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Dwellings is a full service, multi-dimensional Residential Project Management Services company, established to assist our clients in overcoming the time consuming and frustrating elements which arise as a matter of home purchase & single or multiple residential property ownership, as well as other transitional situations such as downsizing, loss of a family member homeowner, career relocation.

● Organization
- Sorting through years of collected and unused items to pare them down to what is useful and used, needed and most valued
- Adjusting closets, cabinets, drawers and closets to maximize the space
- Introducing and providing new storage and organizational solutions
- Re-configuring same, for efficiency and work/living flow and lifestyle

● Staging
- Adjusting the space with existing furnishings and décor to highlight the home’s key architectural features
- Removing excessive furnishings and decor, whether to storage, donation, or for sale, in order to make the home feel livable and more spacious for potential buyers
- Cleaning up through the process to freshen the home and make it even more inviting
- Preparing a list of items the homeowner can easily do during the sale to forward the sale of the home… Simple actions like ensuring that beds are made each day, cooking aromas are handled immediately after cooking, and other simple elements regarding routine use during the selling process
- Providing cost effective recommendations for the improvement or repair of items prior to listing
- Overseeing sub-contractors, for any upgrades and repairs that are needed, as the homeowner’s liaison
- Daily, or weekly visits to the home during the selling period, to assist in keeping the presentation of the home at its peak condition

● Move Management
- Establishing a timeline for the move
- Sorting through an additional layer of items that can fit in the new home and that have the most value there
- Preparing a furniture layout of each room as part of the sorting process, to identify that the furnishings fit well in the new space
- Providing hands on packing services to reduce the risk of damage and loss through the move process
- Providing a complete inventory of packed items and when multiple destinations are evident, providing a secondary or tertiary inventory of those items – i.e. – some moves are indirect and may involve an interim living situation such that some items get stored temporarily… for example when the house is sold but a new home is not yet secured, homeowners may reside temporarily in an apartment or with family members
- Providing a minimum of three (3) competitive bids from moving companies with apples to apples comparisons, along with a recommendation based on the bids
- Overseeing the movers for loading and unloading, and ensuring that furnishings are placed according to the floor plan layout
- Traveling with homeowner’s possessions, for long distance moves, if movers require overnight stops during the transition of belongings to the new home
- Thoroughly cleaning the new home in advance of the move, to include all areas – indoor spaces, attic, garage and outdoor spaces
- Handling the cleaning, laundering and repair of such items that may need to be cleaned or repaired before placing in the new home – furniture, drapes, etc…
- Providing unpacking and set up services for the complete set up of the new home, including furnishings, décor, personal items, kitchen items, garage items, and all other packed items, based on sound organizational aspects and homeowner’s predefined preferences – not box is left unpacked
- Removing all packing materials to homeowner’s desired location – stored, donated, recycle, given to another family member, etc…
- Arranging for special services upon move-in, for such items as piano tuning, drapery installation, etc…
- Stocking the pantry and refrigerator prior to homeowner’s arrival in the new home
- Walking through the new home with the homeowners after unpacking to help familiarize them with where things have been placed, especially things not used on a daily basis

● Estate Sale Services
- Establishing a timeline for the estate sale
- Sorting and packing personal items such as personal correspondences, mail, tax and business documents, family photographs and any “trash” which may have accumulated
- Handling every aspect of an estate sale from advertising and promotion, to set up, pricing, appraisals, inventory, and post-sale clean up

● New Construction Punch-list Completion and Remodeling Project Management
- Establishing a complete punch list, including photographs of every aspect of the home as a “before” photo record
- Scheduling builder’s sub-contractors to complete their portions of the work
- Securing contractor/sub-contractors to perform punch list work when original contractor’s sub-contractors refuse to complete or are negligent in completing the work
- Providing on-site daily oversight of the work, recording and reporting to homeowner on progress, communicating concerns or challenges, providing solutions and options
- Providing homeowner with a detailed daily log of activities, phone and written correspondences, etc…

● Maintenance Management & Housekeeper Training
- Thoroughly investigating the source and type of each finish, fixture and item of equipment in the home to establish a Product and Finish Schedule
- Creating Specialty Schedules as determined by the unique aspects of the home, such as Light Bulb Schedule, Cleaning Product Schedule and Air Filter Schedule, so that items that require constant inventory replenishment can be inventoried easily and replenished as needed, with a known source of stock
- Preparing a Maintenance Guide and a Housekeeper’s Training Manual, based on specific manufacturer’s recommendations for care, cleaning and routine maintenance, to include specific cleaning methods and recommended cleaning products, along with time factors for maintenance
- Utilizing the Manuals to provide hands on Housekeeper Training and Maintenance Training to homeowner’s staff, and/or to Home Manager
- Scheduling routine maintenance service for equipment as identified by manufacturer’s recommendations, and ensuring the timely completion of the work
- Providing refresher training to homeowner’s staff

What is not outlined here, is the completely personal attention that we give each client and each situation through one-on-one, in-depth communication, care and genuine concern, while balancing the beam of professionalism.

Transitions are an extremely challenging and severely emotional for many people, regardless of age. However, Dwellings takes great pride in our ability to delicately help each person and each family make the transition.

You can be confident that the ethics, values, and high standards that are woven into the fabric of our company will be realized on your project.

Thank you for allowing Dwellings to have the opportunity to serve you!

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Internatioanlly Collected Estate Items


PHOTOS will be posted on 9-18-18! This estate sale is packed with internationally collected antiques and vintage treasures, as the estate owner lived abroad in many European and Asian countries. Come find something special for yourself or a gift fo...

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