Estate Sale or Estate Clean Out - Plan ahead or Procrastinate and Panic

Authored by - Sep 13, 2012

This week, I have had several calls from clients that have just sold their home and  need to have the sale this week end or next. I was able to offer some solutions on short notice but not the best.

There are two key issues with short notice sales, the best companies are always booked 3 or 4 weeks in advance and it takes prep time for a successful sale. The most important factor is to make a market and generate demand and excitement for the sale.  So advertising with short notice may not generate the best turnout and result in poor sales.

In certain circumstances, the real value is in the real estate and not the stuff, so in those circumstances, it may make sense to use some pickers, keep high value items like gold, jewlery and silver (to deal with on your timeline) and use an estate clean out service. The price of selling the home on time almost always is more value to the family than the house stuff.

So where do you start:

First, everything the family wants to have should be removed or shipped out of the home.

Second, trash is trash, get the real trash out of the home.

Third, identify the items into 3 catagories, low, medium, high value. Eeryone has a diffenet opinion of value, just use what you are comfortable with like under $20.00 or over $100.00 That will then help you decide if a sale makes sense or a cleanout is best. 

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