50%+ OFF SATURDAY! Gorgeous Eclectic Scottsdale Estate-Original Art, Ladlows Furniture, Unique Decor, Swarovski & Coins

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Thu, Jun 8, 2017 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Fri, Jun 9, 2017 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sat, Jun 10, 2017 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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This sale is in the gated community of Windgate in Scottsdale. We are advertising this sale as a PARTY, NOT AN ESTATE SALE. When you enter the gate, you MUST SAY YOU ARE THERE FOR THE WEISBERG PARTY!! If you say you are there for an estate sale, you will be turned away. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Directions: You must enter at the main gait off of Thompson Peak Parkway on East Windgate Ranch Road. Once through the gate follow East Windgate Ranch Road to 100th Place, turn Left and continue to East Ridgerunner Drive, then turn right. Continue and turn left onto 100th Place. Continue and the house will be on the left- look for the sign and red flags. Please DO NOT BLOCK driveways.

From the 101, take Bell Road east towards Scottsdale. At Thompson Peak, turn left and follow it about a half mile where you will turn left into the Windgate Development.  Tell them you are there for the Marcia Weisberg Party!!! Thanks again.

This is a Fabulous Estate, full of Gorgeous Furniture and Décor from Ladlows. There are Original Art Pieces from Theo Tobiasssi, Hundreds of Swarovski Crystal Collectibles, Gorgeous Patio Décor, Unique and Eclectic Statues and Sculpture, Lladro Collectables, Henredon Furniture Pieces, Coins, Jewelry and Stamps. Take a quick look at the descriptions below and the over 300 pictures for more information. Thanks so much!! 
Swarovski Crystal
 Swarovski  A Clipper Ship #7473
 Swarovski #200280 Caila Lily
 Swarovski #202103 Fish
 Swarovski #206481 Crab
 Swarovski #269236 Baby Shark
 Swarovski #7472 NR030 Mushrooms
 Swarovski #7473 NR000002 Plane
 Swarovski #7478 NR 000001 Rose
 Swarovski #7603 NR 000003 Cobra
 Swarovski #7608 NR000001Deer Fawn
 Swarovski #7608 NR000002 Baby Deer
 Swarovski #7611 NR000001 Panda
 Swarovski #7611 NR000002 Very Tiny Panda
 Swarovski #7614 Sea Horse
 Swarovski #7615 NR000003 Butterfly
 Swarovski #7616 NR000001 Beaver
 Swarovski #7619 NR000003 Poodle
 Swarovski #7620 NR 100000 Walrus
 Swarovski #7621 NR 000001 King Fisher
 Swarovski #7621 NR 000002 Toucan
 Swarovski #7621 NR 000003 Owl w/Multicolored Eyes
 Swarovski #7621 NR 00004 Parrot
 Swarovski #7622 NR70 Baby Rhino
 Swarovski #7623 NR 055 Rabbit
 Swarovski #7624 NR 072000 Conch Shell
 Swarovski #7624 NR 100000 Starfish, Oyster, & Shell
 Swarovski #7626 NR65 Baby Hippo
 Swarovski #7628 NR80 Sperm Whale
 Swarovski #7629 NR70 Small Fox Family
 Swarovski #7631 NR 025000 Mouse
 Swarovski #7632 NR030 Baby Turtle
 Swarovski #7633 NR 100000 Swan w/Column Base
 Swarovski #7633 NR038000 Swan
 Swarovski #7634 NR 028000 Cat on Hind Legs
 Swarovski #7635 NR070 Standing Dog
 Swarovski #7636 NR 45 Bigger Owl w/Golden Eyes
 Swarovski #7637 NR54 Baby Bear
 Swarovski #7640 NR 040000 Baby Elephant
 Swarovski #7640 NR 60 Baby Elephant
 Swarovski #7642 NR 048 Frog
 Swarovski #7644 Dolphin
 Swarovski #7644 NR 041000 Large Puffer Fish
 Swarovski #7644 NR077 Fish
 Swarovski #7648 NR 030000 Snail
 Swarovski #7652 NR45 Baby Beaver
 Swarovski #7652 NR45 Butterfly
 Swarovski #7655 NR023 Field Mouse
 Swarovski #7659 NR 31 Cat
 Swarovski #7663 NR 46 Baby Seal #1
 Swarovski #7663 NR 46 Baby Seal #2
 Swarovski #7672 NR42 Dachsund Dog w/Silver Tail
 Swarovski #7673 NR40 Baby Koala
 Swarovski #7678 NR 030 Baby Rabbit #1
 Swarovski #7678 NR 030 Baby Rabbit #2
 Swarovski 1993 Annual Edition Inspiration Africa Elephant(Broken Ear)
 Swarovski Baby Hedgehog
 Swarovski Baby Love Birds #199123
 Swarovski Baby Owl w/Gold Eyes
 Swarovski Blue Heart
 Swarovski Blue Tulip
 Swarovski Cheetah #7610
 Swarovski Clear Heart
 Swarovski Dachsund Dog
 Swarovski Large Crystal Elk w/Rhodium Antlers
 Swarovski Large Oyster w/Pearl
 Swarovski LE Harlequin Masquerade Annual Edition 2001 w/COA
 Swarovski LE Harlequin w/Red, Yellow, Blue Green Buttons
 Swarovski LE Magic of Dance Isadora 2002
 Swarovski LE Yellow Tulips
 Swarovski Male African Lion on Frosted Base
 Swarovski Masquerade Columbine 2000
 Swarovski Polar Bear
 Swarovski Rabbit w/Laid Back Ears
 Swarovski Red Tulip
 Swarovski SCS 1987-1992 Cake w/Flowers
 Swarovski SCS Antelope
 Swarovski SCS Blue Whale
 Swarovski SCS Pegasus
 Swarovski SCS Seal w/Baby Seal
 Swarovski SCS Small Swan
 Swarovski SCS Squirrel
 Swarovski Set of 4 Mini Baby Chicks
 Swarovski Set of Colorful Daisies
 Swarovski Silver Crystal 3 Fish
 Swarovski Silver Crystal Camel
 Swarovski Silver Crystal Eagle on Branch
 Swarovski Silver Crystal Giraffe
 Swarovski Silver Crystal Sailboat (tip of sail broken)
 Swarovski Silver Crystal Tiger
 Swarovski Small Pig
 Swarovski Small Puffer Fish
 Swarovski Small Rooster
 Swarovski The Bull #6002/10000 w/COA in Case w/Book
 Swarovski The Eagle #3664/10000 w/COA in Case-Beak/Feather Issue
 Swarovski The Wild Horses w/COA #3017/10000 in Case w/Book
 Swarovski Turtle Doves #798
 Swarovski Violin
 Swarovski Hedgehog w/Whiskers
Furniture & Rugs
 Maroon Leather Office Chair
 Dark Green Hand Made Woven Wool Rug-10 x 14 (From Ladlows)
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Arm Chair #1
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Arm Chair #2
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Side Chair #1
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Side Chair #2
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Side Chair #3
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Side Chair #4
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Side Chair #5
 Ladlows Leather, Wood, Paisley Side Chair #6
 Black Wood Pedestal Stand
 Circular Glass Topped Wrought Iron Table
 Circular Indian Wool Rug - 6 x 6
 Custom Tan Cloth Couch #1
 Custom Tan Cloth Couch #2
 Oversized Custom Arm Chair #1
 Oversized Custom Arm Chair #2
 Square Solid Wood Table
 Tan, Orange & Blue Wool Floor Rug
 Green Framed Tan Floor Rug
 Rectangular Glass Topped Double Pedestal Silver Base Table
 Suede Topped Bar Stool #1
 Suede Topped Bar Stool #2
 7 x 10 Red/Black Wool Rug
 Black & Brown Floral Scroll Cloth Ottoman
 Custom Green Floral Pillow #1
 Custom Green Floral Pillow #2
 Custom Made Fozano's Buffett Table
 Custom Made Green/Tan Cloth Couch
 Henredon Square Dark Wood Beveled Glass Top Table
 Indian Wool Rug 8 x 10 Chocolate/Ivory
 Jessica Brown Paisley & Wood Armchair #1
 Jessica Brown Paisley & Wood Armchair #2
 Ladlows Black Swivel Bar Chair #1
 Ladlows Black Swivel Bar Chair #2
 Theodore Alexander Chest #1(orig. 2200.00/each)
 Theodore Alexander Chest #2(orig. 2200.00/each)
 3 Shelf Mahogany Table w/Slide Out
 Brown Cloth Accent Chair
 Custom Green Cloth Side Chair #1
 Custom Green Cloth Side Chair #2
 Dark Leather Zero Gravity Massagnius Massage Chair
 Henredon Distressed Nightstand #1
 Henredon Distressed Nightstand #2
 Henredon King Sized Distressed Wood & Leather Backed Bed Frame
 Lane Furniture Armoire Cedar Chest
 Mahogany Clothing Armoire
 Spring Air Back Supporter Riviera King Mattress & Box Spring
2 Theo Tobiasse Original Lithographs, Signed and Marked EA
Theo Tobiasse Original Lithograph, Signed and Marked HC
Aboriginal Pink Dot Canvas from New Zealand
Carlos Alberto Sosa Caminito Amigo Signed Canvas
Creampuff II by Frank Valenchis Vintage Auto Painting
Fontaine Paris Le Saire Coeur Print
Framed LeGrand Oil Painting
Menashe Dilian Yellow & Orange Pastel Art
Moulin Rouge Original Oil Painting by Mazeu
Theo Art Exhibition Signed by Theo Tobiasse Print
Ayaxin Signed & Numbered Religious Artwork Lithograph
Gregoire Chesaux Weather Vane One #30/150
Martin Holt Signed & Numbered Art Pieces
Chatty by Fink Wall Art Sculpture
Hal Marcus Signed Plaza De Los Lararetos 14 x 10 Oil on Canvas
Original Paris Oil Painting by T. Erika
Calling All Yodelers Wall Art
Jardine E Floral Array Mixed Media Canvas Framed
Décor & Accessories
Wooden Watch Wall Clock
Several Wood & Various Metal Candlesticks
Mid Century Brass Geese Bookends
Large Footed Brass Pot
Black Wood Pedestal Stand-Custom
Large Terracotta Floral Floor Pitcher
Stone Statue of Moses
White Ceramic Vase w/Red Floral Arrangement
Artificial Potted Plants
Blue Murano Glass Vase
Brass Peacock
Capodimonte Flower Bowl
Decorative Golden Glass Bowls & Plates
Kosta boda Copper & Black Glass Plate on Stand
Marc Grunseit Kiln Fired Glass Plate
Solid Burled Wood Free Form Carved Sculpture
Twos Company Blown Glass Pumpkin
Several Hummels
Several Lladros
Early Morning by J. White Kachina
Pottery Barn Candlesticks
Silver & China
CSC Silverplated Platter
EW Princess Handpainted Teacup & Saucer
Several Tea Cups & Saucers-Fancrest, Royal Albert, Paragon, Royal Halsey, Tuscan
Wm Rogers & Son Spring Flower
Chippendale IS Platters
Sheridan Covered Casserole Dish
Gorham Teacup & Saucer
12 Piece Cup, Saucer, Pitcher Set-Naaman Israel
16 Piece Lenox Weatherly Plates, Cups & Saucers
62 Piece Paris by Wellin Japan Fourteen Sans Souci
Lenox autumn 24K Gold Decorated Vaseet of 6 Sterling Silver Cup Holders
Sheridan Silver on Copper Teapot
Lancaster Rose Silverplate by Poole Platter
Seiko Mens Watches
Movado Mens & Ladies Watches
Lapis & Sterling Bracelet
Coral & Sterling Bracelet
Costume Jewelry
Cuff Links & Tie Clips
Patio Furniture & Decor
Mallin Aluminum Bar Chair w/Cushion #1
Mallin Aluminum Bar Chair w/Cushion #2
Mallin Aluminum Glass Candlestick
Mallin Aluminum Patio Chair w/Tan Cushion #1
Mallin Aluminum Patio Chair w/Tan Cushion #2
Mallin Aluminum Patio Chair w/Tan Cushion #3
Mallin Aluminum Patio Chair w/Tan Cushion #4
Mallin Aluminum Patio Rocking Chair w/Tan Cushion #1
Mallin Aluminum Patio Rocking Chair w/Tan Cushion #2
Mallin Oval Aluminum Patio Table
Soapstone Hand Garden Statue-(Very Heavy)
Stone Fish on Pedestal
Books & Media
Books-Paperback, Hardback, Signed Artist Copies
Other Home Stuff
Tons of Kitchen Items & Decor
Custom Pillows
Bathroom Accessories
There is sooooo much more here than I can describe and list. Please take some time to visit and stay awhile. Thanks so much!!
Remember, you are going to the Weisberg Party!!!!


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