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*Ace Of Estates* North Scottsdale Million Dollar Home "Buy It Now" Everything 35% Off Delivery Only

Dates & Times (US/Mountain)

  • Fri, Apr 3, 2020 9:00 am - 11:30 pm
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Sale Address

Online Only Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Sale Description

"Buy It Now" On Our Website!

Everything Is 35% Off!

~Delivery Only~



Due to overwhelming interest we are going to continue with the online "Buy It Now" Sale!
All purchases from this point forward will be DELIVERY ONLY. Delivery fees apply and are listed on each item page.
-Delivery fee discounts will be offered for multiple purchases-
Deliveries will be made on Friday April 3rd 

  • Antique Safe Mosler Bowen & Cook Mexico    34x25.75x19.5in    HxWxD    SC100
  • Navajo Hopi Kachina Doll Eagle Dancer Sammie Walker 2004    21x9x9    HxWxD    SC101
  • #1 Glass Bulbous Lamp Silver Short shade    26in H x 20 in diameter        SC102
  • #2 Glass Bulbous Lamp Silver Tall  shade    31in H x 24in diameter        SC103
  • 3pc Interlude Home Graduated Candle Holders Hammered Tin    Holder height of each: 18.5/16.5/13.5in         SC104
  • 2nd set 3pc Interlude Home Graduated Candle Holders Hammered Tin    Holder height of each: 18.5/16.5/13.5in        SC105
  • Tall Ceramic & Wrought Iron Lidded Decor Vase    16in H        SC106
  • Short Ceramic & Wrought Iron Lidded Decor Vase    14in H        SC107
  • Hammered Metal tray Decor    4x28.5x16inD    HxWxD    SC108
  • Rustic Hand Carved granite Top Side Table    28x36x32in    HxWxD    SC109
  • 2pc Rustic Hand Tooled Leather, Carved Wood Highback Chairs    54x24.5x24.5. Seat Height: 21in    HxWxD    SC110
  • 2pc Rustic Natural Hide & Leather Counter Height Chairs Barstools    48x25x25in    Seat    HxWxD    SC111
  • Rustic Mexico Counter Height bar Table    36x27x22in    HxWxD    SC112
  • Custom Rustic Billiard Pool Table    36x52x102in    HxWxD    SC113
  • 3pc Hancock & Moore Fine Furniture Swivel Stools/Chairs    41x20x22in. Seat height: 25in H    HxWxD    SC114
  • 2pc Silver Glass Footed Vase / Votive    13in H x 6in diameter        SC115
  • Carved Stone Buddha Bookends    7x5x2.4in    HxWxD    SC116
  • 3pc Anthropologie Silver vases/Vessels            SC117
  • Carved Stone/Granite Chess Set    Game Board: 14x14in        SC118
  • Antique spinning wheel    38x18x21in    HxWxD    SC119
  • 3pc Lg Mexican Tin Star decor Set of 3!!    18in Diameter        SC120
  • 1pc Rustic Wrought Iron Candle Holder    31x8x8in    HxWxD    SC121
  • #2 1pc Rustic Wrought Iron Candle Holder    31x8x8in    HxWxD    SC122
  • 2pc Rustic Wormwood Rush Seat Chairs    41.5x25x23in    HxWxD    SC123
  • 2pc Royal Teak Rustic Teak Patio Lounge Chairs    32x27x78in    HxWxD    SC132
  • Lg Rustic Decor Vase    60in H x 24in Diameter         SC133
  • Med Rustic Decor Vase    48in H x 20in Diameter         SC134
  • Sm Rustic Decor Vase    36in H x 18in Diameter         SC135
  • Yellow Pot/Planter    15in H x 24in Diameter        SC136
  • Rustic/Distressed Mexican Wormwood Outdoor Patio Sideboard    31.5x63.5x19in    HxWxD    SC138
  • 2pc Rustic Metal & Glass Candle Lanterns    15in H x 11in diameter        SC140
  • Rustic Metal Dragonfly    20 x 26 x 30    HxWxD    SC142
  • 31pc Antique Schlossbrauerei Obergriesbach Flip-top Beer Bottles    11in H        SC143
  • Victoria Antique Seltzer Bottle Pyramidal    12.5in H        SC144
  • Pandele Georgescu Bucuresti Seltzer Bottle    12.5in H        SC145
  • Victoria Antique Seltzer Bottle Pyramidal Snake Spout    12.5in H        SC146
  • 1pc Royal Teak Take Patio Lounger    32x27x78in    HxWxD    SC147
  • *Damaged* 1pc Royal Teak Take Patio Lounger    32x27x78in    HxWxD    SC148
  • 2pc Rustic Mexican Ladder Back Chairs PAIR    48x18x20in   seat height: 18in H    HxWxD    SC149
  • 2pc Vintage Carved Chairs Gold    25x17x16in   seat height: 17in    HxWxD    SC150
  • 2pc Sherrill Furniture Carved Wood Frame Chairs PAIR    39x28x32in    HxWxD    SC151
  • Palecek Wicker Chair w/ Ottoman    38x28x27in    HxWxD    SC152
  • Heavy Wrought Iron Chair w/ Leather/Hide Pillows    37x22x20in    HxWxD    SC153
  • Sherrill Furniture Oversized Chair Red/Yellow Pattern    35x40x38in    HxWxD    SC154
  • Sherrill Furniture Wood Framed Chair Red/Yellow Pattern    35x31x29in    HxWxD    SC155
  • 4pc Southwest White Wash Pine Chairs    39x20x20in    HxWxD    SC156
  • Mexican Villa Handpainted Mirror    40x47x2in    HxWxD    SC157
  • Clear Cut Glass Window Panel  (clear stained glass)    50x32in        SC158
  • Rustic/Distressed Console Table    33x40x33in    HxWxD    SC159
  • 2pc Tooled Tin Candle Stands            SC160
  • 2pc Framed Architectural Prints Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae & Moduli    27x20in        SC161
  • *Original* The Mayans Amy Kandall Painting 4/89    62x54.5x2in    HxWxD    SC162
  • *Signed* St John's Mission Arizona Louis W Cantillo Framed photo    30x33in        SC163
  • *Original* Art Signed Antiques watercolor    26in x 19.5in        SC164
  • *Original* Art GK Holden Woman on Porch    21x24.5in        SC165
  • *Original* Art Wendy Hill Woman in bath    51x22in        SC166
  • *Original* Art  Young Man Portrait    24x24        SC167
  • *Original*  Watercolor Art Victor Martinez Pottery Santaca Talima    25x32.5in        SC169
  • Framed Photo unsigned USPS/Purple building    27x36.5in        SC170
  • *Original* Art Wendy Hill Man on Porch Swing    34x40.5in        SC171
  • *Original* Art Michael Patterson Beach Scene    41in x 53in        SC172
  • *Original* Art Angel  & Dove    43x53in        SC173
  • *Signed* Serigraph Isaac Maimon Monique    45x34.5in        SC174
  • *Original* art Black Boots Cowboy signed art    48x24in        SC175
  • *Original* art White Boots Cowboy signed art    48x24in        SC176
  • Russell Byers Lighthouse Framed Photo 2/25    27x26.5in        SC177
  • Okmtodaro Landscape for Planar Framed Photo 15/100    26x26in        SC178
  • *Signed* P Clark Cow Boss Framed Litho    21x24in        SC179
  • *Signed* McHugh Framed Photo Bike on Porch    21x17in        SC180
  • *Signed* McHugh Framed Photo Farmers Market    17x21in        SC181
  • *Signed* Michael Stipek Basket & Pail Sighed Framed Photo    15x17in        SC182
  • *Signed* Marcia Guthrie Table by the River    8x8in        SC183
  • Antique Framed Double Portrait    23x33in        SC184
  • Antique Framed Baby Photo    21x24in        SC185
  • Print on Board RC Gorham #1            SC186
  • Print on Board RC Gorham #2            SC187
  • *Signed* Aldo Luongo Cafe Tortoni Serigraph 198/250    32x42in        SC188
  • Julie Wood Happy Trails to You    23x31in        SC189
  • *Original* Art GK Holden Artist Finished    19x23in        SC190
  • *Original* Art Mountain Scene Amy    18x18in        SC191
  • *Original* Art GK Holden The Exchange    34x44in        SC192
  • *Original* Art L Kandall Mountain/ Woman    14x18in        SC193
  • *Original* Art Lake Scene on Board Amy    24x14in        SC194
  • *Original* Art Turban Woman L. Kandall    22.5x27in        SC195
  • *Original* Art Douglas Walking on the Pier    15.5x16in        SC196
  • *Original* Art Sandra M. Gorman Beach Umbrella    19x25in        SC197
  • *Signed* Pink Tetons Framed Photo    13x17in        SC198
  • *Original* Art Lady Reflection    14x18in        SC199
  • *Original* Art Bette Rypkema Watercolor    16x19in        SC200
  • *Signed* Michael Stipek The Cafe Framed Photo    19x16.5in        SC201
  • *Signed* Michael Stipek La Trattoria Framed Photo    18.5x15in        SC202
  • *Original* Art Wendy Hill 2 Friends    19x31.5in        SC203
  • *Original* Art Victor Martinez Bautista Colca-Peru Cowboy    15x20.5in        SC204
  • Framed Photo Chairs on Porch    23.5X19in        SC205
  • *Signed* R Brewer Canyonlands Framed Photo 5/25    36.5x40in        SC206
  • Framed Photo Bench    22x18in        SC207
  • *Original* McGuire Vacation IV    48x48in        SC208
  • *Signed* Louis W. Cantillo Blue Bonnet Brenham, Texas    22.5x26.5in        SC209
  • *Signed* Michael Paraskevas Beach Scene Litho    30.5x41in        SC210
  • *Signed* Corwith Mill Framed Photo    18x15in        SC211
  • 2pc Staffordshire Porcelain Dogs Staffordshire Dogs Spaniels  PAIR Russet Red    9x7x4.5in    HxWxD    SC212
  • 2pc Chinese Foo Dog Ginger Jars PAIR    19in H x 10in diameter at widest        SC213
  • XL Fortunata Tuscany Italy Lg Pottery Tray    4.5x25x14in    HxWxD    SC214
  • Green Onyx Stone Vase    10.25in H x 5in Diameter at widest        SC215
  • Huge Soapstone Abstract Sculpture    10x20x7in    HxWxD    SC216
  • Kosta Boda Sweden Crystal art Glass Bowl/Dish    2.5in H x 12in Diameter        SC217
  • *Signed* Pottery Platter w/ handles    3in H x 16.6in Diameter        SC218
  • Indonesia Lidded Weave Basket    6in H x 11in Diameter        SC219
  • *Signed*  Large Artsit Made Potter Centerpiece Vase    13in H x 16in Diameter        SC220
  • Antique Gilt Bronze buddha statue Rattanakosin Thai    8.5x5.75x3.25in    HxWxD    SC221
  • *Signed* Artist made Woman Statue/Bud Vase Amy Kandall    23in H        SC222
  • Artist Made Ceramic Vase    13.5in H        SC223
  • Hammered Tin Lidded Box    7x8.25x8.25in    HxWxD    SC224
  • Victorian  Hand Painted Cast Iron Lamp 210    16inx10x10in        SC225
  • Signed Pottery Vase Lamp    24in H x 6.5in diameter at widest        SC226
  • 1 Swan Cast Metal Lamp    32x16x13in        SC227
  • Glass Dispenser Seashell Decor    17.75in H x 9.5in Diameter        SC228
  • 2pc dupuis Mexico centerpiece candle Holders Polished    26in H x 10in Diameter        SC229
  • 17pc Franco Giorgi Quadrifoglio Dinner Plates    10.25in Diameter        SC230
  • Huge Ceramic Rustic Centerpiece Bowl w/ faux fruit    12x19x15in        SC231
  • Beach Themed Milk Bottles w/ Rack    12x11x7.5in        SC232
  • 2pc Apothecary Jars    8in H & 7in H        SC233
  • 6pc Blue Press Glass plates    8.5in Diameter        SC234
  • Rustic Wood & Iron Candle Holder    6x16.5x8in        SC235
  • Artist Made Rustic Hide & Leather Weave Basket    15x18.5x15.5in    HxWxD    SC236
  • Italy Cast Bronze Vanity Mirror    17x13.5x4in    HxWxD    SC237
  • Italy Bronze Hanging Mirror    19x11in        SC238
  • Italy Bronze Oval Vanity Display    2x14x10.5in    HxWxD    SC239
  • Dupuis Mexico Polished Frame Vanity Mirror    17x12x10.5in    HxWxD    SC240
  • 3-Tier Ceramic & Metal Server    20.5in H x 13.75in Diameter at widest        SC241
  • Holland Boone Polished Pewter Divided Dish    1.5x10.5x10.25    HxWxD    SC242
  • Italy Bronze Round Hanging Mirror    16x14        SC243
  • Italy Bronze Rectangular Mirror    16in x 10.5in        SC244
  • Stetson Heavy 7-Candle Candelabra    20x11x11in    HxWxD    SC245
  • Cast Iron & Crystal 2-Candle Candelabra    15x15x7in without candles    HxWxD    SC246
  • Huge Cast Metal Candle Candelabra    26x20x9in without candles    HxWxD    SC247
  • *Signed* Artist Made Polished Silver-Tone Vase    7x2.5x2.5in    HxWxD    SC248
  • 2pc Crystal Vanity Containers Waterford    4.35in H & 3.25in H        SC249
  • Italy Large Cast Metal Centerpiece Bowl    8.5x25x9in    HxWxD    SC250
  • Cast Iron Leaf 6- Candle Candelabra    31x21x21in    HxWxD    SC251
  • Reticulated metal Centerpiece Dish/Bowl    4.25x15.5in Diameter        SC252
  • 5-Tier Lamp    22x16x15in    HxWxD    SC253
  • Rustic Reticulated Metal Fireplace Screen    25x55in open        SC254
  • Bennett Brass Canonball Andirons    19x9x18in    HxWxD    SC255
  • Cast Brass Baroque Dragon Fireplace Screen    24x24x3in    HxWxD    SC256
  • Cast Brass/Metal Fireplace tool Set            SC257
  • 2pc Cast Bronze Pheasant Door Handles    11x4x3.25in    HxWxD    SC258
  • Columbia Grafonola Gramophone AS-IS    29x16x22    HxWxD    SC259
  • Brass Ship Telescope    25x24.5x13in    HxWxD    SC260
  • Octagon inlay parquet Pedestal Stool Indian    18.75in Hx 13.25in diameter    HxWxD    SC261
  • Hammered Copper Vessel/Vase    9in H x 9in Diameter    HxWxD    SC262
  • Afghan Saddle Bag Pouch    46x23in        SC263
  • Panda Bear M  Jonasson Swedish Art Glass    2x9x7in    HxWxD    SC264
  • Jan Barboglio Art Glass Bowl    3.25x 5.35in Diameter        SC265
  • orrefors glass petal bowl    3.25x5.25diamter        SC266
  • 6pc PFG Southwest Etched Margarita Glasses    7in H x 6 in diameter        SC267
  • AS-IS Antique Regulator Wall Clock    28x17.5        SC268
  • Metal/Glass Floor Vase w/ Faux Plant    40in H        SC269
  • Decorative Preserved Watermelon/Cabbage Jar Decor    13x8x8    HxWxD    SC270
  • Decorative Preserved  baby Eggplant & Pears    9.5x 6in diameter        SC271
  • Rustic Wood Rocking Horse    31x14x43in    HxWxD    SC272
  • Antique Pear Shaped Wood Well Water Rice Bucket    19in x 14in Diameter        SC273
  • 7pc Glass Pitcher & glasses set    8.5in H & 7in H        SC274
  • Hand Painted Mexico Sugar & Creamer Set            SC275
  • 18pc Leaf Pattern Glass Set            SC276
  • AS-IS Rustic Floor Lamp    72in        SC277
  • Polished Chrome Bead Floor Lamp     62in        SC278
  • 16pc set of 8 Jars-France Samoa Vert Cups & Saucers Teacups    2.25in H x 3.75in Diameter        SC279
  • 60 pc Home Beautiful MN005 Sand Crest Dinnerware Set            SC280
  • 51pc Akan Susi Goldberg Saskatoon Dinnerware Set            SC281
  • 11pc Glass Gold Rim Annieglass?? Plates    8in & 10in        SC282
  • 4pc Libbey Duratuff Mexico Plates    10.75in Diameter        SC283
  • 3pc arcoroc France Octogon Plates            SC284
  • Rustic Mexico 6 Drawer Rustic Chest    21x12x12in    HxWxD    SC285
  • Lg Gilt Frame Oval Mirror    29x38x3in    HxWxD    SC286
  • Rustic Wrought Iron Wall Mounted Rack    25x31x8in    HxWxD    SC287
  • Old world painted chest    31x43.5x22    HxWxD    DL4232
  • B&P Ceramic peacock design lamp #1of2    26x9        DL4233
  • Custom made Old world crackle paint table    30x28.5 diameter        DL4234
  • B&P Ceramic peacock design lamp #2 of 2    26x9        DL4236
  • Rusted iron basket weave decor basket    16.5x24 diameter        DL4238
  • Wooden wicker outdoor lounge chair    39x32x28    HxWxD    DL4245
  • Wooden wicker outdoor couch    39x79x28    HxWxD    DL4246
  • Outdoor Concrete Planter    30x22 diameter        DL4247
  • King size bed Simmons Beauty Rest world class Augusta Pillow top    76x80        DL4249
  • Ralph Lauren 3 pillow king comforter set white    76x80        DL4250
  • Rustic Ornate Iron & Marble top side table    31x60x23    HxWxD    DL4251
  • Custom made cowhide & scrolled leather lounge chair    31x67x30    HxWxD    DL4252
  • 2 drawer table/ nightstand    33x35.5x18    HxWxD    DL4253
  • LG TV    31.5x21.5        DL4254
  • Wicker Chair    38.5x30.5x28    HxWxD    DL4255
  • Arts and crafts table    29x28x19.5    HxWxD    DL4256
  • Brass Lamp    27x6        DL4257
  • Spring air Comfort Flex portafino Firm Queen Size    80x60        DL4258
  • Brown metallic outdoor planter    21.5x19 diameter        DL4259
  • LG TV    31.5x21.5        DL4260
  • Large planter vase    29x18        DL4261
  • Large ornate lamp    37x12        DL4262
  • Large leather executive chair as/is    47.5x30.5x29    HxWxD    DL4263
  • Restoration Hardware Brooklyn bridge bookends    N/A        DL4264
  • Integra Onkyo DPS-6.7 DVD/ CD/ SACD Player DTS Dolby HDMI            DL4265
  • Panasonic KX-T7633-B 24 Button Digital Display Speakerphone For KX-TDA 50, 100            DL4266
  • ECCO Biom Natural Motion Men’s Golf Shoes    12-12.5        AF100
  • Karen Wilkinson Santa Fe Collection Vintage Jacket    Medium        AF101
  • Vintage Navy Leather Bomber Jacket    4XL        AF102
  • Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Button Up Shirt    Medium        AF103
  • Revillon Shearling Women’s Coat    Medium/Large        AF104
  • Eddie Bauer Distressed Leather Jacket    XXXL        AF105
  • Overland Outfitter Peterman Coat    Small        AF106
  • Hilary Radley Wool Hooded Coat    Size 8        AF107
  • Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer            AF108
  • And Much More!

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