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    To all our Customers,
    We do not offer, nor do we use a list created by customers. It is first come, first serve.
    We do not sell early to dealers. No early birds. We accept cash and credit/debit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard).
    Unless you have a valid resale license, we must charge CA sales tax on all purchases.
    If you do purchase furniture or any item in which may require assistance we do ask you bring help & if we are not busy we will be glad to assist you.
    We appreciate your business, thank you !
    B and C Estate Sales Inc.

    B and C Estate Sale Inc. has been serving the Sacramento with Estate Liquidations for 23 years! B and C is experienced in the varied areas of Estate Liquidations (All Sales are fully staffed with Night Security), Certified Appraisals (a CAGA Appraiser), as well as a Certified Auctioneer and is Bonded and Insured with Northeast Agency Insurance Services.

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Sale Description


Presents an Elk Grove Auction

On September 24th, 2017 starting at 10:00AM

Address: 4882 St Augustine Dr.

** With some RESERVES**

VEHICLES WITH RESERVE [ 55’ Desoto Fireflite Sportsman Coupe & 63’ Chrysler Imperial ]

Preview Dates:

 Saturday, September 23rd 2017 from 11:00AM to 6:00PM

 Sunday, September 24th, 2017 from8:00AM to 10:00AM.

 Items for Auction

1.     Tiffany Styled Lamp

2.     Small Clock

3.     Tea Pots And Small Jewelry Box

4.     Matching Pitcher With Two Bowls

5.     Lamp Bases, Candle Holder

6.     4 Tier Shelf (Only)

7.     Miscellaneous Household Items

8.     Vases, Gravy Holder

9.     Candy Dishes, Wall Clock

10.  Miscellaneous Kink Knack

11.  Oil Lamp, Candle Holder

12.  Miscellaneous Decorating Items

13.  Old Bottles, Oriental Dish, Candy Dish

14.  Miscellaneous Frogs, Turtle

15.  Vintage Trays, Match Holder, Misc.

16.  Pictures, Misc. Household

17.  Poster, Tins, Misc.

18.  Seascape Painting

19.  Three Pieces Of Artwork

20.  Clown Painting, Lake Painting

21.  Oval Mirror, Soldier Photo

22.  Glass Top Coffee Table

22a.Glass Top End Table

23.  Foldable Perfume Mirror, Magazine Table

24.  Vintage Dress, Vintage Coat

25.  Violin With Case

26.  Wooden Bird Cage

27.  Round Glass Top Table

28a. Wood Block Print

28.  Oriental Artwork

29.  Live Artwork

30.  Desert Artwork

31.  5 Pieces Of Asian Figurines

32.  Four Decorative Teapots

33.  Decorative White Picket Fence Plant Holder

34.  Elkhart Brass Firehouse Set With Hose

35.  Wall Of Miscellaneous Artwork And Mirror

36.  Vintage Hanging Light Fixture

37.  Cast Iron Pot

38.  Menorah

39.  Abstract Jewish Artwork

40.  Buddha Figurine

41.  Miscellaneous Paper And Books, Globe, Basket Of Paperbacks

42.  Remington Jewelry Metal Safe Box With Key

43.  Film Stars Artwork, Oscar Wilde

44.  Murano Glass Perfume Table

45.  4 Set Of Salt And Pepper Shakers

46.  Art Glass Perfume Bottle

47.  GPS With Case

48.  Collection Of Thimbles

49.  Pipe, Bass Master, Pepper Spray, Brass Fire Number Coin

50.  Tables Of Garage Items

51.  Tables And Workshop Wall Of Garage Items And Supplies

51a. Garage Wooden Cabinets

52.  Blow Torch Tips

53.  Old Books, Baby Doll

54.  Belleek Plate

55.  Small Italian Flower Vase

56.  Sterling Pieces

57.  Sterling Pieces

58.  Black Moses Record

59.  Kashkaskia Tribe Medals

60.  Miscellaneous Paper, Newspaper, Washington Dc Photography

61.  Edison Blue Amber Record

62.  Frog Pulling Shell

63.  String Catcher

64.  Oriental Items, Egg, Mini Silk Screen

65.  1920s Metal Purse

66.  Oriental Plates

67.  Golf Club

68.  Lodge Books

69.  Waterford Crystal Set

70.  Miscellaneous Smalls

71.  Wedgwood, Carnival Glass, Floral Base, Bottle, Mona Lisa Figurine, Glasses

72.  American Slip Meter

73.  Hitler Photo And Book

74.  Metal Dog

75.  House Water Color

76.  Belt, Mickey Mouse Watch, Compact, Pro Box, Opera Glasses

77.  African Cloth

78.  Show Master, Miscellaneous Items

79.  Wine Glasses, Salt And Pepper Shaker, Tea Cup With Saucer, Misc.

80.  Clown Heads

81.  Gianni Versace Coat

82.  Wall Of 21 Artwork Pieces

83.  Wall Of 11 Artwork Pieces

84.  Vacuums

85.  Maytag Dry And Ironing Board

86.  Hide A Bed Sofa

87.  Black Hills Silver Ring

88.  Shelf Of Items

89.  Large Mirror

90.  Two Wall Shelves

91.  Washstand And Two Oil Lamps

92.  Wall Of Pictures

93.  Framed Oil Painting

94.  Wicker Dresser And Mirror

95.  Wicker Night Stand, Wicker Table, Wicker Mirror

96.  Pair Of Lamps

97.  Pottery Lamp

98.  Michel Delacroix

99.  Artwork With Boats On A Lake

100.                 Recliner Wingback Chair

101.                 Oriental Lamp

102.                 Brass Lamp

103.                 End Table And Chair

104.                 Needle Point Chair

105.                 Water Color

106.                 Steven Romm Artwork

107.                 Linens

108.                 Four Chairs

109.                 Pair Of Brass Lamps

110.                 4 Pieces Of Artwork

111.                 Three Glass Top End Tables

112.                 Three Pieces Of Artwork

113.                 Sewing Machine

114.                 Magazine Table And Lamp

115.                 Pair Of End Tables With One Drawer

116.                 Vase

117.                 Two Pieces Of Artwork

118.                 Lamp And Vase

119.                 1902 Sears Catalog

120.                 Lamp And Artwork

121.                 Three Pieces Of Wall Art

122.                 Wicker Chest And Green Chair

123.                 Rocking Chair With Pillows

124.                 Drop Front Desk

125.                 Vizio Tv (No Cord)

126.                 Monarchs Jersey, Jazz Coat

127.                 6 Drawer Dresser

128.                 Clothes And Purses

129.                 Grandfather Clock And Stitching

130.                 Cameras And Accessories

131.                 Beer Steins

132.                 Teapot, Bowl, Vase

133.                 Miscellaneous Household Items

134.                 Glass, Plates, Candy Dish

135.                 Two Tables

136.                 1920s Octagon Table And Two Chairs

137.                 Entry Table

138.                 Lamp

139.                   Jewelry Box, Planter Table, Basket, And Decorative Vase

140.                 Mirror

141.                 Platters

142.                 Dolls Collection

143.                 Candle Holders And Limoges

144.                  Vase, Serving Utensils, Teapot, Bowl, Hand Mirror

145.                 Miscellaneous Decorative Plates

146.                 Mirror

147.                 Two Shelves Of Books

148.                 Three Shelves Of Books

149.                 Two Shelves Of Books

150.                 Three Shelves Of Books

151.                   Three Shelves Of Books And Some Maps

152.               55’ Desoto Fireflite Sportsman Coupe

153.               63’ Chrysler Imperial

154.                 Old Tin Toys And Game Board

155.                 Hockey Sticks

156.                 Tea Cups And Saucers

157.                 Salt And Pepper Shakers Collection

158.                 Tea Cups And Saucers, Salt And Pepper Shakers, Decorative Plates

159.                 Buy More Liberty Bond Poster

160.                 Blue China Cabinet

161.                 Blue Dining Table With 6 Chairs, Leaves And Table Mat

162.                 Blue Small Buffet Cabinet

163.                 China Set

164.                 Two Shelves Of Books

165.                 Two Shelves Of Books

166.                   Jewish Clock And Familiar Birds Of America

167.                 Ansel Adams Print

168.                 Two Black And White Prints

169.                 Ansonia Wall Clock

170.                 Two Miscellaneous Piece Of Artwork

171.                 Mantel Clock

172.                   Glass Salt And Pepper Shakers, Perfume Bottle, Decorative Bowl

173.                 Candle Holders, Oriental Figurine

174.                 Chinese Basket With Jade Beads

175.                 Spock By Viola Rothchild

176.                 Black Floor Lamp With Shade

177.                 Bundle Of Records

178.                 Metal Shoe Maker

179.                 Copper Tea Set , Glass Tea Maker

180.                 Oneida Ice Bucket, Holiday Cups

181.                 Kitchen Appliances

182.                 Miscellaneous Household Items

183.                 Miscellaneous Kitchen Items

184.                 Art Fabrics

185.                 Relax Hammock In Box

186.                 Old Coca Cola Glass Bottles

187.                 Kitchenware

188.                 Pocketknives

189.                 Lighter/Zippos

190.                 Miscellaneous Collector Items

191.                 Bose Speakers

192.                 Black Glass Beer Bottles

193.                 Glass Cookie Jar

194.                 Hot Mats, Sewing Basket, Picture, Bowls, Jar

195.                 Native American Dream Catcher

196.                 Indoor Small Water Fountain

197a.         Bellow

197.                 Bellow

198.                 Full Table Of Household Items

199.                 Computer Desk (Only)

200.                 Artificial Flower, Supplies, Fan

201.               Blu-Ray Dvd, Dvd/Vhs System, Shredder

202.                 Blue Glassware, Food Storage Containers

203.                 Jars, Kitchenware

204.               Bakeware, Hot Mats, Cookie Jar, Office File Baskets

205.                 Kitchen Storage Jars With Lids

206.                 Lot Of Variety Of Wind Chimes

207.                 Box Of Variety Of Frogs

208.                 Pasta Pot, Glassware, Cups, Wine Cups

209.                 Frames, Cutting Board, Candle Holder

210.               Cookie Jars, Bowls, Brass Candle Holder

211.               Coca Cola Items, Wooden Miniature Horse Rockers

212.                 Topsy Turvy, Toy Car

213.               Wooden Carved Faces On Wood, Frames

214.                 Coca Cola Items, Toy Cars

215.                 Glass Ware, Plates, Cups

216.                 Toy Planes

217.                 Remote Controlled Toy Car

218.                 Signed Print Of Partial Boat Deck

219.                 Partial Train Collection, Paperbacks

220.               Scale Craft Models, Mardi Gras Masks, Nail File Set

221.                 Tyco Train Set

222.               Three Drawer Filing Cabinet With Keys



Thank you for your interest in our auction.  Below you will find some general information about our auction.

Keep in mind while purchasing:

  • Free Registration and Bidder Number
  • 10% buyer’s premium
  • Courtesy fee if you choose to pay via credit/debit card
  • 7.75% sales tax unless you provide blanket exempt form before bill is paid
  • Immediately upon winning your item, take possession of it. Purchases must be tracked by buyer, they are not B and C Estate Sales Inc. responsibility.
  • Absentee services available and must leave a refundable $50.00 deposit.
  • All purchases to be paid by end of auction.

Bidding Terms and Conditions:

By registering to bid and/or submitting any bid, you acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions of Sale. This is a legal and binding contract. We thank you for your interest and participation. MERCHANDISE OFFERED 

All items are sold AS IS | WHERE IS | WITHOUT WARRANTEE OR GUARANTEE. We urge you to examine all items carefully and bid according to your own expertise.

All announcements made on the day of the auction supersede any other previously announced or published materials.


 All buyers must register to participate in the auction, are in person.

The Auction record kept by Auctioneer and Clerk is final. 

The highest bidder for each lot shall be the buyer, and if any dispute arises as to any bidding, or between two or more bidders, the auctioneer will have sole discretion to determine outcome of auction of item.


B and C Estate Sales Inc. accepts Absentee bidding for our auction, leaving a valid credit card number on file. This a legal and binding contract.

All Absentee bids are executed in a competitive manner and have an equal chance of being successful as on-the-floor bids, yet do not take precedence over any bidding method.

Absentee bidding is a courtesy we offer for the convenience of our customers. Although we make every effort to execute your bid(s), B and C Estate Sales Inc. is not liable for any errors, omissions or other.


All items must be paid for the day of the auction if the bidder is attending the auction.

All successful Absentee bids items must be paid for by 7:00 p.m. on Sunday of the auction. B and C Estate Sales Inc. will call to inform the successful Absentee bid.


The 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added to each successful bid.

CA State Sales Tax of 7.75% will be applied to each sale, including the buyer’s premium, unless exempted by law. If exempt, you must present prior to auction your valid tax exemption number.


No item may be removed, released or will be shipped until full payment has been made.

Deliveries can be arranged at an additional cost.


On behalf of B and C Estate Sales Inc., we ask our customers to not block any driveways, thank you!

From Lodi:

  1. Head north on I-5 N
  2. Take exit 506 for Elk Grove Blvd
  3. Use any lane to turn right onto Elk Grove Blvd
  4. Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto Franklin Blvd
  5. Turn right onto St Augustine Dr

Destination will be on the right

From Sacramento:

  1. Head south on I-5 S
  2. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 508 for Laguna Blvd
  3. Continue onto Laguna Blvd
  4. Turn right onto Franklin Blvd
  5. Turn left onto St Augustine Dr

Destination will be on the right

From Elk Grove:

  1. Head west on Elk Grove Blvd toward Williamson Dr
  2. Turn right onto Franklin Blvd
  3. Turn right onto St Augustine Dr

Destination will be on the right




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