FAQs For Estate Sale Companies

Below we try to answer common questions related to our service. If you don't see the answer to your question below please contact us via email or call 1-800-314-9708 and we will be glad to help you!

  • Q:What are the benefits of becoming a paid plan member? A:Paid members are able to choose more than one city to list their company in, increasing the chances that someone will select your company to hold their estate sale. Paid members can also advertise their sales on our website where they are seen by users who search their area for estate sales and who have signed up on our mailing list to receive sale notifications. The bottom line is increased marketing exposure for your business both in terms of inquiries and buyers.
  • Q:How many people will really see my sale if I advertise? A:That depends on your area. Quite a few of our member sales have received over 2,000 views. Some of our members who promote their sales elsewhere (such as via their own email list) have had over 10,000 individual sale views.
  • Q:How many people do you have on your mailing list? A:The number on our email list grows every day. As of February 2015, we have over 750,000 subscribers across the US. Some areas have higher concentrations of subscribers than others.
  • Q:How many people will be notified by email of my sale? A:That depends on where your sale is located. Our subscribers choose to receive notifications based on the distance of the sale from their address. To get an exact count of subscribers who will receive a notification of your sale, click "post a sale" from your account dashboard menu. On the first step of the process, fill in the sale address and click the "Generate Map" button. After the map is generated it will show you an exact count of how many subscribers will be notified of the sale below the map. Your sale is also seen by every visitor who searches for estate sales in the area where your sale was posted.
  • Q:Is there a way to tell how many people viewed my sale page? A:Yes. There is a counter feature on the account dashboard page showing how many people view your sales.
  • Q:Is there a charge to upload photos for my sales? A:No. You can upload an unlimited amount of photos for each sale. We believe the more photos you have the better. Sales with photos are viewed at a much higher rate than sales without.