Packard Baby Grand Piano from 1930's

Local pickup only in Austin, TX

Packard Baby Grand Piano from 1930's

Packard Baby Grand Piano from 1930's Type: Baby Grand Finish: Mahogany Style: Traditional Age: 1930 Make: Packard Model 5' 6" Grand Location: Austin, TX ***PACKARD Established 1871 Instruments of the highest grade and of extensive sale abroad as well as at home, manufactured by The Packard Piano Co., Ft. Wayne. Ind. The product of a model industry in which the cooperative stem of labor is brought to the point of perfection. Principle of The Packard Piano Co. finds expression in the maxim that "if there is no harmony in the factory, there will be none in the piano." The workings of the Packard factory at Ft. Wayne, Ind., present an ideal example of harmonious industry. Every worker is loyal to the Packard and puts into it the best results of his skill and effort SHIPPING: Shipping To obtain a shipping quote, proceed to checkout and complete your purchase. You will not be charged at this time. Within 48 hours, you will receive a shipping quote via email for your approval. If you do not approve the quote, you will not be charged and your order will be cancelled.
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