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We conduct multiple online only auctions every week and we have customers all over the globe and ship out to the entire USA. Once your item arrives at Tyler Grace and you've filled out the paperwork we will get your item into the next available auction. The auctioneer will research and inventory/photograph/list your items onto our online platform. It is important to know that we are a no reserve auction, everything starts at $1 and sells to the highest bidder.

I have listed the links to our website below, you can go onto our past auctions and see what kind of items we sell and what kind of prices we get for them. The auction is usually online for 5 to 7 days and previews are available to the public. We advertise the sales on several national platforms such as estatesale.com, estatesales.net and estatesales.org as well as hibid, and many other auction websites. We also send out emails weekly to our past bidders to notify them of upcoming sales.

Once the auction is complete it takes about 14 business days to tie up accounting and get your check mailed out to you.

Here are the following options available:

Option 1
In-store/home online only estate sale

Click this link called DOCUSIGN CONTRACT directly below to electronically fill out a docusign copy of our contract and submit electronically (Easiest way)

Commission- we take 35% commission of the total sale.

The Set Up Day:
It typically takes us 1 day (sometimes 2) to set up. Meaning, we will go through the entire home, open every door, every drawer, all cabinets, attic if it says so on the contract, backyard, front yard, etc unless they are marked not for sale.
- On that "set up day" we will group certain items together that will have a hard time selling on their own. For example - coffee cups, old clothes, cd's, kitchen utensils, tupperware, junk drawers, random hand tools, etc.
We will sell other items on their own that will do just fine as a single item lot. For example - KitchenAid stand mixer, Flat screen TV, name brand handbags, designer clothes, Waterford crystal, collectible items, etc.
- Then we will tag everything with lot numbers, and photograph all of the lots that we have made. At this point we are finished with the setup process.

After the set up day here is what happens next :
- The auctioneer will get the auction listed and the bidding process will start. Remember- tons of people will go ahead and look at the auction online but will likely not bid yet. All of the bidding happens the night the auction closes. They all have the same strategy... to wait until the very end. There will be items that you may have thought should have sold for more BUT there will be items that you will be surprised how much money they brought in. You never know what people are willing to spend their hard earned money on! It only takes 2 people to get into a bidding war.
- Once the auction closes, we will charge everyone's credit cards. Once we have the payments taken care of, we will send an email with important information. In that email to only the people that have won something from that specific auction, we will release the address, give the pickup date and times and the team leader's phone number that will be working the buyer pickup day.

Buyer Pick Up Day:
- We will send a team to the house on the scheduled buyer pick up day. They will arrive around 9 am to get familiar with the house, see where the lot numbers start and stop in each room, and they will pull all of the shipping.
- Around 9:30 or 10 am, the buyers will start showing up. They will text the team leader with their name, make, model and color of their vehicle. The team leader will pull their invoice out and hand it off to a "runner". The runner will go around the house and gather all of the lots the buyer won. They will then take everything out to the buyer's vehicles. If the buyer has purchased something heavy/ large, we will have them come inside with their moving equipment and their help. Someone will stay with them the entire time to ensure they do not wander around the house, toch things they shouldn't and so forth. The same applies if they bought a set of china or a bunch of breakable items. We would have them come inside with their packing materials so they can pack everything up. We do not want to be responsible for packing incorrectly and then breaking something.
- The buyer pickup day usually concludes around 5:30 pm. At that point if someone has not shown up to get the items they won, the items will be considered forfeited and all monies paid will be lost. We do not give refunds to people that choose not to show up to get their items, it's not fair to you as the homeowner. Whatever items left in the home will then belong back to the estate and you can do with them as you choose.
- Once the auction has closed it takes us 14 business days (about 3 weeks) to finish the accounting and then we will mail the check(s) and the itemized list(s) to the address on the contract.

Option 2

We can come pickup everything and take it back to our warehouse and put it online

The fee for this would be 35%

If you choose to go this route,
I have attached the paperwork that needs to be filled out prior to pickup.

Here is a link to the docusign contract that needs to be filled out


We have agreed that you are wanting to pack anything that is small enough to fit into a box or that you are just sending furniture items that do not need to be packed and that we will pick them up and bring it all to the auction. The commission we receive will be 35%
- Please make sure to look at the SELLER FAQ's in this link which lists some of the items we do and do not take so that you do not end up sending things to us that we deem trash and to also help you find things that do well that you may not think of to send. https://tylergraceauctions.com/seller-faq
- We are extremely busy so please know that we do not have the extra time to let you know when your items will be up for sale. So try to keep an eye on the auctions to see if your items have come into cue.
- Once the auction with your items in it has closed it takes 10-14 business days for accounting to be completed and then we will mail your check to the mailing address you have written on your contract along with an itemized list of what each item sold for.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns

Visit our current auctions @ https://tylergraceauctions.hibid.com

We look forward to assisting you at whatever stage of the estate liquidation process you are in.

A-Z Estate Sales of North Texas understands that liquidating an estate can be an emotional and sometimes trying task.
There is a host of reasons why someone might have an estate sale. Whether it is downsizing, moving out of state, or a death of a loved one...we are here for you. And we handle all areas in and around the metroplex.

Whether you are just at the beginning and curious what an estate sale is all about, or if you are further along we can help with all your needs.

One of the main questions you will have to ask yourself is which estate sale company do you hire?

Here are some things to consider...

Is the company friendly? This is the number one thing that we hear from our clients about why they didn't hire someone else.

The people they vetted were in a lot of instances downright rude. And if they are rude to the person hiring them, they will be rude to customers and therefore just won't get as much for your estate as someone that is friendly and that has good people skills.

Are they a real company? This question is important...there are a lot of companies out there that pass themselves off as estate
sale companies, but they do not charge sales tax. They pay their clients in cash. We are a legitimate business. We pay sales tax. This is important because there is a sense of professionalism especially when dealing with customers that translates into more money for the client.

Also if a company is doing something that is not on the up and up...what are they doing when you aren't looking?
There is an integrity issue here. Both the owners of A-Z are prior military and have built those core values into their business practices.

Do they have professional signs? This might seem trivial at first glance...but a lot of companies make their own signs with markers each week on poster board or cardboard box remnants. We have professional made signs. Again this translates to more business, higher end clientele and ultimately more money for you and your family.

Along the same lines as the signs we also have staff in uniform clearly visible for buyers during the sale.

Do they accept credit cards? If the answer is no do not give them a second thought because you are leaving money on the table. We sell so much more for the simple fact we accept credit cards.

We can also assist with liquidation of gold and silver as well as high-end jewelry. A lot of our competitors have a "guy" that they sell to. Basically a guy that gives them a set price for gold and silver and then he sells it to a refinery. We are that "guy". We have direct refinery resources and we can always get more for gold and silver. There isn't a middleman with us.

We have been in the resale business for about 8 years. Before we began conducting estate sales full time we sold tens of thousands of things we have bought from other estate sales online giving us a plethora of knowledge on just about anything. We have made a good name for ourselves, developed a deep following, we have a strong online base, and we provide great estate sales for our clients and customers as well.

We want your business and will earn it. We can provide references if requested. We can assist with liquidations of automobiles and firearms if needed.

We truly handle it all from A-Z.

Please call, text or email to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Amanda Bufford

Thank you so much.

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Based out of Dallas, TX also serving areas near Addison , TX , Carrollton , TX , Dallas , TX , Denton , TX , Flower Mound , TX , Fort Worth , TX , Frisco , TX , Garland , TX , Grapevine , TX , Irving , TX , Lewisville , TX , Mckinney , TX , Mesquite , TX , Plano , TX , Richardson , TX , Rockwall , TX , Rowlett , TX and The Colony , TX

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  • In-person Estate Sales
  • Online Auctions
  • Appraisal Services
  • Off-site Sales
  • Live Auctions
  • Clean-out Services

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  • Better Business Bureau
  • National Auctioneers Association
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What People Say About A - Z Estate Sales of North Texas & ADDISON TX TYLER GRACE AUCTIONS AND APPRAISALS
I have been absolutely blown away by the professionalism, thoroughness, and integrity of the people at A to Z Estate Sales. They contacted me in my role as Director of Texas Art at Heritage Auctions while working on a local Estate. They has come across a dusty old painting many in their business might have overlooked. However, they did their homework and due diligence by carefully researching the piece. They soon discovered it might be an important Texas painting. They then contacted me regarding the piec, since they knew such an important item should be sold through a major auction rather than an estate sale. They got it to me within hours to ensure it was covered under our insurance ASAP. They then trusted me as far as estimates, reserves, and sale strategy and allowed me to place the estimate I thought would garner the most competition at auction. Ultimately, the painting sold for $400,000+ and, after not having wanted to raise expectations too much got tell their client it sold for thousands over the estimate. Basically, they did everything right as far as finding the best venue for the item. This shows me that they can be trusted to carefully vet everything they sell at and make sure it reaches the proper market. You can't ask anything better than that from an estate company...they really know what they are doing!
Atlee Phillips, Director of Texas Art Heritage Auctions
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