THE $1,000,000 Fine Jewelry & Gemstones "Holiday" ESTATE Sale!

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Fri, Dec 13, 2019 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat, Dec 14, 2019 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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    All SALES are FINAL, we sell everything AS IS. No returns or credit card chargebacks for any reason. 

    Payments: We accept Cash, Credit and Debit Cards (Checks only accepted from established customers), Wire, & Cashiers Checks.

    Any purchases over $5,000.00 will need to be paid for by WIRE Transfer or Certified Cashiers Check, unless you are an established customer. 

    Tax Exempt Dealers: If you are tax exempt you MUST complete an Arizona Form 5000 plus bring a copy of your Arizona Resale License.

    Dealers: To be tax exempt, you must bring with you a copy of your ARIZONA RESALE LICENSE for us to keep on file, as well as complete and sign Arizona Form 5000.

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    Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Debit

Sale Description

******Save the Date and Be Prepared******

DECEMBER 13TH & 14TH, 2019 

13TH 9AM-6PM      &     14TH 9AM-3PM

!!!The Fidelity Vaults have opened!!!

We will be selling over $1,000,000.00 worth of Fine Jewelry at set prices!

Most pieces will come with a certified appraisal report.

ADDRESS: 4130 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013



3 Armed Phoenix Police Officers will be on-site from start to finish.ID will need to be shown when you arrive. Thank you and see you then!

114K Lady's Diamond & Ruby RingAppraised Value $4,090.00214K White/Yellow Gold Bracelet w/ 2.94 Carats Princess Cut DiamondsAppraised Value: $4,705.00318K White Gold Diamond Set PendantAppraised Value: $6,240.004HIGH END 14K White Gold Diamond Fashion RingAppraised Value: $3,045.005Rare Platinum & 2.73 Carat Diamond Tennis BraceletAppraised Value: $5,250.006Custom 14K White Gold, Diamond & Sapphire Imperial NecklaceAppraised Value: $14,015.00714K White Gold & Pave Set Diamond BraceletAppraised Value: $2,080.008Vintage Lady's 18K Gold Le Coultre Band & Face WatchAppraised Value: $4,310.00910k White Gold Diamond Tennis BraceletAppraised Value: $880.001018K White Gold, Diamond & Blue Sapphire EarringsAppraised Value: $4,760.001114k Gold Tennis Bracelet w/ 8.5 Carats of Diamonds!Appraised Value: $8,170.0012Custom 14K White Gold, Diamond & Natural Ruby Imperial NecklaceAppraised Value: $8,965.0013Men's Custom 14K Gold & 1 Carat Diamond RingAppraised Value: $2,405.001414K Gold Ring w/ 1 Carat Round Cut DIAMOND Solitaire! 2.4C Total WeightAppraised Value: $8,090.0015RARE 18K High Designer Necklace w/ 7.5 Carats of Diamonds!Appraised Value: $22,480.001614K Gold & Diamond Stud EarringsAppraised Value: $1,915.001714k Gold 2 Carat Diamond Custom PendantAppraised Value: $5,870.001818K European 5 Diamond Lady's RingAppraised Value: $4,225.0019FIDELITY'S PICK! 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Link Bracelet, 2.1 CaratsAppraised Value: $15,945.002014K Gold Designer Amethyst & Diamond RingAppraised Value: $2,280.002118K Gold Middle Eastern Bracelet w/ GemstonesAppraised Value: $3,390.002214K Gold & Diamond Flower Earrings, 1.25 CaratsAppraised Value: $4,095.002318K Gold "Thai Princess" Ring w/ GemstonesAppraised Value: $1,010.002414K Gold Art Deco Unisex Ring w/ 1.00 Carat Diamond!Appraised Value: $6.335.002514K Gold Antique Ring w/ .81 Carat DiamondAppraised Value: $5,430.0026WOW! 2.85 Carat Round DIAMOND Solitaire Ring Set in PlatinumAppraised Value: $29,520.002714K Gold Custome "V" Necklace with Diamonds!Appraised Value: $4,520.0028Lady's 18K White Gold, Diamond & Sapphire RingAppraised Value: $4,500.0029Rare 18K Gold MOP & Gemstone BroochAppraised Value: $2,480.0030Antique 14K Gold & Diamond Bar Brooch / PinAppraised Value: $3,055.003118K Gold Middle Eastern RingAppraised Value: $970.0032Custom 18K White Gold Necklace w/ Sapphire & DiamondsAppraised Value: $3,300.003314K Gold & 2.75 Carat Diamond Tennis BraceletAppraised Value: $6,385.003414K White Gold Custom Earrings w/ 76 Diamonds!Appraised Value: $2,645.003514K Custom Gold Nugget Ring with 2 Carats of DiamondsAppraised Value: $3,900.003614K White Gold & 60 Diamond Set NecklaceAppraised Value: $2,060.003714K White Gold & Diamond Slide Pendant NecklaceAppraised Value: $2,725.0038Lady's Platinum Custome Ring w/ 3.3 Carat Tanzanite GemstoneAppraised Value: $5,670.003914K White Gold, 49 Sapphires & 29 Diamond RingAppraised Value: $3,035.004014k White Gold Ring w/ .78 Carat DiamondAppraised Value: $3,220.0041RARE Asian 14K Gold, Diamond & Large Jade PendantAppraised Value: $3,200.0042Sterling Silver & LARGE 11.65 CT Aquamarine GemstoneAppraised Value: $875.004314K White Gold & Diamond Slide Pendant NecklaceAppraised Value: $2,315.004414K White Gold, 14 Diamond & Opal NecklaceAppraised Value: $2,520.0045RARE 14k Gold & Diamond Wreath Necklace w/ 110 Diamonds!Appraised Value: $7,100.0046Petite 14K Gold Ring w/ .48 Carat Princess DiamondAppraised Value: $1,810.004714K Gold, Saphhire & 32 Diamond NecklaceAppraised Value: $1,600.0048FIDELITY'S PICK! 18K Gold Custom Necklace w/ 41 DiamondsAppraised Value: $7,470.004914K Gold Modern Diamond Slide NecklaceAppraised Value: $2,000.0050RARE 18K Gold Ring w/ 25 CT Pink Quartz Ring & 104 SapphiresAppraised Value: $4,500.005118K White Gold, Diamond & Blue Sapphire "DOME" RingAppraised Value: $3,385.0052RARE Andrew Alvarez 14k Native Turquoise Pendant & NecklaceAppraised Value: $3.400.005314k Gold Custom V Imperial Necklace w/ 22.5 Cts Tananite & 533 Diamonds!Appraised Value: $5,025.0054European 14K Gold Pendant w/ Diamonds & Fire OpalsAppraised Value: $5,330.005514k Gold Custom Imperial Bracelet w/ 22 Tananites & 22 DiamondsAppraised Value: $1,255.0056Antique 14K Gold, Diamond & Fire Opal BraceletAppraised Value: $3,375.0057Lady's 18K Gold & 11.26 CT Amethyst Ring w/ 20 Diamonds Appraised Value: $4,500.0058Lady's 14K White Gold & Diamond WatchAppraised Value: $5,000.0059Silver & 52 Blue Sapphire RingAppraised Value: $400.006018K Gold Ring w/ .73 CT Triangle Cut DiamondAppraised Value: $6,000.006114K Gold Custom Necklace w/ 55.29 CARAT Blue Topaz Gemstone & DiamondsAppraised Value: $3,995.0062Gold & Diamond Engagement RingAppraised Value: $1,015.006314K Gold Necklace w/ Diamond Slide PendantAppraised Value: $3,895.006414K Gold Imperial Bracelet w/ 8.4 Carats of Rubies & 195 DiamondsAppraised Value: $4,950.006514k Gold Designer Ring6618K White Gold & 140 Princess Cut Diamond Encrusted Earrings!Appraised Value: $7,240.0067RARE 18K Gold European Painted Necklace w/ DiamondsAppraised Value: $2,000.006814K Gold Custom Heart Ring69HIGH END 14K White Gold Necklace w/ 157 Diamond Pendant!Appraised Value: $5,895.0070DRF JR 14K Gold Pendant w/ 23.35 Carat Blue Topaz GemstoneAppraised Value: $3,545.0071Lady's Platinum & Diamond Tennis Bracelet RingAppraised Value: $3,995.007214K Gold Diamond Swing RingAppraised Value: $3,175.007314K Gold & Diamond Swing BraceletAppraised Value: $6,310.007414k Gold, Diamond & 16 Sapphire RingAppraised Value: $1,810.007518K Movado Ring w/ 84 DiamondsAppraised Value: $3,640.007614K Gold Lady's Ring with 1.96 Carats of DiamondsAppraised Value: $3,485.007710K Gold Ring w/ 3.94 CT Sapphire & DiamondsAppraised Value: $800.007818K White Gold Slider Pendant & Necklace w/ Diamonds & Blue DiamondsAppraised Value: $5,850.007914K Gold Ring w/ 17 Diamonds (.90 Carats)Appraised Value: $2,360.0080European 18K Gold Brooch w/ 150 Diamonds & Green EmeraldsAppraised Value: $3,500.00811 CT Diamond Solitaire 14K Gold Ring w/ 22 DiamondsAppraised Value: $9,665.008218K Gold Pendant & Necklace w/ 9.4 Carat Amethyst Gemstone & 152 DiamondsAppraised Value: $2,410.008314K Gold & 7 Diamond Ring - 2 CaratsAppraised Value: $5,315.008414k Gold Custom Ring w/ 9 Diamonds (.86 Carats)Appraised Value: $3,240.0085121 Princess Cut Diamond Pendant Set in 18K GoldAppraised Value: $5,170.0086Skip87Skip8818K Gold Ring w/ 19 DiamondsAppraised Value: $3,925.008910K Gold Necklace w/ 25 Diamond Heart PendantAppraised Value: $970.009014K White Gold Asian Bangle Bracelet w/ 29 Diamonds & Green JadeAppraised Value: $3,690.009114K White Gold Asian Ring w/ 32 Diamonds & Green Jade 14.4MM x 12.3MMAppraised Value: $1,710.009214K White Gold Asian Necklace & Pendant w/ 37 Diamonds & Green Jade 45MMAppraised Value: $4,665.0093White Gold Ring w/ RARE Fine Green Emerald Gemstone & DiamondsAppraised Value: $3,510.009414K Gold Custom Art Deco Necklace w/ 25 DiamondsAppraised Value: $2,950.009514K Gold Necklace w/ 2.9 CT Diamond PendantAppraised Value: $7,295.009614K Gold Ring972 Carat Round Brilliant DIAMOND STUD Earrings!Appraised Value: $13,770.009818K White Gold Diamonds & 25 Ruby PendantAppraised Value: $4,640.009910K Gold Ring w/ Diamonds & SapphiresAppraised Value: $785.00100Lady's 14K Gold Ringw with 25 Diamonds Appraised Value: $2,030.0010114K Gold Ring w/ 4.05 CT Almandine Garnet GemstoneAppraised Value: $1,330.0010214k Gold Necklace w/ 51 DiamondsAppraised Value: $1,665.00103Silver & Opal Ring10410K Gold Bracelet w/ Sapphires & Diamonds10514K Gold Necklace w/ 176 Diamond PendantAppraised Value: $3,015.0010614K Gold Wedding Set w/ 8 DiamondsAppraised Value: $2,000.00107RARE David Freeman JR 18K Gold Opals & .80 Carat TSAVORITE Garnet GemstoneAppraised Value: $7,500.0010818K Gold Bracelet w/ 50 Sapphires & 200 Diamonds!Appraised Value: $8,450.0010914K White Gold Pendant & Necklace w/ Diamonds & SapphiresAppraised Value: $1,350.0011014K Gold Necklace w/ 19 Diamond Cluster PendantAppraised Value: $2,800.0011118K White Gold Necklace & Pendant w/ Diamonds & SapphiresAppraised Value: $4,500.00112Lady's 14K Gold Diamond Slide Pendant Necklace w/ 32 DiamondsAppraised Value: $4,095.0011314K Gold, Diamond & Green Emerald RingAppraised Value: $900.0011410K Gold Earrings with 64 DiamondsAppraised Value: $1,200.00115RARE 14/18K Gold Necklace w/ 72 Diamond PendantAppraised Value: $6,455.00116Silver Pendant11718K White Gold Necklace w/ Sapphires & DiamondsAppraised Value: $4,200.00118Silver Slide Pendant11914K Gold & CZ Cross PendantAppraised Value: $695.00120FANTASTIC Platinum Brooch w/ 4.89 CTS of Diamonds!Appraised Value: $20,280.001211.00 Emerald Cut Diamond, VVS2 Clairty!Appraised Value: $5,000.0012214K Gold & Diamond Stud EarringsAppraised Value: $935.0012318K Gold Necklace & Pendant w/ 23.93 Blue Topaz GemstoneAppraised Value: $4,100.0012418K Gold Presidential Rolex Watch REF# 1803Appraised Value: $14,000.00125Arizona Gov. ROSE MOFFORD's Perosnal 14K Gold Custom Ring w/ 93 Diamonds w/ POPE John Paul II ProvenanceAppraised Value: $10,280.0012618k Gold Oyster Quartz Presidential Rolex REF# 19018Appraised Value: $11,000.00127GIA 2.59 CT Round Brilliant Diamond ( Clarity: IF, Color: H)Appraised Value: $66,045.00128GIA 3.75 CT Round Brilliant Diamond ( Clarity: I-1, Color: K)Appraised Value: $29,960.0012918K Cornelis Hollander Tahitian Pearl & Diamond NecklaceAppraised Value: $7,720.0013018K Coffin & Trout Necklace w/ 9.16 Zircon GemstoneAppraised Value: $8,600.0013118K Gold, Pearl and Diamond Necklace & Earring SetAppraised Value: $6,070.0013214K Custom Drop Pearl and Diamond Earrings, STUNNING!Appraised Value: $5,850.00133Men's 14K Gold & 3.65 Ct Pyrope Garnet GemstoneAppraised Value: $2,585.00134Lady's  18K & Emerald RingAppraised Value: $1,595.0013510K Gold & 3.53 CT Blue Topaz Ring w/ Diamonds13610K Gold Ring w/ Bliue Spinel StoneAppraised Value: $635.0013714k Gold Ring w/ 2.4 CT Spessarite Orange Garnet$3,135.0013818K Cartier Les Must De Cartier Tri Ring13922K Gold Middle Eastern Chain Necklace14014K Gold Custom Modernist Ring with Amethyst Stone14118K Gold Middle Eastern Amber Pendant142Early 20th C. 14K Gold Ring with Onyx Stone14314K Modern Gold Lapis & Gemstone Pin14414K Mesh Necklace14519th C Antique 14/18K Floral Edwardian Brooch / Diamonds and Green Emerald14610k Gold Ring w/ Diamonds & Sapphires14714K Gold Ring w/Fire Opal & 13 Diamonds 14820th C. 14K White Gold & 20 Diamond Ring14920th C. European 14K Gold & Turquoise Bracelet150Antique 10K Mens Gold Ring w/ Carved Onyx Cameo Stone151Antique 14K Roman Coin Queens Ring 15214K Gold Engagement Cocktail Ring with Marquis Cut Center Stone153Pair of 1915 Austria Ducat Gold Coins Set in 14K Yellow Gold Bezel Earrings1541882 US $5 Gold Coin Eagle Cufflinks Set in 14K Gold 1551915 Austrian Ducat Gold Coin Ring Set in 14K15610K Modern White Gold Ring w/ 14 Diamonds and Pink Gemstones15714K Native American Zuni Turquoise Inlaid Pendant158MONUMENTAL 14K Italy Necklace w/ Religious 14K Cross15910K Modern White Gold Ring w/ 12 Diamonds and Purple Gemstones160Vintage 10K Ring with 50 Diamonds!16110K Gold Pendant with 34 Round Cut Custom Diamonds!16214K White Gold Modern Pendant w/ 44 Princess Cut Diamonds16320th C. 14K Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring w/ Rubies and Pearl16414K Gold Custom Pendant w/ Diamonds, Lapid Luzi & Onyx16510K Art Deco Ring w/ Onyx Stone16618K Middle Eastern Ring w/ Natural Green Emerald Gemstone16714K French Enamel Gold Ring w/ Diamond Center Stone168Designer 18K Freeform Pendant w/ 14K Mesh Necklace16914K Milor Italy Mesh Bracelet170RARE 1963 Paulus Vatican City 98% Pure Gold Coin with 14K Gold Bezel and 14K Necklace17114K Gold Ring w/ Mobe Pearl Center Stone and 6 Diamonds17214K Italy Twist Bangle Bracelet173Ladies 14K Croton Dress Watch w/ 20 Diamonds17414K White Gold Blue Star Sapphire Ring w/ Diamonds175Antique 14K White Gold & Diamond Ring17614K Art Deco Etched Cufflinks177Early 20th C. 14K Gold & Ruby Ring17814K Yellow Gold Diamond and Gemstone Ring179Credit Suisse 5 Gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar Pendant Set in 14K Gold Bezel180Custom 47 Pressure Set Diamond and 14K  White Gold Pendant18114K White Gold Cross w/ 36 Princess Cut Diamonds18218K Italian Enamel Gold Ship Pin/Pendant18314K Gold and 12 Diamond Cluster Ring184Art Deco 18K Gold Ring w/ 3 Diamonds1851880 & 1886 S US $5 Fine Gold Eagle Coin Cufflinks Set in 14K Gold Bezels18620th C. Asian Polished Jade and Diamond Bezel Earrings18720th C. French Enamel 18K Gold Carnival Ferris Wheel Charm18814K Reticulated Earrings with Aqua Marine Gemstones18914K Yellow Gold Pearl Stud Earrings19014K Diamond & Lapis Luzuli Pendant19114K Middle Eastern "Bee" Ring with Gemstones19214K Litacharm  Santa Claus Chimney Charm19314K Custom Spiral Pendant w/ 15 Diamonds19418K Asian Ring with 6 Natural Jade Stones19514K Designer Amethyst Earrings and Pendant Set19614K Native American Andrew Alvarez Redhorse Apache Signed Pendant w/ Lapis Luzuli and Diamond19720th C. Asian 14K Gold, Gemstone and Ivory Carved Elephant Pendant19810K Pendant w/ Round Diamond 199Modernist 14K Yellow Gold Pin w/ 9 Pressure Set Diamonds20010K White Yellow Gold Necklace from Turkey20114K Gold Nugget Bar Pendant w/ 20 Diamonds202Custom 14K Crescent Moon Slider Pendant w/ 5 Diamonds20314K White Yellow Gold Slider Pendant w/ 5 Diamonds204Antique 14K White Gold & Diamond Ring205Modern 14K White Gold Slider Pendant w/ 8 Princess Cut Diamonds206Credit Suisse 20 Gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar Pendant Set in 14K Gold Bezel w/ 14K Gold Italian Necklace20714K White/Yellow Gold Designer Necklace from Turkey20818K HG Designer Box Earrings with Green Emeralds20914K European Piereced Earrings with Fire Opals210Mens `10K Masonic Ring with Onyx Stone2111985 1/10 Ounce Fine Gold Krugerrand Coin in 14K Bezel21218K White Gold Pendant w/ Approx 90 Tapered Diamonds21314K Gold Necklace with Diamond and Mulit-Gemstone Pendant21414K Gold Cufflinks with Diamonds21510K Gold Sliding Pendant w/ 80 Diamonds21610k Ladys Multi-Gemstone Ring2179c Gold "Buckingham Palace" Charm21810K Gold & Pink Gemstone Stud Earrings219Designer Chimento 18k Gold Clip Earrings22014K Gold Middle Eastern Dangle Earrings221Movado 18K White Gold Earrings w/ Amethyst Gemstones22214K Gold & Mabe Pearl Pendant223Vintage 10K Gold Ring w/ Smoky Quartz22414K Custom White Yellow Gold Earrings22510K Gold Ring w/ Pear Shaped Red Gemstone & 7 Diamonds22614K Gold & Diamond Solitaire Ring227Antique 10K Gold Masonic Mason Ring22814K Gold Custom Turquoise & Ruby Gemstone Ring22914K Hong Kong Gold Ring with Lapis Luzuli 23014K Gold Heart Pendant w/ 45 Diamonds23114K White Yellow Gold Earrings2321886-S US $5 Gold Eagle Coin Set in A Custom 14K Gold Bezel23314K Antique Ring w/ Fire Opals23422K Gold Middle Eastern Enamel Earrings235Custom 14K Gold Pendant w/14 Diamonds!23618K Gold European Ring w/ 8 Rubies23714k Gold & Blue Gemstone Earrings23823K Asian Gold Tower Pendant23914K Gold Mens Ring24014k White Gold Ring with Sapphire Cabachon24110K Gold & Green Stone Cocktail Ring24214K White Gold Antique Wedding Set w/ Diamonds24319th C. Antique European Gold and Cameo Hat Pin24419th C. 9C Gold Victorian Garnet Pin24519th C. Victorian 14K Gold & Diamond Hat Pin24614K Yellow Gold Mesh Hollow Necklace24714K Yellow Gold Mesh Coil Necklace24814K White Gold Diamond and Onyx Ring24910K Gold Heart Pendant w/ Rubies and Diamonds25014K Gold Custom Earrings w/ 40 Diamonds 251Early 19th C. 14K Gold & Diamond Ring, Edwardian252Native American Sterling & 14K Gold Pendant w/ Turquoise253Credit Suisse 5 Gram 999.9 Fine Gold Bar Pendant Set in 14K Gold Bezel25414K Yellow Gold Hat Pin w/ Diamond Center Stone25510K French Enamel Ring25614K Yellow Gold Link Necklace 25714K Yellow Gold Link Necklace 25810K Gold Antique European French Cameo Ring259Antique 10K Gold Ring w/ Stone26014K Yellow Gold Mesh Necklace26114K Gold Vintage Pearl and Ruby Cocktail Ring26214K Yellow Gold Link Necklace 26314K Gold & Marquis Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring264LL Native Sterling 18k & 22K  Custom Silver Pendant26510K White Gold Modern Panel Necklace266John Hardy Designer Dragon Steriling Silver & Leather Bracelet26714K Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet26814K Gold & Blue Pearl Pendant, rare26914K Gold Double Link Necklace27014K Rose "Cartier" Stamped Ring27114K Gold Ring w/ Aqua Marine Stone27210K Tri-Color Gold Pierced Bracelet27314K Yellow Gold Tomato Pendant Necklace, HEAVY27414K Diamond & Ruby Ring275US $50 Gold Double Eagle Coin on 14K Gold Necklace and Bezel27614K Italy Mesh Necklace27714k Yellow Gold Necklace27814K Gold Link Necklace 27914K Gold 62 Diamond Tennis Bracelet 28014K Yellow Gold Bracelet w/ 5 Diamonds281Early 20th C. European 9c Gold Ring w/ Large Opal28210K White Gold & Custom Diamond Ring283RARE 14K Gold Cufflinks w/ Custom Onyx Spiders28410K Italian Yellow Gold Necklace285Custom 10K Gold Pendant w/ 32 Diamonds28614K Gold European Pendant w/ Jade, Pearls & Ruby287Vintage 14K Gold Denmark Ball Ring288Lady's 14K Gold Necklace w/ Diamond Solitaire Pendant289Lady's 14K Gold Necklace w/ Diamond Rod Pendant2903 Solid Gold Coins / Bars29114K Rose Gold Necklace w/ Gold and Diamond Pendant29214k Italian Gold Necklace with Gemstone Cross29339 Gram 14K Large Link Gold Necklace294Heavy 14K Solid Gold Ring / Band29514K European Gold Brooch w/ Ruby Center Stone29620th C. 14K Gold Ladies Diamond Watch & Band29710K Gold  Diamond & Garnet Pendant29818K Gold Ruby European Ring29918K Gold Unoaerre HEAVY Link Necklace300Early 19th C. European Edwardian Gold Mesh Bracelet

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