75% OFF Large Mansfield Home Packed with Jewelry, Clothing & Accessories, Furniture, and more!

In-person estate sale



1815 N Holland Rd
Mansfield, TX 76063


Key items: 

65in LG TV, Large Colonial Style Canopy Bed, Stack On Gun Safe, Large Decorative Mirrors, Red Couch and Matching Chair, Brown Leather Electric Reclining Couch, Area Rugs, Jewlery, Clothing & Accessories, High End British Colonial Style Decor, China Hutch, Mid-century Art Deco Furniture, Golden Statues, Clothing Display, Dining room table, Rolex(replica), Chanel, Cartier(replica), Dooney & Bourke, Antique Lamps, Whirlpool Freezer, Patio Furniture

Entry/Living room: 

Golden Hall Table, Matching Mirror, Large Golden Swan Vase, Golden Matching Wall Lights, Hallway Rug, Faux Flower Decor, Glass Top Plant Stand, Blue Oriental Urn, Framed Seashells, Framed Oriental Tapestry, Vintage Tall Corner Tables, Wall Cand Holders, Golden Ceramic Male & Female Greek Busts, Golden Knight Statue, Golden Side Table, Vintage Toy Guitar, Faux Book Keepsake Box, White Love Seat, Duck Casserole Dish, Candle holders, Vases, Eclectic Decor, Antique Blue Staines Glass Lamps, Cobalt Blue Glassware, Oriental Decorative Bowls, Vases, Plates, Canisters, Silver Plated Decor, Decorative Wall Pedestals, Framed Sunflower Beaded Tapestry, Hindu Framed Art, Oriental Ceramic Statues, Large Lighted China Hutch, Highend Grey Couch with Wood Accents, Brass Decor, Vintage Mis Century Bar, Vintage Curio Cabinet, Large Faux Fireplace Mantel with Mirror- Colonial Style, Red Accent Chair, White small Curio Cabinet, Framed Golden Flower Art

Master Bedroom & Bath:

Stack on gun safe, Black Mid-century Art Deco Glam Cabinet, Wicker Coat Rack, Wicker Plant Stand, Rolling Stool, Brown Recliner, Larger Double Dresser with Mirror, Marble Top Bedside Tables, High Quality Colonial Style Canopy Bed, Mannequins, Clothing Display, Jewlery Display, Bedside linen Chest, Office Chair, Glass Top Computer Desk, Purses, Glass Top Side Table, Hp Computer Monitor, Sewing machine, Books, Hp Plasma TV, Copier Printer, Entertainment Center, Clothing

Living room/Kitchen:

65inch LG Tv, Nice Red Modern Couch with matching Chair, Area Rugs, Brown Leather Reclining Love Seat, TV Stand with Mount, Large Golden Mirror above Fireplace, Dining Table, Two Sets of dining table chairs, Two Red Metal Tractor Seat Adjustable Bar Stools, Wrought Iron Cushion Bar Stools, Jewlery, 925, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Watches, Dooney and Bourke Purse, Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, Tribal Masks, Leather Purse, Tablet, Kitchen Glassware, Plates, China Set, Pyrex


Smoker Grill, Blue Patio Decor, Garden Statues, Plants, Gardening Tools, Cast iron Blue Chair, fountain, glass top tables, wheelbarrow, Two Larger Ladders, Glass top Tables, Bird bath, Planters, Pots


Large Decorative Pencil Reed Floor Vase with Sunflowers, Large Floor Vases, Wall Decor, Oriental Framed Art, Ceramic Vases, Marble Glass Hallway Table, Glass Vases, Fan

First Bedroom:

Clothing, Trundle Day Bed, Canopy, Hats, Chest of drawers, Craft Drawers, Clothing Display, Framed Hidnu Tapestry, Belts, Scarves, Racks,

Second Bedroom:

Mid-century Art Deco Glam Furniture Set, Dresser & Bedside Tables, Sewing machine, Framed Ceramic Art, Black Stool, Bed and HeadBoard set

Third Bedroom:

Linens, Pillows, Element Flatscreen TV, Double Dresser, Wall Mirror, Framed Art, Chest of Drawers, Lamp, Dresses, Gowns, Formal Dresses, Party Dresses, Bed