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Bonded and Insured Elite member since May 26, 2010 - 16 years in business Based out of Oklahoma City, OK

About McNeil Liquidations -- Estate Sales & Appraisals

Ours is a full service estate liquidation firm based in central Oklahoma.

We're owned and operated by a fifth generation Oklahoman, a man whose academic background is in American history, and who also has thirty-seven years of experience in the field of antiques, fine art, and collectibles.

Although we’re based in Oklahoma City and the bulk of our estate sales are in the Oklahoma City metro area, we’ve conducted many hundreds of estate sales all across the state. (Take a glance at the Testimonials Page on to read just a small handful of the letters of reference we’ve received from past clients far and wide. We are also glad to provide prospective clients with hard copy letters of reference upon request.)

We do nothing but prepare and conduct estate sales and write professional appraisals, so we can (and do!) dedicate all our time to personal property needs of Oklahomans all across the state.

The objective of an estate sale is, simply put, the orderly liquidation of personal property in a relatively short period of time for the highest proceeds possible.

The concept of estate liquidation is itself relatively straightforward, yet it is typically infused with significant emotional trauma, daunting logistical challenges and (often) important deadlines.

We here at McNeil Liquidations are experts in managing estate liquidations. We offer efficient, professional liquidation services without forgetting the varied needs of our clients.

An estate need not be filled with antiques, fine art and jewelry in order for a liquidation to be successful. On the contrary, we routinely liquidate estates of all types and sizes.

Also, no death need have occurred for an orderly estate liquidation to occur. No, we often work for those who simply wish to "downsize." We routinely conduct sales for folks who are moving, couples who are divorcing, businesses that are liquidating, etc.

The process begins very simply. First, we come and view the estate in question. (This consultation is always complimentary.) At this time, we’ll also be glad to discuss any special needs you may have, as we recognize that each estate is unique in its needs.

Our commission is based upon what we estimate the gross sales from the estate will be. Sometimes we may quote you smaller commissions on particular items (e.g., automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, farm implements etc.).

Once we sign a contract with you, we work patiently and efficiently. (Again, we understand that closing an estate can be exhausting and even traumatic, so we strive to minimize our clients’ problems all throughout the process.)

If no security system exists on site, we have our state-of-the-art security system installed. (It's satellite-monitored, and has no wires that burglars can cut. It is installed and monitored at no extra cost to our clients.)

We clean, organize and display all items in the home, and we either remove or drape those items which aren’t for sale.

We separate household trash from merchandise to be sold. (No need for you to do this beforehand, as we do the work for you!)

We price all items to be sold based upon our many years of experience as well as knowledge of current market comparables. Should an outside expert be needed for consultation during the research/pricing process (e.g., with large gems, certain firearms, coins/stamps etc.), we take care of matters quickly and discreetly.

We provide and assemble good quality shelving, lighting, mirrors, drapes, tables, locked and lighted showcases, risers, clothing racks, jewelry trays, cash registers and all other necessary equipment.

We obtain the necessary municipal permit(s) for the sale, then send out e-flyers about the upcoming sale to the many thousands of customers already in our database. We also create, place and pay for advertising in the most appropriate local newspaper(s).

We keep track of what our customers are asking for, and we let these customers know via e-flyers and newspaper advertisements that the items they seek will be in an upcoming sale.

We post preview photos to our website -- -- so that the thousands of customers in our database can see merchandise that will be for sale. (To see current sale preview pics, simply click on the “Upcoming Sales” link at Our photo galleries are full color, and the pictures in the gallery will expand if you need them to as you scroll through.)

We create beautiful slide shows with music for each and every sale; these slide shows are uploaded to YouTube and receive extensive exposure in the market.

Most antiques dealers, jewelry buyers, non-profit organizations and interior decorators hold tax exemption permits. (In Oklahoma, so do 100% disabled U.S. veterans.)

We at McNeil Liquidations collect a photocopy of each customer's tax exemption permit on each and every non-taxable sale. After the sale, we remit collected sales taxes to the state, and keep permanent records of the tax exemption permits that were used at the sale.

Our friendly and reliable staff waits on each and every customer on sale day(s), making sure to keep meticulous records for you as each ticket is written. Our staff members are always dressed in matching smocks.

We take care of all security arrangements, including the hiring of a police officer with full jurisdiction. (We pay for the police officer or sheriff, and NEVER conduct a sale without an officer of the law present.)

We collect the information required by the local District Attorney on checks written, and we alone are responsible for bad checks. (That's right -- you get your money, less our commission, whether we get our money or not. We and we alone are responsible for bad checks.)

We arrange for charity pick-ups and/or buy-out brokers after your sale, and we (unless otherwise specified) leave your home broom-clean once the sale is over.

With very high end items that may be left over (although this is comparably rare), we can even arrange to have the items placed into an out-of-state auction house.

We’ll work with your realtor to co-market the sale of your home, and we’ll be happy to provide you with top rate professional referrals for everything from realty to mortgage services, from housekeeping to electrical work, and from general contracting to plumbing. (We even refer other professional liquidators as needed!)

In short, we do the work for YOU, the client, and strive to make you as much money as possible in as short a time as possible.

Our commissions are competitive; our service is comprehensive.

N.b.: Under no circumstances do we buy estates, nor do we sell our mailing list/customer database. Your trust, privacy and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us.

We're proud to boast of an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma, and an A rating on Angie's List. (In fact, we were the proud recipients of the Super Service Award from Angie's List in both 2011 and 2012.)

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have should you be considering a moving sale, a consolidation sale, liquidating a loved one’s estate, or even liquidating your own estate.

Feel free to call Matt at (405) 820.2814, or to e-mail him at Oklahoma's choice

Service area

Based out of Oklahoma City, OK also serving Altus , OK , Ardmore , OK , Bartlesville , OK , Bethany , OK , Chickasha , OK , Clinton , OK , Edmond , OK , Elk City , OK , Enid , OK , Guthrie , OK , Guymon , OK , Idabel , OK , Lawton , OK , Mcalester , OK , Muskogee , OK , Mustang , OK , Norman , OK , Oklahoma City , OK , Purcell , OK , Stillwater , OK , Tulsa , OK , Woodward , OK , Yukon , OK and Wichita Falls , TX

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What People Say About McNeil Liquidations -- Estate Sales & Appraisals
We hired Matt to conduct my estate sale at the beginning of the summer. I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't know what to do.
Matt had been referred to me via a business associate.

He came to my house and conducted an evaluation.

Within 20 minutes, I knew I had made the right decision to contact him.

His professionalism, knowledge, and good nature put me at ease.
He handled every single detail of the sale (a sale which, by the way, was a tremendous success.)

He even handled the charitable donations at the close of the sale!
Art Deco lamp: $150.00.
Campaign-style desk: $350.00.
McNeil Liquidations: PRICELESS!

Jim Eastep
Oklahoma City
Testimonial from Jim Eastep & Phillip Matthews of Oklahoma City
We have known Matt McNeil, ISA CAPP of McNeil Liquidations for about four years. He was first referred to us by a well respected law firm here in Norman.
He tended to the estate sale of my parents, retired USAF Lt. Col. Donald and Mrs. Donald Keating, and did an excellent job.
My parents survived a Depression and two wars and had lived overseas, and they had saved almost everything, from matchboxes, to newspapers, to almost every gift they'd ever received. (They had even saved wrapping paper and cards!)

Matt spent many hours going through every little item and sorting out the valuable items and heirlooms from the, well, not so valuable items.
He then staged the house to create good traffic flow for a sale, and so that the items would be displayed in a tasteful and attractive manner As a result of the extensive preparation, almost everything in the estate sold!

When the sale was completed, Matt had arranged for three different non-profit groups to take the remaining items so that we did not have to deal with getting rid of them.
Matt is polite, responsible and very personable

The whole preparation process and sale itself took all of three weeks, in which time we became close friends with Matt We still stay in touch.
We would never hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone who is in need of a personal property appraiser or professional estate liquidator

We would gladly use him again.
Testimonial from retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel Patrick H. Keating
"I was lucky enough to be able to engage Matt to handle our family's estate sale recently.
Matt did a superb job in not only staging the items for sale, but also in pricing the items themselves to sell for a fair and competitive price. (This made all the difference.)
I had engaged another estate liquidator several years ago for another family member's estate, and ' to be candid ' it was one of the worst experiences of my life.
As a result, I was very hesitant to try again, but working with Matt and his team was a genuine pleasure.
Thank you for changing my mind about this process, Matt!"
Lisa Henley, daughter of the late Glorine "Glo" Henley, former Secretary of State for the State of Oklahoma:
"It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Matt McNeil and his company. (Matt just finished the estate sale for my father and his deceased wife.)
The whole was, from start to finish, easy for us and, I am sure, a lot of work for Matt and his employees.
The first thing that impressed me about Matt was how many people recommended him. His was the first name mentioned by everyone I asked. He more than lived up to the reputation that he and his associates have.
Some of the other things that impressed me favorably were a) his excellent assistance in making the many decisions that had to be made, b) the great care and attention that went into the cleaning and display of the sale's items themselves, and c) Matt's ability to identify and beautifully describe works of art in my father's estate. Finally, I would say that he instilled in us a sense of confidence that turned out to be very well founded."
Writes Mr. Charles 'Charlie' L. Cashion, trustee for the estate of the late 'dith-Thérèse Toupet-Sullivan-Cashion of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma:
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt McNeil and his great staff for the tremendous job they did on my late stepmother's estate sale.
I had contacted several other firms before selecting Matt to handle this extremely big job. (In this sale, we had to clean out several storage units and move the contents to a warehouse to be sorted.)
Matt and his crew came in and worked endless hours going through box after box and tub after tub of years of accumulated furniture, clothing, collectibles, and miscellaneous items. (Some of these items were valuable, saleable items; some were family heirlooms; some were just trash.) Matt arranged charitable donations for non-saleable items prior to the sale, and for the very few remaining items after the sale itself.
His staging of the warehouse sale to show the items for sale in the best light possible was, well, PERFECT.
His extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of appraisal, estate liquidation, and advertising resulted in a VERY productive sale, and our family was spared the daunting and highly emotional task of having to handle all this on our own.
Matt and his crew are polite, responsible, and very personable.
We would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who is in need of a personal property appraiser and/or professional estate liquidator."
Former State Treasurer of the State of Oklahoma, Mr. Scott Meacham
"Matt McNeil and his company conducted an estate sale at my father's home with extreme efficiency and professionalism. Our whole family was truly impressed and amazed at his knowledge and expertise. (It was a perfect turn-key operation!)
When Matt walked in, he said he would handle everything, and he did. There was no money expended on our part. He took care of security, personnel, staging, pricing, permits and everything you can imagine. A job I was dreading was turned into a most pleasant experience.
I can't recommend Matt McNeil and his team more highly. They were always very friendly and professional. In my humble opinion, Matt is absolutely the best at what he does."
Mrs. Cheryl Morrison of Edmond, Oklahoma
"I've known Matt for several years through his frequent estate sales I like to attend.
When it was necessary to close my aunt's home in Chickasha and have a sale, I chose Matt to perform the task for me as trustee for the estate.
My aunt had no children, and I knew her lovely home was packed to the hilt with everything imaginable. The time it was going to take to sort it all out was impossible in my schedule. Matt sorted trash and treasure in short time, organized and priced the sale and presented me with a check for the Trust.
The home was already sold by the time the sale was held, and Matt arranged for Children's Hospital Network to completely empty out the home before he returned the key to me.
I can't recommend Matt more highly to anyone needing these services. He can save you a nightmare with a smile on his face, and make a potentially unpleasant task actually quite enjoyable. And, I still try never to miss one of Matt's estate sales which have added many beautiful things to my own home."
Dr. Dale McCune of Norman, Oklahoma
"I'm sorry I procrastinated about getting this review done, but it was not because of anything that Matt and his crew did.
They were great! I had interviewed two other people who had been recommended to me, but when Matt's turn came, I knew he was the one.
He did everything he promised, such as hiring an off-duty police person to monitor the sale, taking care of displaying and pricing everything, and sending my check for the proceeds quickly.
He made more money for me than I had expected, also!
Thank you, Matt, for putting up with an old lady who had lots of things to dispose of before moving into a much smaller space. You did a fantastic job!"
Mrs. Peggy King of Edmond, Oklahoma
"I am writing to recommend Matt McNeil and McNeil Liquidations.
I am a recent customer, and I am thrilled with how professional, courteous and competent Matt and his team were.
They performed exceptionally well, having put together a one-day sale with just two weeks' notice, planning and execution. I particularly appreciated Matt's professional understanding of the value of art and furniture, and his willingness to be candid with me about expectations.
I was able to place reserves on a number of items, and he communicated with me during the sale to keep me posted of developing opportunities on several items.
The sale went off without a hitch and netted more dollars than I was expecting. He handled the advertising, the permitting, the tax remittance, the security and the clean-up. I would highly recommend him to any friend considering this type of undertaking.
My days of conducting my own moving sale are over. I am now aware that it's best to hire the best ' and that's McNeil Liquidations."
Former Oklahoma County Commissioner, The Honorable Jim Roth
"Matt McNeil of McNeil Liquidations recently conducted a sale of my parents' estate. I was extremely pleased with his knowledge of antiques and the local market. His list of experts and contacts is extensive, and played an integral part in his ability to maximize the realized value of my parents' estate.
Matt was also a pleasure to work with ' and not just for his expertise. (You really have to place a lot of trust in the person you choose for this overwhelming task, and I can say without reservation that Matt has both the integrity and honesty that made placing this sometimes emotional and very personal responsibility in his hands a worry-free experience.)
I shall continue to recommend Matt and his professional team to any and all of my friends who are in need of such services.
I wanted to let you know of this very positive experience that I had with one of our local businessmen."
Ms. Mary Ann Carter of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"I would like to convey my many thanks to McNeil Liquidations and its staff for taking over the daunting task of liquidating the contents of my elderly parents' home in Oklahoma City, a home which contained just about everything they had acquired in 61 years of marriage. The house had been unoccupied for over 2 years, and I, their only child, felt paralyzed with the overwhelming burden of clearing out all the 'stuff' to get the house ready to put on the market.
I did not know Matt McNeil; however, he came very highly recommended in my search for estate liquidators in Oklahoma City. I had several conversations with Matt, and became very comfortable (and stress relieved!) with his professionalism and candid advice.
McNeil Liquidations came to my rescue and performed a stellar 'turnkey' job. The sale went very well without any inconvenience to me. I was impressed and very pleased. Additionally, my proceeds from the sale were delivered in a timely manner.
I would highly recommend Matt McNeil/McNeil Liquidations to any professional, acquaintance or friend in need of an estate sale or appraisal of any size. The experience will not disappoint, and will, in fact, be much more than pleasant."
Mrs. Donna Schmidt-Laski of Dallas, Texas
"Matt McNeil's handling of our estate sale was informative, professional, and courteous. Since no one in our family had experienced what goes on with an estate sale, choosing someone we could trust was very important in our decision making process. (We were give quite a few names and ultimately chose McNeil Liquidations.)
Matt made us feel comfortable during the initial phase of contact and during contract discussions. His knowledge regarding the quality of our family heirlooms as well as his understanding of our reticence to part with some cherished items made the whole process bearable. He walked us through the 'estate sale playbook,' coaching us when necessary, but always leaving the final word with us.
He took great care in separating personal items such as photographs, jewelry and other personal items he thought the family might wish to go through before the sale. He asked after the family history surrounding the items for sale, and was always glad to share some gems from his own family history.
We would certainly and wholeheartedly recommend Matt and his crew at McNeil Liquidations to handle anyone's estate sale needs.
Thanks again, Matt, for all your hard work!"
Mr. Joseph "Joe" Wylie of Oklahoma City
I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great job you and your staff did on my mother's estate sale. Everything was handled in such a professional manner, and we really enjoyed working with you! Liquidating an estate can be such a daunting and stressful task, but you made it a seamless process.
We had no idea how to price so many of her things, and your extensive knowledge of the antiques market proved to be invaluable. Everything was displayed beautifully, and the turnout was INCREDIBLE. (There is now way we would have been able to generate the traffic that you provided with your e-mail list and website.)

The video of the sale was so well done, and highlighted some of her most valuable pieces, as well as her car and home.
There is, again, just no way we could have managed this sale without you and your incredible staff, especially since we all live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

After we brought home everything that meant the most to our family, you and your staff went in and organized and priced every item remaining, including her car. (We didn't even have to be there for the sale!) After the sale, you even arranged for Children's Hospital Foundation and Friends of the Library to pick up the remnants and provide us with tax receipts.
Again, I just can't thank you enough for all you did to make the sale of Nina Maxwell's estate a complete success."
Mr. James "Jim" Maxwell of Duncanville, Texas