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Another Time, Another Place Estate Sales is the newest estate sale business in Beaumont and surrounding towns! From 2004 to 2010, I had my own business doing trash to treasure, DIY and vintage pieces. Two years ago, I started working for an estate sale company and now, 2015, I started my own estate sales company. It was a perfect segue from the creative business I had loved to estate sales. I have always enjoyed creating, displaying and working with clients and customers. Along with a dear friend, who has a similar background as mine and who works in the antique business, we bring a lot of knowledge to this business. As business owners and estate sales customers for many years, we have literally been on both sides of the counter!

We selected our name because we are dedicated to helping our clients with "another time" in their lives and finding "another place" for their cherished items. Whether you are downsizing, moving, divorcing or in charge of a family estate, we can take care of the tedious process of selling your items and presenting them in the best possible manner to attract buyers. We clean, display and mark your items according to the fair market value in your area. We like to keep prices below antique and vintage shops so vendors will buy but above garage sale prices so the client will make money. We also accept credit cards which is a big plus in this market! We find that sales are increased with credit cards because it helps with impulse buying. If a customer has to leave the estate sale to go to the bank for more cash, many times they talk themselves out of the item and do not return.

We also display in different ways such as hanging hankies and linens on cute clothes lines using safe Command hangers rather than stacking them up on tables. We only display items on the floor that should be on the floor, like furniture! We do not stack towels, linens, bedding on floors. We start out with neat, attractive displays and we keep them that way throughout the sale, thanks to our team of ladies. We use peg boards for hanging pots and pans and our own tables for displaying dishes, etc., rather than using the dining tables that are also for sale. We try not to clutter any saleable furniture.

We leave you with a cashier's check and a clean, empty home, ready for resale. We know this can be an emotional time and we find your items a place where they can make another house into a home, as they did for you. No one can ever sell your memories!

Thank you for considering us for your estate sale and please visit our website, for more info on our contract and our company. We also have Another Time, Another Place Facebook Page and Group. Thanks, Donna Roth, Owner.

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