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Wed, Jan 18, 2017 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Thu, Jan 19, 2017 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Fri, Jan 20, 2017 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sat, Jan 21, 2017 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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    Please Note:  You Must Show Receipt At The Door If You Buy Items At The Sale. Just like at Costco or Sam's. Thank You.   

    Cash and Credit cards are accepted. The credit cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We do not accept American Express.
    All merchandise is sold "As is", "Where is" with no Warranties, Expressed or Implied.  No refunds, returns, exchanges or merchandise guarantees. All sales are final. By state law, sales tax will be added to all sales unless a copy of your resale certificate is provided. 
    Please respect the home and the property.
    Be courteous to those shopping around you.
    Enter at your own risk. Watch your surroundings, we are not responsible for accidents and injuries.
    Large bags, large boxes, backpacks, strollers, and large purses will not be allowed into the sale. Please plan accordingly.
    Please Note: 
    There are no Pre-sales or early entry unless otherwise stated in the description. 
    Please bring help to load large items, there are not movers on sight nor do we have packing materials available for fragile items. 
    Thank You for your understanding. We sincerely appreciate it and welcome your patronage. :)

Sale Description




Please NOTE: Absolutely NO bags, backpacks, purses or strollers will be allowed-Wallets Only Please! 

No directional signs will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday

Since space is quite limited and due to the large number of fragile items within the home, the total number of customers allowed inside the home at any given time will be limited.  I'm so sorry but small Children are NOT allowed at this sale due to the fragile nature of the collectibles. So Sorry for any Inconvenience this may cause.

The address will not be posted until 3 hours before the sale at 6am on January 18, 2017. The house is alarmed and has many security cameras. Items of high value, including the rare 1st edition books are locked up off site.

The following books will be for sale at Heritage Auction, an online auction site (the dates of the auction and a link will be posted soon),  so please check back for details:

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne-  First Edition

Dracula by Bram Stoker - First Edition,  First Printing

Call of the Wild by Jack London - First Edition

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells - First Edition, First Printing

This is truly a Collector's sale and is very Exciting!  Most items are unique Limited Editions and many are Signed. We have Star Wars Star Trek Items, theTerminator arm, Giger's Alien signed by Giger, King Kong Replicas, Artwork and Memorabilita, Amethyst Geodes of all shapes and sizes, Fossils, many Dinosaur sculptures, Skeletons, and Archeological Digs, Movies and Movie Memorabilia, Rare Books (see Heritage Auction details for four of the rare books), a real Moon Rock (from a meteor-not from the astronauts), Preserved Bonzai Trees, Uncut Round Geodes, Signed Navajo Pottery, Space and NASA Collectibles, 2 Large Liberty Safes, as well as a McIntosh Sound System, Oppo BDP-83 Blu Ray Player, 2 sets of Sonus Faber Auditor Elipsa Speakers, a Denin DVD 3800 BDCI Blu Ray Player, and a Wadia 170I Transport IPod Dock as well as a Pure AV Power Conditioner and much, much more! Please take a look at the list below for additional information.

Collectible & Rare Books

The Collected Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe - First Edition

First Edition Dracula 

First Edition Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild-2nd Edition

Movie Collectibles

Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC -1701 Replica by Master Replicas -Limited Signature Edition signed by Leonard Nemoy and William Shatner w/ COA 

Star Wars AT Imperial Walker by Master Replicas - Limited Signature Edition Signed by Phil Tippet w/ COA

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Captain Nemos Nautilus Walt Disney EFX Limited Edition Replica 

Half Sized B9 Lost In Space Robot

Alien by Xplus Cookie Jar

Many movie Single & Double Film Cells-Framed/Matted/Signed/Numbered

Creature from the Black Lagoon Premium Format Figure LE #552/1500

King Kong-the Cooper Kong cold Cast Porcelain Statue(DeVito)#26

Attakus Collection Bombyx-Mona Lisa Polychrome #33

Sideshow T2 Terminator T800 Premium Format Figurine LE #322/1500

Alien Big Chap Polystone statue #45/250-Sideshow Collectibles

The Original Horror Show Frankenstein on Canvas

Alien Wall Sculpture

Gort Die Cast, 5" by Rocket

Gort Die Cast , 16" by Rocket USA

Trendsetters Lost In Space B-9 Robot

Marvel Spiderman Figurine #142/2500 by Corgi

Forbidden Planet Robbie the Robot

Kong the 8th Wonder of the World V-Rex Bookends

Kong the 8th Wonder of the World #191/5000-Kongs Last Stand

Boris Karloff as The Frankenstein Monster #1/12500, Signed Teves '95

Boris Karloff 1931 Frankenstein-Sideshow Inc.

Giger's Alien Miniature Bust signed by H.R. Giger #190/500

Reward: Wanted Dead or Alive-Billy the Kid Replica Revolver on Barn Wood Sign

RARE-Levenger Call of the Wild White Fang Bookends

War of the Worlds Film Cell #3/1000

Star Trek IV Special Edition LE Double Film Cell #1/1000

Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Phantom of the Opera, Bride of Frankenstein Bobbleheads

Frankenstein Bobblehead

Planet of the Apes The Law Giver #76/750 Slide Show Collectible

Dracula-Andy Burgholtz LE #215/1100 Slide Show Collectible

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Signed by William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy

Firefly Serenity Quantum Mechanics Spaceship LE #594/2000

NASA Discovery Space Shuttle & Rocket by Pacific Aircraft

Firefly Hand Painted Resin Little Damn Hero Serenity

Rick Erickson #11/1000 Frankenstein Head Sculpture

Mark James #42/1000 Frankenstein Head Sculpture

Life Size Frankenstein Bust LE #157/400 Sideshow Collectibles

Creature from the Black Lagoon Hand

Walt Disney 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Captain Nemo Nautilus Sea Vessel

Godzilla by Toho Company 2007-18" tall

Superman Forever #1 Statue by DC Direct-LE #874/5000

R2D2 Mini Robot-Powered

Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker signed by Phil Tippett LE #91/750

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Irwin Allen SSRN Seaview LE #95/800

King Kong Prop Replica 1933 Stop Motion Armiture LE #41/500 by Bob B

Howling Wolf MCSI 2007 Integrity Quality Imagination

Night Song Wolf Bust by Joe Slockbower LE #210/550

Frankenstein Triple Film Cell

An Authentic Piece of the Hollywood Sign w/COA

King Kong Movie Poster-Framed in Glass

Terminator II Judgment Day Endoskeleton Arm LE #149/750 1:1 Scale

USS Voyager NCC 74656 on Stand

Frankenstein-Universal Studios 138A Dark Horse

SSN 571 Nautilus 1/192nd Scale

Dinosaurs & Dinosaur Art

Tyrannosaurus Rex-Still Standing BHI 3033 Signed by Michael Berglund

Tricerotops Horridus Skull in Matrix Montana 1902

Bronze T-Rex LE#235/100 by Michael Trcic

Diplodocus Skull by Jim Comisky

Tricerotops by Michael Trcic #87/100

Compsognathus by Dinostoreus

Apatosaurus Maquette LE #121/500 Sideshow Collectibles

Ceratosaurus Statue LE #s 18/750 & #22/750 Sideshow Collectibles

Stegosaurus Skull & Jaws 1/4 Scale

Iquanodon by Dinostoreus Ultimate Collection

Windstone Editions Baby Dinosaurs Hatching

Stegosaurus by Dinostoreus

Allosaurus by Michael Trcic

Tyranosaurus by Dinostoreus

Apatosaurus by Dinostoreus

Archaeopteryx Sculpture

Scipionyx by dinostoreus

Tyrannosaurus, Apatosaurus, Styracosaurus, Stegosaurus in Pewter

Brachiosaurus Skull 1/4 Scale by Dinostoreus

Iquanodon Skull & Jaws 1/4 Scale by Dinostoreus

Tricerotops Skull & Jaws 1/10 Scale by Dinostoreus

Parasaurolophus Skull & Jaws 1/4 Scale Dinostoreus

Tricerotops by Michael Trcic Favorite Collections

Stone Carving of a Baby Dinosaur Hatching LE #6/30

Tricerotops 1999 by Michael Trcic LE #5/50

Saichania 1/20 Scale

T-Rex & Dinosaur Fighting by Dinostoreus

Bronze Dinosaur 1/16 Scale 2008

Fossilized Dinosaur Egg-Late Cretaceous Period, 65-97 Million years old

Carnotaurus LE #49/350

7 ft tall Apatosaurus Excelsus Right Femur, Como Bluff, Wyoming

Tupuxuara LE #18/350

Allosaurus 1/35 Scale

T-Rex The Tyrant King Statue LE #240/1000

T-Rex by Darren McDonald LE#8 Mesoic Era

Diplodocus & Allosaurs Black & White Framed Picture

Apatosaurus 1/50 Scale

Tricerotops #14/1000

Parasaurolophus Skeleton 1/20 Scale

Stegosaurus 1/20 Scale

Stegosaurus Stenops 1/35 scale-Signed by Dan Lo Russo

T-Rex by Michael Trcic

T-Rex 1/20 Scale Skeleton

Double Stegosaurus w/Baby LE #47/500

Parasaurolophus 1/35 scale

Tricerotops 1/35 scale

Tricerotops 1/20 Scale Skeleton

Sabertooth Cat Skull

Allosaurus 1/20 scale

Stegosaurus 1/35 scale

Ankylosaurus 1/35 scale

12" T-Rex Skull

Styracosaurus Skull & Jaws 1/10 scale

Tricerotops LE #506/5000

Deinonychus 1/10 scale

Styracosaurus 1/25 scale

4 Ft Wall Relief Dinosaur Archeological Dig

Velociraptor 1/2 scale Skeleton

Titanic & NASA & Air/Space Collectibles

One Small Step for Man-Danbury Mint of 2 Astronauts/Flag-Apollo 11

Space Shuttle Columbia Danbury Mint

Space Shuttle Columbia Cold Plate Support Structure STS-58

Flaming Star nebula Print

M13 Globular Star Cluster Constellation of Hercules Etched Glass

Eagle Nebula Kitt Peak National Observatory Picture

Titanic Propellers Picture w/Recovered Coal 1994 Titanic Expedition

Earth/Moon Lunar Globe Bookends

Prehistoric Earth Globe

Mooooon Walk Cow LE #1/4431

Friendship 7 Mercury Capsule Danbury Mint

Apollo 13 Danbury Mint

The Moon wall hanging-Kitt Peak National Observatory

Replogle 12" Lunar Globe

Replogle 12" Mars Globe

RMS Titanic LE #1486/1912 signed by Millvena Dean

RMS Titanic w/Piece of Titanic LE #303/1000 signed by Millvena Dean

Sinking RMS Titanic Model in Glass

RMS Titanic 30 ft Standard Lifeboat 1/48 scale

RMS Titanic Harland & Wolff Belfast 0568

The Nautical Sextant-The Noble Collection

The Milky Way Galaxy laser etching

Local Star Map laser etching

Quaternion Julia laser etching

Geodynamo Earths Magnetic Field laser ething

Cube of Galaxies laser etching

Replogle 16" Diameter Globe-Platinum Classic Series

Earth/Moon Lunar Globe Bookends

Pottery, Minerals, Stones, Geodes, Shells

Red/Black Indian Pottery Pitcher

Navajo Pottery by Ella Morgan, Derrick Watchman, Sylvia Johnson, Bernice B

Easter Island Statue-8" tall

Easter Island Statue-2 ft tall

Hummingbird Pottery-Pueblo, NM

Southwest Haeger Pottery-1989

RA Romero Pottery

Amethyst Geodes of all shapes and sizes; from 2 lbs to 350 lbs

Citrine Geodes

Quartz Crystals

Gray, Black, Pink, Coral, Polished, Brown, Aqua, Blue Geodes

Nautilus Shells in Stone of all shapes and sizes

Pyrite in all shapes and sizes


Polished petrified wood

Petroglyph Replica on Rock-Monster Slayer War Twin

Egyptian Bookends

7 Rosetta Stone Egyptian Bookends

2 Sets of Sedona rock Arch Bookends

Fossilized & Granite Bookends-10+ sets

Indian Sun Stone Wall Hanging

10 ft tall Egyptian Hieroglyphic Vase

Pair of Marble Grecian Lions

Tan Egyptian Bookends

Adobe Cliff Sand Décor Hand Cast Sculpture


Rhythm Small World Oak Wall Clock

Sharp Aquos 65" Flat Screen TV

Polk Audio Sound Bar 41"

Oppo Model BDP-83 Blu Ray Disc Player

Pure AV by Belkin Power Conditioner

Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSI AV Receiver

Polk Audio 10" Subwoofer

Sharp Flat Screen TV

McIntosh MCD 301 SACD CD Player

McIntosh MA6500 Integrated Amplifier

Pure AV Power Conditioner

Denin DVD 3800 BDCI Blu Ray Disc Player

Wadia 170I Transport IPod Dock

2 Pair of Sonus Faber Auditor Elipsa Speakers


Several small and large Cedar Chests

4 Saddle Stools

Double Pedestal Table

Wooden Garbage Canister

King Tut CD Cabinet

Black Moon/Sun Plant Stand

Black Sun Plant Stand

Oak Fresh Eggs Cabinet

Ironhorse Seating Heavy Duty Office Chair-Taupe

10+  Bookshelves of all shapes & sizes

Oversized Brown Leather Recliner

Inlaid Wood Executive Desk

Toscano Kasbah Camel Side Table

2 Tree Stump Tables/Stools

Tall Rotating Double Sided CD Cabinet w/Glass Doors

Decorative Grecian Column

Oak TV Stand

VTI 3 Shelf Stereo Cabinet

2 Houdini Leather Pillows from Leather Pillow Factory

Conestoga Cloth Covered Oak Cedar Chest

Wall Hangings/Artwork

Rattlesnake Saloon Wooden Placard

Pueblo Chilis Wooden Sign

Kitty Canvas

High Note Wolf Sculpture

Buffalo Stampede Wood Sign

14" Golden Eagle Metal Cast on Base

Elvis Canvas

Indian Horse Canvases

Bob Maurus 1995 Griffin Wall Plaque

Old West Deadwood Revolver Replica Barn Wood Wall Plaque

4 Ft Carved Wooden Indian possibly by Gallagher (?)

2 Design Toscano Spirit of the West cow Skulls

The Bijou Theatre Wooden Wall Hanging

Colorful Wall Snake

A few WWII Propeller Replicas, 6ft & 4 ft

Wooden Propeller w/Brass Accents

Wooden Texas Rangers Wall Hanging

Denix Shot Gun Replica

Coffaro Wall Hangings

Cat Stone Sculpture

Gray Wolfe in Sandicast

Hand Painted Cactus Tiles signed by Annie Lafout

Small Darwin Ape Figure-Austin Productions 1992

Atencion Gringos Pancho Villa Wooden Wall Hanging

2 Canyonlands Black & White Wall Hangings

Red Cacti Wall Canvas

Buffalo Indian Drum signed by Tomy

Walkers Chicks Wooden Wall Hangins

20+ Tin Wall Signs

Signed Downe Burns Joan Cawley Gallery Southwest Adobes Wall Hanging

4 ft Tall Drum w/Leather Accents

Rio Grande Southern Railroad 1890-1953 Wooden Wall Sign

World's Fair Chicago 1833-1933-A Century of Progress

Kitchen Stuff

12+ Bonsai Trees

11 Piece Chicago Cutlery Knife Set w/Block

WC Fields Clay Art Cookie Jar

Kiss the Cook Tasmanian Devil Cookie Jar

Large Red Ceramic Apple Decor

Hanging Red Peppers on Twine & Glass Vegetables on Twine

Wrought Iron Keys on Ring

Just Cool Stuff

CD's, Vinyl's, Hardback Dinosaur Books, Hardback Books

Men's Seiko Titanium w/Date

Danbury Mint 1952 Ford 8N Tractor on Base

Bathsheba Sculptures of DNA Polymerase, DNA Molecule, Insulin, tall DNA Molecule

Hemoglobin Molecule in Etched Glass

Calabi-Yau Manifold String Theory in Etched Glass

Several Liberty Safes including the Presidential Safe Model Q-50 Serial #L001407426

Garage Stuff

Bissel Pro Heat Lift Off Carpet Shampooer

Oreck XL2 Celoc Hypo-Allergenic plus Vacuum

So......this is not all. I will be adding EVEN MORE ITEMS in the upcoming days and more descriptions to follow. Please stay tuned.  This is an UNBELIEVABLE sale. Thanks so much!!!

Jennifer & Robert


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