READ AD! Comic Book Lot of 10 Comic Books (Lot #18)

Ships from Nashville, TN

READ AD! Comic Book Lot of 10 Comic Books (Lot #18)

This auction is for 10 random picked comic books, NOT as pictured. The comics pictured are just some examples that could or could not be included in your lot. Most comics in this lot are newer within the past 10 years, however there can be vintage & antique comics too. These comics books are from a large estate collection with lots more to come. These comics have not been "cherry picked" are just picked at random for these lots. There could be Mavel, DC or Independent comics in these lots. Most comics are in good condition. This lot can be shipped anywhere in the US for $5.95 or picked up in Nashville, TN zip code: 37209 or 37207. After the auction you will receive an invoice to the email address you have on file on this website. You have 3 days to make payment by credit card for auction(s) won or the items will be offered to another bidder. You will then have another 3 days to arrange shipping and/or pick up by calling/texting: 615-636-0420 or by email: Check out our other auctions and join our mailing list
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