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About Tinkers Row Relics

Tinkers Row Relics is an OIF Veteran Owned Business that provides professional and courteous services to families of loved ones and people looking to downsize their home. We believe in honest business ethics and hold ourselves to a high moral standard.

You can be assured that Tinkers Row Relics will do everything it can to make your estate sale a success!

Why an Estate Sale?
With the upswing of people looking for a bargain or a treasure to collect, estate sales offer maximum exposure for the best value. A well planned sale will make you money and let us do the work! Our experience allows you maximize your dollar on items that may have otherwise been thrown away.

How does the process start?
A representative will come to the home to speak with the family and view the size of the estate. There is no deposit or fee for the consultation. All costs will be come from the gross sales of the estate. Once we have discussed the specific circumstances, an agreement is signed and our work begins.

How much does it cost?
Our fee is a percentage of gross sales based on several factors depending on the size of the estate and services requested. We only make money if you do.

How do you prepare for the sale?
We bring in tables and fixtures to display the items properly. Everything is evaluated for value and marked with a sale price. High-end items are researched for value and authenticity before being placed near the entrance for high visibility. We also offer consignment of items on www.tinkersrowrelics.com and our eBay store, we will notify you if there are items better suited to be sold online. The sale is photographed and marketed to multiple resources to include newspapers, estate listing websites, and other various industry resources. The day of the sale, signs will be placed directing customers from the nearest major roads. Our goal is to get as many people in the door to buy, buy, buy!

What happens during the sale?
We provide a crew of helpers the days the sale is open. They are there to aid customers with questions or moving heavy item and also to maintain the security of the home from theft or damage. Checkout will be handled at a central location within the home. In order to allow customers the easiest payment option, we accept credit cards and checks in addition to cash.

Sale is over, now what?
We do our best to clear everything out over the weekend, but there always seems to be stuff left. Depending on your needs, we can review the remaining items to decide what should be done. Most often the remaining items can be sold as a buyout or donated to a charity. We always leave the home broom clean and in good order.

When do we receive the proceeds?
Within 14 days after the last day of the sale, a sales report and check will be sent. This allows us time for credit card and checks to clear and the sales report to be generated. Our commission and fees will be taken from the gross sales before writing the check.

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