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Black Diamond Estate Sales

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Black Diamond Estate Sales is the leading estate sale company when it comes to exceeding Clients and customers expectations. A combination of both our revenue production and outstanding customer service surpasses our competition, bar none. Black Diamond Estate Sales has over 15 years of combined owner and staff experience, but we offer more than just experience. We give our Client's piece of mind. Known for our creditable reputation, our Clients can rest assure their personal belongings are safe and secure. Black Diamond wants our Clients to know that regardless the circumstances for conducting an estate sale, we are here to assist them in any way possible. Our goal is your goal.

First and foremost, it is highly important for Black Diamond Estate Sales to build a trustworthy and honorable relationship with our Client's. Nothing means more to Black Diamond Estate Sales than our creditability in the estate sale service business. Secondly, we take pride making sure that not only our Client’s are satisfied with our services but also our customers as well. Black Diamond Estate Sales understands with having outstanding customer service comes a respectable and large recurring customer base and we cherish it. Lastly, Black Diamond Estate Sales goal is our Client’s goal. It is understandable that every sale is unique; therefore, Black Diamond Estate Sales likes to sit down and listen to our Client's to understand what they want to accomplish with our services.

As a family owned and industry leading business, Black Diamond Estate Sales would be more than happy to answer any questions and/or concerns for anyone interested in our services. Please contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.


We are more than happy to do a free, no- obligation consultation of an estate. Should we determine that an estate sale is not the best option for you, we will, in our best efforts, provide you with a set of alternatives upon this complimentary consultation.


We advertise and promote our Clients estate sales at our own expense. Marketed with a sufficient amount of pictures and descriptions, our estate sales can be found on the Black Diamond Estate Sales website, Black Diamond Estate Sales Facebook page,, and We also send out weekly emails to our personal list of subscribers to inform them about our upcoming estate sales. On the days of our estate sales, we will place custom outdoor signage in high traffic locations, near the estate, to direct and guide customers to the estate sale.


We understand that each estate sale is unique; therefore, our dedicated owner and staff will organize, arrange and display the merchandise to make it appear presentable and professional for both our Clients and customers. If needed, we provide an adequate amount of the following items at our own expense:

*Folding tables
*Display cases for valuables
*Portable clip lights
*Informational interior signage, such as: directions, safety and policies


Pricing and valuing our Clients assets are based on experience, a network of complex specialists and experts, and an immense range of informative resources. This structure enables us to get our Clients the maximum dollar amount for their belongings. Our dedicated owner and full-time staff posses years of combined knowledge and understanding in buying and selling a vast majority of the following assets:

*Vintage toys
*Holiday Decorations
*Jewelry and Watches
*General Household Items
*Automobiles and motorcycles
*Precious metals: Gold & Silver


Certain areas we service require specific permits to conduct an estate sale. Don't worry about it! Black Diamond Estate Sales has got you covered! We go above and beyond by checking city/town ordinances and obtaining permits for our Clients, if needed, at no expense to you, in order to conduct a smooth and successful estate sale.


We provide our Client(s) the proceeds of the estate sale, with a check, 7 to 10 business days after the conclusion of the estate sale, along with the following:

*A list of all individual items that sold for $50 or more (cash and/or credit cards)

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Based out of Chicago, IL also serving Arlington Heights , IL and Chicago , IL

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