Elegant Auction by Fine Estate, Inc. January 26

Dates & Times (US/Pacific)

Fri, Jan 24, 2020 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sat, Jan 25, 2020 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sun, Jan 26, 2020 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Sale Description

View Auction Catalog HereAuction Date: January 26Start Time: 11:00am (Auction Day Preview Starts - 10:00am)Preview Days: Friday Jan. 24 and Saturday Jan. 25 From 12:00pm - 5:00pmJewelry: (Lot 1) Amber, Sterling Silver Necklace and Brooch; (Lot 2) Collection of Amber, Sterling Silver Jewelry Items; (Lot 3) Two Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire, Multi-Stone Blackened Silver Rings; (Lot 4) Collection of Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Sterling Jewelry Items; (Lot 5) Collection of Mexican Dyed Green Onyx, Sterling Silver Jewelry Items; (Lot 6) Mexican Malachite, Sodalite, Sterling Silver Bracelet; (Lot 7) Collection of 14k, Sterling, Multi-Stone Jewelry Items; (Lot 8) Pair of Sanuk Jade, 14k Yellow Gold Rings; (Lot 9) Two Pairs of Jade, 14k, Gold-Filled Earrings; (Lot 10) Nephrite, 14k Yellow Gold, Gold-Filled Bracelet; (Lot 11); Collection of Two Gent's Jade, White Gold Rings; (Lot 12) Gent's Jade, 18k Yellow Gold Ring; (lot 13) Carved Jade, 22k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 14) Carved Jade, 18k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 15) Jade, 22k Yellow Gold Flower Brooch; (Lot 16) Jade, 14k Bouquet Brooch; (Lot 17) Jade, Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Spray Pin; (Lot 18) Diamond, Jade, Yellow Gold Bracelet; (Lot 19) Jade, Diamond Gold Cross Necklace; (Lot 20) Jade, Fresh Water Cultured Pearl, 14k Ring; (Lot 21) Collection of Jade, Cultured Pearl, 14k Jewelry Items; (Lot 22) Jade, Fresh Water Pearl, 14k Yellow Gold Brooch; (Lot 23) Jade, Diamond, Cultured Pearl, 14k Yellow Gold Spray Pin; (Lot 24) Collection of Jade, Cultured Pearl, Gold Jewelry Items; (Lot 25) Jade, Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 26) South Sea Cultured Pearl, 14k Double Strand Necklace; (Lot 27) South Sea Pearl, Diamond, 18k White Gold Ring; (Lot 28) South Sea Cultured Pearl, Diamond, 14k Necklace; (Lot 29) Mikimoto Cultured Pearl, 18k Necklace; (Lot 30) Pair of Mabe Cultured Pearl, 14k Earrings; (Lot 31) Diamond, Cultured Pearl, 18k Swan Pin; (Lot 32) Cultured Pearl Necklace; (Lot 33) Mikimoto Cultured Pearl, 10k White Gold Necklace; (Lot 34) Collection of Diamond, Cultured Pearl, 14k jewelry Items; (Lot 35) Collection of Cultured Pearl, 14k Jewelry Items; (Lot 36) Collection of Two Diamond, Cultured Pearl, Gold Rings; (Lot 37) Collection of Two Branch Coral Necklaces; (Lot 38) Coral Cluster, 14k Ring and Pair of Earrings; (Lot 39) Coral, Fresh Water Pearl, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 40) Collection of Three Conch Shell, 10k Cameo Pins; (Lot 41) Ruber Turquoise, 18k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 42) Collection of Lapis, 14k Yellow Gold Rings; (Lot 43) A Collection of Malachite, Enamel, Yellow Gold Rings; (Lot 44) Pair of Opal, Black Onyx, 14k Earrings; (Lot 45) Opal Cluster, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 46) Opal, Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Necklace; (Lot 47) Opal, Ruby, 18k White Gold Flower Ring (Lot 48) Garnet, 18k Yellow Gold Cluster Ring; (Lot 49) Diamond, Garnet, 14k Yellow Gold Slide; (Lot 50) Garnet, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 51) Emerald, 18k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 52) Green Quartz, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 53) Collection of Two Amethyst, Citrine, 14k Rings; (Lot 54) Citrine, Garnet, Cultured Pearl, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 55) Spessertine Garnet, 22k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 56) Synthetic Sapphire, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 57) Citrine, Diamond, 14k White Gold Ring; (Lot 58) Collection of Five Victorian and Vintage Gold Rings; (Lot 59) Georgian Hair Work, 14k Rose Gold Mourning Pin; (Lot 60) Pair of Georgian Enamel, Woven Hair, 14k Memorial Earrings; (Lot 61) Collection of Two Victorian Seed Pearl, 14k Pin Pendants; (Lot 62) A Collection of Two Victorian Diamond, Seed Pearl Jewelry Items; (Lot 63) Victorian Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 64) Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet; (Lot 65) Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 66) Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Wedding Set; (Lot 67) Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 68) Diamond, 14k Yellow and White Gold By-Pass Ring; (Lot 69) Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 70) Diamond, 14k Yellow and White Gold Ring; (Lot 71) Erev Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Flower Ring; (Lot 72) Colored Diamond, 18k Yellow Gold Eternity Ring; (Lot 73) Diamond, 10k White and Yellow Gold Bracelet; (Lot 74) Collection of Two Diamond, White and Yellow Gold Rings; (Lot 75) Diamond, 18k White Gold Ring; (Lot 76) Diamond, 14k White Gold Ring; (Lot 78) Collection of Two Diamond, Aquamarine, 10k Rings; (Lot 79) Collection of Diamond, Ruby, 14k Anniversary Bands; (Lot 80) Diamond, 14k White Gold Ring; (Lot 81) Diamond, Sapphire, 18k White Gold Ring; (Lot 82) Art Deco Diamond, Sapphire, 18k White Gold Ring; (Lot 83) Diamond, Sapphire, 14k Yellow Gold Ring; (Lot 84) Diamond, 14k White and Yellow Gold Bracelet; (Lot 85) Two Pairs of 14k Yellow Gold Earrings; (Lot 86) 14k Yellow Gold Fancy Link Bracelet; (Lot 87) 14k Yellow Gold Safari Animals Bracelet; (Lot 88) Pair of 14k Yellow Gold Coin Form Earrings; (Lot 89) 22k Yellow Gold Cable Link Necklace; (Lot 90) 14k Yellow Gold Leaves Ring; (Lot 110) Masha Archer Malachite, Dyed Wood, Glass Necklace; (Lot 110) Collection of Eisenberg Original, Weiss, Enamel Rhinestone PinsView Auction Catalog HereWatches: (Lot 91) Art Deco Diamond, Platinum, Synthetic Sapphire Wristwatch; (Lot 92) Ladies Art Deco Diamond, White Gold, Platinum Watch; (Lot 93) Jules Jurgensen Diamond, 14k White Gold Wristwatch; (Lot 94) Ladies Bulova Diamond, 14k Wristwatch; (Lot 95) Ladies Bulova Diamond, 14k White Gold Wristwatch;(Lot 96) Ladies Waltham Diamond, White Gold Wristwatch; (Lot 97) Cartier Ronde Solo 18k, Stainless Steel Wristwatch; (Lot 98) Audemars Piguet, 18k White Gold Wristwatch; (Lot 99) Gent's Bucherer 18k Yellow Gold Dress Watch; (Lot 100) Corum Diamond, Gr. 5 Ingot, 18k Yellow Gold Wristwatch; (Lot 101) Retro Shreve & Co. Diamond, Ruby Wristwatch; (Lot 102) Ladies Movado Diamond, Ruby, 14k Wristwatch; (Lot 103) Ladies Girard Perregaux 9k Wristwatch; (Lot 104) Ladies Baume & Mercier Diamond, 14k Wristwatch; (Lot 105) Ladies Blancpain Diamond, 18k Wristwatch; (Lot 106) Ladies Baume & Mercier Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold Dress Watch; (Lot 107) Waltham 14k Multi-Color Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch; (Lot 108) Elgin 14k Yellow Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch (Lot 109) New England Watch Co. Sterling Silver Pocket WatchView Auction Catalog HereDecorative Arts and Furnishings: (Lot 112) Toklas, Alice B. Autographed letter (1877-1967); (Lot 113) Philip Moulthrop (American b.1947) Turned Maple Vase; (Lot 114) Bob Stocksdale (1913-2003): Black Walnut Wood Turned Plates; (Lot 115) Craftsman Style Oak Sideboard; (Lot 116) Stickley Oak Mirror; (Lot 117) Spanish Renaissance Style Dining Table; (Lot 118) Neoclassical Style Silvered Metal Mirror; (Lot 119) Contemporary Turkish Carpet; (Lot 120) Persian Afshar Rug; (Lot 121) First People Woven and Coiled Shallow Tray; (Lot 122) Native American Coiled and Woven Basket; (Lot 123) Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Potpourri; (Lot 124) Rococo Style Chandelier; (Lot 125) Sanborn Viso Cardiette Model 51 EKG Machine; (Lot 126) Collection of Three Tables; (Lot 127) Peking Art Deco Style Carpet; (Lot 128) Caucasus Carpet; (Lot 129) Frederic Remington, 'Bronco Buster' Reproduction; (Lot 130) Regency Style Mahogany Dining Table; (Lot 131) Set of Three Vintage maps; (Lot 132) E. Schotte and Co. Topographical Terrestrial Globe; (Lot 133) Theodore B. Starr American Tall Case Clock; (Lot 134) Pakistani Wool Carpet; (Lot 135) Hamadan style runner; (Lot 136) Karastan Golden Bokhara Carpet; (Lot 137) Sterling Silver Vegetable Spoon; (Lot 138) German .800 Tea set; (Lot 139) Kristian Hestenes Norwegian 830S Flatware; (Lot 140) Native American Woven Basket; (Lot 141) Native American Woven Basket; (Lot 142) Native American Woven Basket; (Lot 143) Native American Woven Basket; (Lot 144) Native American Woven Basket; (Lot 145) Native American Woven Basket; (Lot 146) Native American Woven Basket; (Lot 147) An Ami Rivenc & Co cylinder music box, GeneveView Auction Catalog HereAsian Stone Carvings: (Lot 148) Large Agate Toggle; (Lot 149) Moss Agate Snuff Bottle; (Lot 150) Small Rock Crystal Vase, 19th Century; (Lot 151) Rock Crystal Vase and Cover, 19th Century; (Lot 152) Small Rock Crystal Censer and Cover, Late 19th Century; (Lot 153) Rock Crystal Group, 20th century; (Lot 154) Rock Crystal Falcon, 20th century; (Lot 155) Jasper Double Gourd Shaped Box and Cover; (Lot 156) White Jade Pendant, 19th Century; (Lot 157) Jade Libation Cup, Ming Dynasty; (Lot 158) Two Jade Carvings, Ming Dynasty and Later; (Lot 159) White Jade Revolving Pendant, Qing Dynasty; (Lot 160) Small Russet Celadon Jade Boulder Carving 20th century; (Lot 161) Russet Celadon Jade Boulder Carving, 20th century; (Lot 162) Pink Tourmaline Necklace; (Lot 163) Pair of Malachite Phoenix Figures, early 20th century; (Lot 164) Soapstone Carving of a Mythical Beast, Late 20th Century; (Lot 165) Two Rose Quartz Carvings, 20th century;View Auction Catalog HereChinese Antiques: (Lot 166) Pair of Cloisonne Enamel Boxes, 19th century; (Lot 167) Three Cloisonne Enamel Vases, First Half 20th Century; (Lot 168) Tibetan Buddhist Sutras with Covers; (Lot 169) Nepalese Bronze Figure of Tara, Late 19th Century; (Lot 170) Large Limestone Figure of a Monkey, Ming dynasty; (Lot 171) Red Sandstone Figure of a Daoist Official, Ming dynasty; (Lot 172) Red Sandstone Figure of an Attendant, Ming dynasty; (Lot 173) Two Gilt Lacquered Wood Immortal Figures, 19th century; (Lot 174) Two Bronze Lotus-Form Objects, 19th century; (Lot 175) Rosewood Box with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay, 19th century; (Lot 176) Complete Set of Mahjong Tiles and Accessories, Republic Period; (Lot 179) Wood Framed Painted Feather and Glass Mirror Table Screen; (Lot 180) Gilt Lacquered Openwork Panel, 19th century; (Lot 181) Reverse Glass Painted Screen, Republic Period; (Lot 182) Six-Panel Folding Screen with Soapstone Inlay, 20th Century; (Lot 183) Two Embroidered Silk Panels, Late 19th/Early 20th CenturyView Auction Catalog HereChinese Pottery and Porcelain: (Lot 184) Large Green Glazed Pottery Jar, Han Dynasty; (Lot 185) Small Green Glazed Pottery Lidded Ding, Han Dynasty; (Lot 186) Straw Glazed Pottery Tomb Figure of Equestrians, Sui Dynasty; (Lot 187) Large Crackle Glazed Covered Funerary Jar; (Lot 188) Two Green Glazed Vessels, Liao Dynasty; (Lot 189) Two Sancai Glazed Vessels, Liao Dynasty; (Lot 190) Jizhou Glazed Jar, Southern Song Dynasty; (Lot 191) Three Glaze Ceramic Wine Pots, Song Dynasty; (Lot 192) Two Qingbai Glazed Containers, Southern Song Dynasty; (Lot 193) Small Marble Vase, Song Dynasty; (Lot 194) Two Jizhou Glazed Vessels, Southern Song Dynasty; (Lot 195) Two 'Oil Spot' Glazed Vessels, Song Dynasty; (Lot 196) Jizhou Glazed 'Papercut' Dish, Ming Dynasty; (Lot 197) Two Cizhou Type Brown Glazed Vases, Song-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 198) Large Cizhou Type Glazed Globular Vase, Song Dynasty; (Lot 199) Small Marble Glazed Headrest, Song Dynasty; (Lot 200) Small Marble Glazed Globular Jar, Song Dynasty; (Lot 201) Ding Type Vase, Song Dynasty; (Lot 202) White Glazed Circular Box and Cover, 13th/14th Century; (Lot 203) Cizhou Type Glazed Vase, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 204) Cizhou Type Glazed Vase, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 205) Cizhou Type Glazed Meiping Vase and Cover, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 206) Cizhou Type Glazed Bottle Vase, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 207) Cizhou Type Glazed Globular Vase, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 208) Cizhou Type Glazed Jar, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 209) Cizhou Type Cut-Glaze 'Fish' Jar, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 210) Cizhou Type Glazed Headrest, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 211) Cizhou Type Glazed Jar, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 212) Two Small Cizhou Type Glazed Bowls, Jin-Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 213) Two Small Jun Glazed Containers, Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 214) Jun Purple-Splash Glazed Low Bowl, Yuan Dynasty; (Lot 215) Crackle Glazed Vase, Ming Dynasty; (Lot 216) Sancai Glazed Official Figure, Ming dynasty;View Auction Catalog HereChinese Porcelain: (Lot 217) Six Swatow Underglaze Blue Dishes, Ming Dynasty; (Lot 218) Six Swatow Underglaze Blue Dishes, Ming Dynasty; (Lot 219) Pair of Underglaze Blue Beaker; Vases, Kangxi Period; (Lot 220) Small Underglaze Blue 'Trumpet' Vase, Qing Dynasty; (Lot 221) Underglaze Blue Archaic Vase, 19th Century; (Lot 222) Underglaze Blue Vase, 19th Century; (Lot 223) Underglaze Blue Baluster Vase, 19th Century; (Lot 224) Small Underglaze Blue 'Dragon' Vase, Late 19th century; (Lot 225) Famille Noir Trumpet Vase, 19th Century; (Lot 226) Pair of Famille Verte Rouleau Vases; (Lot 227) Pair of Underglaze Blue Bowls, Kangxi Period; (Lot 228) Four Underglaze Blue Low Bowls, Late Qing Dynasty; (Lot 229) Underglaze Blue and Copper Red Bowl, Kangxi Mark; (Lot 230) Underglaze Blue Lidded Tea Cup, Qianlong Mark and Period; (Lot 231) Pair of Gilt Decorated Blue Glazed Dishes, Qianlong Marks; (Lot 232) Pair of Underglaze Blue 'Wufu' Bowls, Guangxi Marks; (Lot 233) Three Porcelain Footed Jardinieres, 19th century; (Lot 234) Underglaze Blue Porcelain Plaque; (Lot 235) Peachbloom Glazed Waterpot, Kangxi Mark; (Lot 236) Large Flambe Glazed Bowl, 19th Century; (Lot 237) Flambe Glazed Brush Washer, 19th Century; (Lot 238) Sky Blue Glazed Vase, Guangxu Mark; (Lot 239) Two Glazed Ceramic Brush Washers, 19th century; (Lot 240) Chinese Export Rose Medallion Bowl, Circa 1850; (Lot 241) Chinese Export Rose Medallion Porcelain Ewer, 19th century; (Lot 242) Chinese Export Famille Rose Bowl, Circa 1780; (Lot 243) Chinese Export Famille Rose Tea Set; (Lot 244) Chinese Export Armorial Famille Rose Butter Dish; (Lot 245) Chinese Export Rose Medallion Porcelain Items; (Lot 246) Chinese Export Enameled Serving Dish, 18th/19th Century; (Lot 247) Pair of Famille Rose Wine Cups, 20th Century; (Lot 248) Famille Rose Cup, Tongzhi Mark and of the Period; (Lot 249) Two Famille Rose Vases with Figures; (Lot 250) Set of Famille Rose Star Gods, Republic Period; (Lot 251) Five Watercolor Paintings of Daoist Immortals; (Lot 252) Set of Three Watercolor Silk Paintings, Qing Dynasty; (Lot 254) Two Chinese Watercolor Silk Paintings, Early 20th Century; (Lot 255) Wu Hao (1932-2019): Spring FestivalView Auction Catalog HereJapanese Antiques: (Lot 256) Japanese Bronze Tsuba; (Lot 257) Japanese Tsuba; (Lot 258) Two Japanese Tsubas; (Lot 259) Japanese Cast Iron 'Geese Tsuba, Edo period; (Lot 260) Japanese Gilt Decorated Cast Iron Tsuba, Edo period; (Lot 261) Japanese Cast Iron 'Landscape' Tsuba, Edo period; (Lot 262) Japanese Cast Iron Gilt 'Landscape' Tsuba, Edo period; (Lot 263) Japanese Cast Iron 'Monkey' Tsuba, Signed Kanie; (Lot 264) Japanese Gilt Lacquered Cast Iron 'Floral' Tsuba, Edo period; (Lot 265) Two Japanese Cast Iron 'Landscape' Tsubas, Edo period; (Lot 266) Three Japanese Tsuba; (Lot 267) Group of Five Japanese Kutani Items, Meiji period; (Lot 268) Japanese Satsuma Bowl, Meiji Period; (Lot 269) Japanese Satsuma Vase; (Lot 270) Japanese Satsuma Pottery Vase "Gu" Form; (Lot 271) Japanese Satsuma Dish by Kinkozan; (Lot 272) Japanese Underglaze Blue Hibachi, Early 20th Century; (Lot 273) Two Japanese Brown Glazed Ceramic Vases, 20th Century; (Lot 274) Brown Glazed Jar, Early 20th Century; (Lot 275) Japanese Gilt Lacquered Jubako; (Lot 276) Japanese Lacquer Box, Meiji Period; (Lot 277) Japanese Lacquer Box with Lid, Meiji period; (Lot 278) Japanese Lacquered Wood Writing Box with Cover, Meiji period; (Lot 279) Japanese Chagama Kettle Furogama Tetsubin, 19th Century; (Lot 280) Japanese Tea Ceremony Set, 20th Century; (Lot 281) Japanese Suiseki Rock, Early 20th Century; (Lot 282) Ikebana Basket, 20th Century; (Lot 283) Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Tea Caddy, Meiji period; (Lot 284) Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase, Meiji period; (Lot 285) Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Bottle Vase, Meiji period; (Lot 286) Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase, Meiji period; (Lot 287) Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Bottle Vase, Meiji period; (Lot 288) Small Japanese Bronze Vase; (Lot 289) Pair of Japanese Bronze Vases, Meiji period; (Lot 290) Japanese Enameled Tripod Censer and Lid, Meiji period; (Lot 291) Two Japanese Green Enameled Vases, Early 20th Century; (Lot 292) Pair of Japanese Cast Iron Stirrups, Edo Period; (Lot 293) Set of Zen Buddhist Calligraphy and Ink Drawings, 20th Century; (Lot 294) After Hokusai (1760-1849): Woodblock Print;View Auction Catalog HereArt: (Lot 295) Shiko Munakata (1903-1975): Buddha in Half Lotus; (Lot 296) Shiko Munakata (1903-1975): Still Life; (Lot 297) Andreas Schelfhout, Men Launching Boat; (Lot 298) English School, Portraits of Two Ladies and a Gentleman (Group of 3); (Lot 299) Alfred Sholton, Sailing Vessel; (Lot 300) American School (19th Century), Children in the Street; (Lot 301) American School (19th Century), Frontiersman with Dog in the Snow; (Lot 302) German School (19th Century), Estate Amongst the Trees; (Lot 303) British School, Horse with a Country Home in the Distance; (Lot 304) Attributed to Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, The Hunt; (Lot 305) Andreas Achenbach, Shipwreck; (Lot 306) Nathaniel Everett Greene, Mapledurham Mill; (Lot 307) Joseph Jefferson IV, Repose in a Clearing, 1864; (Lot 308) Fredrick Williamson, Cows on a Country Path; (Lot 309) Hiram Reynolds Bloomer, Mount Tamalpais; (Lot 310) Hiram Reynolds Bloomer, Path to the Coast; (Lot 311) Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith, Village by the Sea; (Lot 312) Charles Dormon Robinson, Cypress Along the Coast, 1903; (Lot 313) James Clark Sr., Horse in a Stable;  (Lot 314) Thought to be John Willard Clawson, At the Piano, 1905; (Lot 315) Elbridge Ayer Burbank, Cowbird; (Lot 316) Elbridge Ayer Burbank, Red Bird; (Lot 317) John Bond Francisco, Sierra Landscape; (Lot 318) Joseph Birren, Autumn Trees and a Lake in the Distance; (Lot 319) Richard DeTreville, Mount Shasta; (Lot 320) Van Dearing Perrine, Waves along the Shore; (Lot 321) Carl Oscar Borg, Cairo; (Lot 322) Clifford Warren Ashley, Trees Along the Coast, 1915; (Lot 323) Edward Victor Brewer, Cottage in Winter; (Lot 324) Randall Davey, Jerome, Arizona; (Lot 325) William Fixen Fredrick, Mission View, 1919; (Lot 326) Daphne Elizabeth Simpson Harvey, Desert View, 1967; (Lot 327) Jose Vasquez, Memoriam for J. Henry Meyer, 1909; (Lot 328) L. Hendrix, Desert Valley with Mountains in the Distance; (Lot 329) American School, Woman Putting a Ribbon in her Hair; (Lot 330) American School (20th Century) Tree-lined Stream; (Lot 331) German School, Village along a River; (Lot 332) H. Airoldi, St. Peter's Square; (Lot 333) American School (20th Century), Lily's Valley; (Lot 334) European School (20th Century) Reflections under Cloudy Skies; (Lot 335) Georgia Crittenden Bemis, Lake through the Trees; (Lot 336) Alexander Dzigurski, Coastal Sunset; (Lot 337) Fred Oldfield, Gunfight on Horseback; (Lot 338) Roelof Dozeman (Dutch, 1924-1996) Harbor at Dusk; (Lot 339) Joe Eula, Child Crouching, 1954; (Lot 340) Irby Graves Brown, Path to the Adobes; (Lot 341) Edward Norton Ward, In for Repairs; (Lot 342) Louis Icart, Forbidden Fruit; (Lot 343) Arthur Morris Cohen, Brooklyn Bridge; (Lot 344) Cirage Jacquand, Père & Fils, Advertising Poster;View Auction Catalog HerePhotography: (Lot 345) William Paul Gottlieb, Portrait of Thelonious Monk, Howard McGhee, Roy Eldridge, and Teddy Hill, Minton's Playhouse; (Lot 346) William Paul Gottlieb, Portrait of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis; (Lot 347) Michael Kenna, Golden Gate Bridge; (Lot 348) Michael Kenna, Channel Crossing, Calais, France; (Lot 349) Michael Kenna, Rubis Creek, Elkhorn Slough, California; (Lot 350) Michael Kenna, Pont Louis Philippe, Paris, France; (Lot 351) Michael Kenna, Eiffel Tower; (Lot 352) Todd Hido, Untiled #1536 from the series "House Hunting"; (Lot 353) Todd Hido, Untitled #2045, from the series "House Hunting"; (Lot 354) Todd Hido, Untitled #2122 from the series "House Hunting"; (Lot 355) Todd Hido, Untitled; (Lot 356) Laura Ann Jacobs, Calamari Cara, 2005View Auction Catalog Here

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