VERY LARGE 'private' 30 year accumulation collection of 100+ guitars and also amps, other musical rock n roll memorabilia including: Takamine, Fender, Gibson, Telecaster, Ibanez, Gibson, Schecter, Tur

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Sun, Oct 21, 2018 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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Sale Description


Sunday – October 21, 2018


Doors Open 8:00 am – Auction Starts 8:30 am

Preview: Friday 12-3pm and Saturday 8:30-3pm


VERY LARGE 'private' 30 year accumulation collection of 100+ guitars and also amps, other musical rock n roll memorabilia including: Takamine, Fender, Gibson, Telecaster, Ibanez, Gibson, Schecter, Turser, Epiphone, Les Paul, Cobain, Hair Band, Grebson, Peavey, Tracer, Aria Pro II, Round Back, Batman, Teisco, Dean, Rockwood, Armstrong, Yamaha, Rogue Promo, RARE colors & Collectible and many many more!


Just started inventorying!


1980's Vester hair band style, fender lawsuit style, stage series, rosewood neck, guitar with strap, all original,  serial number e732987 , small chip, with hard case (2pc lot) in good condition

1980's Vester lawsuit guitar - rare - made for a short period of time, with maple neck,  and  strap,  s/n 12899, all original, very good condition

year unknown Dean Vednetta spalted finish guitar in the (greens/black), grover tuners, with strap s/n us07061697 in very good condition

1988 Ibanez RG 550 Floyd Rose trim guitar, made in Japan, assembled in US, thin wizzard special neck, s/n 880550 with strap, all original, very good condition

1986 Ibanez model Roadstar II Series the Ultimate Express with original active pickups (tummy tuck) s/n c861367 made in Japan, all original - good condition with some pick scratches with strap

1962 Ibanez model 882 all original slight belt buckle, no strap with hard case, good condition for a '62 

Grebson, Gibson Copy, (no year) , with grover tuners, in fair condition considered a player with strap

1988 Hamer with Purple Burst paint with Ceymour pickups rosewood neck made in Korea s/n 1705126 original good condition with strap

1980's Peavey Tracer in the yellow, with batman strap, made in the US, fair condition with some chips and missing back plate sn 03379067 

Year unknown Gem, Gibson Copy guitar with some buckle rash on back but in fair condition considered a player no strap

1980 Peavey Tracer with strap, s/n 03896914 handcrafted in USA (glam hair band guitar) fair condition light scratches on finish 

1980 Aria Pro II, lighting bolt style guitar, with strap, active pickups, rosewood fret board, original, good condition

Late 90's Applause by Ovation Super Shallow, Cutaway, A/E in the black, round back guitar, made in Korea, has addition plate to reduce sliding, model number AE700-5SA acoustic guitar, a Kaman Music Product, original, good condition, believe s/n 9005177 with original box, some paperwork and strap

year unknown Batman guitar maker unknown, serial number unknown no strap

1979 Peavey Patriot guitar, made in the US, with skull strap, s/n 02783930, considered a player with hard shell Peavey case, case key and wrench

1980's Rockwood by Hohner, model LX100G guitar, made in Korea, red color, triple original pickups, (no strap) in fair condition

2009 Schecter Diamond series guitar, model C1, Duncan Design pickups, mother of pearl in fretwork, grover tuners, s/n #0303277, all original, very good condition with strap

1998 Ampeg Dan Armstrong guitar with interchangeable pickups to change the sound, grover tune ups, original, condition very good with strap

1960 Teisco, VERY RARE guitar, made in Japan, with whammy bar, all original,  in good shape with original pick ups, with light scratches 

1980's Dean guitar with active pickups and strap in the neon pink with the odd painted fluorescent pink fret board, s/n YAFK6608 (hair band guitar) made in china, all original, in condition good

1980 Jay Turser SG style Bigsby Brushed Aluminum, hardwood, in seafoam green/blue color, with strap, slight small chips, with hard shell case, in good condition 

2007 Epiphone  Studio Les Paul guitar, in the Chameleon Copper color, Limited Editition Custom Shop, RARE grover tuners, set neck, with rosewood fret board, and strap, s/n EE070309048, excellent shape 

2007 Epiphone Studio Les Paul guitar in the Chameleon Green color, Custom Shop Limited Edtition, RARE grover tuners, set neck, with rosewood fret board and strap, s/n EE070502203, with hard shell case, excellent shape

Year unknown Yamaha guitar model AES820, in the bronze finish, RARE spergel tuners, s/n #Q1x029145, model AES820, bolt on neck with strap and original pick ups, very good condition 

2011 Les Paul Epiphone Limited Edition Studio Custom Shop guitar, in the white color, still has plastic on pick guard, s/n #311496785, 2nd grover tuners and strap, excellent shape

2005 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Birds Eye Maple guitar, grover tuners, original, with strap set through neck with original hard shell case s/n # EE05012138, excellent condition 

2002 RARE Epiphone Les Paul Custom Shop guitar, Gibson, made in Korea, Sparkle Pink, made by Gibson,  limited edition, set through neck with matching strap, s/n U 7021121, has chip, with hard shell SKB case, case key, all original, fair condition

1999 Epiphone SG, Very RARE Les Paul Custom with triple pickups, gold hardware, set neck, with original hard shell case s/n # 199040165, creamy yellow no belt rash no pick up scratches, match strap, made in Korea, with strap and hard shell case and case key, excellent condition

1981 US Fender Lead III olympic, white color, with coil tap, whammy bar, Stratocaster style,  and strap, considered a player, all original with chips, s/n E102313,  fair condition

1997? NEW Fender Jag Stang Kurt Cobain Sonic Blue Color guitar, Never Been Played, All the Case Candy, in Aluminum Display carrying case, all original, with paperwork, crafted  in Japan, s/n A005079 excellent condition

Signed Les Paul Crescent Guitar with PSA Certification and Number in a Glass Front Aluminum Display Case

1975 Ovation Deacon Ebony, US made, fretboard, s/n 5928, original formed hard shell case, good condition

2004 Epiphone Zack Wylde Les Paul Custom, guitar with grover tuners, EMGHZ fully active pickups, Zack Wyld Bulls Eye paint, gold hardware, s/n 10041515591, with strap, hard Play One case excellent shape 

2002 Epiphone Zack Wyld Les Paul Custom guitar, Limited Edition, EMGHZ pick ups, Buzz Saw paint  with strap s/n 10021508115, grover tuners, with hard SKB case, all original excellent shape 

2001? Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitar, Peter Frampton style, set neck, with grover tuners, neck repair, plays well, black and gold, s/n EE080107170 with hard SKB case, case key and strap, in fair condition, some pick scratches

2002? Jay Jay French Les Paul Standard guitar, Jay Jay French Copy from Twisted Sister, set neck, twisted sister strap, purple burst s/n 311502970 grover tuners, hard Epiphone case, condition excellent

2000? Jackson Performer guitar, Randi Rhoads Style, has chip on corner, rosewood fret, Floyd Rose, good condition

2015? Epiphone Explorer Body guitar, set neck, gold hardware, ebonized mahogany, s/n 311514250, excellent shape, all original 

1980's Takamine GX-100 Blue Burst Explorer Style guitar, set neck, hard tail, very good condition with slight nicks for it's age (Rare -- Hard to Find)

1980's Takamine GX-100T Red Burst Explorer Style guitar, set neck, hard tail, some chip, good condition all original with strap (Rare -- Hard to Find) with hard shell case

2016? Fender Stratocaster made in the USA, 60th Anniversary Issue, guitar in the frost blue, single single single pickups, s/n Z6164868 (badge is on head stock), with some paperwork and hard Fender case, all original excellent condition

1998 Telecaster guitar in the odd color of purple/blue, made in Mexico, with strap, single and lipstick pickups, s/n MN9384022, with soft Fender case excellent condition

2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar in the cherry burst color, set neck, with strap an Gibson USA soft gig bag, some buckle rash on back, finish on front is excellent

year unknown, Carlo Robelli, Single F Hole, Tiger Stripe Maple in Flaming Finish,  mother of pearl inlay, with Profile soft gig bag, good condition

2001 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Shop Nuclear Extreme guitar in the Crackle finish, with strap (naked woman), Korean made, s/n U01050299, with Kaces soft gig bag,  good condition 

1981 PEVEY model T60 guitar, tobacco sunburst color, s/n 01403778, with Fender multi pocket gig soft bag, with strap, all original, very good condition 

Year unknown Rogue Promo Size, cherry/orange burst style, all original, fair condition 

2002 Gibson Les Paul Ace Frehley Copy Budokan guitar, triple pickups, all original, rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl inlay of lighting bolts, solid body, made in USA, s/n 02005557, condition excellent

Guitar Style Clock with Neon Light with cord

Pevey Windsor Half Stack Tube Amp circa 1980's, good condition, working, (matching cabinet and head) (2 piece lot)   -- measure!!

Fender Stage 100 Half Stack DSP Tube Amp, circa late 80's early 90's, working condition (2 piece lot)  ---  measure!!

Primitive African Gourd Tribal Musical String Item good condition

Italian Junior Zither with Music in good condition with some songs, plays

1974-1976 Mid Century Danish Walnut Wurlitzer Sound Cabinet, Lesley Tone, wired to run a guitar, can be rewired back to an organ, working condition, good condition -- measure!!

year unknown, Galveston double F hole, rosewood fretboard, gold hardware, chrome plated bell brass engraved, mother of pearl head with inlaid two tone palm tree, very good

2001 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Shop birdseye maple in the blue, rosewood fretboard, s/n 101020702, some small, chips and belt wear, good condition with soft gig bag

1993 Fender Stratacaster, made in the US, Tabacco Sunburst, tortoise shell pick guard, maple neck, single single single pickup, s/n n3153649, with hard shell case, very good condition

1995 Fender Stratacaster, made in the US, Seafoam Green (color only made for a couple of months), rosewood neck, with painted head stock, single single single pickup,  s/n n553625, rosewood fretboard,  with hard shell case, excellent condition

1997 Fender Stratacaster, made in the US, Pearloid pick guard, Rare Teal Green color, single single single pickups, s/n n7223646, maple fretboard, tail stock has been blocked, with soft gig bag, excellent condition 

2004 Fender Special Run, Stratacaster, Made in Mexico, Flip Flop Finish in the Green (made for couple of months), single single single, painted head stock, maple neck, s/n mz4103660, with hard case, perfect - excellent condition 

2010 Fender Special Run, Made in Mexico, Stratacastar, Limited Edition in the gold metallalic s/n mx10151684, double single single pickups, maple neck, plastic still on pick guard, with soft gig bag, perfect - excellent condition

2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tabaco Sunburst, gold hardware, grover tuners, possibly a very good copy, s/n 02005559, with hard case, good condition

2006 Epiphone 1956 gold top color, reissue P90, grover tuners, s/n ee061216027 very good condition

2010 Epiphone Les Paul Slash Appetite for Destruction Tour, all the case candy, Natural Tiger Maple, s/n 10091516283, zebra pickups, excellent condition

2002 Custom Shop, Les Paul Epiphone, Wine Birdseye Maple, chip in headstock, good condition s/n 101021726

2001 Epiphone Les Paul, Birdseye Orange, made in Korea, s/n u03112692, with soft gig bag, good condition

2004 Custom Shop signed Tony Iommi (Guitar Player from Black Sabath) Epiphone SG Style Black color, mother of pearl cross inlays, grover tuners, rosewood fretboard, s/n u07040591, very good condition, with plastic still on the pickguard and back

year unknown, Paul Allender Guitar Player for Cradle of Filth, rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl flying bats inlay, Purple Burst, gold hardware, autographed by Paul Allender, s/n 116157, very good condition 

2006 Natural Wood Finish, Gibson SG, s/n 001760578, very good condition 

Gibson Les Paul Studio Model, in the natural wood finish 2008, guitar with rosewood neck in good condition

(1 of 200) 2009 Santana PRS, very odd color in violet purple/pink with painted headstock, 1 p90 pickup, rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl inlay peace sign, with gig bag,  s/n j18714, in very good condition

2003 Epiphone Les Paul in the Tiger Maple Green, Limited Edition, made in Korea, rosewood fretboard, with soft gig bag, s/n u98031831, very good condition 

year unknown, Airline Eastwood Copy, Tuxedo, with white p90 pickups, 1950's reproduction - exceptional copy, s/n 0701152, very good condition

1988 Rickenbacker 620, red with black trim and painted headstock, black binding, R tail piece, all original, walnut fretboard, with molded original hard shell case, made in the USA, (no s/n) one tiny chip on headstock, very good condition

year unknown, BC Rich Exotic Classic 10 String Guitar, ebony fretboard, zebrano pickups, mother of pearl cloud inlay, s/n 6410170,  molded original hard shell case,  immaculate shape

year unknown, Paul Reed Smith SE Custom autographed by Paul Reed Smith, single sound hole, tortoise shell pick guard, zebrano pickups, tiger maple body with cherry back, set neck, s/n 113394 with gig bag, in beautiful condition

Switch, Vibracell, year unknown, made in china, vacuum formed guitar, screaming green color with painted head stock, maple fretboard, s/n 0773087, very good condition

year unknown, Dean Les Paul Style, Spalted Top, Zebrano pickups, mother of pearl inlays, gold hardware, s/n us06060405 , excellent condition 

acrylic flying V style K Tone, Stienberger Headless neck, with strap, double single single pickup, with gig bag

year unknow, Jay Turser, SG Style Double Neck (with its molded hard shell case) 6 string and 12 string, molded hard shell case in good condition, in the wine color, with mother of pearl inlay

1996 Carvin The Captain Custom Shop, double single single pickups, s/n 67210, maple fretboard, color of black, with strap, molded hard shell case, in good condition

2005 Dillon #8 of #8 s/n A 05180, DSG-CA Acrylic see through body with rare 'white' fitted coffin case, with strap, in good condition

2011-2012 DBZ Bone Church Volero Style Body #1 of #12 made, ebony fretboard, with original moded leather wrap case, real good condition

2010 DBZ Imperial Super Thin gold hardware and ebony fretboard with molded hard shell case, with case key, s/n W10C0407, with strap, very good condition

year known, Ampeg Puple Burst, made in Japan, s/n 0400080048, P-90 pickups, with strap, in good shape with some knicks

1980 Jay Turser Warlord, purple burse, dimazio pickups, shredder guitar, made in china, gold hardware, with molded hard shell case,  in good condition

year unknown, Saint Blues in Memphis Tennessee, maple light tiger eye finish, P-90 pickups, made in Korea, s/n S090410620, very good condition with match soft gig bag

1997 Fender Jag Stang, designed by Kurt Cubain sp style, made in japan, in the fiesta red, s/n U026837, with strap, double single pickups, with black fitted coffin case, in good condition

#1 of #300 in the Green, Flood Guigar 2011 Gibson Studio, Limited Edition, with green strap, with original hard shell case, made in the usa, s/n 103810687

never been out of the box Def Leppad Electri Guitar, Limited Edition, Signature Series Union Jack, in original box unopened

Main Street Stratascastar Style Union Jack, single single single pickups, with strap, good condition

1998 Les Paul Smartwood in the natural finish, gold hardware, with case candy, and certificate of authenticity, soft shell gig bag, in good shape 

year unknown, Washburn Dobro, with pickup, hard soft side gig bag, some buckle wear, single f hole, good conditon in the black

Eastwood in the tangerine top finish, gold hardware, Biggsby wammy bar, p-90 and humburcker pickups, with strap, with hard side bag in good condition with some buckle rash

1996 Epiphone Viola Style Paul McCartney Cherry Sunburst, in very good shape, made in Korea, s/n U6090580, in very good shape

2001 Epiphone Nuclear Extreme Crackle Finsish, shark inlays, Custom Shop Limited Edition, made in Korea, s/n 0106568,  in good condition

2004 Epiphone Les Paul Tiger Eye Maple in the blue with seymore duncan pickups, in fair condition, it’s a player

1996 Gibson SG, guage in the nek with strap 

RARE Alverez Dana Scoup, made in Korea, in the red, s/n 920151  

1996 Yamaga SVG500, Dimazio pickups, in the burgandy color, double cutaway, in fair conditon, considered a player with hard shell case

Gison Les Paul Supreme Copy, 2000, upgraded 500k pots, gold hardware, in the tiger maple case, very good shape with strap in with hardshell case

1996 Washburn Delta King Oscar Schmidt BB King Lucille Copy, 57 gibson pickups, s/n S103990823, double f hole, in the black, in very good condition with soft gig bag

2011 Fender FSR Telecastar in the Odd Color of Antiqua, made in Mexico, Special Edition, MX12101304, in very good condition and soft gig bag

year unknow, Charvel Jackson Sharks Teeth Inlay, active pickups, solid body, in the red color, s/n C603417, with strap, in good condition

Rogue Guitar Sitar, year unknown, Rare, black and red crackle finish, very good condition, black coffin case 

Psychobilly Billy, true full hollow body, 2004 Dean Cabbie, bigsby whammy bar, double 4 hole, with strap, very good condition, Gator hard shell case

Ibanez 2010 Roadster, full hollow body, bigsby style whammy bar, very good condition, metallic green with white stripe, s/n N427, double f holes, with soft gig bag

Lyon  by Washburn Stratocaster style, autographed by Brian Bell from Weezer,  black and silver burst fender style,  s/n 5376 of 6000

Epiphone Special SG style, never played, plastic on pickups, signed by Adam Lambert sings for Queen, brand new, s/n 0909101919, excellent condition with hard case and case key

Schecter Diamond Series Flame with green flames, year unknown, made in Korea, s/n 0211427, good shape, with soft gig bag, with strap

1990's Dana Scoop, Alvarez, graphite neck, Very Rare, Dimarzio pickups and also  with original pickups that came with it are in the hard shell case, s/n 055761, with modulus graphite patented neck, good condition

1996 Gibson Epiphone tiger maple, Joe Perry style from Aerosmith inlay, Custom Shop Limited Edition, made in Korea, s/n U97061392, with strap,  good condition 

Dean Dime Zebra pickups, painted and tribute to Dime Bag Darrell, s/n 06050119, very good condition, with fitted hard shell case

Dean MXL Explorer Style in the metallic blue,  s/n 07030279, very good condition, (a broken string), with fitted hard shell case

Dean MXL Explorer Style in the metallic red,  s/n 07032935, with fitted hard shell case, in very good condition

year unknown, Ibanez Iceman Style, black s/n w813409, Paul Stanley style kiss, hard shell fitted case in fair condition, considered player

1964 Gibson Melody Maker, RARE with the double cutaway, tobacco sunburst, collectible, original found condition with hard shell case

Jerry Sceusa, known for being guitar beautiful neck maker who decided to build 'one and only one' guitar - ugly guitar, with news article from Prescott Valley Tribune 

BC Rich 'The Outlaw' s/n B9287, made in the USA, considered a player, gold hardware, fair condition 

1980 Charvel Acoustic Butterscotch, s/n 001728 made in Korea, in good condition, with strap, hard side soft gig case

Epiphone 2011, Night Hawk Custom Re-issue, in the butter scotch maple, with case candy, in like new condition with hard shell case

Stedman Pro Base Guitar, in metallic blue, good shape, year unknow with strap

Cort Panther in the fluorescent orange,  with strap, active pick ups, it's considered a player, with hard shell case

1980 Antares, Iceman Copy, lawsuit era, dimarzio pickups, RARE, in the wine color, mahogany fretwork, painted head stock, with strap, good condition for age

Sammy Miniature Fender Style, very good shape, year unknown, with vintage style tweed hard shell molded case 

20th Anniversary Joe Satriani 'Surfing with the Alien' and all the case candy guitar and a custom-made wood and glass floor model display case with Silver Surfer metal advertisement guitar holder hand, with state and memorabilia (5 piece lot)

Full Stack, Dime Amplification System, Snake Skin Tolex, made in and tributed to Dime Bag Darrell from Pantera, in very good condition, #1 of #1 known, too expensive to mass produce, with manuals and original shipping packing, (3 piece lot of 2 speakers cabinets and the head)

Marshall 100 watt head transistor in hard to find purple tolex amplifier

Marshall Half Stack Transistor Head MG100 HDFX in the purple tolex, with bonus autographed reproduction memorabilia of Jim Marshall and Slash dated 1996 (2 piece lot)

Fender G-DEC30 Portable Amp Transistor with foot pedal

Carvin SX-200 in the tan case with foot pedal Transistor (2 twelve in speakers)

LS-GIOCT 12 Watt Guitar amplifier in the light blue tolex

Marshall Transistor MG Series 100 HDFX Half Stack in the silver jubilee color Amplifier (2 piece lot)

Line 6  4x12 Cabinet on Tour Megadeth Armageddon Bogner Line 6 Tube with a Line 6 bottom Cabinet signed on top by Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, on stage in 2012 on the Armageddon (sp) tour no PSDNA , working condition with volume pedal and effects pedal (amp and 2 speakers, full stack for a 5 piece lot)

Univox 2 piece lot Vintage 1960's 4x8 considered full stack because of size tube amp, working, volume knob is not original, in original found condition in the blue tolex

RMS B20 Base Amplifier Portable

Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-205 Keyboard in fair condition (keys have been lettered)

Pick-N-Glider Guitar Players Chair, with Leather Black Padding, made in North Carolina

Ibanez JS Series electric guitar in good condition with original hard shell fitted case, cored, strap, whammy bar and tools, s/n 019479

Autograph Crescent guitar by Miley Cyrus in frame with PSA and with slight crack in guitar case 

Vintage Rocky Horror Picture Show album in original sleeve in a display frame, in good shape

Vintage Beatles Rock-n-Roll music double album in a display frame, in good condition

Vintage Kiss album in original sleeve in a display frame, in good condition

Vintage The Cars album Heartbeat City with original album paper in a  display frame, in good condition

Vintage Beatles Yesterday & Today in original sleeve, in good condition

Vintage Beatles Abbey Road in original sleeve in a display frame, in good condition

Vintage Meet the Beatles! The First Album by England's Phenomenal Pop Combo album in the original sleeve, in good condition

Vintage Magical Mystery Tour Beatles album in original sleeve, includes 24 page full color picture book, in a display frame, in good condition

Vintage Original Motion Picture Sound Track, The Beatles - Help! In original sleeve, in a display frame, in good condition

Vintage Led Zeppelin Swan Song album in original sleeve, in a display frame, in good condition

Vintage Magical Mystery Tour Beatles album in original sleeve, includes 24 page full color picture book, in a display frame, in good condition

Vintage Grand Funk Phoenix album in original sleeve in a display frame

Vintage AC/DC Highway to Hell album in original sleeve in display frame

Vintage Santana Abraxas album with original sleeve in display frame in good condition

Vintage The Adventures of Panama Red New Riders album in original sleeve in good condition

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