An Asian style sale in Walnut Creek – By YTT Estate Sales

In-person estate sale



609 Whippoorwill Ct
Walnut Creek, CA 94598


Hello friends,

I’m excited to announce our coming sale in Walnut Creek.  In this sale, there’s a variety of items with a general atmosphere towards Asia.  From larger items like furniture to smaller items like plates, everything resembles Asia.  But that’s not all, as you walk through the front door, you’ll find a MCM entertainment console with two excellent speakers.  To your right, there’s display of many smaller items such as plates, and figurines.  This is also where you’ll see an Asian style coffee table with 3 wonderful end tables.  And, hanging on the wall, there is a beautiful Japanese screen art.  Next to the living room to the right, in the master bedroom, there is a complete set of Asian style bedroom set including a complete bed (king), two night stands, one dresser and one chest of drawers.  The quality of the furniture is rare to find.  And, to make it even better, there are 3 vintage Asian lamps with Buddha figurines.  Most of the clothing is also in this room, but there’s more outside in the yard on hanger (there’s just too many).  In the opposite room, you’ll find more clothing, but you’ll also find a surprise, a MCM chest of drawers and MCM headboard.  Next to this room, there is an office, where there is a MCM desk, a TV stand and a magnificent Asian armoire.  There are also about 300 plus books in this room along with some painting, posters, and camera equipment.  In the kitchen are dining area, there are two dining table sets (one of which is Asian style).  There are China sets, crystal, records, record player, flat screen TV(3 of them), recliners and an Asian style book shelf in this area as well.  In the garage, we’ll place our two cases of jewelry and alike (yes, in the garage) and ton of old photos and vintage slides.  And, there are more kitchen items here as well.  This is additional to other smaller knick knacks around.  Please take a look at the pictures and join us for a great sale.