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About Estates By Slate, LLC

Estates by Slate is an estate sales company that offers a quicker way to get to your end goal. Upon request we can come in and assess the china, crystal, flatware, silverplate, collectibles & jewelry and make an on the spot offer. This is usually the items that is in abundance in every home, and that take up a lot of room and time to pack. With this you don't have to wait to see if your items will sell at a tag sale or give away the lot to a bulk buyer or at an auction. We pay fair market prices and get it out of your way right then. Need the rest of the house liquidated? We have buyers for most everything of value in an estate, by letting us work our list of buyers we can assist by handling all the details from sale to the removal.

We specialize in buying and selling, china, crystal, silver-plate, sterling, jewelry & collectibles. Have extra items, the kids do not want? Let us help you get them sold, now. Call for a review. Looking for a pattern piece to replace a broken or missing us we may have another client selling your pattern!

We have been hosting in house estate sales for years and found that most of the family dealing with sales, just want it gone! They don't want the traffic at the house, or the opportunity for the floors to be tracked up and damaged. It is so much easier to just let us handle the liquidation with or without an onsite tag sale, or auction. We have the buyers waiting for our call!

Compassion, Honesty and Transparency are our cornerstones. We believe in the principle of handling business as we would expect to be treated, upfront, simple, & caring.

Service areas

Based out of Conroe, TX also serving Conroe , TX , Livingston , TX and Tomball , TX

Services Offered

  • In-person Estate Sales
  • Online Auctions
  • Buyout on jewelry, china, crystal, silverplate

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  • Notary Public
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What People Say About Estates By Slate, LLC
I called Estates by Slate and they came as agreed, and on time. They were dressed casual professional, It felt like my long time friends had arrived from the first moment I saw them.
I was in such a mess trying to deal with Mom's years of hoarding. They looked everything over, listened to me patiently then gave me a game plan on how to get to my end goal.
You get the feeling it isn't all about selling and money with Pam & Garth. True business professionals with compassion.
They truly understood my problem. I felt they were here really wanting to help me where I was in this chapter of life.
They even made an offer on some of the smaller items right there on the spot. Boy did that help! Some stuff out of my way right then.
I was so amazed after they set up a "buy party" with their buyers in my Mom's home. No one but them and me knew what was going on till it was over. And the house was near empty. No nosy neighbors checking it out and asking questions and people you don't know coming in. It was like a hen party and most everything was going out the door at the price we agreed upon!. They paid me that same day! .
If you are ever left in this position, you would be a fool not to call them!
I was left with lots of dishes, glassware, silver-plated dishes and costume jewelry. Pam came in we went through everything. She offered me a fair price for the items I needed to clear out to be able to see what else was left. She made it so simple. I felt at ease with her. She even advised me on some jewelry I thought was junk, (that wasn't). I have a new friend and will recommend this way of liquidating to all my friends.
T. Hallbertson
They came in evaluated what I wanted to sell, researched right there on their computer the market value, talked to their buyers, made me a fair offer and boom! Sold! I was paid and everything sold was out of my way same day. Not every last thing was sold to the first buyers, but they hooked up with other buyers that would get the rest of the job done, on my time schedule. What a deal! I didn't have to move out, rush, have others shopping in my home or worry. They have the contacts that I needed. This is the way to do business. Upfront, honest and quick.
L. Mayfield
This team came in, in the rain, and worked tirelessly to remove everything from the house so the realtor could sell the property quickly. They sold at their store in multiple sales until everything was gone! I am happy, they took a big burden off of me.
D. Robinnette
I had to move some stuff out to be able to stage the house for sale. Pam & Garth came over, told us what they were going to do, did it and even helped us get the house staged and cleaned. They were a God send!
They even sold what we agreed on before my in house estate sale has even been scheduled! What a team.
J. Nothrup, Trinidad, TX
I hired Estates by Slate to handle my sister's estate. All I can say is WOW! These people are awesome, small crew that comes in and cleans, sets up, sales and best thing....I got my money within 4 days after the sale!
I came the 2nd day of the sale and had to park 2 blocks away and get in line to get into the property!
Highly recommended.
J. Smith Mexia, Tx
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