5.00 FILL A BAG - SUNDAY...NO SATURDAY! Winter Wonderland and. Vintage Finds

In-person estate sale



1210 Old Mountain Rd S
Joppa, MD 21085


.ESTATE SALE in JOPPA ::::::Sunday 5.00 FILL A BAG! Our bags! PLUS, JEWELRY IS 1.00 to 5.00 and all FURNITURE IS AT LEAST HALF OFF!

 We have tables of jewelry that are excluded and any new items we pull from the attic. All else is fair game! 


SATURDAY CANCELLATION:::Unless the weather changes, WE WILL NOT BE OPEN ON SATURDAY, but will be returning on Sunday for a final day. We won;t know until closer to Friday night as to what the plans are since the weather keeps changing. We can not host this sale in the rain. SATURDAY IS CANCELLED.

What’s there? Jewelry, beds, nightstands, mini fridge, John Deere snowblower, vintage finds, games, Christmas ornaments, Christmas decor, ephemera, elephant figures, linens, cookware, bakeware, angels galore, bedding, coffee table, tvs, books, clock, Yankee Candle, totes, Lenox, Partylite, Easter, serving/cooking utensils, Lenox, purses, women's clothing in various sizes, furniture project pieces, bottles/jars, entertainment centers, 1950s vintage table, baskets, file cabinets, tools, miscellaneous housewares, art, toiletries, toaster oven, barware, drinkware, sewing machine, bookhelf, and more! PARKING:::::We had folks getting stuck today. Please do not drive on the grass if your vehicle can’t handle it. Pull in via the entrance and glance to your right. If there is space, circle around to park on that side of the yard. If it’s full, park to the right or left of where you entered. 

DO NOT GO INTO AREAS that note…NO ENTRY, DO NOT ENTER, etc. I shouldn’t have to be reminding you of this in a post. Today, people were cussing about not being able to by an antique pedal car that 1. they should not even have seen because it was behind a closed off door and 2. that doesn’t belong to them…not entitled to everything in a home. There are items that the owners want to keep! 

Cash, please. Checks considered. 

All sales final!

You are entering the property at your own risk. Please use caution and make wise decisions. 

We did not get more items from the attic, so there will not be fresh photos until the morning.

Whoever took the GREEN BOWLS from a box that was outside, bring them back, please!!! They were in a box marked SOLD… maybe you didn’t see the card. The buyer was bringing her car around to pick them up!! Thanks.1210 Old Mountain Rd S

We will have signs up noting what can/can’t go in the bag. Please read them! 

Friday, December 2nd, from 11-3

 CANCELLED Saturday, December 3rd, from 9-12 

Sunday  - FINAL DAY - 10-1

If it rains on Saturday, we may need to postpone until Sunday. If it's nice on Saturday, we still may add Sunday…I will know by close of Friday. 

WE DO NOT GIVE PRICING. We are not selling from the page...it is first come. The only time we give prices is if we are pre-selling. The items would be noted as a pre-sale piece, so if it isn't noted, it's not available until the sale opens. You would PM to get that pricing information. We do not give pricing! We do not give pricing...not online, via messenger, text, email phone, etc. 

Multi level home with outdoor items, garage, shed. Please use caution on grounds, stairs, etc. You are entering at your own risk. 

UPDATE PARKING>>>This is a circular driveway with a designated entrance and exit. Please pull in and glance to the opposite side of the yard to see if there is room. If so, circle to that side so you are not holding up traffic. If it looks full, park on the side where you entered.. There are cones and flags so that you do not run into trunks, etc. Please use caution.

BASEMENT>>>You need to duck all the way through from the stairs until you step down into the basement, then you are good to stand up. Pretend you are going through the doorways in Alice in Wonderland. 

What’s there? Jewelry, tools, snowblower, hutch, corner cabinet, Lenox, Yankee Candle, Partylite, end tables, coffee tables, vinyls, cds, books, frames, snowmen/angel/elephant collections, cut glass, depression glass, drink ware, barware, Visions cookware, sponge ware, toaster oven, nightstands, beds, Barbie and friends dolls, linens, wrapping paper/bags, coats, women’s clothing in various sizes, scarves, shoes, trains, vintage toys, games, bottles/jars, tools, vintage metal glider, rattan set, drop leaf table, project pieces, vintage Christmas, Christmas tree, electronics, bookshelves, ephemera, perfumes and toiletries, vintage ceramic crocks, flatware, miscellaneous household, vintage clothes, train and accessories, vintage toys, chess table and pieces, linens, chair cushions, green glass, Easter decor, Christmas ornaments, linens, totes, and more!! 

Cash, please. All items sold as-is. Please inspect before buying-no returns,...