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ONLINE ONLY AUCTION! Online Bidding is Now Open! All items can be paid for online by credit card and will be packed and shipped by a professional shipping service. Local pick-up available.


Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

LOCATION: 2050 S 16th Street Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85034

CROSS STREET: (Located at the NW Corner of South 16th Street and I-17)


Friday May 17th 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

LOCATION: 2050 S 16th Street Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85034


  • 4 Antique Griswold Skillets
  • Antique Chatillons New York Scale
  • Antique Salter Warranted Steam Blower Whistle Made in Brass
  • 19th Century Antique Anvil
  • Antique Henry W. Baga Square Double Sided Wood and Cast Iron Sign
  • 1950's Paper Mache Halloween Cat
  • Antique Oswald & Hess Co. Pure Lard Advertising Can
  • Antique Porcelain Double Sided RAC Royal Automobile Club Sign Body Repair Specialist
  • Antique Porcelain Double Sided RAC Royal Automobile Club Sign Repairer
  • Antique Cast iron Sheep Bread Mold
  • Antique The Wadley Co Cream Station Heavy Metal Sign
  • Antique Philadelphia USA Red Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Number 2
  • Antique Aluminum Cast Iron and Wood Butter Churn
  • Antique English Smoking Box with Brass Inlay
  • Baccarat France Crystal Decanter
  • Andre Picot'' 1910-1992'' Original oil on Canvas Depicting a French Street Scene '' La Madeline''
  • Andre Picot'' 1910-1992'' Original oil on Canvas Depicting a French Street Scene      '' Parisian Flower Market''
  • 19th Century Yellowware Nest of Country Mixing Bowls
  • 19th Century Large Yellowware Country Mixing Bowl #3
  • 19th Century Yellowware 3 Large Country Mixing Bowls
  • 19th Century Nest of 4 Yellowware Country Mixing Bowls
  • Antique Four Dozen Egg Tin Box
  • Antique Yellowware Pottery Mold Depicting Wheat
  • Antique Yellowware Pottery Mold Depicting Corn
  • Antique Yellowware Ribbed Water Pitcher
  • Nest of 4 Tan Country Mixing Bowls 19th Century
  • 2 Antique Mason Cash and Co English Ceramic Mixing Bowls
  • Antique Yellowware Pottery Dish Depicting Hearts
  • 2 Antique Pewter Hollowware Pieces
  • Antique Gear Top Press
  • 2 Primitives Including wood press and coffee grinder
  • 1876 London Lord Lyttons Novels
  • Antique Aluminum Country Book Recipe Holders
  • Antique Asian Lacquer Wood Tea Caddy
  • 19th Century Wood Country Green Butter Churn with Sliding Top
  • J. A Henkels Butcher Block with Various Knives
  • Antique Shaker Style Sewing Box
  • Modern White Kitchenaid Heavy Duty Mixer
  • 2 Edward Sheriff Curtis Copyright Photographs Depicting Native American Scenes
  • 2 Edward Sheriff Curtis Copyright Photographs Depicting Native American Scenes
  • 2 Edward Sheriff Curtis Copyright Photographs Depicting Native American Scenes
  • 2 Antique Framed Victorian Prints, Artist Unknown
  • Jean Kloss Artist Proof '' Courtyard in Chimayo'' Signed Art
  • 19th Century Yellowware Ceramic Mold Depicting a Pear
  • Antique Yellowware Pierced Colander Bowl
  • Large Yellowware #10 with Diamond Design
  • 3 Yellowware with Colored Ribbed Striping
  • 2 Yellowware Mixing Bowls with Design
  • 3 Native American Signed Kachinas
  • Henriot Quimper Porcelain Statue of Bagpipe Players Signed R. Micheau Vernez
  • Arts and Crafts Antique Pottery Vase
  • Miller Gpo Red Metal Miners Lamp with Green Jewels
  • Antique 19th Century English Wood and Metal Coffee Grinder
  • 6 Yellowware and Spatterware Country Mixing Bowls
  • Antique New York O. Forschners Spring Balance Scale
  • Antique Glass and Aluminum Dispensing Can
  • 2 Antique Metal Aluminum Grinders
  • Antique American Salesman's Sample 4 Door Dresser with Veneer
  • Antique Early American Santa Claus Christmas Mold
  • Lot of Antique Aluminum Molds and Wood Presses
  • Grouping of Primitives with advertising
  • Large lot of Lead and Composition Farm Animals
  • Antique New Haven Clock Company Elm City Electric Banjo Clock
  • Miniature Antique New Haven 8 Day Jewel Temple Clock
  • Antique Aluminum 1 Cent Gumball Machine
  • Antique Mettlach German Figural Monumental Pottery Stein
  • Antique Porcelain Country Bread Box
  • Gene Kloss '' Buttes of Lukachukai'' #27 of 35 Signed Print
  • Antique Wood Cased Auto Player Piano with Scrolls Made by Carl Bachmann
  • Menteseleri Yaglayiniz Security Safe with Key
  • Vintage Art Caps Colonel Don Wells USA Military Hat with Original Box Size 7 1/8
  • Brass Middle Eastern Center Bowl on Pedestal
  • Large Middle Eastern Copper Tone Water Bucket
  • Copper Tone Middle Eastern Center Bowl
  • 7 Piece Copper over Metal Hammered Lidded Can Set with Brass Shell Handles
  • Large Copper and Brass European Coal Bucket with Porcelain Handles
  • Copper Tone Middle Eastern Center Bowl
  • 2 Copper Tone Middle Eastern Hammered Lidded Pots
  • Copper Tone Middle Eastern Center Bowl
  • 2 Middle Eastern Metal Food Storage Container and Tea Caddy
  • Large Copper and Metal Handled Water Pot Middle Eastern
  • 2 Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Bowls
  • Copper over Metal Covered Dish with Brass Handle
  • 1973 Signed David Polished Stone Carving Depicting a Woman
  • Tuscan Terracotta Pottery Water Pitcher
  • Vintage Brass Thailand Flatware in Box
  • European Hand Carved Wood Paddle
  • 9 Piece Middle Eastern Hammered Copper over Metal with Brass Handle Decorative Pan Set
  • 12 Piece Setting Rosenthal Studio Line Germany China Set with Plates, Cups and Teapot
  • Brass Middle Eastern Etched Teapot
  • 3 Middle Eastern Brass Grinders
  • European Copper Tone over Metal Lidded Dish
  • Middle Eastern Etched Handled Water Pot
  • Waterford Crystal Cake Knife
  • Sterling Silver Monogrammed Jigger Cup
  • 4 Piece Philippe Limoges Licorne Porcelain Set Depicting Wildlife
  • 3 Boxes of Glass Knife Rests and Silver Tone Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • 3 Piece European Cup and Bell Set
  • 3 Ceramic Lacroix Miniature Baking Pans
  • 3 Turkish Copper over Metal Round Storage Containers
  • Middle Eastern Russian Brass Sandavar
  • Early Waterford Crystal Ireland Sugar Shaker
  • Middle Eastern Brass Stamped Cooking Pot with Bird Finial
  • Large Thailand Brass Flatware Set in Original Box
  • Grouping of Middle Eastern Turkish Metal and Brass Animal Skewer Sticks
  • Vintage Brass Middle Eastern Sandavar
  • 2 Large Covered Copper Over Metal Cooking Pans
  • Large Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Water Pail
  • Art Glass Hand Blown Signed Sculpture
  • Spanish David Marshall Designer Tray
  • 1957 US Military Academy Book
  • 2 US Navy Army Teddy Bears
  • Kaschenback Advertising Posters on Board
  • 14 Pieces of Foreign Art
  • 3 Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Trays
  • Copper over Metal Middle Eastern Water Pitcher
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Food Storage Box
  • Large Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Center Pot
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal 2 Water Pitchers
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Food Storage Box
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Hot Water Pot
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Large center Bowl
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal 3 Ladles
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal 4 Bowled Plates
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Hammered Covered Dish
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Large Lipped Pot
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal 2 Pots and a Water Pitcher
  • Middle Eastern Brass and Metal Concho Belt
  • Grouping of Vintage World Travels Collectibles including Flute, Boots, Japanese Fan, Boomerang, Rattle, Charcoal Art, Wood Carving, Jump rope, and Totem Mask
  • Grouping of Vintage World Travels Collectibles including Middle Eastern Flute, Dutch wood shoes, Indonesian flute, wood carved rattles, Dutch Holland Bells, Inlaid wood art, Geode, Wood Ball trap game
  • Grouping of Vintage World Travels Collectibles
  • Reproduction Year 1380 Brass English Etched Wall Plaque
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Hammered Carrying Water Jug with Hook
  • Middle Eastern Cast Iron and Wood Antique Hatchet
  • Canadian Hand Carved Boma Totem Pole
  • Middle Eastern Brass and Leather Antique Opium Pouch
  • Antique Roman Style Carved Metal Plaque Inset in Wood Case
  • Grouping of Middle Eastern Primitives including Small Teapot, Slingshot, Press Whistle and Small Knife
  • 1585- 1603 Remake The British Museum Great Seal of Queen Elizabeth I Plaque
  • Waterford Crystal Decanter
  • Zara Gola Pariaso Ceramic Hand Painted Water Pot
  • Delft Holland Copper and Brass Coal Bucket with lions Head
  • Vintage Middle Eastern Brass and Glass Candle domes
  • Middle Eastern Brass Water Pot and Food Storage Box
  • Large Middle Eastern Metal Pot
  • 7 Pieces of Copper over Metal Hollowware
  • Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Crab Dish with Brass Handles
  • Bernard Rooke Ceramic Totem Floor Lamp Circa 1970s
  • Bernard Rooke Ceramic 3 Column Table Lamp Circa 1970s
  • Bernard Rooke Ceramic 3 Column Table Lamp Circa 1970s
  • Mid Century Modern Attributed to Rook Bottled Vase, Unsigned
  • Mid Century Modern Attributed to Rook Hanging Pot, Unsigned
  • Mid Century Modern Attributed To Rook Vase, Unsigned
  • Mid Century Modern Rooke Vase
  • Mid Century Modern Bernard Rooke Depicting Dragons and Butterflies
  • Monumental Lladro Spain Figurine Depicting Man and Woman with Puppy
  • Antique Doulton Burslem Louis England Porcelain Water Pitcher and Bowl Set
  • English Sterling Silver Antique Mirror and Brush and Compact Set with Hallmarks
  • 20th Century Signed Japanese Porcelain Food Storage Box
  • Antique Primitive Horse Ox Hane
  • Foreign Terracotta Pottery Love Bird plaque
  • Framed Shadowbox with Antique Pieces
  • 20th Century Egyptian Stone Column with Figurine unsigned
  • Mid-20th Century Middle Eastern Hand Woven Rugs
  • Mid-20th Century Middle Eastern Hand Woven Sack
  • Black Mountain instruments David Johnston 2010 Model 56 Wood Guitar
  • 20th Century Middle Eastern Hand Hammered Copper Plaque Unsigned
  • Grouping of 4 Wood Walking Sticks and Instruments Middle Eastern
  • Antique Foreign Middle Eastern Sword Knife
  • Vintage Brass Russian Samovar
  • 2 Hand Carved Foreign Village Figures Signed BLE
  • Native Tribal Basket Weave Water Jug with Leather Strap
  • Hand Carved Dutch Wood Panel Depicting 2 Men
  • Bernard Rooke Mid Century Pottery Bowl Signed
  • Vintage Holland Copper and Brass Water Pail
  • Antique Hand Painted American Wood Bucket
  • Jackie Wukela South Carolina '' Flowers From My Yard III'' Signed Original Oil on Canvas
  • Aorr Original Oil Painting on Canvas Depicting Flowers
  • Modernist Signed Watercolor on Canvas Depicting a Nude
  • Mid-20th Century Asian Silk Art Depicting an Ocean Boating Scene
  • Gail Leebroth Original Abstract Art Under Glass
  • Vintage Egyptian Pierced Art Under Glass
  • Antique English Hand Carved Beveled Edged Wood Mirror
  • Mid 20th Century Middle Eastern temple on linen Rubbing Depicting a Hunting Scene Under Glass
  • European Etched Beveled Glass Shield Mirror
  • 2 Choppvia Signed Prints
  • Bernard Rooke Ceramic Tile Plaque with Frame
  • Mid-20th Century Egyptian leather Folk Art Depicting a Side Profile on Linen
  • Mid-20th Century Middle Eastern Temple Rubbing on Linen Depicting 2 Men
  • Vintage Asian Hand-Woven Panel Behind Glass
  • P. Argeaz Signed Middle Eastern Temple Rubbing
  • P. Argeaz Signed Middle Eastern Temple Rubbing Blue
  • Reproduction 1885 Phoenix Arizona Birds Eye View Map
  • Monumental Copper over Metal Middle Eastern Charger
  • Antique European Rose Print by Califano
  • Mid 20th Century Middle Eastern Brass Platter
  • 2 Antique Wood Candle Molds
  • Antique Cast Iron Door Knocker Depicting Face
  • Vintage Hong Kong Abacus
  • Hermes Museum of Olympia 5th BC Remake Plaque
  • Boleslawiec Made in Poland Hand Painted Ceramic Dish Set
  • Wade Regicor England Baby Blue Pottery Platter and Pitcher
  • 2 Russian Wood Hand Painted Nest of Dolls Signed by the Artist
  • Grouping of Hand Carved Stone Box 1975 and 1972 German Medals English Glass Inkwell
  • 49 Biedermann Merry Christmas Limited Edition Brass Ornaments 1971- 2018
  • 14 Leyk Hand Painted Ceramic German Candle Houses
  • 28 Ceramic and Wood Collectible Houses made in England and Various Countries
  • Shakespearian Wood Cottage English Music Box
  • Antique Double Hurricane Burmese Style Lamp with Prisms
  • 2014 John Manley Studio Pottery Vase
  • Modern Studio Pottery Base Signed by the Artist
  • Studio Pottery Signed Vase
  • Modern Roman Style Pottery Water Pot
  • A.H. Puente Hand Painted Ceramic Vase
  • Modern Signed Studio Pottery Horse Hair Red Vase
  • Krosno Jozefina Polish Hand Made Glass Vase
  • Charleston Sweet Grass Hand Groven Lidded Basket
  • Charleston Sweet Grass Hand Groven Lidded Ruffled Vase
  • Antique Thumbprint Cranberry Glass Water Pitcher
  • Antique Cranberry Glass Epergne
  • 3 Antique Cranberry Hobnail Art Glass Ruffled Pieces
  • Antique Thumbprint Cranberry Glass Hand Blown Basket
  • Antique European .800 Silver Cherub Vanity Mirror
  • 2 Antique Sterling Silver Lidded Vanity Jars
  • Modern Jay Strongwater Clock
  • 4 Antique Art Nouveau Gold Guild Jewelry Trinket Boxes
  • Antique Green Venetian Glass Blown Vase
  • Modern Art Glass Blown Threaded Perfume Bottle
  • 19th Century Meissen Cup ands Saucer Depicting Bugs and Florals
  • Lot of Pink Lefton Porcelain Figurines
  • Lot of Vintage to Modern Porcelain Collectibles
  • 18 English Bone China Porcelain Flowers
  • Antique Cranberry Glass Jack in the Pulp Vase
  • Antique Cranberry Glass Thumbprint Vase
  • Jim Shore '' Heart Wood Creek Chicken Figurine''
  • Western Germany Goebel Cherub Instrument Figurines
  • English Antique Coin Silver Master Salt with Hallmarks
  • Antique Cased Cranberry Glass Coin Dot Brides Basket
  • 3 Sterling Silver Pill and Trinket Boxes
  • Dsna French Green Slag Perfume Bottle, Signed
  • Panama Wounna Emera Indian Weave Basket
  • Chile Silver Plate Trinket Box and Business Card Holder with Lapis Lazuli and Malachite
  • Italian Millefiori and Cranberry Glass Bowls
  • Vintage Green Plastic Costume Jewelry Bangle with Rhinestones
  • Glass Perfume Bottle with Sterling Top, Antique Green Slag Glass Perfume and Art Glass Bird Perfume
  • Antique Porcelain Laced Basket Signed
  • Antique Majolica Antique Basket
  • 3 Large Bone China Porcelain Flower Vases
  • Vintage Goebel Porcelain Bunny Rabbit Figurine
  • Capodimonte Porcelain Cup and Saucer Set
  • 2 Antique Porcelain Plate and Bowl RS Prussia Bowl
  • Hut Jakub Tasice 1976 Cobalt Bohemian Hand Painted Vases, Signed
  • Antique Mosier Hand Painted Pink Art Glass Water Pitcher
  • Antique Royal Bonn Pink Floral Double Porcelain Vase
  • 4 English Porcelain Floral Basket Vases
  • Steve Smith Exotic Hand Made Hardwood Trinket Box with Burl and Maple Wood
  • Italian Ceramic Floral Figurine
  • Antique European Porcelain Floral Tankard Signed
  • 3 Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Plates
  • Antique Blue Art Glass French Vanity Box on Gold Guild Base
  • 20th Century Large Cloisonné' Asian Vase on Wood Base
  • Antique Cranberry Glass Hobnail Fluted Vase
  • Fenton Cranberry Glass Swirl Vase
  • 2 Cranberry Glass Fluted Vases
  • Modern Emeral Butcher Block Knife Set
  • Modern Mexican Painted Pottery Rooster
  • Mid Century Leather Decanter with 2 Ceramic Cups
  • Lladro Mud Man Figurine
  • 1895 English Flow Blue Porcelain Jardinière
  • Antique Royal Doulton England '' Norberry'' Flow Blue Porcelain Water Pitcher and Bowl Set
  • Antique Flow Blue '' LA BELLE'' Wheeling Pottery America Cracker Jar
  • Grouping of Stone Life Size Fruit
  • Antique Flow Blue Porcelain Water Pitcher and Bowl Set '' Bouquet '' Pattern
  • 2 antique English Flow Blue Water pitchers
  • RS Germany Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Bowl
  • Antique Bisque American Doll Hand painted
  • Antique leather over Green Depression Glass Liquor Bottle
  • Antique Grimwades Flow Blue Floral Jardinière
  • Modern Hand Made Studio Pottery by John Manly
  • Early 20th Century Art Nouveauu European Cabinet
  • Antique Late 19th Century Wood Drop Leaf Secretary with leaded Glass Doors
  • Antique European Marble Top Cabinet with Beveled Glass Mirror
  • Antique Early American 5 Step Lawyers Barrister Book Case
  • Pair of Antique European Marble Top End Tables on Tapered Legs
  • Antique American Wood Side Table
  • Early 20th Century Antique Early American Empire Style Drop Leaf Secretary with Brass Hardware
  • Late 19th Century American Chippendale Style Drop Leaf Desk on Cabriole Legs
  • Antique Wood Sewing Stand
  • Antique American Eastlake Marble Top Side Table
  • Antique Empire Style Mahogany Side Cabinet with Marble Top
  • Late 19th Century Antique American Desk with Ball Feet
  • Late 19th Century American Marble Top Chest
  • Early 20th Century American Wood Fretwork Display Cabinet on Cabriole Ball and Claw Feet
  • Antique Brass European Head Board Depicting a Cherub
  • Antique American Marble Top Wash Stand Side Table
  • Antique European Wood Birthing Chair Depicting Three Leaf Clovers
  • Mid 20th Century middle Eastern Wood and Black Leather Camel Saddle with Inlaid Brass
  • Antique European Marble Right of Pedestal
  • 4 Antique Black iron European Swivel Bar Stools
  • Spanish Wood Butcher Block on Casters
  • American Oak Captains Jet Desk Chair
  • Pair of Mid 20th Century Middle Eastern Brass Lamps
  • Middle Eastern Tribal Brass Table Lamp
  • Mid-20th Century Asian Hand Carved Shadowbox Center Table and End Tables
  • Antique European Hand Painting Floral Mirror
  • Mid-20th Century Wood and Brass Middle Eastern Tansu Chest
  • Early 20th Century European Art Nouveau Style Buffet
  • Vintage Middle Eastern Copper over Metal Side Table with Black iron Base


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Auction Rules / Terms and Conditions: Any bidder attending the auction agrees to all of Fidelity Estate Services Terms and Conditions.

  • All SALES are FINAL, we sell everything AS-IS, WHERE IS. It is the Buyer / Bidders responsibility to inspect the merchandise during the preview / inspection period. Any refunds for merchandise will be determined at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer.
  • Transfer of Merchandise: Buyer / Bidder agrees that they are responsible for the merchandise and that ownership conveys to the bidder the second the Auction says “Sold” or drops the “Hammer”. The Buyer / Bidder is responsible for possession of their merchandise and will be obligated to pay for their merchandise even in the event they fail to secure their purchase.
  • Buyer’s Premium: Buyer /Bidder agrees to pay 17.5% plus a 5% Online Bidding Fee for a total of 22.5% on top of the winning bid price for any merchandise purchased regardless of price, type or condition.
  • Sales Tax: Buyer / Bidder is responsible for paying the cost of the merchandise plus a buyer’s premium as well as applicable City and State Taxes to the final purchase price, regardless of payment type.
  • Credit Card Payments: Any Bidder / Buyer who pays with a credit card accepts the merchandise AS-IS and agrees to not dispute credit card charges or request chargeback with the buyers’ credit card company.
  • Payment Types: We accept Cash, Credit and Debit Cards (Checks only accepted from established customers who are approved by the Auctioneer)
  • Tax Exempt Dealers: To be tax exempt, you must bring with you a copy of your ARIZONA RESALE LICENSE for us to keep on file, as well as complete and sign Arizona Form 5000 A.
  • Loading and Moving: For insurance reasons you are responsible for moving or loading your items however, we do have moving services we can recommend.
  • Fidelity Estate Services is not responsible for any injuries or accidents
  • Fidelity Estate Services Auction Rules and Terms are subject to change without notice.

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