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While many other businesses will buy or sell your "good stuff" and leave you with a mess, we offer a complete service. Our company motto is "Keep EVERYTHING you want, we deal with EVERYTHING else". We handle the salable items, the garbage, the recycling, charitable contributions, hauling, cleaning, etc., leaving the home empty, clean and ready for the next occupant. We hold estate sales and moving sales in the Pullman Washington and Moscow Idaho area but also work in Colfax Washington, Clarkston Washington, Colton Washington, Uniontown Washington, Spokane Washington, Ritzville Washington, Palouse Washington, Genesee Idaho, Lewiston Idaho and other surrounding areas. We have been an insured and licensed business since 1984, and many letters of reference from our satisfied clients are available on our web site or by request. Moving or liquidating an estate can be very stressful. We Understand, We Can Help, Call Us!!

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Based out of Pullman, WA also serving areas near Coeur D Alene , ID and Pullman , WA

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  • In-person Estate Sales
  • Online Auctions
  • Appraisal Services
  • Off-site Sales
  • Clean-out Services
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What People Say About Estate Services
See MANY more testimonials by clicking the "Letters" tab on our website:
Richard Old, Proprietor ESTATE SERVICES
January 7, 2016

Dear Richard,

On behalf of my family and me, we would like to thank you for helping us with the family’s property estate closure. We are very pleased with how you handled this situation with the work you did in removing the unwanted items, and clearing the house so we could get it ready for sale.

You were true to your word and very efficient in handling our contractual agreement. In the future we will be very happy to recommend Estate Services to any of our family, friends and to serve as a reference.
Don Shrope and Family
March, 2016

Dear Richard Old
Thank you for your help and guidance in removing furnishings and other items from my mother's assisted living apartment at Bishop Place in Pullman. You came on very short notice to complete the dispersal process before the end of the month. Thanks to your assistance, I was able to complete the process on time. You were very gracious to help, even though this was not an estate sale.
Susan B. Roberts
April 21, 2016


I am delighted to write this letter recommending the work of Richard Old and his estate management organization We Buy and Sell Stuff. I first encountered Richard through mutual contacts when I was the rector of St. James’ Episcopal Church, and he was assisting the family of one of my parishioners who had died, leaving behind a household that the family needed to organize and empty in preparation for sale. Richard talked to me at length about his process, and his comforting advice on preparing for what would eventually be my own move helped me to plan my last year at St. James.

Once I had made the determination to retire, and had a date set for retirement and departure from my residence, Richard again advised me on how to structure my move. Once my belongings were removed, and my family members had a chance to collect the things they wanted, Richard went to work. For a completely reasonable fee, he set to work emptying the items that I left behind, removing them by selling, recycling and disposing of them efficiently and respectfully, and arranging for a cleaning crew to restore the house and carport for the use of the church.

He was able to accomplish all of this within a week of my handing over the key! Since by then I was on the road, he submitted to me photographs of each of the rooms, so that I could have evidence of the work he completed.

Not only did Richard and his team do the work they agreed to do, and do it well, they provided me with serenity for that aspect of my move. He helped me well in advance of the work to imagine how I would accomplish the move-out, and made the last days of my occupancy of the house bearable and even light-hearted.

So thank you, Richard! Thank you to you and your team for the service you provide. Thank you for your professionalism, competence, and your compassion.
The Rev. Mary Beth Rivetti
One of the most difficult times in our lives, whether you are an only child or one of a number of siblings, is when a parent dies...having to deal with the "stuff" of their lives, tying up loose ends, deciding what to keep and what to let go of (be it to storage, Goodwill, the trash, or elsewhere). Recognizing that our parents actually had a life separate from ours, discovering things that are remembered and cherished from our childhood ("OMG, did they really keep that all these years?!" or "What were they thinking?" or "I wonder what they were doing/where were they when they picked this up?" or "That couch must be 40 years old.") can be a sad and poignant experience.

We Kirschner "kids" have had to deal with the closing of both our parents' chapters in life; our mom, in 2009, and now our dad, just a week and a half ago. There was one constant in these two events...Richard Old (Estate Services). I want to publicly thank this former classmate of mine, on behalf of my brothers and sister, for helping make those two experiences as painless as possible. "Keep everything you want and we'll take care of the rest" is his mantra. And it's true. He will find a home for those hundreds of books Dad had collected over the years, that we have no interest in, or the clothing, bedding, and shoes we didn't know what to do with, or those tchotchkes or artwork that aren't "our style" and have no sentimental value to us. He is the expert. He conducts his business and interactions with respect and compassion.
Fran Kirschner Petrella
May, 21, 2016

Mr. Old,
I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the service that you provided when you cleaned out our parent's home in Palouse. The job you did was thorough and completed in a timely manner. You were also very considerate and returned some items that you felt we may have missed. The compassion and kindness that you showed was greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone faced with cleaning out an estate after losing those dear to them.
Tom Parrish
August 9, 2016

Dear Richard,

I am so grateful for your part in my mother's move! Because of your kindness and your service, we were able to pack up what we wanted and go. You took a great deal of stress off of us, since we were packing, meeting with the lawyer about her finances, meeting with the realtor, doing paperwork for her new home, and making sure that she got to her physical therapy appointments.

As we worked together, I discovered your huge heart and your observance of beauty. You noticed the old trees surrounding the house; you peaked at my paintings in the garage; you logged onto my Facebook page to see more of my artwork. You and I bonded over Latin. Thank you for taking a genuine interest in us as human beings! When I mentioned to you that I would like to give one of my mother's pictures to her neighbor, you gave it to the neighbor yourself, rather than selling it. This gesture, most of all, demonstrated to me that your heart is in your work.

I hope that even though "People get in the way", you realize fully how important your work is. You are so much more than "the trash guy"! You are taking care of people's treasures in the kindest, most thoughtful way possible.
Heather Lashbrook
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