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Due to the enormous size of this Estate, most of it will not be priced at the time of sale so we are encouraging you to gather what you are interested in and we will gladly give you a package deal.

This is the biggest Estate Sale we have ever done! There is enough merchandise in and on this property to fill a football field. The gentleman who passed, was an avid collector of everything and was a decorator and builder. He frequented auctions and bought stuff every time on a regular basis, for decades. I have taken some rough photos from our first day of prep so that you can get an idea of what we are looking at. For starters, there are 2 HUGE, incredible 7ft tall antique Marble statues. The garage is so packed, it would make up an entire estate sale by itself. And when I say packed, I don't mean packed with garbage. The entire property is filled with treasures and any type of supplies you can think of from commercial building to every cookware pan or gadget you can think of with many of these items new in boxes and he has a dozen of each. The are multiple tool boxes filled. There are commercial grade compressors and other machinery throughout the property. There are many kinds of building supplies. There is art and antiques. We have not scratched the surface yet and have no way of explaining here at this time even part of what this sales includes. Please stay tuned for more descriptions and photos.

Premiere Estate Sales Las Vegas has complete control over pricing as this is a "True Estate Sale" of a private residence and not a business liquidation or moving sale. In other words, pricing will be more than reasonable with great deals all over.

Day 2 of prep;

I have added more photos and will continue adding as we uncover and discover. In some of these photos from today you will see an entire "Vintage" beauty salon that came from the Mirage Hotel & Casino from the 1980's. It needs to be professionally cleaned and some parts need a little restoration. This would be an incredible opportunity for someone who has the vision for such and would like to save a truck load of money. There are also electric chairs, barber and or massage chairs. There is also a photo of commercial grade flood type lighting, an antique player piano, medical supplies, a doll collection and the list go's on and on. At this point, we have only gone through about 50% and are still unaware of what the other 50% holds. There are mountains of boxes and containers we still need to go through including the entire garage. I will be posting more photos tomorrow with more description.

Day 3 of prep;

We finally started on the garage only to discover that there is a storage above that is full in which we will spend the entire day on Thursday preparing it for sale. We started on and finished another separate storage type area which I added a photo of. In this area we found a vintage accordion in mint condition in the box along with some vintage toys and flatware sets not to mention, "tons more tools".

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