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LOT 21 - VINTAGE HAND-COLORED ENGRAVINGS from Les Journal Demoiselle

Local pickup only in Vallejo, CA

LOT 21 - VINTAGE HAND-COLORED ENGRAVINGS from Les Journal Demoiselle

Taken from Website "Fine Rare Prints": These original antique prints of French fashions of the late 1800s are from Journal Des Demoiselles (The Ladies' Magazine), a forerunner of todays fashion magazines such as Vogue. They were made in Paris by printing from an engraved steel plate and have original hand painted coloring." (http://www.finerareprints.com/journal-des-demoiselles-french-fashions). Our two items measure 8.5"x11" and 11"x13", and are from 1869 and 1870 respectively. Interesting note: The smaller engraving ("Annee") shows a different colored dress for the little girl than what is archived; the archived plate shows the little girl's dress as red. Rare prints indeed. Condition of these items is Very Good + and Good ++. Slight discoloration around edges of larger print, as well as torn corners, dog-eared edges, etc. The smaller print shows damage and discoloration along its framed borders and a few slight creases on print itself. Excessive wear and tear or damage is documented by up-close photographs. Reminder: only out-of-state auction winners have S&H/alternate payment options.
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