm of the whole presentation. Done in a very very dark ebony finish this is a heavy weight piece and is very sturdy.
  • Lot 016. A wonderful small lot of sporting equipment. Featuring two very nice new baseball gloves, one baseball bat made by Louisville slugger and complete with carrying case, this bat is aluminum. Also includes one bowling pin which has been signed by unknown people and one Rawlings baseball of the soft core synthetic leather variety. All these items are in fair to good use condition.
  • Lot 017. An interesting and hilarious group of pastime items. Featuring a pink and black marble chess set in a very simplistic style, this group also features bobble heads stick on mustaches Guns and various other items that will be sure to entertain the young or old boy in your life.
  • Lot 018. A fantastic set of entertaining learning tools for the small child including pop-up books and an old-fashioned globe. This group features three incredible pop-up books featuring dinosaurs, sharks and Peter Pan. These are very well done pop-up books and are fantastic to behold. This group also features a DK illustrated dictionary of animal life, and a good old-fashioned 12 inch globe.
  • Lot 019. An exceptional nice air hockey table. Hover hockey by goalie stick with NHL inscription. This is an unusual large table game which can also be used for ping-pong when covered. A good large table 81 inches long 41 inches wide and a good solid 32 inches high. This is a great game room table Rich Meigh used for air hockey or ping-pong table is in great used condition. Fully functional has been tested.
  • Lot 020. A large brother office printer. This is a multi function MFC office printer featuring fax scan copy and print. This printer group comes with four laser cartridges for it.
  • Lot 021. An excellent old-fashioned school or office chair. Plenty of solid oak along with small amounts of fiberboard this is a very solid chair with a slight back saver legs and two very convenient U attachments to make sure everything stays in its proper place. This chair is in good used condition and will last many years as it is structurally very tight solid and sound.
  • Lot 022. A great group of games and plush toys. Features Scrabble Parcheesi and two more plus a back scratcher and a multitude of unique plush toys some of these items have never been used.
  • Lot 022. A great group of games and plush toys. Features Scrabble Parcheesi and two more plus a back scratcher and a multitude of unique plush toys some of these items have never been used.
  • Lot 024. Chinese checkers, folding chair set and great movie posters. This group features some small folding movie posters featuring Star Wars Independence Day and others. Features a folding chair set Chinese checkers and Donald Trump cufflinks. There's a large group of 3D glasses included in this group we don't have a 3D television to test them out so they are sold as is everything in this group is lightly used but in good condition.
  • Lot 025. A large Manhattan/mid-century style sofa with chaise lounge. This is a great sectional sofa although well used and that's showing severe signs of use leather it is frayed and missing from significant portions of the cushions. Please see photos for specific condition, this is a great sectional sofa but has been well used. The sofa is also quite large.
  • Lot 026.Decorated copper plate and two unusual cups and saucers. A arge 16 1/2 " diameter hanging decorative copper plate. Also comes with two Villeroy and Boch German cups and saucers. Wave like saucers and curved cup handles make these two pieces quite unique. Please see pictures for a closer look.
  • Lot 027. Fine set of Noritake Ivory china. Over 60 pieces of Noritake Ivory china.Includes 7 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 soup bowls, 8 desert bowls, 8 bread plates, 8 cups and saucers, 2 serving bowls, 2 serving plates, coffee and tea pot and creamer and sugar. All look in very good used condition, some small knife marks showing but still lightly used.
  • Lot 028.Glass wear and serving stand. Four small colored sherry styled glasses and four twisted stem tall glasses. Also includes a blue swirl glass bowl, a maroon colored vase and a ceramic serving plate nested on a wood pedestal and made by the Cellar company. All are in very good used condition
  • Lot 029 Assorted kitchen items.Large 17 1/2" diameter painted bamboo bowl that has a few small nicks. An Emile Henry pie dish, popcorn maker , coffee grinder a Pyrex bowl and a green tray among other odds. All are in fair to good used condition. See pictures for closer inspection.
  • Lot 030.Five clean glass decanters.Nice collection of five glass decanters. Three are plain and two are cut glass. All have their stoppers are in very good used condition. A great collection to enhance your spirits and brandy collection. See pictures for a closer look.
  • Lot 031.Garmin Forerunner 610 watch.Not sure of all the functions on this Garmin Forerunner 610 but it looks in very good used condition and comes complete with the charger. See pictures for closer detail and start timing your runs and probably heart beat too.!
  • Lot 032.The original ipod soon to become a collector's item. Original white ipod in fair condition. Fully functioning and in working order. Quite a few marks and scratches from use but in working order and as I mention this will soon become a collector's piece. See pictures for a closer look.
  • Lot 033. Samsung 10" Tablet. Very lightly used Samsung Tablet. Comes with car ring case and charger. Total space is 12 GB. Device measures approx. 10" x 7 " . Looks very lightly used, see pictures for a closer look.
  • Lot 034. IPod and Moto blur phone. Older iPod and Monto blur phone with separate built in key board. IPod is well used with scratch marks from use, comes with the back end of a protective case which has no glass front. Monto blur is working order and both devices come with chargers. See pictures for a closer look at the condition.
  • Lot 035.Headset Heaven! A large group of 7 headsets / headphones. An Ear force X12 head phones with speaker mike, 3 smaller sets and an Xbox 360 headset. Also one other larger set with a bright green lead. All are in fair to good used condition.
  • Lot 036. Large lot of cables and electronic device's. A mixture of cables and over 12 chargers for numerous device's. Also includes an Arari Flashbacj 4 console which is untested. See pictures for more details of this bundle.
  • Lot 037.Pebble 1 watch and charger.A multi-function Pebble watch that has numerous functions including running etc. No booklet so you need to look up its functionality if interested. Watch is in good used condition and comes with charger and is in working order. Comes with a plastic strap and should fit most of us. See pictures for more details.
  • Lot 038.Bose IPod speaker , phone and gadgets.A Bose iPad holder speaker, this has no leads and may be in an earlier lot but does come with remote Also we have a Logitech Harmony Touch remote controller with instructions. There is an Apple TV connector , a phone and some chargers and cables. Last we have a Gopro head strap and quick clip. All are in good used condition apart from head strap which is unopened.
  • Lot 039.Uncirculated coin sets and an Eisenhower Dollar.From the Philadelphia Mint we have a 1959 and 1963 uncirculated sets. Contained half dollar, quarter, nickels, dime and penny Also comes with a mint sealed 1972 Eisenhower Silver dollar. All coins are sealed in plastic coverings.
  • Lot 040.A lot of 3 proof US coins.In this lot we have a 1955, 1956 and 1957 proof sets. These contain a half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny and are sealed in a screw down plastic sleeve. The plastic has some scuff marks but coins are mint.
  • Lot 041.Three US coin proof sets.We have a 1953, 1954 and 1966 proof sets. The 1954 set looks as though the coins have got a tarnish on but I believe they are unopened . The 1953 does not state proof set but looks like it probably is. Another great set of coins to add to your collection. See pictures for closer details.
  • Lot 042.US proof coins and set.A 1971 Eisenhower proof dollar, a proof 1732-1982 Commemorative Half dollar and a 1766-1976 Bicentennial silver proof set. All coins come in sealed plastic cases. Another nice collection of proof coins.
  • Lot 043.Five Ten dollar casino tokens from various casinos in Nevada including Reno, Laughlin etc. Three are from the Flamingo casino. Also included An American Revolution 1963 commemorative medal. All coins are sealed in plastic covers and are in near mint condition.
  • Lot 044.1968 to 1972 proof US coin sets.Five US coin proof sets from 1968 to 1972. Includes half dollar, quarter, dime, nickle and penny. All are in sealed plastic coverings and are in mint condition.
  • Lot 045. United States Proof sets 1973 to 1977.Another five proof sets from 1973 to 1977. All are in sealed plastic containers and are in mint condition. These sets have dollars through to penny's. See pictures for more detail of coins.
  • Lot 046.United State Proof Coin Sets 1978 to 1981.1978 proof set with silver dollar through to the penny . Also 1979, 1980 and 2 1981 sets with the smaller Susan bee dollar coins through to the penny's. All are in mint condition and in sealed plastic containers.
  • Lot 047.United States Proof Sets from 1982 - 1986 Another set of Five proof sets from 1982 through to 1986. All in sealed plastic containers and in mint condition.
  • Lot 048.5 United States Proof Coin Sets 1987-1991.More proof sets from 1987 through to 1991. All sets are in mint condition and in sealed plastic containers. All have half dollar through to penny.
  • Lot 049. 6 United States coin proof sets.1992 through to 1997 US proof sets. Half dollar to penny these sets are sealed and in mint condition. Great sets to be treasured by the coin collectors.
  • Lot 050.6 lots of uncirculated US coins.Six sets of US coins sets, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964 and 1965. All sets are sealed and have half dollar through to penny. Most if not all from Philadelphia mint.
  • Lot 051.Assorted lot of coins and conservative medals.1971 and 1972 uncirculated coin sets. 2 Eisenhower sealed dollars. An American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative medal , a special Olympics medal and a 1975 Bicentennial medal commemorating the battle of Lexington and Concord. All are sealed and in mint condition.
  • Lot 052.Large collection of foreign and some US coins.Great assortment of newer foreign currency including a $20.00 bill from Jamaica. If your going there this lot could be for you! Also spotted some older English penny's. See pictures for a closer look.
  • Lot 053. 3 black counter stools.Three black stools that are 24" high. Solid wood construction and in good used condition. Usual scratches and dings from general use. Still solid and if the height is right good for the breakfast counter. See pictures for a closer loo
  • Lot 054.Amazon Kindle book reader.A very clean and looks lightly used Amazon Kindle. Comes with charger and is in working order. Also comes with a leatherette cover. See pictures for a closer look.
  • Lot 055. A lovely rustic style entertainment center. This entertainment center will house the largest television on top and has tons of shelf space for components below all shelves are fixed aside from one adjustable shelf on the right side of the piece. This unit is done in a barn house style finish black paint that is primarily rubbed off and pine wood underneath. This is a nice large piece it's top will accommodate any modern wide screen television set. 1661 inches wide 17 inches deep and 35 inches high this is a capacious piece suitable for any modern wide screen television.
  • Lot 056. Pair of wavy shelf units with contents. These are whimsical modern shelf units rather small made mostly for books CDs and small knickknacks, 53 inches high 11 inches wide and 6 inches deep. This group includes the contents of the shelves many of which are very unusual items such as plasticine molding clay book series in hardback and small snow globes.
  • Lot 057. A great set of old-school weights and weight table. These weights include two 45 pound bells going down to 5 pounds weights. This it is all lightly used and fully adjustable and includes an incredible table for storage of the weights if you choose to do so. This is a beautiful set for the weightlifter or health enthusiast. This set is not for the weak of heart; these are serious weights and could cause injury if fully loaded. Please fully consider that this is an old school set of lifting weights and will take up a good amount of space and once again they could be dangerous if you are not a strong individual.
  • Lot 058. Carom free through indoor basketball game. With two hoops time score counter and two balls this is a great indoor basketball game. This piece has been heavily used and shows signs of wear and tear please see photos this is still a great game for indoor or light outdoor use.
  • Lot 059. "Sunny health and fitness" indoor cycling bike. This is a great indoor cycle machine with an unusually nice flywheel and seat. Features multiple adjustable hand and foot holds. This machine also has casters for moving in and out of usual spaces. Quite a nice piece of machinery and in very good used condition. This machine has the true feel of a European racing bicycle.
  • Lot 060. Contemporary Asian style side table. 21 inches wide 14 inches deep and 30 inches high. This small piece is done in a black finish features two small drawers and Asian style double doors. A mix of Chippendale and Chinese hardware this piece is in good used condition does show some corner where and chips and scrapes at bottom edges. Altogether this is a very nice used piece of contemporary fu Lot 061. X frame bench. Made by La-Z-Boy this X frame divan or bench is a nice contemporary piece of furniture with leatherette upholstery and in a good large size. 43 inches long 29 inches wide and 18 inches high, this is a nice contemporary style divan or bench furniture in the Oriental style.
  • Lot 062. A lovely small lot of decorative items. Featuring working pendulum clock golden lion statuette, two small clay pots done in a very unique fashion and a wooden nutcracker in a natural finish. Also featuring a very stylish lava lamp that appears to be in good order.
  • Lot 063. Delicate Asian style bench in solid wood. 42 inches wide 12 inches deep and 18 inches high. This is a very stylish Asian bench with pegged ins, it is contemporary but it features some very nice details. These are probably not genuine pegged ends but they do have the look, this will go very well with the modern or Asian interior.
  • Lot 064. Three magnificent large bottles plus a planter. Two in Prussian blue and one in a milky amber color, this also includes a nice planting basket with leatherette straps. Largest bottle is 30 inches high, 10 inches wide, Amber bottle is 29 inches high and third blue bottle with dimples is 23 inches high and roughly 10 inches wide. These are great large decorator pieces that will be a wonderful addition to any home space. Planter comes complete with artificial seagrass.
  • Lot 065. Four excellent mid-century style sushi plates plus wonderful extras. A very unusual centerpiece/bud vase and a tubular design made by global views in India this appears to be a relatively hand crafted piece. Four shot glasses in excellent condition two sauce dishes and 2 Wonderful, Mickey Mouse bowls. Includes an excellent Oster powered Peppermill.
  • Lot 066. A good large and varied lot of mixed stainless and silver plate. This lot in crew includes great groups of matching teaspoons iced tea spoons, fish forks and various other tabletop items. There are no complete matching sets but there are large groups of individual items such as fish forks and teaspoons. All are silver-plate or stainless.
  • Lot 067. A great selection of pairs of glasses, mugs and a somewhat extensive set of stainless flatware. Featuring multiple pairs of mixed mugs cups and glasses with matching stainless flatware not a complete set by far but still enough to seat a table for four. Also include a very large group of coffee stirring sticks.
  • Lot 068. Espresso maker, waffle maker and multiple small coffee shots. This lot includes a medium Ziploc bag full of arpeggio espresso coffee shops, this is a beautiful espresso machine in a very unusual design quite a sight to behold. Includes a very ergonomic waffle maker flips waffles with the turn of the crank. These are lightly used machines and coffee shots or of course sealed and unused entirely.
  • Lot 069. Gold ring with three small diamonds . This is a dainty ladies ring with a very impressive display of three small diamonds . This ring is in good used vintage condition and will be a great addition to your collection of ladies jewelry.
  • Lot 070. A fabulous lot of jewelry and coins. Featuring rings, bracelets necklaces and unusual men's keychains with attached pocket knives. Features one 10 karat men's sapphire ring. This is a great broad selection of small trinkets and bubbles very well worth the time and effort of looking through them and enjoying this group.
  • Lot 071. Four nifty men's watches. Featuring 2 Unusually Nice Timex watches and a polar and another men's bracelet watch. These are great lightly used watches, all seem to be working although we cannot guarantee anything with watches or electronic devices therefore they are being sold as is with no guarantee.
  • Lot 072. A lovely stylish pair of rocking outdoor metal chairs. These chairs have rocking mechanisms although they are not full-blown rocking chairs; the mechanisms are in great shape the chairs are in good outdoor used condition and are quite attractive with a neoclassical look and style. Upholstery is still in good condition and appears to be relatively new.
  • Lot 073. A very charming modern seaside style chaise lounge. And a very open weave pattern of PVC on metal framework this is a highly adjustable chaise lounge featuring upholstered cushions that appear to be rather new. This piece is in good outdoor use condition. Chair itself is nearly black upholstery is in a seafoam green and white pattern. Bottom of legs do feature the degree of corrosion that can be expected in an outdoor piece of furniture in this area. PVC latticework is in great used condition as is typical with non-natural wicker and cane coverings.
  • Lot 074. Large blue naturalistic planter. This is an enormous planter in a cerulean blue color with a very simplistic but effective shape nearly 36 inches tall and maximum 14 inches wide this is a very large planter please beware if you live in a small space this planter may not work for you. This piece is very heavy and very large and does include the plant pictured so make sure you have proper help and a good large space to carry this one home in.
  • Lot 075. Used broil King "Baron" outdoor grill. A great relatively compact outdoor grill featuring both electric and gas operation, anyone familiar with broil Kings will know that this is a great outdoor cooker. There is some rather extensive surface corrosion, however none is gone through the top surface of finish and this grill will still be great for quite a few years to come.
  • Lot 076. An unusual trio of extra-large ribs and hobnail style planters. Ranging from the relatively short to the rather tall, tallest planter is nearly a full 3 feet high smallest planter is 16 inches tall. Large planter is 16 in.² maximum diameter, these are nice modern black planters in an unusual design. These are very heavy items please be certain to have plenty of room and plenty of manpower to take these home after you win the auction. In a glossy black finish these are great high style planters for the porch patio or anyplace else or you have a large plant that need a deep soil to grow.
  • Lot 077. Two large planters and Chinese lamp. One unusually tall celery green planter with a short planter and two Chinese lamps. Planters are in excellent condition very nice straightforward pieces lamps are an agreeable outdoor used condition. One smaller round lamp and one large rectangular lamp are included. Both lamps have withstood outdoor use and do show some signs of finish loss and corrosion
  • Lot 078. Red and white Chevron rug with two outdoor chairs in a very unusual high style. This is a great decorative outdoor rug along with two unusual ice cream parlor style white plastic chairs with saber legs and round backs; rug is seven and half feet by five and half feet. This is a nice set up for your outdoor patio sunroom or any other situation where you want to have some style but keep the elements in mind.
  • Lot 078b. Twin set of unusual side fluted planters. These are finished and extremely dark espresso color so dark that the brown almost appears black both are perfect matches they are tall planters suitable for plants that need plenty of room for the roots measuring a maximum of 17 inches high and 11 inches wide maximum.
  • Lot 079. Two seater kayak complete with oars. This kayak features to padded seats adjustable orders and carrying handles front and rear. The grand total of 162 inches long and maximum 32 inches wide.
  • Lot 080. Werner 21 foot expanding ladder. This letter has a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds and is for light duty household/homeowner use with a maximum of working length of 21 feet.
  • Lot 082. "Champion" power equipment generator. This is a great 3500 to 3000 W generator and a yellow and black finish, it is obviously been little if any used. Fantastic condition and a great item to have in the household in our part of the country. Includes a foldable carrying handle and convenient wheels. This machine is complete with 20 to 25 amp circuit breakers 120 V outlets of every configuration.
  • Lot 083. " Murray " 6.5 quantum 22 inch cut lawn mower with Briggs and Stratton engine. This mower is complete with debris bag is in acceptable used condition has not been started so we cannot guarantee its usable viability could possibly be for parts. Has not been cranked in a while therefore it probably works as we all know lawnmowers that have not been cranked in months can take some work to get them up and running.
  • Lot 084. Poulan chainsaw. A nice small compact gas powered chainsaw in good used condition this is a 14 inch model 3314. As is customary this is a mechanical device which is been on tested by us therefore it is sold as is with no guarantees as to its working viability.
  • Lot 085. Hoover max extract all terrain spin scrub carpet cleaner. This machine appears to be relatively new it does run and is in clean used condition with extra scrubbers and various useful parts. This is a nice machine and appears to be in good usable condition although we do not guarantee any mechanical pieces such as this.
  • Lot 086. "Soft tops" surfboard. This is a lightly used and very lightweight surfboard in a white and gray alligator top finish. Full board is 8'5" long by 22 inches wide maximum.
  • Lot 087. "Century" punching bag. A good large red heavy punching bag complete with suspending straps and one glove. Height is 31 inches width 13 inches. Bag has been very lightly used and is refillable. A great workout bag for the boxing enthusiast.
  • Lot 088. Tommy Bahama carryall with extra-large all terrain wheels. Deep blue with a large mesh bag handle bar mounted cooler bag and a wonderful set of wheels that will handle rough areas this is a great folding carryall for outings beach picnics etc. anywhere you need to carry a large amount of items in a convenient carriage.
  • Lot 089. Two tall metal shelves with all holiday oriented contents included. This is a great lot of useful storage and holiday items ranging from snow globes to nesting boxes to various Christmas and Easter decorations. Winning bidder takes all, this is an all-inclusive lot for shelves and all contents. Shelf units are 48 inches wide, 25 inches deep and 6 feet tall. This is a great lot for a new family preparing for storage and holiday celebrations.
  • Lot 090. A super group of sporting equipment. This group includes multiple pieces that are great for an outdoor experience including rollerblades bicycle and motorcycle helmets, dog leashes backpacks and a hard hat for when you finally have to go back to work. All these items are used to some degree or another, condition ranges from fair used to very good used. Includes a very clean Dallas Cowboys football and premier bicycle helmet. Three bicycle racks are included and are very straightforward easily used items and have not been taken out of their original wrapping, they are shop worn but unused.
  • Lot 091. 6 foot stack of useful household items. This group includes flowerpots, painting equipment and nice Samsung powered subwoofer, watering can humidifier and bed risers. These are highly useful items winning bidder takes all. Some items are used some are totally unused, includes three flashlights.
  • Lot 092. P A Starck piano company metal frame upright grand piano. A wonderful starck cabinet grand piano, this features a composite bell metal frame and is a great old piano. This piano is an older piano so of course will need tuning and many touchups. Please be advised this piano has been stored in a garage environment with much humidity and heat therefore tolerances are very very tight and there is much damage i.e. scratches scrapes scuffs and bumps all over, however it is a very beautifully made piece of musical equipment. And features matching piano stool.
  • Lot 093. Some wonderful garden enhancements. Featuring two large chaise lounge cushions in good shape. These cushions are in a hunter green color with a nubby weave and do not appear to have been used outdoors for very long. We also have two large green planters, a leaf rake, push broom and caddy for garden tools. A perfect set to get your garden going.
  • Lot 094. A good large selection of Pez dispensers and unique bobble head figure. PEZ dispensers include Wizard of Oz figures tin man wicked witch strawman and etc. also includes some Star Wars Halloween and Christmas themes.
  • Lot 095. A gaggle of children's small plastic figures and toys. This group features animals, cannon, vehicles and all manner of small plastic children's toys suitable for young children. These toys are in used condition. This is a great starter set for the small child.
  • Lot 096. An exceptional unique game board plus great extras. We have never seen this game board before and cannot find one quite like it in our research material it is however quite impressive. The suite features the game board in very good used condition, one frosted glass globe suitable for the desktop, and three clay eggs very nicely decorated. These are exceptional unusual pieces so take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Lot 097. A huge lot of books suitable for the erudite collector. These books run the gamut from art to religion to dictionary to cookbooks. Most are hardback and most are in good to very good used condition. Create your own instant library with this large selection of varied subject matter materials.
  • Lot098. An extravagant group of chandeliers. All these hanging fixtures are matching and in a black contemporary finish with unusual cylindrical shades. There are four separate pieces including a three light chandelier, a five light chandelier and a two light chandelier. All are used but in good condition.
  • Lot 099. A nifty group of art candles and a music stand. Lockbox has no key so the candles have been used, Christmas related pieces are in fantastic condition. Also features an old school music stand which is in fair used condition, some struts are loose. Features for 2016 Democratic debate posters in an used condition. Also a Native American style painting on canvas in a very minimalist style.
  • Lot 100. Autographed baseball. Official top grain leather cork and rubber baseball signed by members of the team that we are not familiar with have a look at the photos and you might recognize some of the signatures. This baseball is signed all around and is in unused condition.
  • Lot 101. Waterford custard glasses. This is a beautiful set of Waterford custard and sorbet serving glasses and excellent very lightly used condition. These classes are not brilliant cut but have a light pattern of a more modern style.
  • Lot 102. 6 Piece Set, Waterford wine goblets. A beautiful set of long stemmed teardrop shaped Waterford wine goblets with a light finish. These are not brilliant cut but are very sparkly with a somewhat lighter hand than some cut glass. These goblets are in excellent lightly used condition and is a full set of six.
  • Lot 103. A very jazzy snazzy set of short tumblers. This set of eight tumblers is decorated with a jazz themed series of illustrations, mostly in primary colors and done in a minimalist style. These are good stout, large but short tumblers, perfect size for the average drink, and have barely been used. These tumblers will be great in a gentleman's den or bar. Once again a complete set of eight.
  • Lot 104. A super lot of silver-plate. An unusual silver plate and wood based cheese serving platter, two kidney shaped serving dishes, a large three compartment silver-plate serving tray and an equally unusual silver-plate porringer. Porridge dish is not silver-plate, it is very highly polished pewter.
  • Lot 105. Group of 11 Waterford, Crystal tumblers. These tumblers are 5 inch height perfect size for summer drinks and feature a milder than usual cut pattern. These tumblers are lightly used and although not a full set of 12, eleven is generally more than the average person needs for a home gathering. Spotless used condition.
  • Lot 106. Four piece set of large balloon wineglasses. This is a Waterford holiday set featuring etched holiday greetings. Etched holiday sayings include "cheers", "celebrate" and other hale and hearty holiday sentiments. These glasses are in virtually unused condition.
  • Lot 107. A trio of statuettes of fledgling birds. These are palm of the hand size figurines featuring fledgling birds, a quite charming group for the wild bird enthusiast. Includes cardinal and bluebird. Made by Boehm in the USA.
  • Lot 108. Ornate painted cast metal and polished brass quilt rack. This is a lovely old fashion quilt rack with Victorian styling although it is of new manufacture. This coat rack has been scantily used and is virtually good as new. Rack is 38 inches wide maximum 23 inches deep and 41 inches high. This rack offers plenty of space for even the largest groups to be folded and draped over and allows airflow in your bedding to keep everything fresh and clean. All parts and pieces are in very good used condition. All signs of wear are extremely minimal.
  • Lot 109. An extremely ornate fin de siecle style painting by Daveaux. An original oil by J Deveaux with a wonderful ornate frame, original retail price $1500. This is a very warmly colored painting featuring primarily russet tones with some reds and greens. Total height is 46 inches, total width is 33 inches. This is a very high relief frame; frame itself is in excess of 3 inches deep.
  • Lot 110. Two small prints with an ancient appearance. These prints are 21 x 14" and are of modern manufacture however they have been treated to appear very old pieces. Lots of moody crackling of paint finish and varnish gives these pieces the appearance of old family heirlooms. These are unique pieces that add an air of gravity to any traditional room.
  • Lot 111. Original oil painting by an indecipherable artist. We cannot quite make out the signature of the artist but this is an original done in a slightly naïve/primitive style reminiscent of the early Victorian. This painting is in fantastic condition and is very ornately framed. 33 inches high 29 inches wide, this painting has a nice high relief ornate molded frame which reaches a maximum depth of 2 1/2 inches.
  • Lot 112. Original art entitled "kids on the beach" by Gilbert. An original piece and a wide format this is a nice piece in excellent preowned condition. 37" x 21" this is a great size to fit into more compact spaces. Original retail price in excess of $900. A deep but straightforward golden frame rounds out this painting.
  • Lot 113. A fabulous trio of fantastical Japanese prints. These are done in a narrative old-fashioned Japanese style, each print has its own story to tell and the group of three matching sized and framed prints makes a perfect adornment for an entire wall. Please see photos, these are small to medium size prints. 19" x 15". Beautifully colored and in very good condition. These prints are very delicately colored and assured to not clash with the average interior. Featuring excellent Asian calligraphy and old-style modes of dress and artistry.
  • Lot 114. An antique style architectural painting and a humorous black-and-white print. Black-and-white print by Jim Daly features an old man of the road shoes falling apart walking stick and battered suitcase in hand reading the Wall Street Journal of all things. This is an old-style piece of comedy arts and a great humorous piece for office or home. Artificially aged print features scene of the outer edge of Venice complete with gondolas.
  • Lot 115. A wide but short original watercolor complete with very nicely done frame. Dated from the early to thousands this is a crystal clear and clean original watercolor behind glass and in a new frame, all in wonderful condition. 42 inches wide 18 inches high, this is in a light frame and suitable for many applications. An original by "Clara Slaugh".
  • Lot 116. A fantastic twin size chair and 1/2 sleeper in nearly new condition. With a foldaway twin size mattress that appears to be spotless this is from a non-smoking not non-pet owning home and has barely been used. These cushions are in a wonderful Venetian red fabric and are washable this is an excellent opportunity to own such a great looking utilitarian piece; do not miss out as these do not come along very often. Fabric and legs show only the most minimal signs of wear and use. Mattress appears to be virtually unused and is a comfortable modern foldout mattress. This is a nice wide chair, every bit of a twin size bed plus the width of the upholstered arms and depth of the back.
  • Lot 117. Venetian red microfiber wide Ottoman. In a size nearly large enough to qualify as a divan this red microfiber ottoman is a very large piece and very well cushioned. This ottoman is in excellent shape, it is not a storage Ottoman although it is roughly the size of a cedar chest. Abdomen is 45 inches wide 24 inches deep and 18 inches high. Condition is very good lightly used. This piece is from a non-pet non-smoking home. This ottoman is the matching finish to lot 116 which is also a very fine used piece of furniture.
  • Lot 118. A massive contemporary table lamp. This is an extra-large contemporary table lamp for the person with plenty of room to spare. Features a somewhat unusual medium khaki colored shade and a very bulbous and large base. This lamp is in good used condition; there are a small number of very minor chips to the finish. A good size 29 inches high and 22 inches maximum width.

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